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Our planet, its races and its moon(s): The real history...

Our planet, its races and its moon(s): The real history...

The text below is an extract from the much longer text written by G.H.REES. in 1985 in Greek ( This particular extract provides a summary of the real history of our planet and its moon(s) and the role of the white, the black and the yellow race.

Selene or Luna or Eva or Leva-Levan (in the Hebrew-Mongolian language) is a gigantic formerly natural planetary body which was altered (‘geoplastised’) into a hybrid ‘void’ internally dug semi-artificial body (ship) able to travel in the mesoastric universe.

The origin of Selene is the Constellation of Draco and Bootes as one of the Draconian mutineers allying constellations.

(See the research of the Scotch astronomer Duncan Lunan (Luna!), the findings of the Russian Academies Vasin and Serbakov, the leakes of officers of NASA/JPL in the book of Don Wilson ‘Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon’, the research of G..H.REES., the books and the research of Raymond Drake, etc).

The Moon is governed by a race of Reptilian beings coming from the Constellation of Draco. The Reptilians control the Moon with high technological means (which one cannot distinguish for ‘magic’ or ‘miracle’) and with beings which are in two parallel universe dimensions separated by light barriers (c, and c*10^6). The present 1st visible Dimension of matter dilution (3rd Real one) and the 2nd Dimension (4th Real one) are invisible for our organs of perception. The 1st Dimension cannot see directly what is going on in the 2nd Dimension, but it has the technological means to come to contact with it.

The Reptilians are a clan of mutineers thieves pirates who act as a cancer against the Universal Organism. Initially, millions of years ago, they rebelled against the Universal Law and Order and the Galactic Government/Federation. Ever since, they have been wondering in the Universe like pirates stealing the planetary raw and precious materials, using the initial planetary populations as slaves (‘Slaves of God’) who undertake to take the raw materials and the crystals of each planet out on its surface. Then, they steal them, the genocide the slaves, destroy the planets [translator’s addition: by exploding them], and finally they head off to another solar system, in order to repeat their hideous crimes and to spread their cancer. They establish religions and then Masonic Networks of the Mind – False Reality – New World Order, pyramid-like systems of overmastering the mass people so as to control the ‘Slaves of God’. In case the system consists of populations who are loyal to the Galactic Government (e.g. the White Andromedian race), they usually manufacture by means of genetic engineering of reptilian DNA hybrid beings that look like the current Draconian Chinese who live on our planet nowadays. Then, they use these Draconian Lizard-face looking Chinese (Lizard-eyed) so as to integrate them with the populations who are not obedient to them and gradually to genocide and override them.

Selene came to our solar system around 20,000 b.D.C. [translator’s explanation: ‘BDC’ stands for ‘before Draconian Christ’], when there was a lawful Andromedian Government in the solar system, the Dynasty of the Celestials or VARUNA DYNASTY [translator’s comment: in Greek, ‘Celestials’ is ‘Ουρανιδείς/Ouranideis’, which gave ‘Varouna’ and it sounds like it too] (see the ancient Indian texts of the Indian White Dravidians). ‘Celestials/Ouranideis/Ουρανιδείςmeans ‘People who have come from the Sky’, Sky-people. The Dynasty of the Celestials consisted mainly of Zeus (Father Zeus – Diaus Pitar in Sanskrit [translator’s comment: ‘Father’ is in Greek ‘Πατηρ/Patir’, which sounds very similar to ‘Pitar’; and the genitive of ‘Zeus’ is ‘Διος/Dios’, which sounds very similar to ‘Diaous’]) and the clan of Saturn. When Selene entered our solar system, there was already a ‘civil’ space war taking place between the clans of Zeus and Saturn (see ancient Greek myths, Hesiod’s Theogenia, Clash of the Titans, etc) [translator’s comment: ‘Civil’ is here in inverted commas, as it does not refer to a war between powers of the same city or society but actually of the same race]. Zeus achieved a temporary victory against the mutineer Saturn-Sabaoth and he confined Saturn-Sabaoth’s allies in places which look like jails, such as the Underworld Tartara.

Selene at that time (20,000 b.D.C.) made a first attempt to enter the orbit of the Earth, but it failed. It entered an orbit which risked to lead to a collision with the Earth, but this was stopped by the Andromedian Celestials.

The second attempt was successful and Selene entered the orbit of the Earth around 11,436 b.D.C. (see research by G.H.REES. and by Raymond Drake, the inscriptions in Tiahuanaco of Bolivia, etc).

The Earth was then populated by people of the white race who had come from the Constellation of Andromeda and from the local indigenous black race from Serius.

The civilisers White Race Hellenes from Andromeda came to Earth from the astro-gate of Serius (Coccyx-Hyperion) as a scientific mission aiming at teaching and civilising the indigenous Black Race with reference to the Ecological Harmony and the Universal Natural Laws and Astrological Laws (see the annals of the Dogon race in Mali of Africa).

The Reptilian Draconians of Selene, having Asmodai Metatron and El Santai (see the Bible – Old Testament) or Sentai-Tzentai (see the Japanese and Hebrew produced film Star Wars) or Tzoudas-Judas as their premiers, asked from Zeus permission to land their population on Earth.

Xenius Zeus [translator’s comment: ‘Xenius’ is one of the adjectives accompanying Zeus, and it is rendered as ‘welcoming’, ‘friendly’, etc], because his powers were outnumbered as well as because at that point he had not yet realised the attacking-pirating intentions of Selene, allowed them to do so, given the proviso that they would keep the ratio of the population at 1:108 and that they would respect the then already existing cultural tendency and language of the planet (Archetypical Greek). The Reptilians of Selene then landed to the island complex-continent of Atlantis (or Waterland under the governance of the Andromedian Hyper-Minister of the water element Poseidon) their first Chinese hybrid settlers able to survive on Earth and genetically engineered so as to be able to stand up the attacks of the microbes of Earth (biocompatibility). The Chinese, under the orders of the first Reptilian clergy of the Serpens constellation under the guidance of Selene, soon degenerated the White Pelasgians of Atlantis and turned them in a ‘civil’ world war against their racial brothers, the Pelasgians of Europe and of the pre-historic Athenian Empire (see Plato’s Timaeus and Critias). In this destructive war, there were used nuclear weapons of that time... ‘special effect’ ones, and weapons of meteorological war, which are mentioned in the ancient Indian texts of Vedas and Mahabharata.

The white Atlantians, instigated by the Chinese of Atlantis (see the book of Raymond Drake ‘’Small Yellow Master of Atlantis’’) successfully invaded Europe, but the Athenians managed to repulse them and to outflank them and they reached a point to be able to throw them back to the Atlantic Ocean with a massive operation of counter attack.

Metatron and El Sentai Tzentai, those Reptilian feudarchs, were now in fear, because the Athenians under the guidance of Zeus were already ready to counter attack massively and to exterminate completely the Chinese of the Atlantis with the accusation of the insidious machination of the Pelasgic ‘Civil’ World War.

So, along with the World War of Earth, there broke out one more Space War between Selene and the space executives of Zeus.

Selene then utilised its gravity cannons to exert gravity overpressure on the lithospheric plates of the Earth and this way it managed to sink Atlantis and also a while later the Aegis Zone (present day Mediterranean Sea and Aegean Sea), thus killing by means of drawning in the sea millions of souls of White Atlantians and Athenians. The Pelasgic golden era of high technology and civilisation in harmony with nature soon shifted to a ‘stone age’. Civilisation went back to square one and chaos prevailed.

At the same time, Selene and the Reptilian Clergy of Serpens constellation informed the Chinese of Atlantis for that matter, and they evacuated in time the sinking continent and they saved in Esperia (present day America).

The spaceships of Zeus (‘Flying Chariots of Gods’, which are called ‘Vimanas’ by the Indian Dravidians, mainly of scientific responsibilities) at that point were outnumbered by the larger and attacking pirating Selenian astrofleet. The Reptilian Selenian Draconian astrofleet comprises mainly:

A) The flagship Selene (‘Star of Death’ hybrid ‘void’ ship of titanium and zirgon)

B) The flagship Lilith (dark glossy Planet of War), which around 9,600 b.D.C. that Atlantis and Aegis sank it moved and got behind Senene in a Selene-synchronous orbit, so that the three bodies of the Earth – Selene – Lilth are in a straight line (see Kabbalah).

C) Around 118 much smaller ships made of titanium.

To make things worse, the mutineers supporters of Saturn managed to escape from Tartara and soon arranged an unholy collusion with the Draconians of Selene against the Celestials of Zeus.

After that, in the major one-God religions, El Sentai was mentioned with Saturn-Sabbaoth as a single one ‘Universal Creator God’ (Big Draconian hoax and selenian religious contol), as Master Yahweh (Sentai in Mongolian-Hebrew or Tzentai-Tzent-Jade in Chinese) and as Master Sabaoth (Saturn).

After that point, the Earth came under the complete control of the Reptilian Draconian mutineers and their allies, the Andromedian treasonous mutineers of Saturn (Sabaoth).

The ships of Zeus, in order to avoid a general destruction of the Earth in case of a space war, seemed to have retreated 1/3 towards the 4 inner planets (Saturn, Uranus, Poseidon, Pluto), the other 1/3 towards the cavity of the ‘Inner Earth’ (from the opening of the North Pole), and the rest 1/3 left our solar system to inform the local Galactic Government at the Constellation of Andromeda about the invasion and the crimes of the Draconian Selene and to ask for reinforcement.

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