Friday, September 3, 2010


(Delivered to the Russian Embassy on 28-08-2010 originally in the Greek Language)




1: From Greeks and rest European employers in “NASA” is irrevocably confirmed in 18.08.2010 the use of American Satellite “MASERS” of emission and absorption in coordination with recycled clockwise and counter-clockwise radiation of the “HAARP” System of “USA”, for the provocation of extreme high barometric drought in Southern Russia – Ukraine – Kazakhstan – etc, and right after for the provocation of extreme barometric low, namely storms, in the Northwestern Russia of the areas “Arkhangelsk” of St. Petersburg – Volgograd – etc.

2: The information about the involvement of “HAARP” as amplifier of the above mentioned Satellite radiations of the American and Chinese “MASERS” against Russia, was confirmed and in July and August of 2010 from Greeks and rest European military personnel of “USA”, and from same origin members of the “USA” Intelligence Services.

3: From Greeks and rest European University Professors of “USA”, as universities that are executing research for the American Army, and from Researchers of the “LIVERMORE” laboratories and analogue “USA” laboratories, leaked the information that the above mentioned Satellite “MASERS” weather control technology, was delivered a long time ago from the American Pentagon towards the Chinese Army, through Hebrews and Saxons treasonous Pentagon Generals of “USA”.

From Greeks and rest Europeans of “NASA”, of the American Army, and from American Intelligence Services, is confirmed the use of Military Satellite “LASERS” of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) with a beam diameter of 1,20 meters of “USA”, for the incendiarism of the forests from many Western countries, of “USA” itself (!!!), and finally of Russia.

4: From controversialists Saxons chief officers of the American Army, leaked the information towards Greeks and towards Europeans officers of “USA”, that from Hebrews and Saxons treasonous generals of the “USA” Pentagon, was delivered a long time ago towards the Chinese Army the entire American Technology of the above mentioned Satellite “LASERS” of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) for the incendiarism of Forests – Military Installations – Industrial – Civil and Agricultural areas, from Space.

5: From Greek Universities Professors of “USA” we are being informed that the 4 points – nodes of the leak of the Satellite and rest military space technology of “USA” towards the Chinese Army, are:

● The “LIVERMORE” laboratories of “USA”, in where are working Chinese-americans researchers, inventors of “CHEMTRAILS” – namely of Chemical – Biological – Radiological – Meteorological Warfare against the nations of the planet,
● The American Pentagon,
● The American Universities,
● The Chinese Embassy in Washington.

6: From controversialists Hebrew-Saxons of “USA” and rest countries, mainly of England, through Greek ship-owners circles of London, we are being informed and cross-checked that, indeed is performed a coordinated meteorological war of “USA” and of China against Russia and other nations of the West of the axis “US.E.J.” (USA – Europe – Japan) or “Trilateral”, in order for these nations and for Russia to be destroyed economically and to drop to a hunger situation from famine (lack of grain) and to a situation of epidemic illnesses from unburied bodies or half-burned or drowned animals of the wild or stock raising fauna, before the main cause, of the annihilation of the White, of the Black, and of the Mongolian race of Hebrews and of Saxons by China – “888” and by Korea – “777”, in the Third World War or “Armageddon” of 2012.

7: From controversialists Hebrew-Saxons of “USA” and rest countries, mainly of England, we are being informed that the in there living Hebrew-Mongols Rabbis and their corresponding Saxon-Mongols Lords, have notified the Chief Hebrews and Saxons Politicians and Businessmen of the West, from May of 2010, to be ready along with the Chinese to economically crash Russia, because Russia, with its proposals of Economical and Defensive cooperation in Aegean towards Greece, is attempting to foil the programmed by “NATO” and by China: Balkan War of the axis “B.A.S.T.R.” (Bulgaria – Albania – Skopje – Turkey – Romania) against Greece in October – November of 2010, and because Russia is attempting to foil the Third World War or Chinese-Hebrew “Armageddon”, “programmed” by the brethrens Hebrews and Saxons of the “USA” Pentagon and by the brethren Turanian Chinese Army, to annihilate: The entire White race (namely and the Whites Russians – Americans – and Europeans), the entire Black race, and the entire Mongolian races except Hebrews and Saxons (namely and the Mongols of Russia), namely the entire Russians as cursed “Gog and Magog” and of Russians “Rus” and of “Mesheh” of Moscow, See “Old Testament” book “Prophet Ezekiel” Chapters 38 and 39, and as cursed “King of the North”, according to the terminology of the Chinese hyper-lodge “HONG”, according to the secret terminology of the Hebrews Arch-Rabbis, according to the Hebrew Prophet Daniel of the “Old Testament”, and according to the Hebrew Headquarters of the “Jehovah Witnesses” of New York – “USA”, as conscious instrument – representative of the Chinese Hyper-lodge “HONG”, see book of “Jehovah Witnesses” with title: “YOUR WILL BE DONE ON EARTH”, chapter 10, with title: “The Russian North against the American South”.

8: With the above mentioned data on hand, do not unleash persecution against the common “Jehovah Witnesses” of Russia, because they are a minority of foolish people which does not realize that is working for the foundation of the Global Hyper-Government of China, and stupidly believes that is working for a Global Government of God “Jehovah” or “The Being”, which allegedly will come from the heaven.

Simply inform the Russian people through the Russian “Mass Media”, that China as a fake “Jehovah Kingdom” or as a fake “Kingdom of The Being”, is planning to annihilate the entire populations of the Islamic Nations, the entire White Russians and Mongols, namely and the Hebrews of Russia as “Kingdom of the North”, after previously, by allying with Russia and with the Islamic Nations in the “R.I.C.” axis (Russia – Islam – China) or “Shanghai Pact”, China will annihilate “USA”, and Europe of the “US.E.J.” axis or “Trilateral”, namely the countries – members of “NATO” + “SEATO” as “Kingdom of the South”.

9: From controversialists Hebrew-Saxons of “USA” and rest countries, and mainly of England, we are being informed that the in there living Hebrews Rabbis and their corresponding Saxons Lords, are justifying the use of Satellite “LASERS” and “MASERS” of incendiarism of the forests and of the agricultural cultivations against Russia and other nations, by “USA” and by China, as application of the instructions from “John’s Revelation – New Testament” in the Chapters (8 : 7) about “Fire which drops from the heaven and burns the forests and the grains”, (16 : 8-9) about “broiling weather which will burn people and plants” and (6 : 5-8) about “hunger and epidemic illnesses” which threaten now Russia due to the polluted drinking waters from unburied bodies of humans and animals.

10: We remind you that: In a previous telegram of ours, long before the broiling weather, before the drought, and before the fires in Russia, we have fore-warned you for the manipulation of artificial famine by “NATO” and by China, and we have advised you the hyper-production of grains for the storage of grain for 21 years of the Russian citizens survival.

11: Organize now a Ministry of Weather Control of the Russian domain, and Ministry of Breadstuffs (Grain – Barley – etc) and position a double network of absorption “MASERS” and emission “MASERS” to the areas of Agricultural cultivations of Russia, in order to provoke low barometric of rainfall and high barometric of Storms interception at will in these Agricultural areas.

In case you do not act same wise, the Russian citizens will not survive by the murderous – genociding rabid of the Chinese and of the Hebrew-Saxons of “NATO” against the rest humanity.

12: Position a parallel network of Orgone emission and Orgone absorption of Wilhelm Reich technology, for the corresponding creation of high barometric and low barometric, and with them you will correspondingly intercept the storms that will be provoked by “HAARP” of “USA” and by absorption “MASERS” Satellites of “USA” and of China, and you will intercept broiling weather provoked by “HAARP” and by emission “MASERS” satellites of “USA” and of China.

13: You have the lawful interest and duty which is emanating from the International Law, to destroy the central installation of the “HAARP” system in Alaska – “USA”, and its peripheral installations of “HAARP” in the NATO countries of Northern Europe, even and by using a massive nuclear Russian assault if is judged necessary. You have the same lawful interest and duty before the Russian people who elevated you as Governors of Russia in order to work for their Biological and National Security, to destruct all the Military and Political Satellites “LASERS” and “MASERS” of “USA”, and of the Rest NATO countries, and of China, because there exists no survival for the Russian people with the “HAARP” system and with the Satellites “MASERS” and “LASERS” of “USA” and of “NATO” and of China, today unleashing meteorological and tomorrow provoke geological warfare of Earthquakes - and Marine Tsunamis – and Volcanoes explosions, through clockwise radiation of Geological inspissations namely of Geological implosions.

14: We advise for the Russian emission and absorption “MASERS” to be mobile and to be carried only with wheeled vehicles equipped with diesel engines and with all their electrical parts, even and their cables, armored against the continuous electromagnetic radiation and against radiation of “ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE” (EMP), as pulsatory shots, from satellite “MASERS” of “USA” – “NATO” – and China.
For the above mentioned reasons rule out the transferring and the functioning of the Russian “MASERS” in Aircrafts, because they are vulnerable to hits from enemy “MASERS” and from “EMP” of “NATO” and of China.

15: We warn you that the American “HAARP” system in coordination with the American and Chinese Satellite “MASERS”, is capable to reverse the cyclic torque of the Marine Currents, from counter-clockwise to clockwise and vice versa, by provoking total catastrophe to the Russian Fishery and a complete change of the Russian climate due to change of the Marine Winds towards Russia from the direction of the Atlantic Ocean, from the Pacific, and from the Northern Arctic Ocean.

16: Therefore, it is of urgent need the direct destruction of the American and North-European “HAARP” systems AND for the survival of Russians and for the rest Europeans but AND of the Americans citizens destined for annihilation by the Chinese Army, cooperating with treasonous Hebrew-Saxons American Generals of “NATO” Brussels and of the American Pentagon.

17: It is obvious that for the interception of storms from the low barometric of “HAARP”, such as them that struck after 10 August 2010 the Northwestern Russia, you must use the reverse method from this that we have instructed to you for the interception of broiling weather from the high barometric provoked by the American “HAARP” and by “MASERS” Satellites of “USA” and of China.

Namely, you must use emission “MASERS” of counter-clockwise radiation in erect position and with assembled the rear reflective parabolic element “LINK” of rectilinear radiation production.

Same wise, you must use absorption “MASERS” of clockwise radiation, in reverse position and with disassembled the rear reflective parabolic element “LINK” of rectilinear radiation production.

18: Proceed immediately to a program of new grain semination in double-sized lands in comparison to the previous grain semination inside the Russian domain, as lands protected 100% by the “MASERS” and by the “Orgone” Systems of Wilhelm Reich.

Store gradually the half quantity of the following grain production in Russia for the creation of a 21 years reserve for the Russian people survival.

Advise the same to the Governments of Ukraine – Kazakhstan – Uzbekistan – and of the rest grain production countries of the “Commonwealth of Independent States” or “C.I.S.”, namely of the former “USSR” (CCCP) countries, because Russia and “C.I.S.” will receive a Meteorological – Marine – and Geological War and from exogenous non terrestrial forces of Dragonians with origins the Constellation of Draco and with central military base the Hybrid Moon.

19: In their basic book of the above mentioned Dragonians towards the under programmed genocide terrestrial Christians – Islamists – and Judeans, namely in “Holy Scriptures”, “John’s Revelation” chapters (8 : 7) and (6 : 5-8), right after the incendiarism of the trees and of the grain with fire coming from the heaven through “LASERS” and “MASERS” technology of “NATO” and of China, “the Angels of the Lunar Dragonian Pseudo-God Sin – Sion – Sinai – Jedi – Sedi (El Shaddai) – Jeid – Jude – Judas – PseudoJehovah – or PseudoBeing, provoke famine to all the countries except China, with the Horse-rider – Angel of God of the Black Horse.”

In that famine will be provoked lack of grain as it is stated in “John’s Revelation” : “One fistful – ΧΟΙΝΙΞ of grain will be sold for 1 dinar”, namely for a daily salary of one Roman legionnaire, namely for a daily salary of one regular worker of 2011 – 2012.

Already the of Hebrew Ancestry “Greek” Flour-Industrialist Lullis (Lulli, italian-hebrew clan from Genova Italy), with pretext the reduction of the Russian grain production for 25% in 2010 and the exports ban of the Russian grain, proposed the raise of the flour-products price in Greece for 25% - 40%. Namely he proposed a raise of bread price in Greece for 50% - 80%, while for the first time in history the grain reserves of “USA”, of Canada, and of the “European Union” are in record high levels, and while the “European Union” imports from Russia only the 0,33% of the grain which consumes, namely of only 1.000.000 tones from the 300.000.000 tones that consumes every year.

20: Therefore is self-evident the International Conspiracy of China together with the Zionist “NATO” for the provocation of artificial – virtual famine, for the provocation of hunger – illnesses – and defensive paralysis of the countries of the “US.E.J.” and “T.I.M.” axles (Tibet – India – Mongolia) and of Russia and of the Islamic Nations of the “R.I.C.” axis, before the natural – biological annihilation of the above mentioned countries with Hot Global War by the Chinese and North-Korean Army in 2012.

21: The above mentioned annihilation scheme of the Chinese Army and of the Hebrew-Saxons Generals and Politicians of “NATO” [which is under the orders of the Arch-Rabbis Baruch or Barroso or Burroughs of “USA”, who in turn are receiving their orders by the Chinese hyper-lodge “HONG” and by the Satanic – Demonic sessions of summoning the spirits of Sin – Sion – Sina – Jedi – Sedi – PseudoJehovah – PseudoBeing ] is confirmed and clearly confessed to the “Holy Genocidal Criminal Scripture” (CRIMINAL HOLY BIBLE OF THE GENOCIDE OF THE WHITE AND OF THE BLACK RACE BY THE YELLOW RACE), book “John’s Revelation” Chapter (6 : 7 – 8) in where the Dragonian Chinese – Angel of God – of the yellow – tallow-faced horse, is annihilating the ¼ of humans, namely 7,5 billions X ¼ = 1.875.000.000 people of White – Black – and Mongolian Hebrew and Saxon race, with Hot War (“Glaive” – Romphea), with famine, and with death from illnesses – artificial epidemics (See the humanoid Hebrew Mongolian monster Erik Pianka, biology professor in “USA” – Texas, who proposed to the Academia of “USA” the annihilation of the 2/3 of the Global population, namely the Genocide of 5 billion people, through the artificial laboratory airborne virus “EBOLA” of 95% lethal rate through internal bleeding in the first three days.)

22: If to the above numbers is added the programmed for genocide by the Chinese – Korean Army of 200.000.000 men in the Hot Third World War, and the additional 1/3 of the humans of White – Black – and of Mongolian race [ See in the criminal Dragonian “Holy Scripture”, in “John’s Revelation” chapter 9: 15 – 18 ] namely of 2,5 billion people, then the total number of the programmed for annihilation by the criminal Dragonian Pseudo-God Sin – Sion – Sinai - Zion - Jedi – Sedi (El Shaddai) – Jeid – Jude – Judas – PseudoJehovah – or PseudoBeing of “The Holy Scripture”, is 4.375.000.000 people, who are dying from now until and the end of the Third World War after the year 2012.

23: But the murderous rabid of the Galactic Hyper-criminal Dragonian Pseudo-God Sin – Sion – Zion – Jedi against the White – Black – and Mongolian race of Planet Earth, as proved in “Talmud” namely in the mystical Bible of the Hebrews, is destine for genocide the 2/3 of humanity, namely 5 billion people. Therefore there is and a third phase of annihilation of 625 million people, from the 4.375.000.000 until the 5 billion, which are reported to the “Holy Criminal Dragonian Scripture”, in “John’s Revelation” chapter (19: 17 – 21), as “The rest, who are annihilated by the glaive (romphea) of the sitting on the White Horse”, namely of the Dragonian Arch-Demon who impersonate the non-existent Jesus Christ”. (Correlate with the White Horse of “Revelation” Chapter 6).

24: The entire above mentioned massacre – Armageddon – annihilation of 5 billion people, has been programmed to begin with the “introductory” Balkan War of the “B.A.S.T.R.” (Bulgaria- Albania – Skopje – Turkey – Romania) axis against Greece, with the instigation and armament of “NATO” against Greece, in October – November of the current year 2010.

25: Already, 500.000 Albanians, allegedly Economical Immigrants in Greece, are running and exercising militarily in the Greek forests, with heavy bags over their shoulders and with camouflage uniforms, and has been ordered to militarily revolt in October – November 2010 against the Greek Army and the Greek Police. The above mentioned Albanians of “UCK” and of “UCC” Chamouria of Southern Epirus, according to the research conducted by Officers of the Greek Army HQ, have imported illegally to Greece 450.000 automatic Kalashnikov and rest heavy infantry armament, satellite “GPS” of automatic position recognition, maps of the Greek Army etc, which has been provided to them by the treasonous “NATO” through the NATO HQ of Naples Italy.

Already is rejected by the Greek Ministry of Public Order, the G.H.REES proposition for the activation of 350.000 Greeks hunters as civic guard – national guard for armed patrols in the Greek countryside, in order to be impossible the approach of the Albanians to the hideouts of their armament in the Greek countryside.

On the contrary of the above mentioned G.H.REES proposal, the Greek-Hebrew traitor minister of public order child-abuser Hrisohoides or Coen-tzoglou ordered to the Police Stations of Greece to not re-new the hunting permits of the Greek hunters, so that there will be no chance of Greek resistance against the 450.000 armed Albanians, who in October – November of 2010, will annihilate the Greek unarmed populations of the rear territories and the families of the Greek Police Officers and of the Military Officers of North – Central – Western Mainland – and Insular Greece, as similarly happened to Kosovo of Serbia against the Serbian citizens, police officers and military officers, at the same time that the Greek Ground Army of only 45.000 battle-worthy men, will attempt to intercept the Ground Armies of the 5 countries of “B.A.S.T.R.” of a total of 1.000.000 men.

It has been programmed by the treasonous “NATO” that this “B.A.S.T.R” Army of 1.000.000 men, will invade in Greece from all the ground and marine borders of Greece, AND from the Aegean AND from the Ionian Sea, through Turkish landing crafts and Frigates which are already being stationed in the Albanian Military Naval Base of Dyrrachio, which built free of charge the treasonous Greek-Hebrew Governments of “New Democracy” and of “PA.SO.K.”, using funds from the betrayed goner Greek people.

26: Already has leaked to the Greek Internet that the already dead monk of “Holy Mount Athos” of Chalcidice, “Saint Paisios”, namely the Dragonian Demon of Sin – Sion – Zion – Jedi – Sedi – Jude – Judas, who impersonate the Soul of the dead Paisios, appeared to monks of “Holy Mount” in the beginning of August 2010, and advised them to notify ONLY the monks of “Holy Mount” (Read: Satanic Mount) to supply themselves with Grain-flour reserves and Olive oil reserves, because in three months from now, namely in October – November of 2010, will happen a military assault against Greece by the neighboring countries.


After this fact of the vision of the Dragonian demon who impersonated the dead monk Paisios, the dirty traitors selfish Monks of “Holy Mount” wiped out clean the shelves with flours and oils from Salonika city Supermarkets without pre-warn any other Greek citizen to supply for himself foods and reserves for the forthcoming Balkan War of “B.A.S.T.R.” against Greece, neither the Greek Army, nor the Greek Police, neither the Greek people.

Therefore, it is self-evident that the entire “Greek” Pseudo-Orthodox Christian priesthood of Priests and Monks and Theologians, are Satanists agents of genocidal black magic of the Dragonian Pseudo-God Sin – Sion – Sinai – Zion – Jedi – Sedi – Jude – Judas, against the White – the Black – and the Mongolian white-yellow and black-yellow race.

Same wise is self-evident that this Christian pseudo-Orthodox Priesthood, in Greece – Russia – and in other countries, conspires for the defeat of the Greek Army from the “B.A.S.T.R” axis, and conspires for the genocide of the families of the Greek Police Officers and conspires for the genocide of the families of the Greek Military Officers and for the genocide of all Greeks, of all Russians, and of all the non Chinese nations, by the Chinese Army.

27: The Hebrew and Agent of “NATO”, Prime Minister of Greece Papandreou – Mineiko – Tsad – Tsiden Baum, has been ordered by “NATO” to do a reshuffle of his Government in September of 2010, namely in the next few days from the compilation of the present ultimatum. The next new ministers of “PA.SO.K.” has been already ordered to violate during the month September 2010 all the agreements of Greece with the neighbor countries of “B.A.S.T.R.” and with Romania, namely to violate and the 21 pre-agreements of Greek-Turkish cooperation that has being signed during the visit of the Turkish Prime Minster Erdogan in Greece, in order to give to the countries of “B.A.S.T.R.” the legal and moral alibi of International Law, to declare war against Greece in October – November of 2010. In case this happens, then it will be irreversible the conduct of Third World War and the annihilation of all Russians after 2012 by the Chinese – Korean Army, according to the detailed scheme of the Chinese Hyper-lodge “HONG” which we intercepted and delivered to you through your Embassy in Athens in February of 2010.

ATTENTION: In case that the agents of the Russian “FSB” do not exterminate right now the Hebrew Agent of “NATO” Papandreou – Mineiko – Tsad, and the Turk-Albanian Agent-Provocateur and president of the “LA.O.S.” party (People’s Orthodox Alert), and in case that the Greek and the Russian Authorities don’t foil the next Self-Government Elections of November 2010 in Greece, with the treasonous Self-Government bill “Kallikratis”, then the Balkan War of November 2012 will be irreversible, because though the illegal attribution of the Greek citizenship to thousands of Albanians – Skopjians – Bulgrarians – and Turkish, and the entailed devious denaturation of the Electoral National Synthesis in Greece, with majority of foreign immigrants in two of the Electoral Districts, namely in Southern Epirus and in Western Thrace, and due to the legal capability of the electives district-chiefs of possibly foreign origin to provoke plebiscites of divulsion of the Greek Districts, and avulsion of these Districts to foreign neighbor countries of “B.A.S.T.R.”, it is certain that the Greek authorities will forbid such plebiscites or will forbid the materialization of the results of such plebiscites, an act that will be denounced from the neighbor countries of the “B.A.S.T.R.” axis, as suppression of their minorities in Greece, and as a cause of war (CASUS BELLI) of these countries against Greece.

28: G.H.REES Prytaneum to the Russian Government:

Estimable Sirs,

You have time of only one or two months to foil the Balkan War of October – November 2010, which if is realized, that will mean the end of Russians existence, for reasons that we have already promulgated to you in other documents of ours.

We thank you for the zero cover which you provided to us through your embassies in Greece and Germany, originally towards our representative Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Yannis, and next to the owner of the Web Page “Hellen and Chaos” Mr. Apostolos Papanakos resident of Germany. We didn’t realize the magnitude of the Russian self-destructive introversion and ingratitude. Now we know. We warn you that in case that in the next 15 days from the receipt of the present message in the Greek Language, you will not notify us that you clearly and dynamically intend to foil the forthcoming Balkan War, and the forthcoming Third World War, and the present Meteorological War of “NATO” and of China against Russia, then through other representatives of ours and through other webpages, we will ask from the Russian people and Army and Police, to overthrow you by using armed violence, because it will be proved irrevocably that after your spasmodic attempts to foil the schemes of the Chinese “HONG” for the annihilation of 5 billion people in which will included and 140.000.000 Russians of the Russian Federation, finally you as Hebrews and as Mongols politicians and generals of Russia, you accepted to serve the scheme of the Chinese “HONG”, by leading the 400.000.000 people of the Russian Federation and of “C.I.S.” of former “USSR”, to a genocide from the Chinese – Korean Army in 2012.

Therefore, we call you through your legal representative in the U.N. Security Council (ONU), until 15th September of 2010, to denounce to the International “Mass Media”, to the U.N. Security Council, and to the U.N. General Assembly, and with Penalty of Massive Nuclear Assault of Russia against “NATO” and China in case of disobedience, to demand from “NATO” and especially form “USA” and from China, the following 5 things:

A) The direct pause of use of the “HAARP” System in Alaska and in Northern Europe, and the direct pause of use of the: Satellite “MASERS” and “LASERS” of “USA” and of China, for the Meteorological War of artificial broiling weather and storms, and for the incediarism of forests and agricultural cultivations against Russia and against the rest countries of the planet, as pre-emptive blows – strikes of the Third World War against the Countries of the Planet, in order for these nations to break-up form famine, from epidemic illnesses, and from lack of drinking water, before these nations’ complete annihilation by the Chinese – Korean – Army of China – “888” and of Korea – “777”, in the Third World War or “Armageddon”, that conspiratorially designed “USA” of America and China, with purpose the genocide of the White – Black – and the Mongolian Race of all Countries, namely of 5 billion people according to the “Talmud”, and the foundation of a Global Chinese Dictatorship Government in Shanghai of China, for the survival of only the Yellow race, as “Kingdom of Jehovah”.

B) The direct pause of the artificial “Global Economical Crisis” which was provoked deviously and virtually from Hebrew Banks of “USA” in collusion with the Central Bank of China, with the Central Hebrew Bank Rockefeller of “USA”, and in cooperation with the European Central Bank under Hebrew Command, with purpose the Economical – Political – Commanding – Military break-up of the Nations of the Planet, before the genocide of these Nations by the Chinese – Korean Army in the Third World War or “Armageddon” of the “Kingdom of Pseudo-Jehovah – Sin – Sion – Sina – Zion – Sedi – Jedi – Jude – Judas”.

C) The direct foiling of the Balkan War of October – November 2010 through the already organized military assault of the “B.A.S.T.R.” axis in collusion with “NATO” and in collusion with the Greek Treasonous Government of Papandreou – Mineiko – Tsad against Greece, because this Balkan War if finally is realized will provoke the destruction of the Russian Oil and Natural Gas pipelines which pass from Balkans and supply Western Europe, and therefore this war will provoke the Economical destruction of Russia, and of Western Europe.

D) The direct foiling of the military assault of Israel and “USA” against Iran – Syria – Lebanon and rest Islamic Nations, as the initiation of the Third World War or “Armageddon” of the Satanic Dragonian “Holy Scripture” of 5 billion annihilated people of White – Black – and Mongolian race.

E) The direct foiling of the conduct of Third World War, through conspiratorial design of the Hebrew-Saxons Generals of the “USA” Pentagon and of the Generals of China, for the initial military assault of the “US.E.J.” and “T.I.M.” axles, with typical leaders the “Epsilon Group” of the Greek party “LA.O.S.” (People’s Orthodox Alert) of George Karatzaferis, against the “R.I.C.” axis (Shanghai Pact), in order to provoke the counter-attack of the “R.I.C.” axis, and finally the genocide of all Russians by the newly-formed axles “C.J.T.H.S.M.” (China – Japan – Tibet – Hebrews – Saxons – Mongolia) and “C.K.” China – Korea, 888 – 777.

G.H.REES Prytaneum to the Russian Government:
In case that you will not apply the above mentioned 5 Russian Demands until 15 September 2010 towards the Governments of the “NATO” and the “B.A.S.T.R.” axis countries, towards China, towards the U.N. Security Council, towards the U.N. General Assembly, towards the European Committee – Government of the “European Union”, and towards the International “Mass Media”, then with a promulgation of ours towards the people of the Russian Federation and of “C.I.S.”, we will ask the Armed Revolt of the Russian citizens – Military Officers, Police Officers and “FSB” employees, against you, with reasoning that you, by submitting to the schemes of the Chinese Dragonian Masonic Hyper-lodge “HONG” for the genocide of 5 billion people of White – Black – Mongolian – and Mongolian Hebrew race, you CONSCIOUSLY lead 140.000.000 humans of Russia and 260.000.000 humans of “C.I.S.” of the former Soviet Union, to a genocide by the Chinese and North-Korean Army of the “Kingdom of Jehovah” in 2012.


When “Saint Paisios” of the “Holy Mountain” (Read: “Satanic Mountain”) was alive, wrote and taught that:
“The Second Coming of Jesus Christ (888) will come when the Chinese (888) will conquer the entire planet (!!!)”

The same are teaching all the traitors Priests and the Monks of the “Christian (Chinese) Orthodoxy” in Greece, in Russia, and in the rest Christian Countries.

The demon possessed prophet Dimosthenis Liakopoulos today advertise from the Greek TV-Station “Macedonia TV” the books of the now dead Monk – Satanist Paisios, in where Paisios write that:
“It is a God’s will for the Chinese Army of 200.000.000 men to invade in the West in order to force the Genuine Christianity 888 in the Planet.
{ See Revelation 9: 16 and 16: 12-16 of the Holy Satanic Dragonian Criminal Bible, about “200.000.000 Chinese of the Army of the Kings of China coming from the East, who will pass the dried Euphrates river in Iraq in order to annihilate with racial motive in the Third World War or “Armageddon” 5 billion people of White – Black – Mongolian – and Hebrew – Saxon Mongolian Race }

For this reason, already China is constructing the Hyper-Chinese inter-continental railway from Beijing towards three directions: 1) Russia and “C.I.S.” – 2) Western Europe – and 3) India, with hyper fast trains capable to cruise the distance Beijing – London in three days.

G.H.REES Prytaneum to the Russian Government:
Foil with any possible way, we repeat, with any possible way, the construction of the Hyper-Chinese intercontinental railway, because this constitutes a lethal danger of massive invasion of the Chinese Army for the annihilation of Russia and of the countries of “C.I.S.” of the former Soviet Union.

In the religious schools of Greece and of Russia, and of the rest Christian countries, is taught that:
“The Chinese will conquer the entire planet in order to force the True Christianity 888 and in order to destroy (read: annihilate) the Anti-Christs 666 in all the nations of the Planet.”

Therefore they are confirmed absolutely the Publicists of the Comparative Hierography such as RAYMOND DRAKE who in his books reach to the conclusion that Christianity and the Christian – Islamic – Judean “Old and New Testament of the Holy Scripture” is the pre-historic religion of China.

We further add:

The Judaism of “Old Testament” and its addition namely the Christianity of “New Testament”, is invented by the Dragonians Demons of the Dragonian Pseudo-God Sin – Sion – Sinai – Zion – Jedi – Sedi (El Shaddai) – Jed – Jeid – Jude – Judas – PseudoJehovah or Pseudo-Being, and is given to the Chinese Mandarins of the Chinese Empires through Satanic Spiritual Sessions, in order for this Religion to exterminate intellectually and psychologically the White – the Black – and the Mongolian Hebrew and Saxon race, in order to provoke civil religious wars and racial national division between homo-racial nations of these races, in order for these nations racially divided and besotted intellectually and psychologically disordered in a situation of complete schizophrenia, to be annihilated easier by the nationally and racially unified yellow China and Korea.

In case that the nations of the White – of the Black – and of the Mongolian race will not reject on time the unified Chinese – Dragonian intellectual and psychological poison of Judaism – Christianity – Islamism, then they will be annihilated entirely in the “Armageddon” or Third World War in 2012.

For the rejection of the above mentioned Chinese Intellectual and Psychological poison from the nations of White – Black – and Mongolian Hebrew and Saxon race, is required the direct natural – biological extermination of all the black magicians Priests – Monks – and Theologians of Judaism – Christianity – Islam, from the Judeans, from the Christians, and from the Muslims civilians and military officers betrayed believers of the above three mentioned brethren religions, as believers that the above mentioned three priesthoods lead to a genocide by the Chinese Army in “Armageddon” or Third World War of 2012.

By including brackets of ours, we decode the passage of the Criminal Dragonian “Holy Scripture” in “John’s Revelation” chapter 2: 26, which has as follows:

“And he that overcometh … to him will I give power over the nations – countries of Planet Earth. And he shall rule them (the people of the White – Black – and Mongolian race Nations) with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they (The Nations) be broken to shivers.”

Correlate with the Horse Rider of the White Horse in “John’s Revelation” (6 : 2) and (9 : 11 – 21), in where the Chinese Dragonian Jesus Christ crashes and annihilates all the non Chinese Nations, with a rod of iron and with Romphea – Sword. He annihilates the free and the slaves namely the simple poor workers. He annihilates small and grownups namely children and adults. So it is self-evident that the criteria of the forthcoming genocide of all Nations by the Chinese and North-Koreans, is not the dividing of just and unjust human beings from God, but it is a purely racial motivation of the annihilation of all the non yellow races by the yellow race.

Furthermore this is proved and by the pre-determined numbers of the annihilated ones, namely:
“First, the ¼ of humans”, + “secondary, the 1/3 of humans”, “third, the rest”, until the “2/3 of humans” namely 5 billion human beings according to the Hebrew “Talmud”.

Already from American companies of plastic construction has been constructed 4 billion black plastic coffins with zip fastener and antiseptic dust carried inside. These coffins are kept in the warehouses of the American Army.
It appears to be that the rest 1 billion plastic coffins has been stored to warehouses of the Chinese Army, for the 1 billion Hindus which program to genocide initially the Chinese Army.

We decode from the phrase of the Space Chinese Dragonian Lunar Demon who by speaking through the Satanic Dragonian Mongol-Hebrew Medium Jesus Christ, stated to the “Gospel – Badspel” of “Luke” chapter (19 : 27), of the Dragonian Criminal “New Testament”:

“But those mine enemies (White – Black – and Mongolian race) , which would not that I should reign over them (with the secular armed state power of the Global Chinese Dictatorship), bring hither, and slay them before me (namely annihilate them).”

Already, the representative of the Greeks Orthodox Theologians, degenerate emetic defeatist traitor of Greek National and of Planetary Security (“panagiotis” member of the webpage, read LINK: ) by calling the Greeks to same wise passive treason and genocide by the Chinese, published to the webpage the following treasonous remark:

“If we are destined to be slaughtered by the Chinese, let be slaughtered at last, in order to go to the arms of our lord Jesus Christ”.

G.H.REES has edited catalogues with the names of such pseudo-Greeks and similar traitors Theologians – Priests – and Monks for the forcing of death penalties against them by the Para-military leg of G.H.REES.
You as Governors of Russia act same wise in Russia with the in there Christian priesthood as a priesthood which promote (as a Chinese agent) the Genocide of Russians by the Chinese and North-Korean Army, in case that you wish to survive from the programmed annihilation of the Russians by the Chinese and by the North-Korean Army.

Although the Lunar Dragonian Space Invader Pseudo-God Sin – Sion – Sinai – Jedi – Sedi – Jude – Judas is not even a speck of dust compared to the true Supreme God “BEING” or “INTELLIGENT UNIVERSAL ORGANISM”, Jedi impropriated improperly the name of the Supreme God “BEING” (In Hebrew “JHVH” or “Jehovah”) in order to construct the false lawful right of the annihilation of the non pure Dragonian – Chinese Nations – States, and of the destruction of Planets (See destruction of the Planet Phaethon between the Planets Mars and Jupiter, today’s “Asteroid Belt”) for the supply of the Dragonian Astrofleet with raw materials – crystals – gold – rest metals – and nuclear fuels:

Read LINK:

The minuteness but and the stupidity of Jedi is proved from “John’s Revelation” chapter (12: 1), in where himself is stating that “The Women Heavenly Sin-Sion-Zion”, namely his Space HQ Command, is located only inside our Solar System, and only inside the Moon, as “Footrest”, namely as his Central Base and Battleship.

At that point we amend the Russian Academy of Sciences which through its 2 members, Misters Vasin and Scherbakov through the book “The Secrets of our Moon”, informed the Global Public that:
“The Moon is a now dead hybrid semi-natural semi-artificial ancient spaceship, with its engines offline, and with origins the constellation of Boötes.”

Gentlemen of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in case Moon had its engines offline, it would had a long time before collide with the Earth, because it is extremely close to our Planet, and extremely big in order to be able to sustain a perigee orbit with the engines offline, as engines that are capable of continuous orbital corrections with multiple micro-motions which are already have been notified and recorded by the Astronomers worldwide.

Furthermore, to the Criminal Dragonian Chinese “Holy Scripture” Book “Psalms” chapter (71 : 7), or (72 : 7), it is clearly written that “The Moon will be removed from Earth’s orbit for vengeance (= ΑΝΤΑΝΑΙΡΕΘΕΙ)” namely that will depart from our Solar System, after previously through the Chinese will have annihilated all the non pure yellow nations and will have stolen all the raw materials of our Planet and of our Solar System.

Moon doesn’t have as origins the Constellation of Boötes, (Solar System of the Sun: Epsilon Boötes), as is claiming the Russian Academy of Sciences, but has as origins the Constellation of Draco, thus is explained and the hysteria of the Chinese as the Nation of the Dragon for the Dragons (and rest Reptiles) and for the festivities in honor of the Dragon.

Simply the Constellation of Boötes is a conspiratorial revolt Constellation together with the Constellation of the Draco, the Constellation of the Cetus, and some other local Constellations, against the Galactic Federal Hyper-Government and especially against the Government of the third Galactic Dodecahedron, namely of the Dodecahedron of Maximum Galactic inspissations, as Sub-Federal Government of about Solar Systems (from a total of about Solar Systems of the three Dodecahedrons of our Local Galaxy), which has as its Base HQ the Constellation of Andromeda of our Local Galaxy, as the metropolitan area of origin of the White Race of our Planet, arrived here through technology of interstellar spaceships or “VIMANAS” according to the terminology of ancient Hindu scripts.

We will not analyze more on this subject here. We only write that part of the Astrofleet of the Dodecahedron of Maximum inspissations Andromeda, which has arrived in the orbit of Planet Saturn, and is consisting of about 960 ships – War Planets of 6 Dimensions of matter rarification, from which about 360 ships are of first dimension of matter rarification, is stationed in an aggressive battle-ready position against the Dragonian Astrofleet of Jedi stationed in the orbit of Planet Jupiter.

G.H.REES Prytaneum – Athens
Through the G.H.REES messages server
Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Yannis
Elpidos 12, Nea Ionia, Volos

Note: Some of the above webpage LINKS provided are in the Greek Language. Use the automatic Google Translator: to translate them to your corresponding mother language.

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