Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Friendly Officers informed G.H.REES that their representative is under the surveillance of SECURIMI

Until and today and two days after the publicizing of the Ultimatum of G.H.REES towards Russia from the webpage “Hellen and Chaos”, namely about a week before until today, appear continuously three Albanians in the Marine Coast of Winter Swimmers “IASON” in Volos in where exercises the representative of G.H.REES Karageorgiou Yannis, for which, G.H.REES finally was informed by friends inside the Police Force, that these Albanians belong to the Secret Service of Albania “SECURIMI”. It is still unknown what the plans of these three Albanians agents are. They appear continuously using mobile phones and provoking with their glances the representative of G.H.REES.

In any case during which the representative of G.H.REES suffers from any kind of biological damage let it be known that this damage has been caused to him by “SECURIMI”.

The two of the three Albanians have loose skin appearance and it is obvious that they are bureaucrats of “SECURIMI” while the third one is well trained, doing also there and a display of his capabilities in the horizontal bar, and in all likelihood is a military officer who covers the security of the other two agents. The presence and the conduct of the three provoked the suspicions of the other Greek swimmers in that coast, because it became obvious that these Albanians play hypocritical theater by impersonating the peepers or by flirting the Greek women to allegedly create relations.

This theater didn’t convince the swimmers who finally are still trying to find what is happening with those three and their suspicious conduct.

PS. Blog’s Commentary: G.H.REES as the whole course has shown is looking like an extremely lethal beast during a winter’s torpor… that some times grunt during its sleep, and some traitor drops immediately dead as mutton … with unexplained death. So let them try executing their move against G.H.REES in order to completely awaken the beast, and in order to appear the “other half awesome face” and for them to see right after their whole universe destroyed and their whole world evaporate right below their feet, inside a minimal time-lag. Let them give us the pleasure to see them carried away inside the abyss, because without HELLAS, dominates only CHAOS.


  1. this what makes us perfect.

  2. Hello HELLEN and CHAOS,

    I think there is some contradiction between posts in your Greek language and English language blogs concerning the dimensions of the Dragonian and Cronian starfleets.

    Here they are :

    Excerpt from :

    γ) Η "Γαλαξιακή Ομοσπονδία του Φωτός" εμφανίζει σχηματισμούς φωτεινών σφαιρικών σκαφών ή/και ολογράμματα που σχηματίζουν στον ουρανό Χριστούς - Αγγέλους και τον εβραιοχριστιανικό σταυρό. Η Ο.Ε.Α. έχει ενημερώσει το κοινό για την μορφή αυτών των σκαφών Β'Διαστάσεως των σεληνιατών. Στην ιδική μας διάσταση εμφανίζονται ως φωτεινά ημι-διαφανή γεωμετρικά φασματικά στερεα, και άρα τα υποθυγατρικά σκάφη αυτής της "Γαλαξιακής Ομοσπονδίας του Φωτός" πρόκειται για Σεληνιακά σκάφη της αμέσως υπερκείμενης από μας διαστάσεως ήτοι της Β'Διαστάσεως. Τα πραγματικά σκάφη των Γαλαξιακών Ανδρομεδίων Δυνάμεων του Κρόνου τα οποία μπορούν και διαπερνούν τα αμυντικά φράγματα του αντιπάλου και εποπτεύουν "Επαγωγικώς" τον πλανήτη μας ή/και διεξάγουν σεισμικό/ηλεκτρομαγνητικό(ΕΜΠ)/μετεωρολογικό πόλεμο εναντίον των αντιπάλων, είναι σκάφη της 3ης Διάστασης και άνω, αποτελούμενα από Νετρινική Ύλη και άρα είναι εντελώς αόρατα. –

    and here an excerpt from :

    Developements in what?
    The 4rth Solar Space War has commenced already. The Draconian forces count 118 war planets and 2 flagships: Levan (moon) and Lilith (the second moon behind Levan). All of them are on the 1st dimension of matter inspissation (visible) The Andromedian fleet has arrived in the mid 20th century and completed its massing in 2000 by 960 war planets, 340 of which belong to the 1st matter dimension. The rest are of higher and therefore visible only through neutrinon telescopes.

    So what stands as a fact? The dragonian and cronian ships are in the 1st dimension only or they exist in the 2nd and 3rd?


  3. The Dragonians are having WarPlanets Hyper-Ships of only 1st Dimension stationed in the outside defensive perimeter in Jupiter's orbit. But they also have sub-daughter-ships, namely small vessels of higher dimensions up to the 3rd. Sin/Zion/Lunar/Draco supreme command resides in the 3rd Dimension. Study the G.H.REES astrostrategy charts for more details of our space war - quarantine situation:
    Don't be lost in the details.
    Concentrate on spreading the National and Planetary Security Signals of G.H.REES in order to foil the "Armageddon".

  4. The reason i asked (you may find that strange)is that sometimes it happens that i 'see' (with my mind's eyes) figures (starships) through dimensions, it is something like when one sees the figure/shape of a car through a foggy weather. I had some sort of confirmation that it is not my imagination but that they are real 'sightings'.
    I don't know if they are Dragonian/Cronian ships or Andromedian ships, what do you think?


  5. What do you mean that you see them with your mind's eyes? Do you excercise the so called "astral projection"? In case that you do please be advised that in this projection the Dragonians can project almost anything as VIRTUAL REALITIES "remote visions" in order to promote certain agendas.
    The Draco ships-platforms flying above our cities can be truly "seen" using Netrino/Naser and/or Thin-Matter pasive ultraviolet diopters, made by G.H.REES. Probably the USA shadow government also has similar devices in orbit. The representative of G.H.REES has seen such ships with this method. The scientific instruments don't lie. But the various visions-dreams of the mind can deceive..

  6. Hello ΕΛΛΗΝ VS CHAOS,

    I am not very keen on terminology, I am not sure what exactly people mean with astral projection but anyhow when I ‘see’ these ships I can be awake, walking or driving my car.
    It is like there is some sort of tight curtain around the earth (which by the way seems to ‘blind’ the people) and somehow at some moments I ‘see’ outside of it not with my eyes but with my mind as if I get into instantaneous trance.
    One night while asleep I had this spontaneous, let’s say projection, I saw the planet earth from far away, some other time I saw from a different level stars and planets from above as if everything resides in a ball. I get this feeling sometimes that everything is contained within my head, strange and interesting isn’t it?
    As far as the visual realities and holograms that you say the dragonians are projecting I have seen them in my very room, I know what they are.
    Another experience (very sad) was when I ‘visited’ the soul platforms, (very dismal surrounding) the humans I saw there were as if something sucked life/energy out of them, a terrible view it was. Again I had some sort of confirmation that the experience was real.
    So you may consider whether the mind can see through dimensions and visit places outside of this world.
    I would like to see your comments on the above, your opinion is always important.

    Best regards,

  7. Hello HELLEN and CHAOS,
    Shall i assume that you already answered the above experiences of mine? That they were probably provoked my dragonian projections?
    If you have any thoughts on the above please lay them down.


  8. Yes, correct.
    According to G.H.REES scientific research the astral projections or dreams or visions are purely dragonian imitated virtual realities. The soul cannot physically be seperated from the body while you are still alive on earth. So these cancerous disgraceful beings imitate with advanced technology: similar to after death experiences to the earthlings in order to serve certain agendas and create obedient slaves tele-controlled zombies. So, be very careful about any kind of mental or astral projection.

  9. An excerpt from the PLANETARY SITUATION REVIEW :

    ‘’ How do I contact higher density beings?
    You cannot. They contact you. Be aware though, because the Draconians fake this level of communication too often through certain frequency broadcasts. Trust your instict and trust it deeply. Monitor your head's reaction (where the mind, part of the soul, resides), as it is the entrance to the depths of your soul. If you feel short but sharp pains and/or high pressure, it is the Dracos that try to get in. You need to focus upon yourself, to "Know Thyself" before you come in full balance and have the power to resist the Draconian energy and mental warfare. Our soul is a 2nd dimension entity and once you get to know it, you will be able to hear its calls.

    If at any time you need help, ask of it only from the one supreme being, the Intelligent Universal Organism... the Universe itself. Make certain that it is not for selfish reasons and your request will most likely be granted. Request aid for things that are mostly in the energy levels, which are required to empower your soul. ‘’

    The reason I put the above paragraph forward is that you have mentioned that G.H.REES is quite sure that the only psychotronic activity on earth and in astral level etc is due to the dragonians or their minions on earth.
    But above is mentioned ‘…request will most likely be granted.’’ So, other Universal forces can manifest on earth other than the dragonians.
    Isn’t that right? And if that is the case how can G.H.REES be sure that all themetaphysical experiences are provoked by the dragonians?


  10. Look Celest.
    Your question is very difficult. Right now we have an emergency planetary and national security situation and we expect a coordinated attack from the B.A.S.T.R. axis against Greece in October - November 2010 as the first step to HONG's Armageddon scheme. There is no time to relay such kind of secondary and third priority questions to the proper G.H.REES authorities in order to give you an acqurate and detailed reply. So please concentrate most on foiling the Dragonians geostrategy plans on Earth, on human bodies and terrestial mental warfare level (not on souls, space or "metaphysical" level). Nevertheless we must tell you that indeed in order to get in tune with Universal Hierarchy and the Universal Organism, those already present forces they don't contact you with any way, YOU relay the requests to them. As long as they are not selfish those request will be granted. For more info and for U.O. Hierarchy help and support from healthy higher dimensions (anonymous) Angels (3D and above), check this link: