Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Galactic Federation of Light", "Pleiadians" and rest Dragonian sewage

Readers of our blog are putting pressure on us in order to comment the appeared thousands of youtube videos that mercilessly propagandize in the World Wide Web the alleged “GALACTIC FEDERATION (GALACTIC GOVERNMENT) OF LIGHT” and/or the alleged “PLEIADIANS”.
We will not write much because already from the several G.H.REES documents that we have publicized in our blog (Greek and International version) a long time ago, It’s becoming more than obvious the grand fraud and the psychological operation (psyop) of the Dragonians, taking in consideration the following data:

a) The “Galactic Federation of Light” is presenting itself with a complex emblem that contains inside it the “Reversed Epsilons”, presented as )+( with curved epsilons (exactly as the “reversed Epsilon” symbol variation that prefer to use the Theosophical Masonic gangs of the Pseudo-“Epsilon”-“Olympians”-“Krinaetoi”(Rosicrucian Lodge of the Crinum & Eagle) etc etc, by false-impersonating the alleged returned Dodecatheon of Zeus, false impersonated to them by Cronians(Saturnians - Savaothians)/Yahweh Demons). But the climax and the completely ridiculous thing in this case is that their complex emblem except from the )+( contains inside it also and the “STAR OF DAVID” or the “CABBALISTIC HEXAGRAM OF SOLOMON” as a main emblem of the Lunar/Dragonians forces and of their communication methods with their earthlings subordinates: “tele-controlled projectiles”. So here is completely obvious the alliance – collusion of the Theosophists Cronians 666 with the Lunar Dragonians 888.

b) The “Galactic Federation of Light” is presenting itself with eponym supreme governors of their ships the entire Lunar Sin-Zion-Sion-pseudoYahwehic Dragonian drain that blood bathed and wiped out the planet and especially the White Andromedian Pelasgian and the Black Sirian Race for about the last 13000 years. Namely they presents as their ship’s governors the: Metatron or Mataron of the demon possessed lunatic and loser black magician Pseudo-EUMOLPOS (enemy of G.H.REES), the Gabriel, Uriel, Michael, …Urinael and all the rest known Lunar Cancerous sewage of the Galaxy accountable to the Universal Justice – NEMESIS preparative to the Ultimatum years 2012 – 2013.

c) The “Galactic Federation of Light” presents formations of luminous semi – transparent spherical ships and/or holograms that form in the sky: Christs / Angels and the Judeo-Christian Cross Symbol. G.H.REES has for a long time ago informed the public about the form of these ships of 2nd Dimension of matter rarification (For earthlings the 2nd dimension ships are visible as bright semi-transparent geometric spectral solids. Higher Dimension Space Wars: SPACE GATE OF PYLOS:
) and therefore the sub-daughter vessels of this alleged “Galactic Federation of Light” are actually Lunar ships of the directly above Dimension namely of the 2nd Dimension. The true ships of the Galactic Andromedian Forces of planet Saturn that can drive through the defensive barriers of the adversary and that can monitor “inductively” our planet and/or that can commit tectonic/electromagnetic(EMP)/meteorological warfare against the adversary, are ships of the 3rd Dimension and above, made of Neutrino matter, and therefore are completely invisible.

d) The “Galactic Federation of Light” and the alleged allies of them the “Pleiadians” are admitting that they communicate with their earthlings subordinates and spokesmen through “CHANNELING” namely through “MEDIUM” namely through “DEMONIC POSSESSION – TRANCE – CATALEPSY”. Those though are not the ways of communication that apply the true Governmental-Federal Andromedians Hyper-Scientists in Saturn’s Orbit but are “ways of communication” (Read: WAYS OF PSYCHOLOGICAL TERRORISM AND MENTAL CONTROL – WARFARE) that prefer to use the sewage of the Galaxy, known also as: Black Magicians Cronus/Yahweh Inc. – spacebandits and annihilators of planets and solar systems – megacells of PANA or SYM-PAN or Universe or Universal Organism. G.H.REES communicates with those true Governmental – Federal Andromedians in Saturn’s Orbit by strictly using only SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY of passive and active telecommunication devices NETRINO/NASER, while the charter of the Group strictly forbids from the Group’s members any Para-psychological or Spiritual activity-method, as members which also have as a duty to immediately report to their superiors any para-psychological harassment against them whatsoever.

From the above it is easily concluded that the “Galactic Federation of Light” and their alleged allies of them the “Pleiadians” are not the actual true Governmental – Federal multi-dimensional Armada of Hyper-Ships (Warplanets) that at this moment of time is parked in the ellipse of the planet Saturn orbit, forcing an EXTREMELY TIGHT AND HOT MILITARY QUARANTINE against the 7 inner planets of our solar system (Dragonian Defensive inner perimeter – “cage” : See the “7 stars” in John’s Revelation), but is actually a psychological operation and a pseudo-Galactic Federation of Light and pseudo-Pleiadians that are being impersonated by Demons and Crews of the Dragonians and of their Allies and collusion players Cronians – Saturnians – Savaothians, with purpose to prepossess the true arrival of the Galactic (KNOZ-3) Governmental Forces and at the same time during the programmed beginning of their genocidal scheme “Armageddon” to present themselves to the Nations of the West originally as Metatron – AntiChrist – pseudoZeus - STELLAR – 666 forces which will drive the armies of the bankrupted West (US.E.J. and T.I.M. axles) and the devastated army of the stupid and manipulated by Theosophists “Epsilon” Neo-Greeks, to an initial weak provocateur assault (Already Happening partially) against the “R.I.C.” axis or “Shanghai Pact”. Right after the exact same ships will change their emblems and will convert to Ships 888 of the “Good” Jesus – little Christ (Rabbi Jehoshua) and of Michael and of Urinael, which will abandon helpless and with devastated moral and logistics of war the Armies of the West inside the Mongolian deserts in where they will be completely butchered by the Dragonian China 888 and Korea 777, while those same ships right after will fight on the side of the overwhelming counter-attacking Yellow Terrestrial Dragonian Chinese and Koreans which will devastate and annihilate completely the White, the Black and the Mongolian White-Yellow race.


The “Galactic Federation of Light” should rename them selves to PANICKED and under TIGHT MILITARY QUARANTINE “Sevenplanet-rulers and Lunar-rulers Spacebandits of the Darkness” and the “Pleiadians” should rename themselves to “Cronians – Hyperboreans” magicians – pseudoscientists, also accountable -as filthy traitors of the White Race- to the Universal Justice – NEMESIS preparative to the Ultimatum years 2012 – 2013.

The “Pleiadians” are essentially Demons of the Dragonians who have possessed the stupid lunatic tele-controlled zombies the Masons, and who false impersonate to them the true now absent Pleiadians. In case of appearance of ships that impersonate the Pleiadians, those of course will be ships of Cronians / Dragonians.

PS. We do not release here the videos and the emblems of this disgusting sewage, because we are not in the mood to display in “Hellen and Chaos” all this Dragonian trash. But any well-intentioned researcher can easily cross-check our findings and conclusions.

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  1. Th-ankhs for this information.This is the conformation of what I was searching for.

  2. Yes, thank you.This confirms my suspicions as well.

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