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A Drill of population protection from a massive strike of the enemy (bombing, assault with Nuclear-Biological-Chemical weapons etc) will be committed in the next week in the capitals of the Peloponnese prefectures. (Southern Greece)
Thus on Monday will sound the Sirens from 11:00 in the morning, in all the capitals of the Peloponnese prefectures.
Specifically, it will be applied, a test function of the system of automatic tele-control of the Alarms Sirens concerning the Political Defense, under the attempt of testing the functionality of the network, with purpose its modernization.
The drill will last for 1’. News Department


After the publicizing of the above news the Department of G.H.REES Readership Magnesia states that unfortunately is justified completely G.H.REES and the web-blog “Hellen and Chaos” which both wrote that after the chaos that will be created in Athens from the descend of the millions, namely from the descend of the expelled and butchered Greeks by the invasion of the armies of the “B.A.S.T.R.” axis (Bulgaria – Albania – Skopje – Turkey – Romania) in Northern – Western – Central – and Insular Greece, the Government of the political party “LA.O.S.” (cryptozionist right wing theosophical party: People’s Orthodox Alert) of Karatzaferis, of Glucksburg and of Palaiologos Dragazis, will take over the government of the Global War as a Bait – “Barm” of the creation of a “New Byzantine Empire” from Greece.

The Drill of functioning of the Political Alarm Sirens Network ONLY in Peloponnese is a proof of the above mentioned information of G.H.REES that denied the rest webpages and the traitors “Epsilon” » )+( ▼ 666 and their webpages in Athens.
We inform the Greek People that all “Epsilon” have bought survival houses around Mystras – Peloponnese and around the destined as Governmental Buildings of “LA.O.S.” in Mystras (“Restored Palaces – Courts”), and one of them is the theosophist Panagiotis Toulatos leader of Christiano-Dodecatheism cult. We call Worldwide Hellenes to see the self evident, namely that it is not committed a Political Alarm Drill of the Sirens Systems in Northern Greece and especially in Western Thrace, which will receive the first assaults of the Turkish Army, because Northern Greece namely Southern Hellenic Epirus, Macedonia, (the Islands of the Aegean) and Western Thrace, will receive the first blow of the “B.A.S.T.R.” armies assault and in those regions must normally be done the tests and the modernizations of the Sirens System of Greece, but this is not done there but it is done in Peloponnese which will never receive an assault of “B.A.S.T.R.”, but possibly will receive an assault from Greek forces which will be notified by the G.H.REES documents and will charge in Peloponnese in order to eliminate the Karatzaferis Government, and we speak here about a Greek Army part which maybe will Rebel against the Government of Karatzaferis of “LA.O.S.”, of Paul Glucksburg, and of Pseudo-Palaiologos Pseudo-Dragazis Yohann Christiansen Holstein Glucksburg, hewbrewsaxon, namely Greek Forces that will attack, not against the population of Peloponnese, but against the treasonous Government of the Turk-Albanian agent provocateur KARA – ZAFFERI in order for these Greek Rebellious Forces to foil the Second Step of the Total Destruction of Greece which will be the transfer of the Greek Government to Constantinople for the further treasonous actions, namely for the assault anymore of the entire Greek “Monkey” Empire 666 – Constantinople against the “R.I.C.” axis (Russia – Islam – China) with counter-attack of the “R.I.C.” axis for the complete genocide of the West with first victims worldwide Hellenism.

We notify World Hellenism that for the Military Security anymore and for the protection of the Government Karatzaferis – Glucksburg – Palaiologos Dragazis in Mystras – Peloponnese, of this Hebrewsaxon and TurkAlbanian gang of the complete destruction of Greece, has been retired from Evros, by the Hebrews and Masons traitors Politicians of Athens, an extremely valuable stationed there Mechanized Infantry Brigade which incorporates heavy battle tanks “LEOPARD” and the minimum armored “M-113” in a form of dwarfed “APC” (Armored Personnel Carriers) of Evros, and this Mechanized Brigade has been transferred to Tripoli – Peloponnese in where coordinated with the pre-existing Brigade consists today the so called 5th Division of Tripoli. This Division with the two Brigades, one of which stationed there and one of which was retired from Evros, are stationed now in Peloponnese Tripoli. One of them that pointed the matter of this treason is also and the journalist Konstantinides, although Orthodox with his stupid Christianity, but a patriot nevertheless, who from his TV-Station broadcast of “ASTRA” in Volos, when he was informed about the retirement of an extremely valuable Mechanized Brigade with Battle Tanks and dwarfed “APCs”, namely transformed “M-113”, from Evros in order to be transferred in Tripoli Peloponnese, he asked his public that: “if someone knows if there is a chance of Peloponnese to receive and assault of Turkish – Bulgarian – Albanian or any other Army”. And of course the question was Rhetoric and Ironic because no one is about to attack against Peloponnese (Southern Greece) not one from the armies of the “B.A.S.T.R.” axis. G.H.REES notifies the General who commands the Division of Tripoli and the two Brigadiers that are incorporated in the Division, and the rest officers and soldiers of the 5th Division Tripoli, to assault and to wipe-out and bring down the Governmental Palaces that has built the treasonous Government of Athens in Mystras, in order to entertain the treasonous Government Karatzaferis of “LA.O.S.”, Glucksburg and Palaiologos Dragazis, to which the traitor Hebrew of Ioannina Karolos, Democracy President, has programmed to deliver the baton of Governance from “PASOK” to the coup d’etat Government of “LA.O.S.”, which will carry the title – bluff:
“Government of National Salvation”.

We repeat, we ask from all the officers and from the soldiers of the 5th Division Tripoli, namely from the staff of the 2 Brigades of the 5th Division in Tripoli, to assault and to bring down, using their own inside measures, all the Governmental Palaces of the coup d’etat Government Karatzaferis – Glucksburg – Palaiologos Draganis, in Mystras of Peloponnese, because in case they do not act likewise, Mystras of Peloponnese will be the first focus of high-treason against Hellenes and of the total genocide of Hellenes through the transfer of the entire Government Karatzaferis from Mystras to Constantinople against the “R.I.C.” axis (Russia – Islam – China) and for the complete genocide of Worldwide Hellenism by the counter-attack of “R.I.C.”.

We repeat for the third time, we plead all the officers and the soldiers of the 5th Division Tripoli, namely of the 2 Brigades which consists it, to assault with all their means available and to bring down the Buildings and the Pseudo-Parliaments of the coup d’etat Government of Karatzaferis of “LA.O.S.”, of Glucksburg, and of Pseudo-Palaiologos Pseudo-Dragazis Yohann Christiansen Holstein Glucksburg, all HebrewSaxons and TurkAlbanians provocateurs against Greece, because if you don’t act likewise, if you don’t bring down those Governmental Buildings of “LA.O.S.”, then this coup d’etat Government is about to be transferred to Constantinople after the hypocritical political turn of “NATO” in favor of Greece and allegedly against “B.A.S.T.R”, and from Constantinople this coup d’etat Government of “Epsilon” » )+( ▼ 666 of “LA.O.S.” is about to assault against “R.I.C.” as a typical leader of the “NATO” Armies, in order to bring the complete destruction of the White nations of the West, with first annihilated victims Worldwide Hellenism.

We notify the Generals and the Brigadiers of the 4th Army Corps of Xanthi, in to which are incorporated all the Brigadiers of Evros, Armored Brigades, Mechanized Brigades, and Infantry Brigades, that already the treasonous Hebrew Governments of “New Democracy” and of “PASOK” Athens have opened a “HOLE” in the defense of Evros, by removing from there an extremely valuable Brigade of Mechanized Infantry and by transporting it in Tripoli which will never receive and assault of Enemy Soldiery, and with only hidden reason the protection of the coup d’etat Government of the Generals and of the Brigadiers “Epsilon” » )+( ▼ 666, who are close to organize a coup d’etat and to take over the Greek Government, and by transferring it to Mystras - Peloponnese.

We notify and the rest Generals of the 1st Army Larisa and the Brigadiers and the rest officers and soldiers.
Same wise we notify the Generals and the Brigadiers and the rest Officers and Soldiers of the 2nd Army Corps Veroia and especially the 32nd Brigadier of Special Forces in Volos which is incorporated to the 2nd Army Corps Veroia, that has been deviously opened a defensive “HOLE – BACKDOOR” by the treasonous Governments of Athens in Evros, through the removal of an extremely valuable Mechanized Brigade which incorporates heavy battle tanks “LEOPARD” and transformed to “APC” dwarfed “M-113”, with only hidden and devious purpose the amplification FROM NOW of the coup d’etat Government of the Generals and of the Brigadiers “Epsilon” » )+( ▼ 666 traitors, who belong in “LA.O.S.”, and who will transfer the Greek Government to Mystras of Peloponnese.

This proves that already the so called democratic Governments of “New Democracy” and of “PASOK” actively participate to the coup d’etat which will be finally realized by the Generals and Brigadiers “Epsilon” » )+( ▼ 666 of “LA.O.S.”, namely for the overthrow of the Greek regime, and they actively participate the today Governments of “New Democracy” and of “PASOK” which already built the Governmental Palaces of the coup d’etat Government of “Epsilon” » )+( ▼ 666 of “LA.O.S.” in Mystras, by proving that these Governments programmed and participated in collusion to the coup d’etat that will be finally realized by “LA.O.S.” with initial transfer of the Greek capital from Athens to Mystras, and finally from Mystras to Constantinople for the Grand Treason against the nations of White Race and especially against Hellas, as typical leaders “Epsilon” » )+( ▼ 666 of “NATO” and of “SEATO” against the “R.I.C.” axis (Russia – Islam – China/Korea) ▲ 888 – 777 or “Shanghai Pact” in order for “R.I.C.” to genocide the Whites of the West with first annihilated victims Worldwide Hellenism.

We make plead towards all the Generals, Brigadiers, lower Officers and Soldiers of the Greek Army and their homologues of the Greek Police and of the Secret Service “KYP/EYP”, ELIMINATE NOW : the GreekHebrew and Masons politicians of “New Democracy” and of “PASOK”, namely all these treasonous bastards of the Greek “Parliament” – aboulia of Greeks, together with the Democracy President (Hebrew from Ioannina) who is initiated ( SEE HIS OATH: ) to the scheme of the transfer of the Governmental baton from “PASOK” to “LA.O.S.” in Mystras, after the half-initial-genocide of Greece by the attacking “B.A.S.T.R.” axis (Referred to the above video of his oath as: “Limitation of the Greek borders”), ELIMINATE THEM NOW, before it realizes the coup d’etat of these treasonous bastards in November after the assault of “B.A.S.T.R.” (Bulgaria – Albania – Skopje – Turkey – Romania) against Greece, a coup in disguise as allegedly “Government of National Salvation”, namely salvation of the treasonous Hebrew ass and of the Masonic sodomized ass (“Separation of Sephiroth” and “Passage of the Abyss”), because this Government the only thing that will not do is the salvation of Greece, but will really be the Government of the complete and final genocide of all Hellenes through provocation of a Global War of “NATO” against “R.I.C.”.

G.H.REES also does an ULTRA-URGENT plead to all Greek Citizens of Peloponnese to attack together with the Division in Tripoli and to destroy and bring down all the Governmental Buildings of “LA.O.S.” in Mystras, as Governmental Buildings (Restored Palaces – Courts) which are destined to entertain the coup d’etat Government of “Epsilon” » )+( ▼ 666 of “LA.O.S.” as coup result which are planning the Theosophical Masons “Epsilon” » )+( ▼ 666 of “LA.O.S.” to be realized in November of 2010 right after the assault of the “B.A.S.T.R.” armies against Greece.
(note: As an assault which is programmed to be realized with pretext that will be provided by the collusion treasonous new Government of “PASOK” which already did a re-shuffle as G.H.REES predicted one month ago)

We call the Greek Army, the men of the three weapons of the Greek armed Forces, to display a total disobedience to orders that call them to depart to Asiatic Deserts under the pretext of “Peace Keeping Forces” or under any other pretext or any other excuse on behalf of “NATO”, and to display a total disobedience to the forthcoming coup d’etat Government of “LA.O.S.” which will order them to depart to Asia anymore as offensive forces of “NATO” against the “R.I.C.” axis, because the traitors hebrewsaxons Paul Hostein Glucksburg destined for Arch-General of the “EMPIRE – 666” Constantinople, and the Pseudo-Palaiologos Pseudo-Dragazis Christiansen Holstein Glucksburg, destined for “EMPEROR” of this “EMPIRE”, together with the turkalbanian traitor agent-provocateur KARA-ZAFFERI of “LA.O.S.” will send the Greek Army to be butchered by the counter-attacking armies of “R.I.C.” in the Asiatic Deserts of Siberia, of Mongolia, and of China.

Already the traitor provocateur writer and agent of “NATO” Dimosthenis Liakopoulos from his Television Broadcasts of the TV-Station “Macedonia” states directly that:


A word for a wise man is enough.

Who ever man of the Greek Army of the three weapons, depart for Asia, first he will never return back, because he will be devoured by the carrion buzzards of the Asiatic Deserts, (See: secondly will be a pretext for the counter-attack of the “R.I.C.” armies for the total annihilation of his family and relatives in Greece and of the families and relatives of the military personnel in Greece.
The order for the drill of Sirens Functioning for the Political Protection and Political Defense ONLY for Peloponnese means that the of Hebrew origins Minister of Defense Benizelos or Tourgoutsoglou or TOURGOUT, Turk-Hebrew Donmeh, and the under-secretary of defense Beglitis, of same wise Hebrew origins, under the orders of their Greek-Hebrew Prime Minister Papandreou – Mineiko – Tsad – Tsiden Baum, as G.H.REES has written and unfortunately is confirmed, planned the complete abandonment of the Political Defense and Political Protection of the Sirens System of rest Greece, in order for the rest Greeks to not take defense measures against the expected invasion of the “B.A.S.T.R.” axis in October – November of 2010. This order was executed by the 5th Division Tripoli and thus it was given hierarchically through the treasonous and masons without exception Generals of the Greek Army-Navy-Airforce HQ’s, who have given a Masonic Oath of destruction of all the Nations – States AND OF GREECE, in order to be founded the Global Planetary Dictatorship of the Global Government of the “Kingdom of Jehovah” of China in 2012.

We call the Greeks non Masons officers of the Greek Armed Forces of the three weapons, of the Greek Police Force, and of the Greek Secret Service “KYP/EYP”, to carry right away and force without court: death penalties against the Hebrew agent who impersonates the Greek Prime Minister Papandreou – Mineiko – Tsad – Tsiden Baum, against he who impersonates the Minister of Defence (Read: Minister of Defence of Turkey) Evaggelos Venizelos or Tourgoutsoglou or TOURGOUT, Turk-Hebrew Donmeh, and of the Under-Secretary Beglitis, and against the Masons Generals of the Greek Army-Navy-Airforce HQ’s, with charges concerning High Treason against the Greek Regime, due to the foment of the coup d’etat Government of “Epsilon” » )+( ▼ 666 of “LA.O.S.”, as a coup d’etat which is programmed to be realized in November after the assault of “B.A.S.T.R.” against Greece, because if the Non Masons Greece Officers don’t act likewise, this will mean the complete genocide of Greeks of Northern – Central – Western – Insular Greece by the invasion of “B.A.S.T.R.” in November.

G.H.REES Readership Magnesia
Through the G.H.REES messages server
Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Yannis
Elpidos 12, Nea Ionia, Volos

Spread this document to Worldwide Hellenism especially to the Greek Omogenia of America and other Countries, take Measures and Survive!


Here is how the Theosophists (“Satanists”) Masons “Epsilon” » )+( ▼ 666 of “LA.O.S.” deviously propagandize the “666” as necessary “HOLY”(!!!) number for use by the “EMPIRE” Constantinople in its campaign to the depths of Asia.
(In order for Global Hellenism to be butchered in “Jihad” by the “Christian – Orthodox – Islamic – 888” R.I.C.)

Ioannis Fourakis theoretician of “LA.O.S.”, archpriest and prophet of “Epsilon” and propagandist of “666” as necessary symbol-number of the Greek-Byzantine Empire M.R.A. (MUNDANA RELIGIO ADUNATA) SOUFI 666:
(in italic-bold the words of Fourakis, the brackets are ours)

The number that is considered and specified by the Christians as the number of the Arabic digits 666, the three sixes, declare and specify the wining comeback of the Greeks to their Holy Focus Land (Constantinople as second permanent capital of the Greek-Byzantine Empire after the intermediate capital “Mystras” during the first destruction of Northern Greece and Islands by the assault of the B.A.S.T.R. axis), but also it declares and the beyond it multiyear battle-campaign of Greeks (namely of the “battle”-provocation-suicide against the axis “R.I.C.” or “Shanghai Pact” until the “Red Apple Tree” in “Aornos Stone”, namely in Tibet, inside the territories of China(!!!) as Fourakis has also prophesized, in order for China-Dragon to massively counter-attack and annihilate completely everyone with annihilation priority victims Global Hellenism and the White Race). The fact that the three sixes (666) state and specify the winning result of a multi-year campaign of the Greeks, teaches us between others and the godly Aeschylus, in the verses 30-35 of the Agamemnon Tragedy. In these verses he reports that: When was succeeded the fall of Troy and with the “Fryktoria” (Communication Method with Smoke Signals) was transmitted to Argos, of the king and leader of all Greeks Agamemnon, the message of the fall of Troy, the guardian of the Palaces who was responsible for the receipt of the message yelled:
“I will say that my King was pleased, because three times six
(666) this “Fryktoria” signaled (Victory Signal) …"


…And in order for the Islamic Armies (Jesus - Isa – as second most important figure for Muslims) and the Orthodox Christian Armies of Russia and of the Orthodox Buddhist and Christian Armies of China/Korea (of the Christian movements “Back to Jerusalem” and “Moon”) to have additional reason of genocide rabid of “holy war” – “JIHAD” against the Greek-Byzantine Empire – 666 as an “Anti-Christ” parody of Christianity M.R.A. SOUFI with supreme arithmetic symbols of it the “666” as the “Number of the Antichrist” or “Anti-Isa” (Jesus of the Muslims) or DAJAL (Anti-Christ West of the Muslims) and with Greek liegemen of this fixed collusion “EMPIRE” with paper legs, as sheep destined for slaughter, sealed with under-the-skin microchips or with electronic ID-cards “AMKA” (or “CIVILIAN CARD”) that will have encoded inside it this “666” empire - number.

And thus because the “Fryktoria” signaled 3 X 6 times in the civil catastrophic bloodshed war of Hellas vs Troy (“Female” Civilization Hellas Delphi against “Male” Civilization Troy or Troskon or Titrosko Sardeis) instigated by Semitic-mongolian priesthoods of the pseudo-Dodecatheon and of the Moon or Selene or Selene or Helen, must now totally be destroyed the Hellenism finally with the use again of this numeric sequence, but this time as official number – emblem of this “EMPIRE - 666”, and as official number stamp of the sheep destined for slaughter, schizophrenic miserable neo-Greeks stupid followers of this …empire, butcher in the first phase by the “B.A.S.T.R.” axis and in second phase by “JIHAD” Islamic, Russian, and Chinese Divisions.

In 05.09.2010 we are being informed from the Internet that the Hebrew Economist BOB CHAPMAN (SEE LINK: ) is spreading in the Internet news from a foreign Embassy in Athens Greece, about an expected coup d’etat of Military Officers in Greece.

Previously, in the same promulgation of his, CHAPMAN is announcing the joyful occasion of the marriage of the Hebrew-Saxon prince Nikolaos HOLSTEIN GLUCKSBURG and the joyful news of the foundation of the “Royal Party” in Greece. The “Royal Party” of Greece is founded in order to replace the party “LA.O.S.” (People’s Orthodox Alert) of the Turk-Albanian agent-provocateur – traitor G. Karatzaferis, the “LA.O.S.” party, which G.H.REES and the webpage “Hellen and Chaos” completely crashed with their revelations, for the execution of instructions of the Chinese “HONG” through the Lodges “A.O.A.” and “O.T.O.” London, from “LA.O.S.” and from the collusion “PASOK”, for the provocation of the Balkan War of the “B.A.S.T.R.” axis against Greece, and for the provocation of the Third World War with “LA.O.S.” having as its seat the “Byzantine Empire 666 Sufism – ChristianoDodecatheism” in Constantinople, and with assault of the “NATO” armies under the leadership of “LA.O.S.” in Constantinople against the “Shanghai Pact” or “R.I.C.” in order for Greece and the rest White Western Nations to be annihilated by the counter-attacking “R.I.C.”, with final genocide and of the Russians from the axles “C.J.T.H.S.M.” and “C.K.” China and Korea.

The entire above mentioned genocidal program of “HONG” is now undertaking to execute the “Royal Party” of Greece, which due to the G.H.REES revelations, is unable to raise an Election Percentage of above 2%, and thus it has been ordered from abroad, namely from London, to execute an armed coup d’etat in Greece, organized by Greek Theosophists Masons Generals “Epsilon” of the Greek Army and of the Greek Police, who will appoint as a Prime-Minister of Greece the Hebrew-Saxon fallen successor Paul or his brother Nikolaos HOLSTEIN GLUCKSBURG.It has been programmed that the Royal Coup d’etat of the Hebrew-Saxons HOLSTEIN GLUCKSBURG and of the Theosophists Masons “Epsilon” Greek Generals will overthrow the Greek collusion politicians, but will remain in “NATO” in order to execute the scheme of “HONG” for the provocation of Balkan and World War, with dead and with annihilated all the Russians and all the Greeks.

About Dimosthenis Liakopoulos as "Epsilon" of "LA.O.S.", Provocateur Hebrew Agent and Agent of NATO:

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