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1,000,000 Reasons to die ...

1,000,000 Reasons to die ...

After re-reading this:

The terrorist is dead... The bomber (not of Lockerbie) of Zionist-Sines-Chinese plans for the full and complete bleeding and robbing of important raw materials of the African continent was killed to the satisfaction of the murderers of NATO, the British SAS, the U.S. Navy Seals, the CI-AL Quaeda, the schizophrenic and completely possessed (by agents of the Sin Sion Sendai) Hillary-relentless shrew-Rodham Clinton, daughter of course of a family of fundamentalist religious fanatics Methodists . Also self-satisfied and the edible dummies of occupied Greece, for example known pedophile circuits (KYP/EYP), the dummies fools modern Greeks "frustrated" who cheer in every social media online with arguments like: "The best friend of jefrey, regardless of whether Jefrey was quick to repudiation Gaddafi when NATO gave order to be executed like an animal. Jefrey your time is coming..." "The dictator died, as a result Jefry will die too ..." and certainly the greatest satisfaction was felt by the cannibals perverts Chinese... and their puppets, the Rothtsilds, Soros etc.

The reasons why the now clearly chinese controlled establishment desperate wanted to kill Qaddafi were exhaustively analyzed, re-read the previous post to consolidate. Analyses which led the distraught possessed agents and concubines to blame us that "are getting paid by secret agencies of Libya"!!!

In this article are attached many videos from international researchers and media, which are probably funded by the secret agencies od Libya!(lol) to understand and every ...embittered person what happened in Libya and what is happening simultaneously around the whole globe, who calls the shots and why, because the videos are obviously stronger instruments oddly! from the words (another perversion in our time).

But before we look at some hard facts:
1) Gaddafi among other things, had another plan in the works ... he strongly promoted the creation of a common currency from ... gold(the Gold Dinar) in order with this to trade oil. His aim was the oil in the rich deposits of Africa to be available over equivalents in gold rather than toilet paper dollars of the FED. This would have enormous implications to the global financial system with direct beneficiaries the Africans because now the oil will be sold over the gold-real-estate and not against paper-virtual economy. This would bring development in the poor African countries, growth and hope. And of course it would sink the paper dollar to Tartars accelerating the developments in a pace non-controlled by the hebrew-zionists and masons puppets of HONG!

2) While the fools "Hawks" of U.S. hebrew-zionists puppets of HONG, were running their troops and resources in the deserts of Afghanistan and in the search for the nuclear weapons of MD in ... Square Koliatsou (see Iraq) ... the humanitarian China was occupying from edge to edge the whole Africa. "While you sleep" ie, the Chinese dump over 70 billion dollars per year in Africa (not to Africans but to the corrupted self proclaimed leaders of the African countries) to gain rights of exploitation of the rich-painted in blood-resources of the black continent. Now that some U.S. agencies "woke up" and hastened to send commandos wearing civilian in Africa , shit their pants with the size of the influence acquired by China in Africa in the years that they "were playing checkers" in the caves of Afghanistan and getting high with poppies in the plains ... Now of course is too late and they admit that the only thing they can do is to spy on what China does in Africa. Which China funds continuously the organization "Lord's Resistance Army (Sin Sion)" of Uganda, and this will probably be another diabolical coincidence isn't it? Everything is in our mind... The supposedly People's Republic of China to finance the resistance of the Lord (Sin Sion)???!!! And what good kids they are those in the resistance of the Lord (Sin Sion), thousands of killings, torture, mutilation with "long sleeve or sleeveless" (the amount they cut the hands) and all these nice things of Lord (Sin Sion). A very interesting article on the invasion of China in Africa is in the News of October 20, 2011, which unfortunately still has not gone to the site of the magazine. In short, it is indicated the above that China, particularly the HONG turned through her puppets in our leadership the attention elsewhere while she was preparing bases in Africa for the complete looting of raw materials, complete destruction of the environment so as to get everything and leave behind burnt earth, as usual. What China does is not to interfere in the internal affairs of African countries. She gives billions to the current strawman dictator, feed him till he passes out in cash and gold, giving him the free to slaughter, to genocide, to plunder as long he (strawman) leaves China to build infrastructure exploitations. These meanwhile are made ​​directly and instantaneously unlike for example with some Europeans (we say now) who do not want to hang with genocidal dictators butchers not to hurt their profile... But this is also collusion, supposedly we care about human rights (such as in Rwanda, right westerners? Not call it a genocide in the UN to not be forced to send humanitarian aid and meanwhile millions died...) so we do not do business with African dictators but on the other side we let China do business... why just don't go fuck yourselves...

The shopping safari of China in Africa


CHINA: Her future in Africa after Libya

Also, with the fall of Gaddafi, suddenly acquires weapons and loot, who else? But the CIAL Quaeda, see here:

Are there nuclear weapons in the hands of extremists?
With the fall of Gaddafi, large quantities of gold and also weapons were transferred to the Islamic Maghreb, Yemen, Algeria, Mauritania, Mali and Niger. In these countries have strong pockets of members of Al Qaeda who ardently desire to acquire such weapons. Moreover, such a statement had made bin Laden himself.

NATO is dead, Gaddafi is still Alive, NATO Crimes In Libya-Series

this series of videos have continue up to video 9 and you can watch them on youtube.

Photo of the day: Killings of blacks in Libya

U.S. Congressman Wants Libya Rebels Investigated on "Crimes Against Humanity."

The slaughter in Sirte

Libya: Anti-Gaddafi Fighters Loot, Burn Homes In Sirte

Crisis Libya: Rebels Create Humanitarian Disaster, Then Blame it on Qaddafi,_Then_Blame_it_on_Qaddafi/15842/0/38/38/Y/M.html

Putin: Who gave NATO right to kill Gaddafi?

Who gave the right to NATO to assassinate Gaddafi but you Putin were just sitting and watching doing the (Chinese) duck... dumbfuck like you are!
No offence, it's Just Business 10.21.11, NATO Crimes In Libya

October 18: The super crazy-immersed in barbiturates antidepressants, estrogen, the Prozac-cursed Hillary makes surprise visit to Tripoli of Libya... 3 days later Gaddafi was wandering and tormented by "pals" of Hillary. Now that is a coincidence... October 21, therefore, all the hookers on stage, the midget hebrew-hungarian inhibited rabbit-strangler Sarko-leon, the super-crazy Chillary, O-bow-ma and the other "peacemakers" rejoice in catalepsy that finally the terrorist is murdered... and the people of that Terrorist pays a heavy price:
HRW: denounces atrocities against pro-Gaddafi supporters

And to properly attribute the "credits", the killer of Gaddafi is not somebody "dissident CIAL Quaeda" but the UAV (unmanned robotic vehicles) which they guide and murder from the comfort of their homes, senile and unconscious Americans like they play videogames.

Nato and the SAS helped rebels drive hunted leader into endgame in a desert drain

But they have not had time to dry the blood from the cowardly robotic attack to the procession of Gaddafi and while the mainstream media stunning our testicles with the supposedly new era for Libya, the end of dictatorship and other graphics, in the background everybody like Ravens rush to loot everything Gaddafi left for his people, with the assent of the "transitional council of dissidents" of ass. Here's your ...democracy. They dissolved a role model country to plunder her with their comfort after with the help of NATO and the traitors and mercenaries of CIAL Quaeda...

The hebrewzionist banking crows rushing to eat the remains:
Prosecutors fly to Libya to freeze Gaddafi's Swiss assets
To Freeze the deposits (not of Gaddafi as provocatively says the hebrew-saxonic article, but of the Libyan people) in Switzerland want the Swiss banking puppets... When the drug and human traffickers send them bags of dollars they're whistling casually. Libya was bothering them...

Of course, from the feast will not be missing and the hebrew-saxonic crows, they're everywhere it smells blood...
British Firms urged to 'Pack suitcases' in Libya Rush for Business
they "rushed" to do the suitcases the hebrew-saxons, not to lose the scoff...

And while that happens, no one addresses the fact that in a sovereign nation NATO with ally CIAL Quada invaded and killed the leader of that state. Business as usual. And the fringes are left to remind like Castro or Chavez
Fidel Castro: "Murder the Death of Muammar Gaddafi"
until they murder them too, because Chavez is already considered dead after the "cancer" that is rampant and eating him:
Two years of life left in Chavez says former doctor

These "nice" things took place "while you were sleeping". In a place not too distant, not so "exotic", NATO has invaded, the UAVs swept everything, the infrastructures were destroyed, it's oil redistributed, their leader murdered with the synergy of the supposedly civilized European and Westerns, The CIAL Queada strengthened, the black Libyans were executed , their money were robbed, they took their place, Hillary is celebrating, cheering and the edible "modern greek fools" because they take delight in the fall of ...the dictator... .

What we hope is that the sacrifice of Gaddafi and the Libyan people are not in vain and we have reasonable suspicion (only suspicions at the moment) that ultimately they were not in vain. For while they could both Libyans and Gaddafi to drown in blood the coup, they did not. Gaddafi tried through diplomatic channels to prevent what happened but didn't pull it to the bitter end, to thereby give butter to the bread of insane under catalepsy lackeys who want fervently to start WW3 and therefore pulled the rope to Libya, with air raids and destruction to urge Libya to make the mistake and give them the excuse.

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