Tuesday, November 1, 2011

“Denials” namely Confirmations of the from hebrewsaxonic governments planned economical-political-military confiscation of the European countries from

Few hours after the publicizing of the interplanetary signal of G.H.REES against China ( and against the slaves of the Chinese hebrewsaxonic governments of Europe and of USA, we had the first reactions.
The hebrewsaxons of Europe all initiated masons and sodomized inside masonic lodges (sodomic rituals: separation of sephiroth & passage of the abyss) and telecontrolled from the Hyperlodge HONG of China, obviously disturbed are now forced to statements of panic and with false words of the thin air in order to “calm down” their people and to “calm down” their armed forces, and their police forces, and their members of their secret services of the European states and of USA, in order for them to not listen to the “evil” G.H.REES who speaks plain cold and bitter truths.

But their people have learned anymore that all these “gentlemen” for a long time ago are lying blatantly by mocking the people of Europe and of USA, with persons like Yuncker who in the spring of 2011 stated that “will be a disaster for Greece a possible cutting of the debt of Greece”.

The same Yuncker ofcourse today along with the rest Hebrewsaxonic masonic company, see: Jeffrey Mineiko Chand Chidden Baum Papandrew, are stating that “the cutting of the debt of Greece is salvation” and they are jumping high out of joy for that!!!

Therefore the people of Europe and USA are not convinced any more from the lies of the thin air but are convinced only with true and sincere actions.

Ofcourse the above false statements of the thin air were done in order to “save” their Hebrew-bitch by droping once more ashes to the eyes of the people of Europe.

According to the German magazine Berlin direct of the German Television network ARD, Yuncker, president of Eurogroup, stated that “we can do it by ourselves as Europe without the help of China for the debt crisis of Europe”.

Where later he stated that “Beijing, nevertheless can invest its active balance to Europe but without expecting political gains from this move”.

In the same wave length moved the statements of Anri Gino, special advisor of Nikola Sarkozy, who stated that “there will be no exchanges towards China for any economical help of China towards Europe”.

Those statement were done falsely and rashly from the slaves of the Chinese hebrewsaxons like Yuncker, because few hours before of those European statements, China had official announced that:

“China demands form the countries of Europe political exchanges (namely Chinese economics ministers in the European Countries like the Chinese economics minister of Germany Rosler) in order to boost economically the European fund of cohesion “EFSF”.

The above mentioned statements of the European Hebrewsaxons about alleged “denying of political exchanges of the Europeans towards China”, are no denials, but are confirmations that finally China will take these political exchanges and gains, for the time being partially, for the capitals which will provide to the European fund of cohesion “EFSF”, and that finally, like in the German “Rosler” case, all the countries of Europe will be commanded economically and politically from Chinese ministers of economy, as agents of the Chinese Central Bank, for the complete fall and confiscation of all the Public and Private fortunes of the Europeans and Americans citizens, from China, with final purpose the complete genocide of all the white unarmed of the west from the Chinese-Korean army of pure Yellow Draconian race.

For all the above reasons we call the armed forces and the police forces and the secret services, but AND the plain civilians of all countries of the planet to immediately force death penalties for “high treason” and for “treason against their countries” committed by the present Hebrew or hebrewsaxonic treasonous governments of the planet, such as is and the Hebrew government of Moscow, the hebresaxonic governments of Europe and the hebrewsaxonic government of USA.

G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic Reestablishment) and the friendly webpages of G.H.REES

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