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X.A.N. (YMCA) - Bartholomew - M.R.A. 666

*article slightly updated*
Χ.Α.Ν. (YMCA) is a non-governmental organization (a Christian movement) which is present in more than 110 countries and is founded in 1844 in England-London.

They might be presented as “Christians” but in reality they have a theosophical comparative new age Gnostic infrastructure (See: Zeitgeist) and are coordinated with M.R.A. 666 (Mundana Religio Adunata or Global Unified Religion or Maitreya Religion of Gaia Worship) which is a great cornerstone for the Religious Polarity policy of HONG and A.O.A. between the New Age M.R.A. 666 axles US.E.J. (USA – Europe – Japan) the in between new age axis T.I.M. (Tibet – India – Mongolia external) and the orthodox 777+888 R.I.C. axis (Russia – Islamic Nations – Sin,Sion,Zion,China + Korea) for the instigation of jihad a holy 3rd world war or Armageddon.
That is also the reason why X.A.N. choose new age patriarch Bartholomew for the position of the honorary president because he is also a major player of this policy with the primary role of converting the orthodox Christianism of Greece and Greeks into the new age M.R.A. Maitreya 666 Gaia Worship Religion, through Sufism and a comparative combination -bizarre (mayonnaise) mix- of christianity and pagan dodecatheon.
Notice the emblem of X.A.N., the downside looking equilateral triangle.
Below you can find the same emblem in a theosophical black magic ritual again in England!
Theosophy and the parallel Rosicrucian organizations (black masonry) are the highest Masonic infrastructure of all satanic sects and neognostic religions and political movements such as Nazism because they are all originated from Tibet and Dragonian China secret societies and ZEN White and Black Brotherhood monasteries.
They are also behind the scenes of almost all the sinoZionist motivated branches in Greece that claim the titles: “Epsilon Group” – “Olympians” – “New Acropolis” – “Xrysh Avghi – Golden Dawn” - “Krinaetoi Lodges” – "LA.O.S. Ultra right wing political party" etc.

Patriarch Bartholomew was called honorary president of the Masonic X.A.N. (read “Kathimerini” newspaper 16 October 1992). Also the pre-commander M.Paterakis was given to him by the Rotary club of Heraklio Crete the golden medal of the club during the openings of the Spiritual Center of Archbishopric of Crete (16.11.1992)
His “holiness” referred with praise words about the work of the ROTARY CLUB, a work that is informed about. He pointed that the actions of the ROTARIANS add to the work of the Church. He wished to all the ROTARIANS good progress and success in favor of all (read Rotarian magazine “Rotary Hellas”, issue 4th February 1993, pg.24)
Of course if he hadn’t the sympathy of the masons he wouldn’t achieve the title Patriarch of Constantinople.
(he also began his career as a Turkish army officer!)

English priestess of Black Magic during a black theosophical ritual. She holds the red candles between the symbols of Downward looking equilateral triangle and the Egyptian ANKH “T” or the “Cross of Life”.
Downward looking equilateral triangle is the emblem of all theosophical lodges and combined with the upward looking equilateral triangle of philosophical lodges(*) produces the Cabbalistic Hexagram or the sinoZionistic star of David of the collusion players Yahweh – Tamil (and Andromedian traitor Cronus) with higher purpose the instigation of schizophrenic ideological paranoia and civil war into and between the White Skylings (Uranides) Andromedian and Black Sirian indigenous races.

(*): appears in several churches temples and masonic lodges of different dogmas as the "tetragrammaton or the all-seeing-eye inside a triangle" a thing that reveals the common (Lunar) origin and the pseudo-enmities between them!!!

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