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Subject: Russian counter-measures against sanctions of European Union member states as well as sanctions of the U.S against Russia. ---- G.H.REES. paramilitary corps (Group of Hellenic Re-establishment)

G.H.REES. paramilitary corps (Group of Hellenic Re-establishment)

Danger against Russian national security

To the members of the government of the Russian federation

Athens : 2/4/16 (to be forwarded to all embassies and consulates in Athens).


Russian counter-measures against sanctions of European Union member states as well as sanctions of the U.S against Russia.

Dear Sirs,

In order for Russia to reinforce its international prestige and economy , we propose that you deal with the defamation of and economic sanctions against Russia as follows:

1…Mental warfare

Verification: you have yet to use up the limits of Russian ‘’mental warfare’’within the U.S and within the countries of the E.U. Correction: your ambassadors in the U.S , the E.U (European union), at U.N (ONU) ,in Third World countries, and especially your cultural attaches must be upgraded so as to do the following:
A…Set up television channels and newspapers in all countries , with the aim of informing the international public of the aggressiveness and hypocrisy of the governments of the U.S and E.U (European Union) , against Russia.
B….Examples: The present government of the Ukraine rose to power following a coup against the democratically elected government of the Ukraine. The above unconstitutional Ukrainian government decided out of the blue to be allied to NATO , which endangered the security of the Russian navy yard in Crimea, and as a consequence, Russian national and defence security. This compelled Russia to annex Crimea as there was not enough time to transfer the Russian navy yard outside Crimea. The U.S would do exactly the same , if the state where ‘’Pearl Harbour’’ navy yard is located were to be break away from the U.S and annexed to the Russian federation. The same reasoning , but for social and ethnic reasons, would be possible in the eastern Ukraine , where arbitrary pro-NATO government of Kiev began to abuse and persecute the Russian minorities. Concerning the reasoning pertaining to the Russian nation in the eastern Ukraine , the U.S and NATO stance concerning the ‘’ Russian invasion of the Ukraine’’ must not be taken into account.
C…Based on the international legal principle that : ‘’no one who is guilty has the right to blame someone who is also guilty’’, both the U.S and NATO must not blame Russia for ‘’invasion of other countries’’ , when they have already carried out such invasions and ‘’crimes of war against humanity’’, against Iraq, Jugoslavia, and other countries, and when they have already planned and are preparing to commit similar crimes and carry out invasions of the B.A.S.T.R axis (Bulgaria-Albania-Skopje-Turkey-Romania) against Greece.

2…Psychological warfare:

A…Through the above mentioned television channels and newspapers which you will set up in the U.S and E.U countries, you must point out to the nations of U.S and E.U  the ‘’ war crimes’’ committed by U.S and NATO in Iraq, Jugoslavia and Libya. Similarly , the crimes against humanitycommitted there. Kossovo Serbs living in Greece claimed that American soldiers of the ‘’KFOR’’ would rape and murder Serbian women in Kossovo , while they also supplied the Albanians in Kossovo with weapons against the local Serbian population.
B…Similar atrocities will be committed by American soldiers, other NATO armies , and the soldiers of B.A.S.T.R  against Greece when they invade , according to the American Pentagon which has masterplanned this invasion against Greece.

3…Economic warfare:

A…Qatar provided Turkey with the funding so that Turkey will set up ‘’ISIS’’ in order to dismantle Greece , and for Qatar to get a share of the petroleum deposits located in Greece as its own deposits are being rapidly depleted.
B…Saudi Arabia received weapons from the U.S and the E.U , which it forwarded to ‘’ISIS’’ under the same motive, since Saudi deposits are being depleted.
C…Apart from Albania and Romania , the rest of the countries of B.A.S.T.R have no petroleum deposits , and they also have claims over Greece’s deposits.
D… E.U countries, except England and Norway, have no petroleum deposits and they also have claims over those of Greece through the ‘’NATO’’ fleet in the Aegean and through ‘NATO’’ land forces at the border between Greece and B.A.S.T.R.
E…All the above nations dread the fact that in the case of WWIII breaking out, Russia will cut off the supply of oil and natural gas to the E.U and the U.S, thus they masterplanned the dismantling and destruction of Greece so they can rob it of its natural deposits, that is to commit ‘’an armed robbery’’ meaning to both genocide half the Greeks by ‘’ISIS’’ and B.A.S.T.R/NATO armies and to steal the country’s natural deposits.

F…By order of the Rothschilds the traitorous Greek-Hebrew government of SY.RI.ZA agreed with Iran, on behalf of all of the above thieves-murderers, on their short term supply from Iranian deposits until they finally dismantle Greece and until they manage to set up oil refineries and natural gas sources , on land as well as in the ‘’exclusive economic zone of Greece’’ , so they will no longer have to rely on Iran which, like Russia, will form the war axis of R.I.C ( Russia-only Siitic Islam-China) against ‘’NATO+SEATO’’, for the staging of WWIII. This war will also include the genocide of Russian and Siitic islamists by the Chinese army of ‘’888’’ and Korean army of ‘’777’’ after 2023.

G…We propose that the Russian government publicise internationally and to ‘’blow to pieces’’ the above planetary Rothschields/Rockefeller/Soros conspiracy with the Chinese government, to take the same actions in Greece taken in the case of Crimea, whilst overthrowing the government ofSY.RI.ZA ( Rothscield/Soros servants) setting up a pro-Russian government in Greece, and making an agreement with Greece to jointly exploit the Greek oil and natural gas deposits, with 50% for Russia and another 50% for Greece.
H…In parallel with the above, Russian ministries of agriculture and industry must set  up export and standardization programmes of ALL Russian products, in Russian ‘’shopping malls’’ in all nations , following the example of China in all Asian countries and Europe, with Chinese goods on sale in ‘’Chinese shopping malls’’. In the Russian shopping malls there will be anything from  Russian foodstuffs to heavy Russian vehicles i.e ‘’URAL’’ etc.

I…DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INVEST IN CHINA!!.  On the contrary you must invest in India where there is still cheap labour. Beijing is planning the ultimate genocide of India in WWIII. You must support India as this geo-economically vital to Russia’s commercial access to the Indian ocean.

J…DO NOT PROVIDE CHINA WITH SUPREME DEFENCE TECHNOLOGY, like you wrongly did in the case of the ‘’Hyper-speleosis phenomenon’’ sub-accoustic torpedo (KURSK self-destruction), and ‘’SUKHOI 35’’, as China will turn those weapons against Russia in WWIII, during phase II of that war.

P.S (1):

In the event that the NATO-RUSSIA conflict is real , and you are not bluffing to provoke WWIII in collusion with the Russian Hebrews of the Kremlin and American Hebrews of the U.S, then we just call off our accusations against president Putin in our previous texts.

On behalf of G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic Re-establishment),
Giannis Karageorgiou,
National and planetary security General.


From Greek-Americans of various American intelligence services we learn that the ‘’American Pentagon’’ has asked Turkish generals to overthrow president Erdocan and prime minister Davutoglou, and to set up a military government, under pretence of ‘’a Greek (masonic) generals coup against the government of SY.RI.ZA-A.NEL in Greece’’. According to information we have , this coup is to manifest itself by 22/4/16 due to a ‘’ Greek financial deadlock’’ and a demographic population distortion in Greece on account of the 5,000,000 migrants inside Greece , with the main responsibility resting with the government of SY.RI.ZA along with the past Greek governments of ‘’New Democracy’’ and ‘’PA.SO.K’’.
The Greek mason generals have been ordered by the masonic lodges of London to put together and execute the above coup. The ‘’masonic Theosophic society’’ in Greece gets its orders directly from the masonic lodges of London. It also founded the ‘’Epsilons’’ of Greece with the parties of ‘’LA.OS’’ and ‘’Golden Dawn’’ being its political branches. The above coup will appear as a ‘’ revolution of the epsilons’’ having as their primary goal the establishment of the ‘’empire of Constantinople 666’’ bearing Ioannis Dragazis and Ioannis Vatatzis as the two ‘’spare emperors’’ and ‘’christian-dodecatheon 666’’ as its main religion. Greek General Fragkos Fragkoulis seems to be the leader of the above coup , who is a mason of non-Greek origin. The above coup will function as anti-NATO and anti-immigrant but without taking any defence perimeter measures by the Greek armed forces , so it will function as a provocation for the invasion of the armies of NATO in Greece and those of B.A.S.T.R. The main target of both invasions will be to dismantle and break up Greece into five zones of  military occupation, one zone per each country of B.A.S.T.R to the east up to Lamia and the west up to Mesologgi.
Following the coup of the mason ‘’epsilon’’ Generals in Greece , ‘’Golden Dawn’’ of Michaloliakos ( a well- known CIA agent who also takes part in ‘’666 satanic rituals) is to take part in the Greek government.
Due to the fact that ‘’A.O.A’’ and ‘’O.T.O’’ masonic lodges of London command both the ‘’NSA’’ and ‘’CIA’’ in the U.S , the U.S pentagon, and the Greek mason ‘’epsilon’’ generals of the above coup, and the Turkish generals , thus it is self-evident the ‘’A.O.A’’ and ‘’ O.T.O’’ lodges of London ordered everyone involved in the Greek and Turkish coups to wage war of the countries of NATO and B.A.S.T.R on Greece. This war on Greece will attempt to break up Greece initially, followed up with the founding of the ‘’ Greek empire of Constantinople 666’’,  which ‘’repentant’’ NATO will then give back to Greece , along with Russia’s consent.

We warn that in case the Russian government do not intervene to call off the above two military coups in Greece and Turkey , then war will break out of Turkey and B.A.S.T.R against Greece , in which case Turkey will make use of its right to close off the Bosporus to shipping of all nations according to the ‘’international treaty of Bosporus’’. If that happens, the Russian navy in the Black Sea will be of no use while its supply from the Russian bases in Syria will be cut off. Furthermore, it will bring about the collapse of the Syrian government of Assad, the counter attack of ‘’ISIS’’ against Syria , and the setting up of a third ‘’ISIS’’ headquarters in Tzetzen within Russian territory!!!!!. The above will be a massive geostrategic, geopolitical  and geo-economic failure and defeat of Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Already the U.S pentagon has ordered the generals of the Turkish coup to declare war against Greece on account of ‘’ maltreatment of their muslim brothers in Greece’’ by the military government and ‘’Golden Dawn’’ of Greece.
Already the U.S pentagon has ordered NATO at Brussels as well as NATO vessels in the Aegean to invade Greece on account of the fact that ‘’ the Greek military government, having turned against NATO, is disrupting the peace and security of the southeastern sector of NATO’’!!!!!!.  It is self-evident therefore , that this was precisely the real intention of the deployment of NATO vessels to the Aegean, rather than looking for half-sunk boats packed with migrants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Having said that, we strongly advise you to dispatch five (5) ultimatums to the countries of B.A.S.T.R, stating the following: ‘’ In the event of your military attack against Greece, turning the Balkans, the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean into a war zone, it would constitute a ‘’casus belli’’ situation and a cause for war of Russia against B.A.S.T.R , because this attack would interfere with Russia’s vested interest in these regions and would damage Russian national and military security’’.
We strongly advise you to inform the mason ‘’Epsilon’’ generals of Greece not to attempt to carry out the coup they are working on, by posting on the Greek ‘’Makeleio’’ and ‘’Eleytheri ora’’ newspapers (belonging to the ‘’Epsilons’’) that their coup will have the support of the Russian government. If Russia decides to support the above coup , it must admit that ‘’Russia is nothing more than a nazi state’’ because ‘’Golden Dawn’’ of Greece (a member of the coup) writes in its ‘’Golden Dawn ideology declarations’’ that ‘’ Hitler is equal to God’’ , and also admit that ‘’Russia is in collusion with NATO and CIA’’.


Due to adverse health conditions of our representative in Volos , Greece, it may not be possible to get in touch with him. In this case, try to improvise and may God save Russia!!!!

On behalf of G.H.REES,
The G.H.REES representative,
Giannis Karageorgiou,
National and planetary security general of G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic Re-establishment).
12, elpidos str. Nea Ionia, Volos, Greece.
Tel: 698 36 579 54.


Attention: Russian geostrategic defeat in the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean , will bring about a domino of Russian geostrategic defeat in the Baltic and the Far East.


We advise you to take initiative for a ‘’ Russian peaceful attack’’ in the Baltic regions as the stretch of sea between Finland and Estonia is precarious for Russian warships.


Promote a pro-Russian political party in Greece , from which you must exclude the Greek ‘’Epsilons’’ , as tools of the ‘’Greek masonic theosophic society’’ receiving its orders directly from the Hebrew-Saxon hyperlodges of ‘’A.O.A’’ , ‘’O.T.O’’ ,and ‘’Golden Dawn’’ of London. ‘’Golden Dawn’’ of London functions as a section of ‘’O.T.O’’ with a nazi ideology. Likewise , you must exclude all members of nazi ‘’Golden Dawn’’ of Greece , those of ‘’LA.O.S’’ (led by Kara-Zaferi, a well-known British Intelligence service agent and secret agent of ‘’Albanian Securimi’’ , the ‘’Royals’’ of Greece led by HebrewSaxon ‘’Prince’’ Nikolaos Holstein Glucksburg who takes his orders from ‘’O.T.O’’ and the ‘’Epsilon’’ masons (militants and police force) of Greece, along with all Greek masons. Likewise , you must exclude any non-Greek ethnic minority individuals within Greece.


Set up a pro-Russian television channel in Greece, and pro-Russian newspaper either daily or weekly. Do likewise in all countries where it is legally feasible to do so, since international public opinion is constantly fed lies by local news agencies as well as devious lies of television and cinema films of Jewish Hollywood.


In order to do the above, you must shake off your innate introversion, silent actions, and mysticism, otherwise you will always remain defeated in international mental and psychological warfare, and as a consequence, in international geopolitical-geostrategic warfare . Changing this attitude of yours would mean that the Russian ministry of Foreign Affairs must immediately launch an aggressive  set of measures to inform (via any means of mass media) the international public of the already committed and those about to be committed acts of crime of NATO , and NATO crimes against humanity in Afghanistan, Iraq, Jugoslavia, Greece, Libya, Syria etc.


The Russian navy yard at Sevastopol , Crimea, must be transferred to a Greek port in northern Greece, near the Bosporus. In its present location this navy yard is under constant threat of closure by Turkey and NATO under various pretences.


The geostrategics department of G.H.REES considers that for Russia to stay geostrategically sufficient , six (6) air-navy Russian bases must be built , two in the Atlantic , two in the Pacific and another two in the Indian ocean. Justification of the above suggestion is deemed confidential.


We advise toward a Russian initiative to launch a ‘’peaceful attack’’ in the countries of the former USSR of the Far East , where several ‘’rebellions’’ led by a man named George Soros ( Hebrew-Skopjan) and by NATO against Russia.


You must take immediate measures to cease the economic and geostrategic invasion of China in the Balkans ,especially Albania where China has undertaken the exploitation of Albanian petroleum deposits.


You must dismantle the ‘’Pact of Shanghai’’, while you set up the ‘’ R.IS.IN  Pact’’ (Russia-unified Islam (sounites+siites) –India), since, if you keep up your strategic co-operation with China, the Russian population along with the countries of the former USSR will be faced with genocide by the Korean army ‘’777’’, and Chinese army ‘’888’’. This will happen after phase II of WWIII, following the genocide of the countries of Europe and USA ‘’666’’ , and by the armies of the ‘’Shanghai Pact’’ during phase I of WWIII.


On 3/4/16 and 4/4/16,thousands of Islamist migrants received on their mobiles the exact same ‘’sms’’ from an unknown source:  ‘’ Allah orders you to rise in a holy war ( Jihad) against the Greeks ‘’.

We note that:

1…It is impossible for such a massive number of ‘’sms’’ to be sent one by one to their receivers, but rather it calls for an H/Y onto which the text and the receivers’ phone numbers have been uploaded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. This means that the senders of this ‘’sms’’ use very expensive state-of-the-art technology, inaccessible to private individuals.
2…Given the contents of this ‘’sms’’ , its senders are NOT  a mobile phone company but rather the ‘’Islamic  state of ISIS’’ of the jihadists, funded and supported by Qatar ,Saudi Arabia and Turkey.
3...The fact that ‘’ISIS’’ is in possession of the phone numbers of the islamists inside Greece, receivers of the above simultaneous ‘’sms’’bearing an order to commence ‘’Holy war’’ against the ‘’unbelieving Greeks’’ , literally proves that ALL THE RECEIVERS OF THE BOVE ‘’SMS’’ ARE MURDERERS JIHADIST SOLDIERS OF ‘’ISIS’’. It also proves that the state of ‘’ISIS’’ ALSO provided these jihadists with ‘’SIM’’ cards with mobile telephone numbers, AND the expensive 800 euro phones they almost all have.
4..The senders of the above simultaneous  ‘’sms’’  are the Jihadist headquarters in Mosul of northern Iraq , since their other headquarters in Raka in northern Syria is in the process of being transferred , due to a Syrian army and air force intervention threat in the area of Raka.
However, ‘’ISIS’’ mobile telephony in Raka is still in operation. Therefore,  the ‘’sms’’ was transmitted by ‘’ISIS’’ in Mosul, broadcast by ‘’ISIS’’ in Mosul and relayed by the ‘’ISIS’’ mobile telephony in Raka. It was also transmitted by the Turkish mobile telephony to the mobile telephony in Greece , since it is technically impossible to directly connect the mobile telephony of ‘’ISIS’’ in Mosul and Raka with Greek telephony.
Therefore, Turkey not only trained and supplied ‘’ISIS’’ , it also gave them the right equipment capable of transmitting mass ‘’sms’’ by order of ‘’ISIS’’ to the jihadists in Greece so they can ‘’ genocide them in a holy war of jihad’’.


It now becomes more than obvious that the joint air-navy drills of both Turkey and Saudi Arabia in the Aegean , from 27/3/16 to 4/4/16 (jointly planned  by the American Pentagon, the European Union , NATO ,Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and ‘’ISIS’’), had to terminate with the invasion of Greece by Turkey, Saudi Arabia ,and B.A.S.T.R, to ‘’ensure the protection of their Muslim brothers by the criminal Greek police and Greek army’’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
In the event that the ‘’ISIS’’ ‘’sms’’ from Mosul provoke an armed uprising of the Islamists inside Greece, it is natural for Greek police and Greek armed forces  to react and take control of the situation.
In the case above , the implications against Russia will be the closure of the Bosporus, and the dismantling and incapacitation of the Russian navy yard in Crimea, while a secondary implication will be the MASSIVE GEOSTRATEGIC DEFEAT OF RUSSIA  in presently  isolated and blocked Syria. ( see P.S(2)).

In order to avoid a military confrontation with Russia so as to re-open the Bosporus , Turkey has ‘’provoked’’ the re –opening of the Nagorno-Karabach sovereignty issue between pro-Turkish Azerbaijan and Armenia, attempting to cause a ‘’necessary diversion of the Russian armed forces’’.
We propose the immediate dispatch of three Russian ‘CASUS BELLI’  ultimatums to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Azerbaijan stating the following: ‘’  In  the event of ANY actions by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Azerbaijan supported by Turkey, this will constitute a cause for WAR OF RUSSIA AGAINST THESE THREE COUNTRIES’’.

It is certain that ,  in order to cause an additional diversion against Russia, Turkey will also attempt to cause an armed uprising of the Tzetzen terrorists inside Russia ,in attempt to cause the complete DESTABILISATION OF RUSSIA , involving Jihad ‘’sms’’’s to ALL Tzetzen terrorist groups so as to provoke the armed uprising of ALL ISLAMIC MINORITY GROUPS INSIDE RUSSIA, AND AGAINST THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT. The intention will be the dismantling of Russia from within through a religious civil war between the Islamic and Christian populations living in Russia.

Faced with the above imminent threat of total destruction of Russia by the Turkey-Tzetzen axis, we advise the Russian government to dispatch a ‘’casus belli’’ ultimatum to Turkey in the case of war breaking out in Tzetzen, given that Turkey has already funded, supported and equipped, and also trained Tzetzen jihadists against Iraq and Syria and against Russia.
Let’s come back to the ‘’sms’’ sent to ALL JIHADISTS INSIDE GREECE TRANSMITTED BY MOSUL JIHADIST HEADQUARTERS. We are informed , by Greek-American patriots of American intelligence services, that the now unarmed jihadists in Greece intend to use the weapons hidden away in various locations by Albanian immigrants in Greece, through Albanian jihadist ‘’liaisons’’ . These Albanian ‘’liaisons’’ live in Greece and are about to receive extra military equipment by the jihadist brigade in Kossovo, and the NATO base located at the border of Kossovo and Skopje.

It is more than obvious that Greece is going through its LAST DAYS OF EXISTENCE AS A NATION AND STATE, unless the Greek government declares immediate mobilisation of the dismissed ‘’special forces’’ units , and unless it immediately sets up panhellenic National Guard units, with the 350,000 armed hunters being the first up for mobilisation, and unless its entire  perimeter of land and sea borders in the Aegean and Ionian is not adequately reinforced.

The present traitorous ‘’government’’ of SY.RI.ZA/AN.EL  is no such government, which means that THE GREEK ARMED FORCES AND GREEK POLICE MUST IMMEDIATELY OVERTHROW THIS TRAITOROUS GOVERNMENT ALONG WITH ITS EQUALLY TRAITOROUS POLITICAL PARTIES OF THE GREEK PARLIAMENT AND MUST APPOINT A GOVERNMENT COMPRISED OF NON-MASON TECHNOCRATS AND MILITANTS, capable of facing up to a ‘’STATE OF SIEGE’’ IN GREECE. This newly appointed government’s priority will be to OUST ‘’NATO’’ AND ‘’E.U’’ FROM GREECE , while its secondary actions would involve calling out to the ‘’U.N ‘’ (ONU) to undertake the nourishment, medicinal treatment and clothing of the migrants on Greece. Its third priority would be to OUST ALL NON-GOVERNMENT ORGANISATIONS (NGO) , ALBANIAN, BULGARIAN, SKOPJAN,TURKISH AND ROMANIAN MINORITY POPULATIONS FROM GREECE, that is, ALL B.A.S.T.R NATIONALS.


LONG LIVE RUSSIA, LONG LIVE GREECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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