Tuesday, March 22, 2016

ULTRA URGENT MESSAGE OF NATIONAL AND PLANETARY SECURITY!!!!!!! G.H.REES to : ALL governments of U.N member states (ONU), via their embassies and consulates in Athens , Greece.


G.H.REES to : ALL governments of U.N member states (ONU), via their embassies and consulates in Athens , Greece.


Tuesday 22/3/2016: “ Commencement of the foundations of WWIII in Brussels, Belgium, generally planned by hyperlodge ‘’HONG’’ of China , specially planned by the Hebrew-Saxon lodges of ‘’A.O.A’’ and ‘’O.T.O’’ in London, military operations planned by the U.S pentagon, which military operations are to be carried out by Turkey, Qatar, Israel, the U.S and the countries of the E.E (European Union/U.N).

Athens-Volos 22/3/2016.

G.H.REES are informing the governments of ‘’trilateral’’ treaty of ‘’U.S.E.J’’ (U.S-EUROPE-JAPAN), and rest of the governments of U.N nations that the terrorist jihadist attacks in Brussels today 22/3/2016, are not only aimed at Belgium, but they take on a rather symbolic character: ‘’ We ISIS warriers struck the E.E capital city , Brussels, to show everyone that ALL ‘’E.E’’ countries are our enemies , and that we will do the same in those countries as we did in their capital city of Brussels’’.

In our past G.HREES texts posted on ‘’ellhnkaichaos’’ website, we had already foreseen the above developments as the ‘’first step’’ towards establishing the causes of WWIII. The following steps , already foreseen in the previous G.H.REES texts will be:

2nd step: The European Union deports all Islamic populations residing on its territory.

3rd step: As a means of counterattack, Islamic countries completely cease the supply of oil and natural gas to E.E member states.

4th step: The united armed forces of the E.E (that is, ‘’NATO’’), faced with the above catastrophe launch a campaign against the Middle East, Eurasia and Africa, so as to take control of the Islamic oil refineries .

5th step: According to the existing defence ‘’ treaty of Shanghai’’ between Russia, Islamic nations and China (R.I.C) or the ‘’Shanghai Pact’’,  the armed forces of Russia and China are compelled to go to war with the armies of ‘’NATO’’ so as to drive them out of the oil refineries.

The above 5 steps constitute the ‘’prelude’’ to WWIII, planned by Chinese ‘’HONG’’ to be made up of three (3) stages, after which only the purely yellow races of Korea 777 and China 888 are to survive on the planet.
The Russian government , , has already been made aware of the above three (3) stages of WWIII, through special analytical written delivery via its embassy in Athens.

G.HREES will not repeat this special written updating pertaining to the stages of WWIII to the rest of planetary governments. We urge the rest of the world governments of U.N member states to get in touch with ‘’’ website and to get hold of the two ‘’DVD’s’’ which provide a full analysis of the above three stages of WWIII, planned by ‘’HONG’’ of China.

In the meantime , we call upon the governments of U.N member states (ONU) to permanently and irrevocably expel Turkey and Qatar from U.N , since , as has already been proven, these two criminal nations have funded, supplied, recruited and are hosting criminal ‘’ISIS’’ terrorists , and are mainly to blame for ‘’ISIS’’ terrorist attacks in European countries.

These criminal countries are also dragging ALL U.N member states (ONU) to their ultimate GENOCIDE by the Chinese and Korean armies in WWIII, after 2023, with an intermediate war of the armies of B.A.S.T.R (Bulgaria-Albania-Skopje-Turkey-Romania) against Greece in 2016.

On behalf of G.H.REES,
Karageorgiou, Cr.Cr. Giannis, G.H.REES representative,
National and planetary security general of G.H.REES.
12, Elpidos str. Nea Ionia, Volos, Greece.
Tel: 698 36 579 54.

P.S (1):

It might be impossible shortly for your diplomats in Greece to contact G.H.REES representative due to the fact that he is barely making ends meet on account of his permanent persecution by the Greek state.


G.H.REES are informing the governments of U.N member states that Turkey and Qatar have masterplanned and dispatched to Greece ISIS terrorist groups , so as to shortly carry out terrorist attacks of ISIS on Greece . The devious intention is for the Greek armed forces and Greek police to take armed violent actions against ISIS suspects in Greece , while Turkey and Qatar invade Greece with B.A.S.T.R having as ‘’moral alibi’’ the protection of their muslim brothers from the ‘’savagery’’ of the Greek armed forces and Greek police against them!!!!.
This planned invasion of B.A.S.T.R against Greece is well known to Jewish prime minister A.Chiprah, immigration minister Mouzalas (Moses) andSY.RI.ZA minister Mardas (Mardohai). Likewise , the representative of the Greek communist party Mailis (or Ishmail) is also in the know.

ALL of the above along with other members of the Greek communist party and SY.RI.ZA , are deviously keeping this information from the Greek armed forces and Greek police , and are traitorously conspiring against Greek national security for the invasion of Turkey and Saudi Arabia, during the joint Turkish-S.Arabian air-navy drills in the Aegean , from 21/3/16 to early April. The above information was forwarded to G.H.REES by Greek-Americans of fourteen U.S intelligence services.

The G.H.REES representative,
Karageorgiou Giannis.

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