Thursday, March 17, 2016

Ultra urgent message of Greek national security.------- Imminent war and planned invasion of the B.A.S.T.R axis against Greece planned by the American Pentagon to take place on 25/3/2016, with Israeli pilots on Turkish F-16 aircraft , and American pilots on Saudi Arabian F-15 eagles. The Greek High command of the ministries of Defence, Navy, Air Force, Army, Greek police , The Greek Intelligence services (KYP/EYP), and Greek citizens are ordered by the military branch of G.H.REES to:

Imminent war and planned invasion of the B.A.S.T.R axis against Greece planned by the American Pentagon to take place on 25/3/2016, with Israeli pilots on Turkish F-16 aircraft , and American pilots on Saudi Arabian F-15 eagles.
The Greek High command of the ministries of Defence, Navy, Air Force, Army, Greek police , The Greek Intelligence services (KYP/EYP), and Greek citizens are ordered by the military branch of G.H.REES to:

1..overthrow the traitorous Hebrew’’ government’’ of ‘’ SY.RI.ZA’’ along with all other ministers of ALL Greek political parties.

2..Declare Greece officially ‘’ under siege’’, and in a state of ‘’ high national emergency’’ , and to drive ALL ‘’NATO’’ and ‘’E.E’’ forces out of Greece.

3..Declare a ‘’ general mobilisation’’ of the citizens and armed forces in Greece.

The following information was passed on to G.H.REES by Greek-American patriots of various American intelligence services , no comments made:

1..The land armed  forces of Albania-Skopje-Bulgaria-Turkey have been deployed towards the borders with Greece , not only to just prevent the entry inside their territories of countless numbers of refugees and illegal migrants ,but also in order to invade Greek territories following the planned uprising of the refugees and illegal migrants inside Greece, on account of their dreadful living conditions in Greece, only to be made worse (as deviously planned) by the traitorous Greek ‘’government’’ ,which , in this way and in collusion with foreign governments , is provoking this planned uprising as well as a ‘’ moral alibi’’ for  this invasion of Greece of the armies of B.A.S.T.R pertaining to the ‘’ cessation of the migrant and refugee abuse by the criminal Greek government’’!!!!!.

2..The order to commence this ‘’moral alibi’’ for the invasion of the armies of B.A.S.T.R against Greece will be given by the American undersecretary of foreign affairs ,who, after visiting Greece, has orders to internationally accuse Greece of ‘’ criminal conduct against the refugees and illegal migrants inside Greece’’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

3..The date of invasion , 25/3/16, was selected by the American Pentagon , because it is generally a time of ‘’relaxation’’ for the Greek armed forces as they will be busy preparing the various military parades across the country in celebration of the 25/3 national holiday .

4..The American Pentagon has planned to take the Greek armed forces by surprise , and in order to achieve this , they ordered the Turkish High military command to deploy massive air-navy drills conducted jointly by both Turkey and Saudi Arabia in the Aegean sea from 21/3 until 27/3/16.

5..On account of the mediocre to poor flying capacity of Turkish pilots , the governments of USA-TURKEY-SAUDI ARABIA  have agreed that during the planned assault of both the Turkish and Saudi Arabian air force against Greece, there will be Israeli pilots flying Turkish F-16s while American ‘’top-gun trained’’ aircraft pilots will be flying Saudi F-15 eagles.

6..The governments of TURKEY-SAUDI ARABIA-QATAR-and rest of UAE’S have provided the funding of and supplied the Islamic state of ISIS  through collusion of the governments of the E.E (EUROPEAN UNION-NATO) , USA and ISRAEL, see recent arrest of Israeli colonel SAHAK by the Iraqi police on account of his leading an ISIS brigade in northern Iraq.

7..Members of the Islamic state of ISIS have been ordered to provoke an armed uprising of the refugees and illegal migrants inside Greece against the Greek armed forces and the Greek police , from 5/3/16 to 25/3/16, in an attempt to put pressure on the Greek army and Greek police to take suppressive measures against this uprising. These measures will be falsely denounced before the international community  by the Hebrew-Saxon state and private ‘’mass media’’ , as ‘’barbaric measures taken by Greece against Islamic and rest of B.A.S.T.R minorities /migrants/refugees inside Greece’’. As a consequence , the military invasion of Greece by the B.A.S.T.R axis for the ‘’protection’’ of the ethnic minorities/migrants/refugees by the Greek ‘’barbarity’’ will be justified before the international community.

8..The governments of UN security council (ONU) member states have already agreed with Korean U.N  general secretary to deploy  the pro-Turkish and pro-Jihadist   (ISIS) brigade of Qatar in the form of a ‘’peace task force’’ to Greek western Thrace , which has already been hosted there by stupid Greek  D’ army corps of Xanthi years ago, supposedly to carry out ‘’ peace task force’’ drills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The stupidity of the Greek Generals of the Greek high command of the ministry of Defence as well as the D’ corps of Xanthi  is such that they even allowed the use of  ‘’ T.O.M.P’’ ‘’M-113’’ armoured vehicles , to facilitate the above mentioned ‘’peace task force’’ drills by the hostile country of Qatar!!!!!!. The army officers of the Qatari brigade took photographs of the entire military installations of the D’ corps of Xanthi , which they have forwarded to the Turkish ministry of Defence!!!!!!.  The exact same thing happened when Chinese army officers were stupidly hosted at D’ corps at Xanthi. Despite the ‘’ bilateral defence treaty’’ signed by both Turkey and China, and the fact that there were joint Turkish and Chinese military drills carried out on Turkish soil.

9..The above governments involved in the plot against Greece, have already agreed with U.N. general secretary Ban Ki Moon, and with U.N. ‘’ security council’’, to the deployment of the ‘’ black brigade’’ , made up of American missionary junkies , as a ‘’peace task force’’ to the Greek territories occupied by the armies of B.A.S.T.R , up to Lamia in the east, and up to Mesologgi in the west.  Likewise , NATO ‘’SEEBRIG ‘’brigade, based near Tyrnavos in central Greece,  is also intended to play the role of a so-called ‘’ peace task force’’, along with the brigades of NATO headquarters based in Thessaloniki . The duties and orders of the above ‘’ peacekeeping’’ brigades include the disarmament of the Greek army , Greek police and Greek citizens of northern Greece, Thessaly and west-central Greece , as well as the supply of weapons to the Skopje and Turkish minority groups and migrants-refugees now present  in these areas for the genocide and enslavement of Greeks , much in the same way as NATO ‘’KFOR’’ ‘’peace task force’’ ( ‘’Kossovo force’’) did against the Serbs but in favour of Kossovo Albanians.

10..Directly behind these Albanian-Skopje-Bulgarian brigades now taking attack positions along the northern border of Greece against it are also a number of Turkish motorized brigades comprising armoured vehicles, T.O.M.A, artillery units. These joint army units are preparing to invade Greece through its northern land and western sea borders ,  deploying marine units to the areas of Igoymenitsa, Preveza and Mesologgi , starting their operations from Albanian navy yards.

11..The first and biggest assault –invasion has been planned by the American Pentagon to take place against the D’ army corps at Xanthi, simultaneously attacking from four directions: A) Turkish M/K brigades will attack from the east through the Evros river , using ‘’LEGUAN’’ floating bridges etc., B) Bulgarian-Turkish brigades will attack from the west through the Strymonas valley. C) Low-flying Turkish helicopters will attack from the north deploying the ‘’Bordo-Berreli’’ special army units. D) From the south, through Turkish naval operations landing on the coast of  Xanthi prefecture.

12.. The ensuing secondary attack operations have been planned by the American Pentagon to take place Turkish landing operations on the coasts of Kavala and Chalkidiki against the 1st special operations brigade  (Navy Seals) of Katerini, Maliakos bay, Mesologgi, Preveza, Igoymenitsa and the Aegean and Ionian islands.

13.. The ‘’ NATO’’ fleet in the Aegean has been planned by the American Pentagon not  to have a ‘’ operational plan’’ by 30/3/16. This is a bluff designed to disorient and relax the Greek naval forces , since the German admiral in charge of this fleet has explicit orders for this ‘’NATO’’ fleet to function as a ‘’peace force’’ and to facilitate the passage of the Turkish navy through the 25th meridian , to land naval forces on the mainland. However , these orders will not allow the passage of the Greek naval forces east past the 25th meridian for the recapturing of the Greek islands there.

On behalf of the G.H.REES military branch,
G.H.REES representative  Cr. Cr . Karageorgiou Giannis, national security General of G.H.REES.

P.S. :

Immediate actions of national security recommended by G.H.REES high command:

A..Deport immediately all ethnic minority groups belonging to the hostile axis of Skopje-Bulgaria-Turkey-Romania, (with the exception of the Greek-born Pomakoi).

B..Immediately set up militia units made up of Greek civilians,and  citizens holders of hunting or other weapons . Possession of fire weapons by all Greek citizens must be made legal, with the exception of all traitorous members of SY.RI.ZA, Communist Party, and the ‘’Greeks’’ of Hebrew and Saxon descent.

C..The duties of militia units should include guarding of the coastal areas  about to receive enemy attack . The militia equipment should include:  transmitters, military riffles and mortars to intercept the ‘’ initial landing attacks’’, binoculars including infrared night vision, ‘’sniper’’ riffles bearing day and night vision, anti-tank ‘’RPG 7’’ etc.

D..Immediately set up ‘’family militia units’’ , bearing compulsory weapons at home so they can be used by all family members over 8 yrs. of age.

E.. Immediate deportation of ALL  foreign migrants in Greece, especially those from Pakistan Afghanistan and China, with the only exception of verified and confirmed Syrian refugees  with children. This verification must take place in collaboration with the Syrian embassy personnel in Greece,  since criminal whore Turkey has issued hundreds of fake Syrian passports used by Turkish militants  and ‘’ISIS’’  jihadists , and other nationalities so they can illegally enter Greece .

F.. Immediately set up a military ‘’air defence unit’’ ,ready to place concrete slabs on runways in Greek airports where ‘’NATO’’ airborne units may attempt to land in order to forcefully return Greece to its former  traitorous ‘’ NATO ALLIANCE’’ state.

G..Immediately set up military units to intercept  ‘’ blockade ‘’ of Greek ports by ‘’ NATO’’ warships, and to intercept ‘’NATO ‘’ units landing on Greek ports. Immediate set up of rotating torpedo tubes firmly fixed to the ground against any foreign nation approaching Greek territorial waters .

H..Immediate deployment of the Greek merchant Navy , so it can once more function as the only means of supply and international trade of Greece , following the closure of its northern and eastern land borders by traitorous and devious ‘’ NATO’’ and traitorous and hostile ‘’E.E’’.

I..Immediate implementation of the 28 orders-commands issued by G.H.REES pertaining to military equipment autonomy and reforming of the Greek armed forces , which orders have already been posted to G.H.REES official website (, and already posted by email to all general high commands and ministry of defence, the Greek police and the Greek intelligence service.

J.. Immediate contact of the Greek military and police authorities with Greek farmers and stock-farmers , to ensure dietary sufficiency .

K..Immediate contact of the same authorities with Greek chemical and pharmaceuticals companies to ensure pharmaceutical sufficiency.

L..Immediate recall to action of all competent engineers of ‘’ Hropi’’ , a chemicals company, to exploit the petroleum deposits  (freely floating on the surface!!) on the island of Zakynthos in western Greece , and in western Peloponese on land.

M.. The Greek-American informants who provided GHREES with the information , also notified G.HREES that the American Pentagon has drawn up a ‘’PLAN B’’ scheme , according to which the attack and invasion of the armed forces of’’ NATO’’ and those of B.A.S.T.R against Greece will take place on ‘’Easter Sunday’’ of the Greek Easter , in case of cancellation of the above planned invasion on 25/3/2016, due to unforeseen circumstances.

It must be taken into account that the 14 armed military divisions to be deployed by Saudi Arabia to Turkey for the invasion of Syria , may be used by Turkey against Greece (140,000 army land units).
It should also be noted that Pakistani naval forces may possibly take part in the invasion of Greece by B.A.S.T.R,  since Turkey has already conducted joint naval ‘’drills’’ with Pakistan in the past.

 L o n g  l I v e G r e e c e!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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