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Russian survival !!! Deceipt of the Russian-Hebrew leaders of the Kremlin by the Hebrews of London and Washington, Varuch chief rabbis, Rockefeller bankers , politicians like Kissinger etc. .G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic Re-establishment) to:

Russian survival !!!  Deceipt of the Russian-Hebrew leaders of the Kremlin by the Hebrews of London and Washington, Varuch chief rabbis, Rockefeller bankers , politicians like Kissinger etc. .G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic Re-establishment) to:

1.. The president of the Russian federation Mr. Vlandimir Putin, via the Russian ambassadors of the E.E member states (European Union).
2..The minister of the Russian Foreign Office Mr. S. Lavrof, via the Russian ambassadors of the E.U. member states (European union).
3..The Russian Defence minister Mr. S.Soigou, via military officials of the Russian embassies of the E.U member states (European Union).


Blatant deceipt of the Russian-Hebrew authorities of the Kremlin by Washington and London Hebrews ,Varouch chief Rabbis, Rockefeller and Rothschield bankers, Kissinger and other such politicians , pertaining to the Syrian, Ukrainian and Russian-Turkish issues. The Russian Hebrews are nothing more than just expendable and condemned to death in WWIII , on account of a collusion against them between the Chinese government and London and Washington Hebrew-Mongols.

Dear Sirs,

Mr.President, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Defence minister of the Russian federation,
On 11/3/2016, you officially announced to the international news agencies as well as the Russian ones  i.e,  ‘’ Ria Novosti’’ etc, your  final consensus with the U.S government to ‘’allow American air force aircraft based in Ingirlik , Turkey, to heavily bombard the Islamic state of ‘’ISIS’’ in the vicinity of the city of Raka in northern Syria, while you would reinforce your own air force in order to bombard against ‘’ISIS’’ in the rest of northern Syria ‘’.
On 11/3/2016 , at 20:30 local time in Greece, you were officially informed by G.H.REES’s official website ( , that the U.S. government has drawn up the planning and other staff plans of the land and air-navy invasion of the armies of B.A.S.T.R (Bulgaria-Romania-Skopje-Albania-Turkey) against Greece to take place on 25/3/2016,or alternatively on Easter Sunday  on  1/5/201.
On Saturday , 12/3/2016, and on Sunday  13/3/2016, you conducted ultra-urgent  , exceptional meetings at the Kremlin attended by military commanders, and where you took the decision to cancel your government consensus of 11/3/2016. On 14/3/2016, you officially announced to the international and Russian news agencies that rather than reinforcing the Russian armed forces in Syria, you decided on ‘’ the retreat of the Russian armed forces from Syria’’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Parallel to this , you also gave the order for ‘’all Russian navy vessels to immediately leave the Aegean front and sail back to the Russian navy yard at Crimea .’’.

It is more than obvious and self-evident  that your day and night long meetings at the Kremlin on 12/3/2016 and 13/3/2016 and the total change in your staff plans decided and officially announced internationally  on 11/3/2016 are attributed to the disclosures in the G.H.REES text of 10/3/2016 pertaining to ‘’war of B.A.S.T.R. against Greece’’, posted online on the night of 11/3/2016. The fact that you initially ordered the return of the Russian fleet to Crimea, as well as the compulsory disruption of naval supplies of the Russian army in Syria , means that you took G.H.REES’s information in its text very seriously and repatriated the Russian fleet back to Crimea , so it won’t have to be caught in the midst of war in the Aegean after 24/3/2016. You did very well in doing so in the sense that , while the ‘’NATO’’ fleet had orders to open pathways for the Russian ships to pass through safely , there was danger of the Turkish navy disobeying those orders and commencing fire on the Russian navy , on orders of paranoid, schizophrenic  Erdogan.  If that were to happen, the Russian navy would have to defend itself by returning fire , and according to article No 4 of the ‘NATO’’ articles of association, it would compel the entire ‘’NATO’’ fleet in the Aegean to engage in battle with the Russian navy , which would inevitably lead to the start of WWWIII  between ‘’NATO and SEATO’’, and the ‘’SHANGHAI TREATY’’ that is, trilateral R.I.C (RUSSIA-ISLAM-CHINA).

G.HREES’s text mentioned above , in all probability, averted the war between Greece and Turkey in the Aegean. If this war was allowed to take place, following the disclosures in the G.HREES text pertaining to ‘’ U.S and NATO planned attack of B.A.S.T.R against Greece’’, then it would have been impossible for Greece to accept to lead the armies of ‘’NATO’’ against those of ‘’R.I.C’’ in WWWIII after 2023, as it has been planned by the Chinese-Mongolian Hebrews of ‘’A.O.A’’ and ‘’ O.T.O’’ of London and Varouch chief rabbis. This planned attack of ‘’NATO’’ against ‘’R.I.C’’ would provoke the massive counterattack of the axis of ‘’ R.I.C’’ for the ultimate genocide of the people of the West and, during the second phase of WWWIII, for the genocide of the Russian and Islamic nations by the Chinese army, so as to finally establish a ‘’Chinese planetary dictatorship’’ or ‘’ the kingdom of Jehova-Sin-Sion-Sina (China)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

American Hebrew Kissinger was already  aware of the American planned invasion of B.A.S.T.R against Greece in March of 2016, before his last visit to Russia , but he kept this from you!!!.  Kissinger is a Sionist Hebrew, though he lacks the proper initiation of ‘’A.O.A’’ and ‘’ O.T.O’’ of London, as well as that of U.S chief Varouch rabbis. He advocates planetary Hebrew dictatorship.  He was ordered by the Rockefellers ( same initiation as the Varouch) to conceal from you the U.S planning of the invasion of B.A.S.T.R against Greece , without him knowing the reason for this concealment. In this case then, ‘’wise man’’ Kissinger turns out to be a ‘’great Hebrew idiot’’ !!!. Only the members of ‘’A.O.A’’ and ‘’ O.T.O’’ of London, U.S Varouch rabbis, and the Rockefellers /Rothschields , as Chinese ‘’Hong’’ triads (Hyperlodge of China) know the reasons behind this concealment. This reason is just stupidly straightforward , that is, ‘’ because you and the Russian high military command do not have the required initiation at the level of ‘’HONG triads’’, if you were made aware of the attack of B.A.S.T.R against Greece in March 2016, you would have acted in the same way as you did recently when you took the decision to immediately repatriate the Russian navy back to Crimea away from the Aegean , and you would have diminished the number of Russian military units in Syria , leaving Turkey struggling to establish the Kurdish state , which is being promoted by Varouch-Rockefeller-Rothschields in the U.S.

Thus our advice to you is to ‘’ immediately order free presence of the Russian navy in the Aegean and Syria , while at the same time you deliver a ‘’casus belli’’ war ultimatum to Turkey, in case of Turkish aircraft,vessels, and army land units attacking Russian armed forces or Russian citizens , and in case of violation of the air, sea, land borders of neighbouring countries with Turkey. Your justification for the above before the ‘’U.N’’ (ONU) should be that ‘’ Turkey is disrupting Eurasian peace and security’’.

What’s more, the above mentioned G.H.REES document of 10/3/2016 had a number of consequences within Greece itself:  The ridiculous stupid idiot CIA agent P.Kammenos (Defence minister of Greece) utterly panicking at the prospect of ‘’Greece being attacked by B.A.S.T.R , as is already planned by U.S  and NATO ‘’, and under pretence of F.Y.R.O.M being called ‘’ Macedonia’’ by Jewish SY.RI.ZA minister Mouzalas ( Moses) , minister Kammenos is getting ready to resign from the post of ‘’minister of Defence’’ so as not to burden himself with and be blamed for ‘’treason against the country’’ in case Greece gets defeated by the armies of B.A.S.T.R.

In the past,  the  G.H.REES representative delivered to the Russian embassy in Greece full reports of the planned genocide of the West, Russian people, and Islamic nations   by Chinese ‘’HONG’’  in WWIII, and eventually all Mongolian nations (white-yellow, black-yellow nations) on the premise that only the pure ‘’yellow sionist race’’ must be left on the planet in phase iii of WWIII.

In case the so-called ‘’INTELLIGENT’’ NSA services of the US and FSB of Russia have not by this stage been able to verify, crosscheck and realize and understand the G.H.REES reports and documents , then they should start looking for  coffins equal to the number of their respective populations , which should bear the following inscription: ‘’ This coffin contains an idiot promptly informed by the Greeks for his own survival’’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

We strongly advise the above ‘’ INTELLIGENT’’ services to collaborate with G.H.REES for their own national and planetary security and NOT LISTEN to the commands ordered by dark occult forces within masonic and Jewish lodges . If  not , then the members of these services along with their own peoples will be faced with GENOCIDE by Chinese ‘HONG’’ ( The genocide of 5 billion people , that is 2/3s of the planet)!!!!.

Karageorgiou Cr.Cr. Giannis, 
G.H.REES representative, 
National and planetary security General of G.H.REES. 
Address: Elpidos 12, Nea Ionia, Volos - Greece 
I.D. No.: D.424419 - of the Police Dpt Volos 
Mobile Telephone Number: +30 698.36.579.54


In our past reports to you via the Russian embassy in Athens, we strongly advised you to immediately set up ‘’ a ministry of religious peace ‘’ in Russia. However you chose to scorn our advice , and today Russia is faced with the imminent threat of a religious civil war , which is threatening to shatter and dismantle Russia from within, for example the establishment of the 3rd Jihadist headquarters of ‘’ISIS’’ in the area of Tzetzen in Russia, despite the other two ‘’ISIS’’ headquarters in Raka , Syria and in Mosul in Iraq. The reason we had suggested setting up the above mentioned ministry , is because we had foreseen today’s ‘’ISIS’’ movements together with the participation of naturally criminal schizophrenic Tzetzens within and outside Russia. This ministry must be set up immediately , today, in Moscow ,whose primary goal will be to appease the religious fanaticism in all religions within and outside of Russia , through employing ONLY peaceful mental and psychological methods .

P.S (2):

The political and military branches of G.H.REES have prepared measures/methods pertaining to mental, psychological, and military warfare which Russia must immediately implement against ‘’NATO’’ and ‘’SEATO’’ , and against ‘’ISIS’’, the Ukraine, and other nationalities  hostile toward Russia (Tzetzens etc.).  Concerning these measures/methods of military warfare, it is required that ‘’ no lives be threatened and no bodily harm be caused to any Russian officer/militant and any enemy of Russia’’, which may seem impossible to you though it isn’t. The above measures/methods are deemed highly confidential ,thus they will not be disclosed in this text. If you are indeed concerned with the survival of Russia , then arrange for a contact between Russian minister of foreign affairs S. Lavrof with the G.H.REES representative in Volos-Iolkos, via the Russian embassy in Athens , or you could arrange a contact of your presidential representative Mr. Peskov with the G.H.REES representative.

P.S (3):

In the event that G.HREES are convinced of the sincerity of the above contact, then, after you have taken actions to implement the advice given to you by G.HREES regarding Russia, and after you take actions to protect and support Greek national security , which actions you will be asked by G.HREES to take against B.A.S.T.R etc., then G.H.REES are willing to let Russia have access to its self-made defence technology against ‘’ concentrated Neutrino-Naser radiation ‘’, but only concerning slow-moving –heavy neutrinos, as defence and against cosmic threats. You will not be given access to defence technology against radiation from fast-moving lightweight neutrinos , nor will you be allowed access to full radiation technology of either fast-moving or slow-moving neutrinos , as this is ‘’ G.HREES strategic supremacy weaponry’’.
Neither the U.S nor China are in possession of this defence technology against radiation from heavy neutrinos.


We want to draw your attention to the fact that the Turkish command of semi-paranoid Erdogan , and ‘’incarnated devil’’ Turkish-Hebrew Davutoglou  regard the’’ semi-retreat’’ of the Russian forces from Syria as mockery against Turkey. It is certain that Turkey, before it falls prey to ‘’ peace negotiations’’ in Geneva as regards the Syrian issue, will attempt to provoke once again a war incident between Russia and ‘’NATO’’, and to invade northern Syria and northern Iraq against the Kurdish populations , and for the forces of ‘’ISIS’’ in Raka and in Mosul , both ‘’ISIS’’ headquarters, whilst benefiting from the oil refineries in Mosul Iraq. We trust that you will internationalise the above Turkish plans before the  U.N (ONU), and that you will promptly  denounce before the U.N that  ‘’ in doing so, Turkey is traitorously and deviously undermining the ‘’peace negotiations’’ in Geneva regarding the Syrian issue’’.  Notify ALL Islamic nations as well as those of Touranian-Mongolian populations , members of the U.N (ONU) , that Turkey has issued maps in which Turkey is depicted as the ‘’sun-lighthouse’’ while the above Islamic nations are depicted as ‘’ satellites- nationals’’ of the neo-ottoman empire of schizophrenic Erdogan. In the Turkish maps mentioned above, there are also both Islamic and Touranian minorities within the territories of the Russian federation as well as Islamic and Touranian nations of the former USSR in the eastern Urals, all of which are depicted as Islamic and Touranian ‘’satellites’’ of Turkey.
The above is sound proof that Turkey is blatantly and collusively threatening the territorial sovereignty of Russia , as well as Russian national security and survival , primarily due to its reinforcing of Tzetzen terrorist groups by Turkey itself.


We ask the Russian government to give Greeks its full support pertaining to the overthrow of the Hebrew government of SY.RI.ZA in Greece, used as tool of the  Hebrew Rothschield and Rockefeller  families and G.Soros, all of which are also deviously undermining Russian national security and survival!!!!!!!!!!!!.  Likewise we ask the Russian government to assist Greeks in overthrowing ALL political parties in the ‘’Greek’’ parliament.

LONG LIVE RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LONG LIVE GREECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


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