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Hellenic Paramilitary Corps. To the members of the Russian government via the Russian embassies in Greece and abroad ----- Subject: Danger pertaining to the safety of Russian president Vladimir Putin during his planned visit to the ‘’Holy Mountain’’ in Greece on 26/5/2016.

Group of Hellenic Re-establishment ( G.H.REES.)
Hellenic Paramilitary Corps.

To the members of the Russian government via the Russian embassies in Greece and abroad.

Athens-Volos 18/4/2016.


Danger pertaining to the safety of Russian president Vladimir Putin during his planned visit to the ‘’Holy Mountain’’ in Greece on 26/5/2016.

Dear Sirs,

G.HREES military branch advise you to persuade president Putin to:

1).. NOT  pass through Greek territory during his visit to the ‘’Holy Mountain”
2)..GO DIRECTLY to the ‘’Holy Mountain’’ in whatever way he chooses.
3).. NOT GO to the ‘’Holy Mountain’’ by air , but rather by land or preferably by sea..

Justification as to the above suggestions:

1).. American military satellites are armed with LASER+MASER (MICROWAVE AMPLIFIED STIMULATED EMISSION RADIATION) weapons. The former are capable of destroying any aircraft through melting of the fuselage ,engines, pedals, and fuel tanks. The latter are capable of destroying navigation, electronic and electrical equipment of any aircraft. If the latter transmit an electromagnetic pulse signal (EMP) , they are capable of causing a static electricity overcharge inside the fuselage , leading to an eventual failure of all equipment inside the aircraft and death of electrocution for all passengers. In case president Putin’s aircraft is identified by the ‘’ECHELON’’ network of the ‘’NSA’’ , it can be downed by an American satellite.

2)..Recently, Turkey disclosed to the mass media photographs of a bulky LASER weapon made in Turkey , capable of firing both from the ground and a navy vessel. If president Putin’s plane is identified by the ‘’ECHELON’’ network , then the ‘’NSA’’ might relay its position and course to the Turkish military high command , and the president’s plane will be blown out of the sky by Turkish laser beams of indefinite range ,theoretically.

3).. Thousands of ‘’ISIS’’ jihadists, thousands of the ‘’FSA’’ anti-regime members of Syria, and thousands of ‘’AL-NUSRA’’ members of Syrian rebels against Assad , have entered Greece  posing as ‘’refugees’’, that is, three Islamic terrorist organisations , from which ‘’FSA’’ no longer act autonomously but rather they have been integrated into ‘’AL-NUSRA’’ and ‘’ISIS’’.

These terrorists, funded, trained and supplied by Turkey against Greece and against Russia in Tzetzen, and which the traitorous government ofSY.RI.ZA  ( Chipras- Mardas-Mardohai, Moyzalas-Moses, etc) deliberately relocated near Greek army camps , navy yards, military airports in Greece so the above Islamic terrorists will destroy them when Turkey attacks against Greece , these terrorists raised the jihadist ‘’ FSA-AL NUSRA-ISIS’’ flag in the Greek island of Lesvos (Mytilene), during Pope Francis’ visit there. See attached relevant articles in the ‘’ELEYTHERI ORA’’ newspaper of 18/4/2016.

The Greek police and Greek intelligence service units were in fact present in Lesvos for the protection and security of Pope Francis , Bartholomew (traitor against Greece and against the ‘’Orthodoxy’’ , and archbishop of Greece Ieronymos.
None of the Islamic terrorists who raised the terrorist flag in Lesvos ( stating publicly and openly that they are Islamic terrorists) was arrested by the Greek police and Greek intelligence service units , since both these services have been ordered by the traitorous Hebrew government of SY.RI.ZA ‘’ NOT TO TOUCH OR ARREST ISLAMIC TERRORIST GROUPS UPON DETECTION’’!!!!,  so  that the Islamic terrorist groups inside Greece will be able to destroy the Greek armed forces from within, and to massacre the unarmed Greek civilians and the Greek police officers and the members of KYP/EYP intelligence services, when Turkey and B.A.S.T.R attack against Greece.

Therefore, with thousands of Islamic terrorists roaming around free in Greece bearing state-of –the-art portable European weapons (through Saudi Arabia), and missiles against vehicles, and with the Greek police of traitor minister Toskas and Greek KYP/EYP intelligence service covering up for these islamists , it would be suicidal for president Putin to pass through Greek territory to get to the ‘’Holy Mountain’’ in northern Greece on 26/4/2016.


If possible see that president Putin does not spend the night at the Russian monastery in the ‘’Holy Mountain’’, but rather he spends his night at another one of his choice for fear that the Russian one has been targeted by the ‘’MASER’’ satellites of ‘’NASA’’.
We would like to provide you with basic defence technology equipment against ‘’MASERS’’ and ‘’ Heavy Neutrinos’’, but our representative’s deteriorating health prevents him from visiting the Russian embassy in Athens.

On behalf of G.H.REES,
Karageorgiou Cr.  Cr. Giannis
G.H.REES representative , national and planetary security general of G.H.REES.
Elpidos 12 str.,  Nea Ionia, Volos
Tel: 698 36 579 54.

’’ First article posted in ‘’ELEYTHERI ORA'' newspaper on 18/4/2016:

‘’ Islamic flag raised in Lesvos in front of Pope Francis”!!!!!!!.


The traitorous government of SY.RI.ZA is covering up for jihadist terrorists inside Greece for the dismantling and genocide of the Greek nation. Danger for the safety of the Russian president Vl. Putin on 26/5/2016 in the ‘’Holly Mountain’’ in Greece.
Danger against ALL Russian citizens living in Greece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Second article posted in ‘’ELEYTHERI ORA’’ newspaper on 18/4/2016:

‘’Stop embezzling the Greek people’’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Pope left Moria , a ‘’hot spot’’ on the island of Lesvos ,’’ taking with him back to the Vatican 12 ‘’refugees’’ belonging to more vulnerable groups like single-parent families, mothers with children, people with disabilities or health problems of various nationalities’’.
The Pope indeed asked through his officials to take symbolic actions , and in fact took with him back to the Vatican the particular group of migrants which were randomly selected following a draw. The fact that we have been embezzled a long time now is a well-known fact but it is a little too much on the Greek people when the Pope is posing as a ‘’philanthropist’’ , Mr. Ieronymos…

G.H.REES commentary :

Russia must help Greece towards the deportation of 5,000,000 active jihadist Islamic illegal migrants in Greece. If not, Greece will become a jihadist nation hostile towards Russia and Russian vested interest in the eastern Mediterranean.

Third article posted on ‘’ELEYTHERI ORA’’ newspaper on 18/4/2016:

‘’ Pope greeted with the flag of terrorist Islamic organisations’’!!!!!!!!.
‘’ Suddenly one refugee dropped to his knees in front of the Pope ,after breaking through police barriers, and asked for his blessing!!!! Now it is strange that a muslim would want the Pope’s blessing , as they would rather have his …head!!!!’’.
‘’ Great concern was caused by the raising of the flag of the  ‘’FSA-AL-NUSRA’’ Islamic terrorist groups ( who were the first to start beheading people and raping daughters) in Moria on the island of Lesvos in Greece , before the eyes of the three religious leaders namely Pope Francis, archbishop Bartholomew and Patriarch Ieronymos. The ‘’FSA’’ is literally non-existent in Syria and its members have been integrated in the ‘’ISIS,AL-NUSRA’’ terrorist groups that have massacred Syria and are mainly responsible for many terrorist attacks. While the Pope was about to greet the refugees and illegal migrants in Lesvos, some of them raised the Islamic terrorist flag. A question that needs answering is what was really the point of the Pope’s visit to the island and his meeting up with the other two religious leaders. Apart from the wishes and probable good intentions, it became apparent that the Pope simply congratulated the Greeks and Greece on keeping  on Greek territory several hundred thousand muslim migrants (at first) , and not letting them cross into Italy and on to the rest of western Europe!!!!!.

G.H.REES commentary :

To the government of Russia:

‘’400 dead Somali citizens following a sinking off the Italian coast, on 16/4/2016’’. Set up programmes pertaining to the economic growth of Islamic African nations against the Chinese invasion of Africa. If not, Russia will end up facing a political, military and financial  genocide by CHINA as its servant , in the second phase of WWIII.

Fourth article posted on ‘’ELEYTHERI ORA’’ , on 18/4/2016:

The works of traitor Bartholomew in favour of Turkey and against Greek and Russian national security.
‘’ Traitor Bartholomew has lost his mind, as he speaks of a ‘’sea of peace’’ in the Aegean’’.
’Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew’s problematic and provocative interventions is a form of tactics that creates not only serious considerations as to the patriarch’s true intentions but also accusations that send out various messages to the international establishment ,which do not seem to coincide with Greek interests and Greek territorial sovereignty. During his speech in Lesvos, the patriarch made mention of the need for the Aegean to become a ‘’sea of peace’’ , which did not go unnoticed. However this comment of his just  cannot be addressed to the Greeks and to Greece itself, as this is the usual tactics expressed by the Turkish government at Ankara!! To clarify things , pertaining to  patriarch Bartholomew whose persistence  on such matters places him directly in the pantheon of Turkish foreign policy,  we should point out that the Aegean is a ‘’sea of peace’’ constantly disrupted by the terrorist called TURKEY. Further proof of this is Turkey’s latest actions in the Aegean , that is , continuous violations of Greek air space and territorial waters!!. Nobody else threatens peace in the Aegean but Turkey.

Therefore, nobody should have the right to appeal to Greece to contribute to peace in the Aegean , not even the patriarch himself, when Turkey is the one that constantly doubts Greek territorial waters and air space and has claims over nearly half the Aegean!!!.

It is unprecedented for the patriarch to ‘’get involved’’ in Greek politics , particularly when he does so repeatedly and to excess!!!.

What other nation in the world would agree to have the air force of another country fly over its territory and not have those aircraft downed?!!!!!!. Thus the patriarch’s suggestions and wishes should be addressed to the fascist regime of president Erdogan.

There can be no ‘’sea of peace’’ in the Aegean when Greece typically and literally submits itself!!!.  Patriarch Bartholomew must understand this if he wants to dismiss all suspicion that he is working towards satisfying the interests of Turkey in an attempt to keep the Patriarchate in Constantinople in operation, at the expense of Greek territorial rights!!!!.
If he wants to, he can denounce the Turkish practices of threatening and blackmailing Greece, and could transfer immediately the Orthodox Patriarchate to Greece, rather than functioning against Greek national security, offering the chance to all those who wish to harm the Orthodoxy and Hellenism.

Protect the image of Russian patriarch Cyrilus from Turkish undercover agent Bartholomew, and traitor Ieronymos.

The end.

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