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Genocidal Turkey and Albania of the mongolian axis B.A.S.T./R. (study G.H.REES true geostrategics) are desperately trying to annihilate Hellenism, in collusion with the USA, NATO and the European Union, and with the help of all mass media cover up on the planet, they are concealing what the Hellenogenes have been through because of them, and what they are about to go through in the future!!!.

Turkish provocative actions against Greece’s territorial sovereignty….

A). Turkish provocative actions and unjustified, insane claims over Greek territory , territorial waters, air space, FIR Greek air space violations, SAAR search and rescue areas,  Greek exclusive economic zone, underwater economic zones, have been taking place over the past 25 yrs, assisted by NATO, in the following ways:

1). American ambassadors are sent to Greek western Thrace for the encouragement and instigation of an armed Islamic uprising of the muslims of western Thrace , so that western Thrace may break away and be  annexed to Turkey.

2).Similar actions of undermining Greek national security with the participation of Turkish politicians, ambassadors, religious leaders, journalists, Turkish ‘’GRAY WOLVES’’ para-state groups, and other Turkish groups present in Greek western Thrace.

3).Constant violations of Greek territorial waters by Turkish vessels with demands aboard Greek vessels!!.

4).Constant violations of Greek air space by Turkish jet fighters.

5).Constant violations of Greek FIR by Turkish jet fighters.

6).Constant violations of Greek SAAR regions by Turkish vessels and helicopters.

7).Constant refusal to accept Greek rights over Greek continental shelf sovereignty, contrary to international law.

8).Constant refusal by Turkey to acknowledge the Greek submarine economic zone , contrary to international law.

9).A CASUS BELLI situation and refusal to acknowledge Greek territorial waters up to 12 miles, contrary to international law.

10).The passing of laws in Turkey to confiscate Greek property in Constantinople, the isles of Imvros and Tenedos, through simultaneous nationalist-racial persecutions , ‘’open prisons’’, and other racist methods of national ‘’cleansing’’ , in violation of international law.

11). Constantly intervening to stop Greek oil extraction in the Aegean , in collusion with the Greek-Hebrew leaders (prime ministers-ministers) of the two government parties of ‘’New Democracy’’ and ‘P.A.S.O.K’ in Greece.

12).Crude comments by Turkish militants and threats of genocides against Greeks during military parades in celebration of Kemal Attaturk , who genocided the Pontiac Greeks and those of Asia Minor , and during the ‘Fall of Constantinople in 1453’ anniversaries in Turkey.

13).The setting up of a Turkish political party by Turkey in the area of the Greek western Thrace , so it may break away and be annexed to Turkey.

14).The setting up by Turkey of an autonomous Turkish movement in the Greek western Thrace , with a shadowy Turkish government, with an armed para-state corps, and bearing a Turkish flag which takes part in Turkish parades to commemorate ‘mother state of Turkey’.

15).Indefinite funding by Turkey, through the Turkish bank in western Thrace, for the purchasing of large Greek properties in the Greek western Thrace to use as excuse for its separation from Greece.

16).Printing of geographical maps by Turkey which show the Greek islands of the eastern Aegean , Crete, and the Greek western Thrace under Turkish occupation.

17).Contracting of three (3) bilateral defence agreements (hostile against Greece) with Albania-Skopje-Bulgaria. Turkey has already dispatched infantry and special forces units to the above three countries, within the framework of a simultaneous genocidal attack of the above axis against Greece undermined by anti-hellenic Hebrew-Saxon NATO , along the entire Greek land and sea borders.

B).Previous genocides and ethnic “ cleansing” committed by Turkey against Greek populations from 1400 B.C  till present:

1).Genocide and ousting of the Greeks of northern Cyprus through a Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, with a parallel slaughtering of the armies of “ Greek E.L.D.Y.K. units” due to treason by Greek polticians and NATO Generals in Greece.

2).Genocide and ousting of the Greeks of Constantinople in 1955 through collusion of Turkish-Hebrew Dolme Kara-Aman-Ali, A’ prime minister of Greece , who also concealed the fact that Kemal Attaturk’s residence in Thessaloniki was burned down by an arrested “MIT” agent.

3).Deportation, ordered by Turkey, of the Greek populations of the islands of Imvros and Tenedos through “open prisons scheme” (see “open prisons” in Palestine , Israel), and other methods of ethnic “cleansing” throughout the 20th century.

4).Genocide and ousting by Turkey of the Greek populations of Asia Minor in 1922.

5).Genocide and ousting by Turkey of all Pontiac Greek populations in 1917.

6).Genocide and ousting by Turkey of the Greeks of the Ottoman Mongolian Empire for 400 years , from 1453 to 1853, with the last Turkish occupation taking place in the north and the islands.

7).Genocide by Turkey of the Greek population of Constantinople in 1453.

Albanian provocations against Greece:

C).Ever since 1990, following the onset of the Albanian invasion of Greece (through migration), on account of treason committed by Greek-Hebrew prime minister Mitsotakis Ben-Shalom or Venizelos, and by the minister of Greek foreign affairs Samaras-Zana-Benakis-Horemis or Ben-Hiram, Albanian provocations, claims over Greek territories, territorial waters, Greek air space, claims over Greek continental shelf economic zone (aided and undermined by “NATO”, i.e U.S and European Union), have soared as follows:

1).The Albanian government and “UCC” army for the supposed “liberation” of the area of Tsamouria have expressed “claims” over the Greek territories of southern Epirus and west-central Greece ,and the Ionian islands of Kerkyra (Corfu), Ithaca, Leykada, Cephalonia, for the supposed “relocation” of the ousted Albanian Tsamides tribes , who collaborated with the Italians and Germans from 1941 to 1945 and massacred the Greeks of southern Epirus.

2).Albanian government claims over Greek southern Epirus territorial waters and northern Ionian islands.

3).Albanian government claims over Greek southern Epirus air space and that of the Ionian islands.

4). Albanian government claims over the Greek continental shelf and its petroleum resources along with those of the Ionian islands.

5). Albanian government maps which show the Greek southern Epirus , west-central Greece and the Ionian islands under Albanian occupation of the “Great Albania”!!!!.

6).Albania has conceded the navy yard at Dyrrahio to the Turkish fleet to prepare the Albanian and Turkish armies to invade the above Greek territories.

7).The Albanian government has agreed to accept on Albanian soil Turkish special forces units and Turkish infantry brigades with an armoured vehicle and “T.O.M.A” capacity amounting to 120%, with the intention of jointly attacking against Greece , masterplanned by “NATO”.

8).Albanian governments have so far executed the smuggling  of 450,000 Kalashnikov weapons and other heavy weaponry into Greece, to be used by the Albanian “UCC” army units inside Greece for the genocide of unarmed Greek civilian populations of northern Greece-Thessaly-west-central Greece and the Aegean and Ionian islands, in parallel with the assault of tactical army units of “B.A.S.T.R” against Greece.

9).In Greek prisons and Albanian cafes the Albanian migrants boldly state that: “ We wait for Turkey to make the first move against you and then it will be our turn, we will not leave a single Greek alive !!!!”.

10).The German magazine “Der Spiegel” has published an interview with an “UCC” member in Greece in which it boldly states that the Italian “NATO” headquarters from Napoli, has supplied “UCC” of the Greek southern Epirus with Greek military maps, “GPS” , satellite phones and transmitters, mortars, heavy machine guns ,etc. against the Greek army. In the meantime, the Greek-Hebrew and mason politicians and Generals have dismantled and completely abolished the A’ army corps in Kozani, responsible for defence along the Greek-Albanian borders.
11).A commission made up of low ranking military officers, leaked to the public an internal High military command investigation based on which at least 450,000 Kalashnikov weapons have been smuggled secretly into Greece.

12).The “Macedonia” newspaper of Thessaloniki published that at least 400,000 Kalashnikov weapons have been secretly smuggled into Greece to attack against the Greek army, which in case it encounters a simultaneous attack by the tactical armies of “B.A.S.T.R” and those of “UCC” from behind, will be massacred along with Greek civilian populations.

13).The Albanian governments of Sali Berisha , jewish doctor of jewish Emver (Ever) Hotza, oppressed and continue to oppress in the worst means the Greek minority populations of the Greek northern Epirus now under Albanian occupation, and are going out of their way to oust these Greeks of northern Epirus from their homelands, and in collaboration with the traitorous Greek governments, to force them to relocate to Greece.
The above act of crime , according to international law, is called a “ crime of ethnic cleansing” however no Greek government has ever denounced it before an international court of law and international organisations.

14).The past governments of Albanian Hebrew Emver Hotza committed the same acts of crime against the Greeks of northern Epirus under Albanian occupation.

15).The Albanian army was allied to the Italian army in 1940, for a mutual invasion into Greece. The intention was for Albania to be given today’s southern Epirus of Greece as a reward for this invasion, that is the Ioannina Epirus.

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