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Ultra urgent message to the members of the Russian government. --- Subject: Turkey dragging NATO to war with Russia. Russian foreign policy deemed suicidal!!.

Group of Hellenic Re-establishment (G.H.REES).

Ultra urgent message to the members of the Russian government.

Athens-Volos 18/5/2016.

Subject: Turkey dragging NATO to war with Russia. Russian foreign policy deemed suicidal!!.

Dear Sirs,

Unfortunately, all our warnings to you pertaining to “ actions taken by Turkey to close the Bosporus with the aim of rendering the Russian navy stationed in Crimea useless, through a military  invasion of Turkey against Syria or Greece, along with a lifting of free navigation (Montreux treaty) , due to Turkey being at war”, have been verified.
Already, Turkey has proposed that the countries around the Black Sea and those of NATO unanimously agree to the closing of the Bosporus .Whether the NATO fleet agrees to collaborate for the closing of the Bosporus or not, and whether or not Turkey will close the Bosporus due to war with Syria or Greece , NATO (U.S.A and European nations) will also be held accountable for the outbreak of those two wars. The reason for this is because Turkey, being a NATO member, isn’t able to declare war against Greece  ,another NATO member state, or any other non-NATO member state without the prior permission of NATO itself.

Therefore, if the Bosporus does indeed close , it will not be the actions of Turkey but those of NATO itself. Because a war of Turkey against Syria will automatically trigger a war of Turkey against Russia, on account of the Russian forces on Syrian soil, as well as a war of Turkey against the Kurds of Turkey and Syria , that is, Turkey will simultaneously attack three enemy states , we conclude that Turkey’s threats of war against Syria are nothing more than another Turkish bluff aiming to put the Greek armed forces to sleep so that the latter do not take the appropriate defence measures against this planned attack of Turkey against Greece.

A secondary Turkish bluff will be the presumed military occupation of the Greek island chain of “ Hios,Oinoyses, kyrapanagia, etc”, whereas in reality Turkey is planning the invasion and occupation of Greek territories with Turkish minority populations , such as the island chain of “ Rhodes, Kos, etc”, so as to decrease the limit of Greek exclusive economic zone (EEC) i.e.the Greek submarine economic zone , as well as the so-called “ Turkish” minorities of western Thrace.

However, even so, whether Turkey does proceed with a landing-invasion of the island chain of “ Hios, Oinoyses, Kyrapangia, etc”, or the island chain of “ Rhodes, Kos, Castelloriso, etc” , the Bosporus is bound to close on account of “ Turkey being at war” in which case Russia will either accept passively the incapacitation of the Russian fleet at Sevastopol in Crimea, or will be forced to declare war against Turkey in an attempt to occupy the territories below the Bosporus, which ensure free navigation through it. In the latter case, should genocidal whore Turkey ask from NATO headquarters in Brussels the activation of article 5 of the “NATO articles of association” , then NATO is theoretically compelled to declare war against Russia , which would bring about the outbreak of WWIII. However , neither NATO, nor Russia and R.I.C (trilateral “Russia-Siitic Islam-China” treaty or “Shanghai Pact” ,as the global rival of “NATO” and “SEATO”) are ready for such a war yet, since none of their military equipment schemes are complete yet (inefficient production of SUKHOI-T50 etc.).

Therefore , it is highly unlikely that NATO and SEATO  will declare war against Russia on account of the military conflict between Turkey and Russia, and so Russia is militarily capable of invading Turkish territories below the Bosporus, using conventional weaponry and without WWIII breaking out yet.

On the contrary, the U.S and European states are run by Hebrew-saxon Sionistic governments who: A) wish to slow down Turkey and bring it to its knees , since by 2025 it will have a population of 100,000,000 and the chance to become a military superpower and a “leader” in the area of Eurasia. B) want Turkey , just like Russia, to lose its territories below the Bosporus but for reasons other than those of Russia. This is evident if we take a look at the map recently published  by the “New York Times” as a suggestion of the U.S  zionistic establishment for the breakup of Turkey into : A) An international state of Constantinople comprising territories below the Bosporus under U.N supervision (United Nations), B) a semi-autonomous state of Smyrna,C) Kurdistan,D) An extension of Armenian territories, and E) an extension of Syrian territories. See map attached to this message , along with a G.HREES commentary of the following sionistic intentions:

A) As of now, depriving Turkey of its territories around the Bosporus and annexing these territories to the U.N initially and later to Greece , so as to prepare Constantinople to be declared “ World capital city” along the frameworks of the sionistic plans of the jewish-born masons “ Epsilons” (Golden Dawn, “LA.O.S”, “King Holstein Glucksburg”), as tools of the Hebrewsaxon masonic hyper-lodges of “AOA” and “OTO” of London ( both accountable to planetary hyper-lodge “HONG-888” based in Shanghai China), and intending to establish the Greek “ neo-byzantine empire 666 of Constantinople” and imposing the new “MRA-666” christian-dodecatheon religion. This “ empire 666” has been planned to lead the armies of NATO and SEATO in a WWIII military assault against “R.I.C” (Russia-Siitic Islam-China or “Pact of Shanghai). Its ultimate purpose will be the massive counterattack of “R.I.C” and mass genocide of the armies of “NATO+SEATO 666” in the 1st phase of WWIII, followed by “civil war” within “R.I.C” and genocide of all Touranian-Mongolian-Russian populations, white Russians and Islamic populations by the Chinese and Korean armies, 888 and 777 respectively, after 2030 , in the 2nd phase of WWIII.

B)The expanded state of Syria depicted on the map , includes the whole of today’s state of Israel!!!. This can happen in one way only : “ overthrow the Assad regime and through occupation of Syria by the Israeli army for the establishment of the “Great state of Israel”. In order for this to take place Russia must betray Assad of Syria.
C) In the map mentioned , the state of Iraq is called “Mesopotamia” , and it also constitutes part of the “Great state of Israel” all the way to the Persian Gulf.

Naturally however, if Russia and the Jews do not take actions to hamper the above the intentions mentioned above (A,B,C) , there will never be a “Great state of Israel” , and even “present day” Israel in the Middle East along with jewish populations the world over will be faced with genocide by the armies of “China 888” and “ Korea 777” , after 2030, since ALL Jews are considered “ racially impure white-yellow Mongols” by hyperlodge “HONG” of China , that is, a cross between Chinese and the “impure white race”.

Suicidal apathy of Russian foreign policy.

On 14/5/16, schizophrenic president Erdocan declared that “ the Black Sea is a Russian lake , and that Turkey along with the other coastal countries must render it a “closed sea” ,and that there should be increased NATO presence in the area as countermeasures against the mighty Russian fleet of Crimea”.

On 15/5/16, rather than the Russian foreign ministry filing a complaint to the “ U.N security council” and the general “U.N convention” (ONU) referring to president Erdogan’s statement which would only be realized in case of “ war between Turkey and Greece or Turkey and Syria”, with a certain outbreak of war between Turkey and Russia and a WWIII threat between ‘’NATO-Russia and NATO-R.I.C or Pact of Shnaghai” , and rather than the Russian foreign ministry forwarding the above complaint to all mass media and news agencies across the world so as to isolate and morally expose Turkey before all governments and international public opinion so that NATO will be forced to “”reprimand “ Turkey for “attempting to provoke WWIII” , the Russian foreign ministry , via its spokesperson Maria Zaharova, declared that “ they are not psychiatrists who can provide assistance to president Erdogan”!!!. This is not appropriate Russian foreign policy ,gentlemen of the Russian government!!. Not only is it not the appropriate foreign policy , but also a “Russian roulette game” against Russian national security and survival. In fact it raises suspicions that “ for Russia not to take serious actions against such a serious issue like war threats of Turkey against Russia and NATO against Russia , and therefore the Russian government does not seem to be concerned at all , and that it seems to be acting in collusion with Washington and NATO for a “staged” provocation of WWIII much later. This provocation of WWIII will be in collusion with the Kremlin Hebrews, the Hebrews of London, Washington and Brussels initially against Greece and against Syria.

Enough of this…:

G.H.REES to the members of the Russian government: Use your conscience and your survival instincts and take proper action , bearing in mind that which U.S. NASA and “ JPL” unsuccessfully and desperately tried to conceal by falsely claiming that “the hundreds of new “satellites” at the orbits of the planets Jupiter and Saturn, arrived there after the year 2000  are natural heavenly bodies”!!. The truth is that in the vicinity of  the four(4) outer planets ,namely Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, and especially Saturn, there have arrived non-natural bodies carrying forces that seem rather” inactive” for the time being. Their sole purpose will be to intervene and take action for either the extermination or unconditional surrender of NATO and “HONG” type criminals in the inner planets of our solar system.

That is all for the time being…..

On behalf of G.H.REES,
Giannis Cr. Cr. Karageorgiou
National and planetary general of G.H.REES
12, Elpidos str., Nea Ionia, Volos, Hellas (Greece).
Tel: 698 365 7954.
Latest developments as of 19/5/2016:

A). “Eleytheri Ora” newspaper headlines of 18/5/16 read that: “ President Putin wants the return of the king”, see attached photocopy of the headlines as well as the disgusting article inside. We must warn the Russian government that in case the above mentioned article is true, then it will be more than evident that the Kremlin Hebrews are acting in collusion with their Hebrewsaxon counterparts in London and Washington towards the establishment of “antichrist” “ Greek empire of Constantinople 666” of Theosophic “Epsilon” masons , as tools of the Hebrewsaxon masonic lodges of “AOA” and “ OTO” of London.This is because “King Constantine Holstein Glucksburg” not only is of jewish descent but he and the two princes ,namely Paul and Nickolas, take their orders straight from Buckingham Palace , according to articles in “Eleytheri Ora” . In these articles it is written that “ The palace advises King Constantine of Greece and prince Nickolas not to get involved just yet in politics until further ORDERS”!!!.

And now we ask how is it possible that an “ orthodox Christian” like president Putin would want NATO Buckingham advocates as leaders of Greece??. Besides, according to comments made by Putin himself, “ a lizard resides at Buckingham Palace”, that is Queen Elisabeth, who “shapeshifts into a reptile and vice versa”!!.
King Constantine Holstein, Paul Holstein, and Nickolas Holstein are all freemasons which is denounced as “antichrist” by the Orthodox church. We advise the Russian government not to have any relations at all with these “antichrist NATO “ masons , namely Holstein Glucksburg masons, because if it fails to do so, it will be irrevocably exposed as a government “ in collusion with NATO and the U.S government for the establishment of the empire of Constantinople 666”. Both Constantine and Nickolas Holstein, presently in Greece, are in contact with the “ Theosophic Epsilon masons 666”.

Velopoulos, another “Epsilon 666”, has announced the setting up of a “pro-Russian political party in Greece” , followed by Intelligence service agent Kara-Jafferis ,a Turkish-albanian, as well as NATO KYP/EYP (Greek intelligence service) agent Stephanos Hios of “Makeleio” newspaper.

We advise the Russian government to keep clear of any contact with the “ Epsilons” , whose primary teachings claim that “ Christ is a Greek , the son of Mary and a Greek legionnaire of ancient Rome “. In other words they claim that the virgin Mary was a “prostitute” cheating on her husband Joseph.

B). Political fraud and traitor of the Greek-Russian friendship Chipras, stated , at the inaugural ceremony of the Turkey-Azerbaijan “TAP” natural gas pipe in Thessaloniki, that “ TAP will be beneficial to Greece and Europe as it will shift the current balance in the area” !!!. TAP functions at the expense of Russian production of natural gas. Crush traitor Chipras and traitorous SY.RI.ZA!!.

We regret to say that we are compelled to use the same foul language used by Greek hero general Karaiskakis , that “ Chipras is the worst political faggot along with the rest of faggots (figuratively) traitor ministers of SY.RI.ZA.
All of the above are responsible for the reduction in the Russian GDP (Gross Domestic Product) by 50%, and for the financial crisis in Russia, because they all voted in favour of the economic isolation of Russia by the E.U and the U.S , because of the Ukraine and Crimea issues. This treason against Russia culminated in President Putin’s Mr. Dugin’s  arrest , at Thessaloniki airport.

C). Turkey has asked the NATO fleet in the Aegean to leave. See attached article in “ EL.TYP.” newspaper of 18/5/2016. The obvious reasons for the above mentioned request by Turkey can be found on page 9 of the Greek newspaper articles.

However, on 19/5/2016, Greek-Americans of various American intelligence services informed G.H.REES  that “ Turkey has requested the departure of the NATO fleet in the Aegean, and asked for its deployment to the Black Sea” , in order to achieve a shift in the balance between the Russian fleet at Crimea and the fleets of Black Sea NATO member states ,i.e , Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey etc. You can draw your own conclusions as to Turkey’s demand for the” closure of the Bosporus”…

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