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Undermining of Russian national security by the Turkish-Tzetzen-Tungestan-Azerbaijan axis. To the members of the Russian government, through Russian embassies in Greece and elsewhere.

Group of Hellenic Re-establishment

Athens-Volos 13/4/2016


Undermining of Russian national security by the Turkish-Tzetzen-Tungestan-Azerbaijan axis.
To the members of the Russian government, through Russian embassies in Greece and elsewhere.

Dear sirs,

Only a week after you received G.H.REES’S document to you, in which G.H.REES pointed out the imminent armed uprising of Tzetzen terrorist groups as well as Islamic minority groups against Russian security, an uprising provoked by acts of conspiracy of Turkey against Russia, we were informed via the Greek media that this uprising has already begun , with an assault of Russian jihad islamists against the local Russian police precinct of a village in the area of Stavroupolis in the northern Russian Caucasus. See a translation of the relative Greek  media postings of 12/4/16 at the end of this document.

We urge that you take the following measures of psychological warfare immediately:

1…The Russian ministry of religion, in collaboration with Theology professors of Russian universities and Russian television, must  order the following:

A). An in-depth analysis of the ‘’Koran’’ in order to pinpoint the excerpts-omissions in the ‘’Koran’’ where Allah orders a reconciliation of ALL Muslims, and therefore ‘’ islamists fighting a religious and civil war , much like the war of Sounites jihadists against their brother Siites islamists, are enemies of Allah’’.

B). The above teachings of the ‘’Koran’’ must be immediately adapted for the Russian television and film industry, along with books and Russian magazines and newspapers.
Likewise, these teachings of the ‘’Koran’’ must be made the subject of discussion on Russian TV between Theology professors and Islamic religious leaders who accept the above teachings of ‘’Islamic peace and reconciliation’’ of the ‘’Koran’’.

2…Islamic teachings accept and believe in Jesus Christ , as secondary in rank prophet after Muhammad, and call him ‘’ISA’’.  Therefore through the above mentioned Russian media you must promote the fact that ‘’ Islamic populations must be friends with Christian populations since the latter believe in  ‘’prophet’’ ISA.

3..A).Concerning the provoked conflict between ‘’brother’’ Sounites and Siites Islamists by supplying the Sounites jihadists of ‘’ISIS’’ with weapons against their brother Siites Islamists , see that it backfires on Turkey, and make sure that it is broadcast on Russian mass media.

B). By means of the same mass media, you must denounce the fact that ‘’ while Turkey brought about a civil war between brotherly Islamists , Sounites and Siites, Turkey betrayed them both by collaborating with NATO which is an enemy of Islam.

C). On account of the above treason of Turkey against Islam, by means of the same Russian mass media , you must ask Sounitic and Siitic Islamic populations to dismantle and destroy Turkey , as Allah’s devious enemy.

On behalf of G.H.REES
Karageorgiou Cr. Cr. Giannis,
National and planetary security General of G.H.REES.


For any further consultation in favour of Russian national security, dispatch a representative of the Russian embassy in Athens to Volos , since G.H.REES’S representative there is unable to leave his home in Volos because his health has deteriorated recently , and because of dire financial problems brought about by the traitorous ‘’Greek’’ governments of past years.
See below the two Greek newspaper articles translated into English:

First article:

‘’Suicide attacks
‘’Three suicide terrorists were blown to pieces.
Islamic extremists who wanted to establish a caliphate in Russia ‘’attacked’’ Northern Caucasus.
Three men attacked a Russian police station in a village in southern Russia , as was announced by the Russian ministry of internal affairs, which also raised alert levels in the area.
The attack took place near Stauroupolis in the northern Caucasus where islamists want to set up an Islamic caliphate. One of the attackers was blown up whilst the other two were killed. No resident or police officers were injured in the attack. Some Russian news agencies are broadcasting that there were 4 attackers with 3 of them having been blown up though Reuters were not able to verify that information.
The ministry of Internal affairs made it clear that the authorities reacted promptly by activating a plan that puts local police in a higher state of alert. It is worth noting that for years , the main radical Islamic movement in the area was the local Caucasus emirate formed by the most extreme elements that fought against Moscow in Tzetzen and Tungestan in the 90’s. However its influence was a lot smaller recently since both its leaders , who both reject the Islamic state, have been killed.
In 2014, two prominent leaders of the Caucasus emirate declared their obedience to the so-called Islamic state. Another Tzetzen commander named Aslan Byutykayev did likewise in June 2015 on behalf of all Tzetzen fighters. In addition, about 5 Islamic religious leaders in Tungestan took a vow to the Islamic state. Last summer, the official representative of the Islamic state named Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, announced a new Islamic branch in the northern Caucasus.’’.

From ‘’Taxydromos’’ newspaper , Volos, 12/4/16.

G.H.REES commentary:

Transform or simply just apply the current Russian constitution pertaining to the deportation of Islamic religious leaders (Islamic priests), Tzetzen and Tungestan leaders, leaders of the Caucasus emirate , or other Russian citizens who manifested faith and obedience to the ‘’Islamic caliphate –state’’ of ‘’ISIS’’ in Mosul and Raka in northern Syria, with the justification that they show signs of faith and obedience to ‘’ISIS’’ ,that is , a state which is hostile toward Russia , which is treason against the Russian state.
Second article:
‘’City of Stayroupolis put on a higher state of alert, terrorist attack in Russia’’.
‘’Three armed men , one of who was a suicide bomber, made an attack against a police precinct in a village in southern Russia , according to Russian ministry of internal affairs while pointing out that local police is on a higher state of alert in the area. The attack took place in a Stayroupolis village near the area of northern Caucasus where Islamists,  looking to set up an Islamic caliphate, are launching attacks with booby trapped cars or are targeting local police officers. ‘’One assault took place in a local police station’’ said a representative of the ministry of internal affairs in Stayroupolis. ‘’One of the attackers blew himself up while the other two were killed’’. Based on information no police officer or local resident was injured or killed. Information is still unclear as to what really happened. Some Russian news agencies are broadcasting , based on police information from  sources who  asked  to remain confidential, that three of the attackers blew themselves up and that in there were 4 attackers in total. However Reuters were unable to verify this information from independent sources. A ministry of Internal Affairs representative made it clear the authorities reacted by activating a scheme that puts police in a higher state of alert’’.

From ‘’Makeleio’’ newspaper, Athens, 12/4/16.

G.H.REES commentary:
An Islamic war of Islamists  who blow themselves to pieces cannot be confronted with the aid of conventional Russian police forces. Transform this Russian police force into an ‘’army-police unit’’ , just like the Turkish , French and Israeli models (Gendarmerie) flanked by an ‘’FSB’’ unit, in each police precinct in Russia. Failure to do so will result in your losing total control of the Russian federation.


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