Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lazarides confronts "Big Brother" and his own country renounces him!

In furtherance to the news concerning the founding of a high technology enterprise in Canada from Michael Lazarides when for many subsequent years he engaged in an attempt to enact in the same manner in Greece , and when the Greek Status Quo debilitated him, we are to inform you that:

Lazarides is the founder of Research in Motion(RIM) which devised the well known Blackberry devices of mobile telephony. These specific mobile phones were the most secure in the entire globe, with null "software holes", "backdoor worms" and other suspicious features in great contrast to the more widely distributed iPhone with iOS and Android smart phones that constitute the majority of the "smart devices" of last generation that are regrettably as in point of fact completely tattered. Namely, they are totally exposed to all kinds of malware attacks, therefore they are very applicable for the "Big Brother" in order to lead the way for the tracking and surveillance of the user without any foreknowledge on his part, as well as the probation of conversations and the messages to be available for third parties and are altogether supreme artifacts for spying, under the state or not.

On the other side, the Blackberry phones had to deal with no such occurrences whatsoever. This would have in all actuality bothered the "Big Brother" and subsequently RIM, should have faced the consequences. The initial occasion was when RIM was accused from the Saudi Arabian states that since her mobile phones are "top-notch" they are a preference among the "terrorists" in order to communicate in no way to be detected. This was the greatest "blow" against RIM. And then other blows followed, at the moment that RIM was under knock-out, a traditional strategy for the "Big Brother" is to strike when the opponent has fallen.

As a result, at this instance Blackberry should be compelled to add supportability with iOS & Android sacrificing a large part of her own security. Despite all these, Blackberry phones still remain the most secure in the entire world but never on their former glory.

The so-called "smart phones" of the type of iOS(Apple iPhone), Android(Samsung, ZTE, LG, Ericsson etc) and Symbian(NOKIA) are consequently full of all kinds of deviances, and can be spied in the easiest of the ways by personals without any special technological means. The majority of them are assembled in China and Korea, the ZTE and Huawei companies have been under the charge of industrial spying, at the very same time the final product is of cheap quality and completely reversal to it's cost. As a matter of fact, the menus, features and functionality of these devices are convenient, an eye-candy with a full spectrum of "effects". Behind all these impediments though there are obviously big covert interests and the amplifications of this matter are very interesting to say the least.

Anyone who can recall Skynet, the cinematic Artificial Intelligence that gained conscience and subsequently destroyed mankind since it placed it under the category of a threat, will bear in mind that Skynet, finally, managed to operate without central unit, through the world wide web, through the billions of Internet users, PC owners, and subsequently "Smart Phone" owners. This scenario isn't far-fetched at any rate from our own current reality. Every PC, every smart phone, every net, every resource is operational for the Big Brother, every user is a "sleeper" agent" and also out of his awareness. A global grid is detained under our noses. And whoever raises head against it, will pay the price.

Always have in mind what kind of data you store in your regularly used smart phone, be on alert for random "curious" deviances of the mobile phone (wave interferences, screen flickering), avoid Chinese and Korean products i.e. ZTE, Huawei, Lg, Samsung, Apple (made in FoxConn China), prefer older versions of Blackberry devices. Currently, the only road to security is avoiding the very usage of smart phones.


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P.S.: Watch out for the evolution of cloud computing

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  1. Hi,

    I just had a question about source compiled Android Linux OS.

    Is it possible to avoid surveillance if you dont load drivers for the radio, or is it all hardware bugs?

    The only reason I haven't disabled the radio in my build is incase something fun comes up.

    I don't run anything but source-compiled software on my personal boxen, source pulled encrypted..all that stuff.

    Just wanted to know if you had any information about weather it's hardware bugs or in software. Hardware bugs can still be worked around, provided it's only compromised by conventional radio, and not interfaced through some technology im not familiar with.

    I will read through the links later, when I can.