Sunday, February 10, 2013


(see here 2nd reply of G.H.REES. following this one)

COMMENT 1. The “red star NIBIRU or NEMESIS is on its way”. Goddess NEMESIS has arrived.------

G.H.REES’S reply: “Following the publication of the two astronomical cross sections of the local heliosphere, both vertically and horizontally over the ecliptic, announced by G.H.REES department of astrophysics and referred to in the accompanying G.H.REES text ,on “ellhnkaichaos” webpage, due to the stagnation and immobilization of American space unmanned vehicles having attempted to penetrate the outer cell of our local heliosphere, beyond the orbit of Pluto, and to finally exit into free interstellar space, we repeat, following the publication of the above scientific announcement of G.H.REES in “ellhnkaichaos”, the Hebrew Saxon fraud of “ the red planet NIBIRU” was blown to pieces, as both theoretically and experimentally through the immobilization of the American space vehicles (VOYAGER1+2) beyond the orbit of Pluto, nothing is able to break through the outer cells of planetary systems, neither attempting exit from within nor attempting entry from outside the solar system like the utterly non-existent planet NIBIRU or NEMESIS and the laughable American space vehicles or comets or meteorites or any kind of matter of our own rarefaction—“dimension”.

The only points of entry into and out of the interior of our local heliosphere and all heliospheres of the cosmos, are respectively the natural openings at the north and south poles of heliospheres, just like the only points of entry and exit both into and out of the hollow earth atmosphere, are respectively the openings at the north and south poles of our planet.

The deviously false announcements by American and Russian (unfortunately as recently discovered) frauds of the Kremlin pertaining to a supposedly arriving “NIBIRU”, are contradicted through the American space vehicle mishaps at the boundaries of our solar system, beyond the orbit of Pluto, which got stuck and became immobilized inside the “ solid transparent void of electromagnetically polarized interstellar matter of 1st and 2nd matter rarefaction –dimension” of our local heliosphere.

This heliosphere comprises our own clockwise spiralling visible solar system of “ZEUS” (DIAS), THE corresponding anticlockwise spiralling invisible anti-matter solar system of “HERA” , and inbetween them the crosswise >+< semi-matter moving twilight solar system of “APOLLO”. The above three solar systems constitute logical intrasolar entities and consist partly of the Hyper-Anthropoid logical entity of the “ SOLAR LOGOS”, in the geometric form of two reversed epsilons.

For all the above reasons related to astrophysics, the supposed planet “NIBIRU”, if it existed, it would not be able to even exit the outer cell which contains it because In that way it would bring about the ultimate collapse of the three solar systems contained within a neighbouring solar system and a total collapse of their outer solid matter cells, nor would it be able to penetrate the solid matter cell of our own solar system because in doing so it would bring about the total collapse of the outer matter cell of our own heliosphere, consequently causing a nuclear explosion of three solar systems , the one where it came from, and our own, should it have penetrated it.

Consequently, should there be a “red NIBIRU” in our immediate interstellar space, this would be the result of a hologram projected by triad draconian lasers, installed on the surface of the moon or on the surface of the seven internal planets ruled by the fraud bastard of the galaxy namely Pseudo-Jehova or “SIN-SION-SINA-SEDI-JEDI-JADE- JUDE-JUDA, or as otherwise known ,this space mega-fraud criminal.

G.H.REES has programmed the biological cleansing of all demonically possessed Neo Greeks as well as the Jehovically possessed “INDIGO CHILDREN” under demonic possession by lunar draconian demons of SIN-SION-SINA-JUDE-JUDA, who are falsely impersonating the long gone “GODS” of the GREEK ANDROMEDIAN DODECATHEON OF ZEUS , with the aim of provoking the HELLENES through the draconian possessed “ EPSILONS 666” and “INDIGO CHILDREN 666” through their political convictions ,that is those of “L.A.O.S” and “ GOLDEN DAWN”, to accept NATO leadership and to lead a NATO military campaign against the axis of R.I.C (RUSSIA-ISLAM-CHINA), through the fucking “Hellenic empire 666” of Constantinople, so that Greece will cause the outbreak of WW III and bear all war crimes as well as crimes against humanity which will be committed by NATO against R.I.C , so that in the massive counterattack of R.I.C all white pelasgic civilian populations of the nations of NATO, that is the populations of Europe ,USA, Canada and South America , so that the draconian criminal bastard SIN-SION-SINA-SENDAI-JEDAI-JUDE can sit and laugh from his “throne”.

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