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Alex Collier , considered  an impostor by “ ellhnkaichaos” and manipulated by the Draconians and shadowy U.S. government (NSA), although he is aware, is deliberately spreading disinfo on the topic of Andromedian Hellenes ( Greeks) and ultimate purpose of their presence in our solar system. This happens  for various reasons most important of which are the following:

Although he generally  makes mention of Draconian-Reptoids, he mentions NOTHING AT ALL  about the Chinese who are the original race-nation of the DRAGON  celebrated through various traditions and mass celebrations, and using symbols  in favour of the dragon (constellation) and other reptiles. The Chinese are a product of LUNAR genetic engineering  created by Draconian reptoids  initially placed  (disembarked ) on the continent of ATLANTIS around 11400 B.D.C, as the year when the MOON (SELENE) was put into earth orbit, with the intention of planetary dominance. Chinese mythology mentions that  the first Chinese descended to earth from the MOON , and their flag is essentially the crescent moon, of the same design and inspiration as  Turkish Touranian-Mongolian flag.

The genetically-engineered orders given to the Chinese  were and are to genocide, annihilate and integrate the  original tribes of the planet ( Hellenic/Pelasgian/Andromedian/White, and Black/Sirian Race)  up until their final complete genocide in “Armageddon”  so that only the yellow race will prevail. Following  this the Yellow Draconian Chinese  race , as the ultimate planetary leader, will be used by the Draconian Starfleet  as their totally obedient slaves to undertake the extraction  of natural resources , and precious metals-crystals from the now ruined planet in order to transfer them all to the MOON’S vaults ( see also bastard Dragon SIN-SION-JAHWEH’s blatant confession in the old Chinese-Hebrew testament  where he admits that “ Both gold and silver metals belong to him and to his vaults”).

After this , pirate ship MOON (SELENE) , leaving behind a completely annihilated planet and a destroyed solar system  (see destruction of planet PHAETHON by the dragons of the past, today’s asteroid belt), will “ depart”  (see also Old Testament) that is will leave to another solar system , which according to G.H.REES information will be the Sirius-Hyperion-Coccyx solar system  from where he will directly blackmail the entire galactic Andromedian government and the whole universe with electromagnetic death , due to the fact that Sirius is the most extreme density area and negative electrical pole of the entire universe .This is the main reason why  the galactic government has imposed extremely tight military quarantine across our solar system in the vicinity of planet Saturn, so that no Draconian leaves this area either alive or…..dead (that is: demon-spirit of thinner matter rarification).

The impostor Alex Collier SAYS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about  the situation above of critical importance in terms of survival of the inhabitants of planet earth as well as survival of the universe threatened by the cancerous Draconians and their pirate technological Starfleet.

The same tactics is followed by the other  Rabbi, namely  DAVID ICKE  who also leaves the Chinese completely untouched. To sum up all the above mentioned provocators  of the Chinese establishment , are protecting  the superior race of the Draconians on earth, the Chinese , by spreading  lies .
He also makes mention of  exclusively 5th dimension Andromedians.  This is a lie , as Andromedians and the galactic government  have deployed a fleet of craft and crews to our solar system  all lined up  in 6 dimensions of matter rarification (!!!!), that is from our own visible FIRST DIMENSION ( 3rd real) up to the SIXTH DIMENSION( 9th real).

He talks about re-incarnation but says  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about  the electromagnetic  technological soul traps  (2nd dimension)  set up by the Draconians/Cronians  all around planet earth in geostatic orbits , and about the trapped policy of successive re-incarnations and memory erasure –programming  which is enforced on every soul  of every deceased being  attempting to leave the planet  after death. The purpose of this grid of soul traps is for the Universal Organism and its anti-body centres  regarding the criminal going-ons of the local leaders ( Draconians+ Cronians) not to be alarmed , but  also to create obedient slaves-zombies controlled and programmed by Draconians via forcible technological re-incarnation into another  “ container” (body)  with previous memory erasure and newly programmed  (i.e  for any given controlled zombie of the new  royal political party in Greece namely that of  Hebrew-Saxon Glucksburgs).  Ultimately however, the Draconians will only trust ,and do trust, “ containers” of the yellow Draconian race, their own  “containers” of genetic engineering ( human-reptoids or lizard-eyed people)  that is why in “ Armageddon”  the 200,000,000 Chinese troops   (kings of the rising sun of the east) undertake this “ god-like” mission of genociding  1/3 of humanity  (see Draconian  “Apocalypse”) through war in the Chinese-Hebrew  “ Armageddon”…..and the rest 1/3 brought  about by other causes , that is 5 billion dead people in total and the survival only of  yellow China 888+ Korea 777 (with the mercy of lunar criminal pseudo-god).

In general, Collier presents a mixture of lies, semi-true and true  unimportant  information  pertaining to new-age “nirvana” rubbish without  any vital geostrategic,astrostrategic and historic information critical to the  survival of the white and black races. His main criminal purpose is to disorientate and to stupefy  the world along with the Greeks , while G.H.REES want us  on continual survival alert as well as on preservation of planetary security alert.

We sincerely doubt whether the true Andromedians would ever come into contact  with this fella!!. On the contrary, these Hellenic space heroes  ( of Hollow earth and at the orbits of Saturn)  contacted patriotic G.H.REES  30 years ago…..through NEUTRINO-NASER advanced technology  AND THROUGH  THE SOLAR LOGOS, as pre-historically, metropolitan Greece ( HELLAS) ,( LAND OF SCIENCES, THE SUN AND SOLAR LOGOS), this eternal sacred place as well as mount Olympus  were  the seat of the dominant powers  ( URANIDES-DIAS (ZEUS) DYNASTY, VARUNA “ SOLAR GODS”) and the Pelasgian empire civilisers on planet GAIA  showing  utmost respect  towards the indigenous  black “ SIRIAN” race , of  the constellation of “ Argo” ( known  ancient Greek  constellation containing Sirius and the local solar system among others, as observed by an incoming visitor).

Ever since the coming of Draconian Moon 13000 years ago however, there has been decay and a decline in the progress of the planet and the local earthly Hellenes the results of which we can see today. Collier conceals all that.

Conclusion:  He is a Draconian/Cronian agent impersonating  a representative of Andromedian forces currently stationed at the orbits of Saturn.

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