Sunday, October 28, 2012


1972: US President Nixon's with Draconian China leader Mao Che Tung- Reconstruction in the biographical televised film "Nixon".

During the meeting there is mention of the following:

MAO:"During the "revolution" had I had nuclear weapons at my disposal I would have left billions of (rebellious) Chinese to die to allow for the survival of only several millions (my obedient followers)"!!!.

The above personal incredibly cynical criminal statement (EVEN GOING AGAINST THEIR VERY OWN POPULATIONS!!!) is regarded in all probability as correct by the anthroposauric (humanoid lizzard) monster Mao,because according to the latest historical records...Mao's revolution although without nuclear weapons cost the lives of 45 million people (!!!!)....rebellious people within 4 years " (some even mention double that number of dead).

So,how do you stupid suicidal chinese-friendly half dead pseudohellenes(pseudogreeks) expect that the new socio-dicatatorial leader of the world ,China,"THE NEW (CHINESE) WORLD"-888" will have any respect for you??.

China will fuck the hell out of you just like it did with your ancient Junan ancestors (present day southern China with no such ancient Junan-Ionas-Hellene-Pelasgian left alive in the area as they were all literally mass slaughtered by the humanoid lizzards the Chinese.

It will literally annihilate you much like it is doing today WITH the black race collecting all its natural resources as this website has proved in previous postings,and later on it will slaughter you all you stupid idiots as you're planning on attacking ,you miserable pseudohellenes,as "NATO" leaders by convention and of the bankrupt Western world against a colossal 200,000,000 army of soldiers.......of the most sophisticated chinese army, with the most advanced technology either stolen or deliberately given to them by the US,Israel,Russia,etc.

Some more cynical personal dialogues of the same monster with his Hebrewsaxon Mongolian officers

Nixon and Kissinger:

Mao: "The Vietnamese and Russians are dogs"

(This should be taken very seriously by the current Russian government who again wishes to collaborate with China within the framework of "The Shanghai Pact" defensive,so that the Russian-mongols will face genocide from the Chinese-Korean axis and the white Russians from the " K.Ι.Θ.Ε.Σ.Μ " axis.

Kissinger : 'Mr president,your writings have changed the world".

Mao: " My writings are nonsense .However I want to know your secret.How is it that a fat man like yourself can get that many women?".

Kissinger: " Authority Mr president is the ultimate aphrodisiac" and they laugh away like the vampires and zombies that they trully are!!.

Nixon,at the start of his political career in the 50's and seeking power,would often call Mao a "MONSTER" but in 1972 ,under orders of his supreme master Hebrewsaxon banker Rockfeller (rightful owner of the central bank of the USA),Nixon travelled to China to hideously suck up to Chinese humanoid lizzard Mao, making a complete 180 u-turn.

So there you are,that's how power slowly and gradually passed from the Hebrewsaxon tycoons of the West to the Chinese tycoons of the East ( " Kings of the sun rise" according to the definition of the disgusting Apocalypse- Concealing) under orders of their demonic traitors Chief Rabbis.

And of course Mao along with all the supreme members of the communist party (what party?? Since it is the only dictatorial political party....LAUGH!!), all of those have always been and continue to be obedient zombies of hyperlodge "HONG" and its timeless influence on chinese authorities and the masonries of the West,read the book "Nazism: Secret society" which is recommended by G.H.REES.

This meeting along with the opening up to China was regarded as huge success of US foreign policy by the naive white and Hebrewsaxon Americans,because they thought it a nice way of tricking the former USSR and becoming the ultimate leaders of the world.

But the merciless history judged based on result shows that today the bankrupt and destitute USA and the West will soon start polishing even the shoes of the chinese dictators who will be visiting them as their masters,so that afterwards these now degraded nations will be forced into a mild provocative attack (already taking place partly along the route Iraq-Iran-Afghanistan-Eurasia) with conventional leader the fixed "Hellenic empire of Constantinople-666 on false legs,so that the ferociously attacking invading army of the "Sanghai Pact" will give priority to the genocide of the stupid half dead pseudohellenes,the white,the black,and finally INCLUDING THE GENOCIDE of the Mongolian race (Hebrews,Saxons etc) according to a criterion of racial cleansing in the 3rd world war or Chinese-Hebrew Armaggedon.


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