Wednesday, October 17, 2012

To the Board of Directors of E.N.D. (End National Debt), through the gentlemen Lambrakis and Sorras._

Readership G.H.REES., Volos, Hellas
Through the G.H.REES. representative, Karageorgiou Yannis, email: 

To the Board of Directors of E.N.D. (End National Debt), trough the gentlemen Lambrakis and Sorras

Volos, 14 October 2012._

Estimable Sirs,

We are observing with interest your titanic battle that you give for the buyout of the Greek Public Debt.
We note the following two things, of which you only know the first by half.

FIRST: It is impossible for the Greekhebrew and Greekmasonic Governments to accept to transfer the Greek Public Debt to your own hands, because the entire treasonous operation of the above mentioned treasonous Government of the Greek change-over, with outside coming orders of the hebrewmasonic overlodge West “AOA” London, subordinate to the planetary overlodge “HONG” China, intended EXACTLY to the creation of the Greek Public Debt, practically impossible to be satisfied, and destined EXACTLY to convert Greece to a blackmailed country, and destined EXATCLY to destroy for allegedly “economy reasons” the Greek Armed Forces and the Greek Police, in order for them to collapse and to be butchered from the armies of the axis “B.A.S.T./R.” – Bulgaria – Albania –Skopje – Turkey / Romania, FROM OUTSIDE, and from 450.000 armed Albanians immigrants (according to a report of General Army HQ of Greece, and of the newspaper “Macedonia” of Thessaloniki) and 600.000 armed Islamists immigrants in Greece, FROM INSIDE, according to the treasonous schemes of the American Pentagon and of the Army HQ’s of the countries of “B.A.S.T./R.”, as these schemes were notified to us from Greekamericans and others officers of American intelligence services.

SECOND: According to the above mentioned treasonous schemes of the “ally” America against the ally Greece, as members of the same defense pact “NATO”, inside 2012 (with most probable month: October) the armies of “B.A.S.T./R.” and the armed Albanians and Islamists immigrants inside Greece, are about to butcher the greek population of Northern Greece (Western Thrace – Macedonia – Southern Epirus), of Central Greece (Thessaly – Western  Mainland Greece), and insular Greece (Aegean – Ionian), except from Eastern Mainland Greece – Attica – Peloponnesus – Crete.

After this genocide of half the Greeks, the American Pentagon, under the orders of “AOA” London, is about to change policy by 180 degrees, by ordering the American Army and the rest of “NATO” to assault against the armies of “B.A.S.T./R.” by completely destructing the corresponding countries and especially Turkey, and by giving  to the Greek Domination (“Government of National Emergency” of “Golden Dawn” and of “LA.O.S.” and of “EPSILON 666” in Mystras of Peloponnese under the Denmark (DAN-MARK) hebrewsaxon pseudo-Palaiologos pseudo-Dragazis as Emperor, and under the hebrewsaxon Paul Glucksburg Holstein – DAN-MARK as chief-general and under Michaloliakos or the Turk-Albanian – mongol Karatzaferis KARA-ZAFFERI as prime-minister) the territories of the countries of “B.A.S.T./R.” and especially Constantinople.

According the above mentioned schemes of the hebrewsaxonic “AOA” London, under the commands of the Chinese “HONG”, Constantinople is planned to become the capital of the “Empire 666 Christiano-Dodecatheism” of the “Neo-Greek Byzantium”, of the “New Aquarius World Order 666”, of the “New Christ 666” Palaiologos Dragazis.

Under the commands of “HONG” and “AOA”, is planned for the “Greek Empire 666” to take over the leadership of “NATO” and to assault against the axis “R.I.C.” – Russia – Islamic Countries – China, or “Shanghai Pact” (according to international terminology), in order to give to the armies of “R.I.C.” the motivation and the “just alibi” for devastating counter-assault against the armies of “NATO” and of “SEATO”, with genocide of the unarmed populations of the countries of “NATO” and of “SEATO”, with first victims the allegedly “antichrist” “Greeks 666”.

We warn you, that because the foundation of the “Greek Empire 666”, with Constantinople as the capital, will demand enormous funds for the foundation of the new hyper-state from the scratch, the hebrewsaxonic “AOA” London which founded the “Golden Dawn” of Greece and the “EPSILON 666” of Greece and the party “LA.O.S.” of Greece, ordered the masonic nazi anti-lodge “EPSILON 666” of Greece to send to you the Hebrew origins mrs.Tzanni of the Hebrew genus Zanna, to get in contact with you, in order for you, after the genocide of half the Greece from “B.A.S.T./R.” and from armed immigrants of Greece, to deposit the enormous amount of 600 billion dollars that you have collected, initially towards the neo-nazi provocateur Government of Mystras, and finally towards the neo-nazi 666 Government of “666 SOUFI (Soufism 666: coalescence of Christianism with Dodecatheon, by “EPSILON 666”) Greek Empire Constantinople”.
In the name of Greek National Security we beg you as beggars to not deliver the above mentioned enormous amount to the “Government 666 of Mystras” and to the “Government 666 of Constantinople”, because if you act this way, instead of benefaction towards Greece as is your motive right now, you will commit the MAXIMUM ANTI-HELLENIC FELONY OF THE MILENIA, because with this way you will bankroll the foundation of a Pseudo-Hellenic Empire 666 which, has been planned from “AOA” and “HONG” to function as a genocide provocateur against “R.I.C.”, for the genocide and of the remaining half Greeks initially, and for the genocide of the Greeks all over the earth afterwards, and finally for the genocide of the entire White Race and of the Black Race, and of the White-Yellow mongols Hebrews and Saxons, from the pure Yellow Race of united “KOREA 777” and “CHINA 888”.

Further explanations about the above mentioned annihilation geostrategics of China and Korea against all the other terrestrial races, please refer to the webpage “Hellen and Chaos”
( ) (

We wish, for the Intelligent Universal Organism, or Supreme Universal God Pan, of whom you are and we are functioning cells, to enforce you in your battle for the survival of the Helladic and of the Ecumenical Hellenism._

With maximum honor and discrimination,

Karageorgiou Yannis, analyst of Geostrategics, Representative of G.H.REES., Group of Hellenic Reestablishment, Volos, Hellas._


Hellas – End National Debt – ELLAS NEVER DIE!!! Respond of the local political masons traitors: “We do not want to change our (chinesehebrew) bosses!!!”

USD$50 billion dollar sovereign loan to the Republic of Cyprus for 100 years

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