Friday, October 26, 2012


USA: " Chinese mobile telephony providers suspected (dangerous) of espionage!!"

The American information commission demands their banning from the American market.

The companies in question are ZTE and Huawei telecommunications equipment companies
(political,defense and industrial),top firms in China which have infiltrated Greece already through
the buy-out (that is,the unfair handover) of OTE by DEUTSCHE TELECOM,which is also practiced by WIND and VODAFONE.ZTE and Huawei modem routers as well as mobile telephony devices have innundated the telecommunications market of Greece.At least they have already been noticed
in the USA and are on the lookout.See our link below relative to the matter:

Lazaridis is messing with Big Brother and his country disowns him:

American Hewelett-packard displaced by Chinese Lenovo.

The Chinese invading the American political scene!!
Chinese-Americans determined to elect their own ministers in the upcoming November elections
They want to dominate through the inside the US political scene( as they did with Germany) preparing
the ground for military invasion.

Why the US needs chinese investment

Americans fear the Chinese

 The Chinese infiltration into the US is very carefully planned.Therefore education constitutes the
number one target for invasion/infiltration.Although an extremely serious issue ,it is rarely promoted/advertised.At this very moment,with the US on the brink of economic collapse,
the educational institutions funded by the states themselves and not by the federal government,
have gone bankrupt.The Chinese seized the chance and now it's them funding the US educational
institutions.Already the learning of Chinese has become compulsory in some states!.
As for Chinese-A merican students,they have multiplied,enjoying strong financial sponsoring
from mother China,they enter the top US institutions,excel and are then promoted to primary
key posts.That is the right process for a take-over!.
Be on the lookout for any news on this matter,as it constitutes a prologue to any future
developments in Europe.

Undermining the future:

English vs Chinese,a "conflict" for the"language of the future"

China-sponsored language programs in U.S. raise concerns, hopes

U.S. Schools to enforce students must learn in Chinese

More U.S. Highschool Kids Are Picking up Chinese Language

The U.S.-China E-Language Project: A Study of a Gaming Approach to English Language Learning for Middle School Students

U.S. Education Reform and National Security

Welcome to the Harvard China Fund


China 'to overtake US on science' in two years
This is a 2011 estimate.With the advent of technology the two years are reduced to one.That is 
towards the end of 2012....

China preparing to buy out....Europe:

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