Friday, July 1, 2011


As a proof for Nikola Sarkozi's government with the Chinese is the below publication which refers to the candidacy of Christine Langarde, today's minister of economics in France, fully supported by the Chinese! The announcement was made by the puppet government!

The article follows:

The Chinese vote for Langarde

"China supports the French minister of economics, Christine Langarde, as the candidate for the leadership of the International Monetaru Fund, according to the French government announcement.

This move, once verified, strongly increases the chanced of ms Langarde to succeed Dominic Straus Khan.

The French minister of economics has been proven the most solid candidate for the replacement os Straus Khan, who resigned last week and faces charges on attempt of rape.

"We have a European consent" the representative of the French government, Francois Baruen, announced on the radio station Europe One when asked about Langarde taking on the position.

"The euro needs our attention, we need the European support, the Chinese support Christine Langarde's candidancy", he added.

The ministry of foreign affairs of Chima reported that it has no comment as to if Beijing decides to support the French minister of economics."

From the article above it becomes obvious that Sarkozi trapped Dominic Straus Khan in order to perform the will of his masters. We can also say that DSK wad "sacrificed" consciously so that Langarde would be promoted to his position with the blessings of the Chinese Dragon. The association of the Chinese in all the strategic matters of countries of Asia, Europe and America is so obvious, to the point that their will is announced by the French government!

Be joyful good slave Sarkozi, your services will be promptly and richly rewarded by your masters. No matter how much you may receive, your future is already predetermined along with every conscious traitor of the planet; you sick short lackey of China with delusions of greatness.

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(DSK leaving the U.S. would go to meet Merkel to discuss the possible bailout of the so-called PIGS. The meeting never happened.)

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