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True History about Papadopoulos patriotic Government 1967-1973 and today's chaos of the so called "democrats"

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so you propose to give trust to those who explain nothing when you refer to the dictatorship. as greeks we know well that it was imposed with help of US and israel, the kings were not greeks and that papadopoulos and company never supported cyprus. in addition, they tortured the best of their compatriots and spread terror ignorance and total lack of freedom. if you want to seem more serious, give your sources in detail instead of doing that preeching about ungratefulness because you`re totally vulgar and self contradicting. it`s fear hatred and enormous ego that destroys everything.

BLOG's answer:

Quick response to the above.
Don't eat the hebrewsaxonic leftists propaganda-lie about the alleged US+israel supported greek junta government (1967-1973). You call it "lack of sources" and "lack of evidence". I call it "You are ignorant". With a little research you could easily find in our greek language version blog the recent statements of the famous official pilot of Onassis and also pilot of the traitor King Constantinos Glucksburg during his trip to the USA in 1967. US President Johnson himself ordered Glucksburg to overthrow the alleged "American supported" Papadopoulos government! Now, what about the Masons Generals coup d'etat attempt by Peridis and the..."Hellen" Esserman? They were also in the Glucksburg/USA/Israel faction. Papadopoulos blocked 2 TIMES (in 1967 and in 1973) the American-NATO air-corridors for military help towards Israel during the Israeli-Arab collusion wars with higher sinozionistic purpose to ignite Armageddon in 1975 (See Jehovah Witnesses Famous "Prophecy"). Papadopoulos foiled with the above actions of him the ignition to world war III. So who is the American-Israeli controlled now? Glucksburg/MasonsGenerals or Colonel Papadopoulos? The patriotic Government (1967-1973) with the help of the brilliant Economist of the Team-Papagos, super-minister Spiros Markezinis, brought to Greece an unprecendented Economical Growth while the today's treasonous Greekhebrew so called "good democratic" Governments of "PASOK" and "New Democracy" robed,wiped-out and completely destroyed the Greek Economy and infrastructure. You say about freedom. Were is freedom today? They try to impose to us the "(Slave)Citizen Electronic Id Card" with the chip bearing the "Barcode-666 number" in order to control and genocide us. Where is the freedom today when we have no education, no jobs, no economy, when we have robbers fraud politicians, when we have no army and security, and no national independence and pride? In only 30 years the so called "good free democrats" mananged and destroyed everything and every economical growth that Markezinis achieved during the years 1967-1973.
So wake up from you hebrewmasonic communist sleep of "Karl Marx or Mardochai" and face the cold logical truth. History is judged from the result. And the result is that today Greece with the help of the so called "good democratic" governments is close to bankrupcy and complete annihilation.
For more Study the following links if you know the Greek language:

And especially the latest post:

Additional answer about Cyprus.

Cyprus was not betrayed by Papadopoulos.
Cyprus was betrayed by the traitor greekhebrew Yovanovits-Ioannides shadow(Zionist)-dictator who had as close relative a mossad agent named Alzarakis or Al Lazar, and who managed to overthrow Papadopoulos in 1973 with the American-Zionist staged Polytechneio Revolts, because Markezinis and Papadopoulos said one month before a 2nd brave heroic "NO" to US+NATO requests for air-corridors military help through Greece towards Israel in the staged Yom Kippur war, as "Negative" answers that Papadopoulos gave in order to avoid the escalation to Armageddon 1973-1975, because if was engaged NATO in favor of Israel then it surely would also engage and Warsaw Pact in favor of Arabs and World War III would realized in 1975 as was prophesized (read: programmed) by the sinozionistic headquarters of "Jehowah's Witnesses" - Olam Berith - Benen Berith.
Cyprus was also betrayed by the turk-hebrew democrat Kara-Aman-Alis because when "Attilas-2" happened and the Turks were again massively attacking to gain the half of the Island (as was pre-agreed with the collusion of Britain+USA), Karamanlis refused to counter-attack Turkey and to give GreekCypriots a Massive Greek Military Support under the ridiculus treasonous public excuse that ..."Cyprus was very far away"!!!

For the Record:
Blog "Hellen and Chaos" and G.H.REES are not Democratic Media and Organization.
Contrary to Popular belief (Propaganda) Democracy was never an Hellenic invention.

Democracy was invented in 600B.C. by the Hebrew-semitic Gefyrean municipality of Athens after the murdering of the worthy leaders Pisistratides by two hebrews homosexuals.
Blog "Hellen and Chaos" and G.H.REES are Aristo-cratic Media and Organization meaning the Natural regime which is governed by the "Aristos" meaning the worthy one in Mind-Patriotic Feeling-Strength who is elected after special Duels-Fights. Ancient Hellenic Archetype True Olympic Games (Duels) were done exactly in order to elect those Worthy-Ones Kings and Leaders of the Hellenic City-States.
According to the best regime-analyst ancient Hellen philosopher Aristotle, Democracy is against Nature and the worst regime that can ever exist and is the degeneration of Politeia.

For more study the following link:
If you don't know greek find a translator or use Google auto-translate:


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