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Conclusions of G.H.REES. research projects regarding the archbishop's staff and other information.

The archbishop's staff has two dragons on it, which not only are a mirror of each other, they don't simply stare at each other, but they also twist. One rotates clockwise and the other counter-clockwise, both looking toward the middle cross.

This is mainly the Chinese Draconian mutation-perversion of the ancient Hellenic emblem of the Trilateral Universal Structure. According to it, on the left part there should be a clockwise quad-ray (a symmetrical cross) and on the right side there should be a counter-clockwise quad-ray. Both of them twist/rotate toward the center where they “crown” the “Apollonean” center which is the neutral symmetrical quad-ray, also known as the “mirror Epsilons”.

Therefore the symbol of the archbishop's staff of Orthodoxy/maybe-sophic/bad-sophic and all of the Christian dogmas that are enforced upon the white Andromedan Pelasgian and the black Serian race mean that:


De-Symbolism of Emblem (Part A)

De-Symbolism of Emblem (Part B)

“This entire Trilateral Universal Function, the clockwise quad-ray, the middle Apollonean “mirror Epsilon”-symmetrical cross and the counter-clockwise quad-ray, FROM NOW ON WILL BE RULED BY THE CHINESE DRAGON, under a perverted and cancerous function of the two unnatural poles – Dragons of the left and right hand” with the sole intention the gradual genocide of the Hellenic white and the Sirian black race through an ideological confusion – civil wars – decline – perversion of their archetypes – loss of their historic and pehistoric memory etc.

This is the meaning that hides behind the Christian archbishop's staff.

It can also be related with the following:

Part of a 5th Generation text from G.H.REES. toward the magazine “Diavlos Epsilon”:

10/Lie, page 278 (of the book of the Theosophic deceiver Panagiotis Toulatos):
“The E intervention, the sinners and the purge are extracted from the Hebraic texts of the Old Testament, Jeremiah, Iezekhiel, Baruch (!) mixed with Hellenic texts of Plato, Aristotle, Plutarch, Iamvlyxhos and Diodoros the Sicilian. (A Christian-twelve god Soufi Mayonnaise)

G.H.REES. response:

Truth: The Hebrews, as described in their texts, have absolutely no friendly relationship with the Andromedan Hellenes as space “E”. On the contrary, they are enemies.
Proof: In the Old Testament, Book of Numbers, ka 6-9 “Lord” Yahweh-Sin sends snakes to punish the undisciplined Jews. Later on, the same “Lord” suggest as an antidote to the poison a copper snake – savior, upon the view of which the snake-bitten Jews would be healed. The copper snake was raised horizontally and in a cross-like position upon a vertical pole. Moses and the copper snake are considered by the Christian priest orders as symbols of Jesus Christ. And then we are supposed to think that Yahweh and Jesus are... friends of the “E” and enemies of the (constellation of the) Snake. Enough with this genocidal mocking of the Pelasgians. The intelligent reader understands.

The Croneans and not the Uranid-Zeus cooperate with the Draconians of the Snake Constellation (and Draco Constellation).

DIAVLOS EPSILON - 5th Generation and the response to one of the lies of the book of Toulatos:

As far as the “888” of the Chinese Dragon goes, this is the key-number-word of the word Jesus – J’E’S’U’S’ (ΙΗΣΟΥΣ)¨
Ι’(10) + Η’(8) + Σ’(200) + Ο’(70) + Υ’(400) + Σ’(200) = 888

Of course, it is said from... above, that the stinky demonic Draconian monks spread rumors that Alexander the Great found the city of “OPIS” when he entered deep into Asia and renamed it to “OPI” (hole - ΩΠΗ) so that the key-number-word may appear like:
Ω’(800) + Π’(80) + Η’(8) = 888 (!)

If that is true then we have yet one more proof that even the great military leader of the Greeks, Alexander the Great was under the influence of the satanic priest orders of the Draconian Moon and this proves that his campaign toward the depths of Asia was a well planed timeless Draconian provocation “Dang Nach Osten” (G.H.REES. 1999 – 2012 THIRD WORLD WAR of the Western Tiger (666) versus the Eastern Dragon (888) had only one goal: to provoce the counter attack of China later on with Mongol hordes of the following historic strategy:
“One step toward the East for the white race through Alexander, two steps toward the west for the Mongol hordes”.

Some spread rumors that the Dragon-shaped archbishop's staff comes from the Illyrian Emperors. As far as those emperors are concerned, they were only a small group of the Byzantine emperors. And of course, we do not mean Albanian emperors, but mere emperors of Constantinouple who originated from Illyria. Of course there were other groups as well. One of them was the Spanish with famous Greek-hating Byzantine emperors like Theodosius etc. Conclusively, the Albanians should stop spreading wanking lies and support idiotic claims like former Byzantium lands and the “Two-headed Eagle” that they have on their flag. Those are Albano-Mongol bullshit of the Chinese Turkestan and of... Jengis Khan.

If any of that were true, then the Spanish people would also lay claims due to the Spanish emperors that ruled Byzantium. And there were more. Goths, Visigoths, Germans etc.

Every single one of them was -of course- with Jewish double origin, such as Spanish-Jews, German-Jews etc.

As far as the turtle shaped Statue of the Dragon goes; a statue with feet of turtle that end up to dragon nails, dragon feet basically, with a neck and head that form a latin “S”, basically dragon neck and dragon head. This is what Giscard d'Estaing placed forth in his speech when he presented the finished draft of the European Constitution!
The main statue lies in the Forbidden City of Beijing, in the palace of the Chinese Emperors. These days, Chinese merchants sell this statuette as a tourist souvenir. That's what Giscard d'Estaing had in his hands. Just observe the eyes of this shit faced French-Jew, Mongol-form, chief mason ex president of France. He looks like a Chinese faggot.

During his presentation, he took the dragon turtle statue out and in his prologue he stated:

"We thank this (statue of Dragonturtle!), because it faithfully led us from the age of the Chinese Emperors (6000 years ago) to today (!). It knew from the start where it was taking us".
Those were the words of the genocidal antihellenic mongolic shitface.

Besides being the ultimate emblem-statue-symbol of the Chinese Emperors and the leading Draconian masonic hyper-lodge HONG, it is highly likely that this could be Yahweh's-Sin-Sion-Sina-Jedi-Sendai-Shitai real form. This means that the the Mongol Sephardic Giscard d'Estaing was not thanking the earthly supervisor HONG, but the Moon hyper-supervisor Sin-Sion; a Dragon-monstrous form to the honor of whom China (like Turkey) built its flag with the half moon and the star within a blood colored background as a symbol of genocide and war versus the "foreign" black and white race.

This is what the great statue represents, Sin – Sion – Sina (China), the animal-beast-monster with the turtle shell and the neck-head and feet of a Dragon, which lies today in the Imperial Palace of the “Forbidden” city of Beijing. Of course, these are parts where people and tourists may visit for a price.

So basically, indirectly through Giscard d'Estaing's statements, we have the form of Sin-Sion-Sina-Jendai-Sendai, and the surrounding monsters and satans of the Draconian Moon.

Chinese Dogma of Tiger and Dragon

Devised by the the Chinese Draconian earth and space deputies, in plain words it says that the West is the Tiger and China is the Dragon. First they orchestrate, through the cooperative Masonic-religious orders (HONG+ZEN+AOA+OTO+MTM+BENEN BERITH), a provocation through a weak attack of the Tiger against the Dragon and eventually the Dragon counter attacks and destroys everything.

But you may keep on sleeping as you've been very well familiar with, neo-Greeks, the... great president Barack Obama or Baruch Obama told you that the “blue” pill (of sleep) works better than the “red” (of painful awakening)... Go now... what are you waiting for? Are you still awake? To bed, quickly!

Eat, fuck, shit and sleep! All is well! The Chinese... loves you:




All-time Reptilian Draconian genoicidal Chinese versus Greece (Yunnan), White and Black humanity

Pseudo-Palaiologos, Hebrew-Saxon Mongol Yohan (King John) Dan Christiansen is promoted by the “Epsilon-666” of “LAOS”

Regarding a publication of A1 news paper (ΞΕ-ΚΙΝΑ > Move on with China) and the Dogma of Tiger and Dragon of the Dracoinan Sin – Sion – Sina - China

The verification of G.H.REES.: The provocateur – Nazi role of Karazafuhrer. He blindly follows the schedule of the masonc A.O.A. Of London

G.H.REES. IA' 1989


  1. is god hu the same as yahwe=sin=jedi?

  2. Yes he is.
    he is in a serpent form..
    maybe same is the etymology human => hu-man meaning the beings genetically engineered with serpent draconian DNA combined with elements from gaia: Chinese & mongols.