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The Galactic (Andromedian) Government with an assault combat Starfleet of 960 multidimensional war-planets of visible 1st up to invisible 6th (3rd up to 9th real) dimensions of matter rarification  (currently stationed at the orbit of planet Saturn) has the following main mission objectives:

1. To disarm and remove with safety from our solar system the dragonian spacebandits flagships Levan(Moon) and Lilith (dark glossy second titanium moon behind Moon) and to disarm and remove with safety from our solar system and the rest Dragonian/Cronian(Savaothian) mutinous Starfleet (118 titanium war-planets of visible 1st dimension currently stationed at the orbit of planet Jupiter. See: 118 new irregulars’ satellites of Jupiter).

2. To reconstruct the (8th) destroyed by the Dragonians planet “Phaethon” between Mars and Jupiter (todays asteroid belt. The planet Phaethon ex-colony of the Pleadians-Mayas was destroyed by the Dragonians spacebandits in order for them to steal more quickly the titanium, mining it from the asteroids of the destroyed planet)

3. To restore into natural expanding, the now shrinking orbits of the solar system planets which are now falling catastrophically towards our Sun (See: Titius-Bode Law of the 12 Harmonics Orbits, and the Maya Calendar) because of the 13500 years presence of the heavyweight un-natural criminal Dragonian astrofleet.

4. By arriving in Earth of the visible 1st Dimension (3rd real) the Galactic Government has a primary mission objective of annihilating completely and swiftly and totally alone, the Dragonian Chinese-Korean Army and to later gradually deport (possibly through sterilization) the entire Dragonian Chinese and Korean populations of the Planet, as the Second Extermination of the “Dinosaurs” after the first extermination 65 million years ago that was also done by the Andromedian Federal Astrofleet.
(IMPORTANT NOTE: The destruction of the Chinese-Korean Army will be done exclusively by the Andromedian Federal Astrofleet and it is strictly forbidden for any other country to take part in this mission objective by invading of their armies In the Chinese territories).

5. One mission objective is also to re-unite us with the colonies of the 70 billion inhabited planets of our Milky Way Galaxy with analogue anthropology, by restoring anthropity as Healthy-Heroic Cells of the Universal Organism and in favor of the Ecology of the Planets.

6. Purification of the Planet Earth from Radioactive and rest pollution.

7. Possible extermination and of the rest Dragonian Fauna and Flora (Reptiles, Cacti, etc)

8. In case the white-yellow and black-yellow racially intermixed 50% semi-dragonians Mongols, choose to commit lifelong “Acts of Expiation” and choose to take the white or black part of their intermixing against the yellow dragonian part of their intermixing, then they will be allowed to survive and co-exist peacefully with the rest White + Black Races of Planet “Earth”. In other case they will be exterminated and expelled from the planet, together with the Dragonians Chinese and Koreans populations (888+777).

9. Deport of the majority of pseudo-neoGreeks in areas northern of Danube, due to almost complete treason of the neoGreeks and due to their lack of interest for their National Security and for the Planet Security and Survival, and due to their Philo-Dragonian, Philo-Cronian tendencies, and due to severe enmities against the Andromedian Hellenocentric G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic and Planet Restoration) which acts as terrestrial strategic advanced post of the Galactic Government.

10. Possible settling in the Metropolitan Greece (Hellas) with Renewed Hellenic-Soul Populations originating from the Constellation of Andromeda.
Central Command of the Planet: MOUNT OLYMPUS.
Complete Restoration of Pre-Lunar Hellenic Universal Trilateral Command:
Iolkos (Hera) – Delos (Apollo)  - Pergamus (Zeus).

11. Continuation of life in Earth in sustained balanced civilizations harmonized with Nature (Ecology) of the Healthy trilateral Universal Function:  (Sciences – Fine Arts – Technology) with maximum priority care for the Environment and with main Law:
“Do not act to other beings with ways that you don’t want to happen to you”.

12. Interstellar voyages of selected Earthlings to far reaching Worlds for the direct contact with the Galactic Society of the 70 billion inhabited planets of our Galaxy.

These were the main mission objectives of the Galactic Government
(Command Center of inspissations : 800 light years from “Earth”)

But in order for all these to be realized, must first surrender under no terms the Dragonian/Cronian mutinous Starfleet and must admit their failure in the geostrategic field of Complete Chinese Dominance, and must admit to commit lifelong “Acts of Expiation” acording to the Galactic Law, in far reaching Solar Systems and in Maximum Security Prison-Planets far away from the Critical Vital Importance Hyper-Solar-System of Sirius-Hyperion-Coccyx of the Universal Organism (Distance: “only” 8 light years from “Earth”)!!!

Already the Galactic Government mainly after Year 2003 has arrived in Earth’s lithosphere inductively with invisible Neutrino sub-ships and crews of higher dimensions of matter rarification which conduct : meteorological-biological-geotectonic-electromagnetic-War against the insubordinate Dragonian Governments (666-777-888) of the Planet which blackmail the Galactic Government with the Third World War (Chinese-Hebrew “Armageddon”) of the Complete Genocide of the White and Black Races and of the Complete Dominance of the Yellow Dragonian Race!!!
In the Year 2003 such invisible Neutrino sub-ships of the Galactic Government destroyed the Space Shuttle “Columbia” using a Spiral Thunder (of Zeus) M.A.S.A.R. of Anti-matter absorption. Columbia had as its passenger the “Israeli pilot Ramon” and its debris were brought down over a small city in USA which is named “Palestine”!!!
This exemplary punishment – show of Force, was done due to the persistence of the Dragonians to ignite World War 3 through the Invasion of Iraq and Preparation of Asia(Afghanistan, N.Korea, etc).

The Dragonians Spacebandits have also planted subterranean Nuclear Weapons in Planet “Earth” and inside the rest seven (7) internal planets and satellites of their dominance  and are blackmailing the Galactic Government with Exploding them in case of a general assault of the Galactic Government, thus must firstly be executed operations to disarm and neutralize the threat of these subterranean nuclear warheads.
This last final blackmail of the Dragonian Spacebandits is analogue to the “Suicide Exit” that attempt the panicked bandits of a bank who are being pressured and tightly encircled by the (Galactic) Police !!!
Thus it is needed to be done wise maneuvers in order to avoid this “Suicide exit” which will severely dramatize the already dramatic status of our semi-destroyed Solar System, a thing that will then need three times multiple actions of Celestial Mechanics in order to reconstruct the internal destroyed Planets…

The Federal Andromedians have already delivered the Strategic Hyper-Technology of Passive(Diopters and Telescopes and receivers) and Active(Directed Energy Beam) super-weapons of Neutrino-NASERS to the G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic and Planet Restoration).
Finally, will be applied gradually in planet “Earth” several measures of Planetary Justice Restoration, after 13500 years of hideous crimes and genocides and disasters which caused the Dragonian Moon, The Dragonian Chinese and their Mongolian Touranian intermixing subraces.


End star wars—Stop WWIII. ------- Ultra urgent message of planetary security Special responsibilities for the Russian government ------- To the government members of all nations , U.N/O.N.U member states, via their embassies in Greece.

Group of Hellenic Re-Establishment (G.H.REES) to the Greek (Hellenic) authorities and Greek citizens across Greece (Hellas) , as well as Greek compatriots abroad, pertaining to astrostrategics, geostrategics, and Greek national strategics.


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