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From G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic Re-establishment ). Ultra urgent message of Greek national security , emergency situation, virtually under siege, and on the verge of attack from five (5) Balkan nations against Greece by 16/4/2017. B.A.S.T.R ( BULGARIA-ALBANIA-SKOPJE-TURKEY-ROMANIA) axis against Greece.

From G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic Re-establishment ).

Ultra urgent message of Greek national security , emergency situation, virtually under siege, and on the verge of attack from five (5) Balkan nations against Greece by 16/4/2017. B.A.S.T.R ( BULGARIA-ALBANIA-SKOPJE-TURKEY-ROMANIA)  axis against Greece.

‘’Balkanian geostrategics’’ . Sole responsibility  of G.H.REES prytaneum, Athens.

‘’ On 15/3/2017 , Greek-American staff of various American intelligence services informed G.H.REES Athens that American satellites have detected rapid mobilisation/restructuring of the armies of the 1st army brigade of Constantinople, and the 4 ofth army brigade of Smyrna , or ‘’Aegean brigade’’. The specialization of the Turkish units , following the restructuring of the above Eastern Turkish brigades, indicate the preparatory movements for an invasion of the Turkish army of western Greek Thrace by way of the Evros river and the Strymonas valley from Bulgarian territory, as well as Turkish naval operations on the shores of western Greek Thrace and the islands of Rhodes, Kos, Castelloriso and rest of the Dodecanese, as the first stage of the invasion…..

From recorded information of American military intelligence services (DIA) regarding Turkish army communications along with the three Turkish corps , it is concluded that the planned military assault of Turkey against Greece is to take place no later than 16 April 2017, the same day of the Turkish referendum.

Similar unusual activity of restructuring of military units has been detected by American satellites in the armed forces of Albania-Skopje-Bulgaria , as well as in the Turkish brigade units stationed in the above three countries.

Telecommunications of the military commands of the above three countries were also recorded by US ‘’DIA’’, from which it is inferred that the military units of these three countries are indeed collaborating to launch an attack against Greek territories by 16 April 2017.

At the  Turkish naval stations of the Aegean as well as in the Albanian naval base at Dyrrachion , it was also recorded by US satellites unusual activity of loading logistics equipment and weaponry onto the Turkish navy vessels ,frigates, submarines , landing craft all anchored there.  Similarly, the US satellites recorded a convoy of Turkish military vehicles out of the 1st Turkish army corps at Constantinople and terminating at army camps of the above three countries. Similar Turkish convoys were recorded leaving Constantinople and terminating at a Romanian navy yard.

It is therefore inferred by G.H.REES, that the B.A.S.T.R axis is preparing a military assault against Greece , by 15-16/4/2017, a day of both the ‘’Orthodox’’ and ‘’Catholic’’ Easter , but also a day of reckless drinking, sleeping , meat –eating ,and generally a  state of lethargic sleep and recklessness of the Greeks.

The above mentioned Greek-Americans also informed G.H.REES Athens that the outcome of the recordings of the American satellites and US government agencies did not cause the slightest stir amongst the intended recipients of these recordings, that is , ‘’DIA’’ (DEFENCE INTELLIGENCE SERVICES) , and the American Pentagon . Instead, they were registered in the above two agencies as ‘’ A successful development of Balkanian Party 1 operation”!!!.

The ‘’Balkanian Party 1’’ operation plan was conceived by the American Pentagon itself in collaboration with Turkish army High command staff , and pertains to the final and complete planning of the military attack and invasion of the armies of the B.A.S.T.R axis into Greece.
The ‘’Balkanian Party 1’’ plan constitutes the first stage of the more general ‘’ Balkanian Party’’ scheme, and is made up of four operational sub-plans. ‘’Balkanian Party 2’’ pertains to ‘’NATO’’ military operations aimed at the complete destruction-dismantling of the Turkish state and the distribution of its territories among Greece, Kurdistan, Armenia and Greek-Pontiac sovereignty. It also pertains to the dismantling of the armies of B.A.S.T.R and the distribution of their territories in the sovereignty of ‘’The Greek Imperium’’, with Constantinople as its capital ( ‘’Pseudo-empire of the New Byzantium 666’’, as the planned leader of both NATO+SEATO against the ‘’Shanghai Pact’’ or ‘’R.I.C’’ trilateral axis: Russia-Siitic Islam-China, for the ultimate  genocide of ALL peoples of the West by the counter-attacking armies of ‘’R.I.C’’ , or ARMAGEDDON).

The ‘’Balkanian sub-party 2’’ plan has been programmed to be carried out in parallel with the ‘’Arabian Love’’ plan which pertains to NATO military operations for the overthrow of the royal houses and governments of Sounitic Islamic states (Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, etc), and their replacement with ‘’Siitic’’ pseudo-islamic crypto-Hebrew governments , much like those of Iran, Pakistan, and Iraq.

Therefore, with the upcoming military assault of the B.A.S.T.R axis against Greece across the entire perimetre of the Greek land as well as sea borders by 16/4/2017, it is absolutely and deviously half-true and against Greek national security the announcement in the Greek  ‘’Eleytheri Ora’’ newspaper of 17/3/2017 in an  article titled : ‘’ The CIA discloses the sultan’s war plans’’, on page 6, in which it reads that ‘’ according to our well-informed sources, the CIA  agency in Athens firmly believes that Erdogan is determined to land Turkish forces on Greek islands and smaller inlets , before the referendum of 16/4/2017 for the reviewing of the Turkish constitution. The false aspect that there are ‘’Turkish’’ islands ‘’occupied’’ by Greece in the Aegean, will be the excuse for Turkish special forces units to invade Greek islands and islets’’.

The above traitorous  half-true news deviously downgrades the REAL DANGER which is the ‘’ Attack and invasion of the armies of B.A.S.T.R throughout the entire perimetre of the Greek borders’’,  to the smaller danger of ‘’ an invasion –attack of the Turkish army against a small number of Greek islands and islets’’, so that the Greek armed forces will not take the appropriate defence measures against attacks across the entire perimetre of the Greek borders , and so that the forces of B.A.S.T.R will succeed in invading Greece by 16 April 2017.!!!!.

In the same newspaper article of 17/3/2017, ‘’ELEYTHERI ORA’’ ( a black  nazi masonry tool of the ‘’Greek Theosophic Society’’, founded and run by ‘’AOA’’ and ‘’OTO’’ Hebrew-saxon lodges of London), on page 7, writes in an article titled : ‘’Putin : Erdogan will hit Greece during Good week’’, that  according to the Russian ‘’Valndai’’ club and member of the Russian academy of science Vlandislav Belof’s statements , a Putin co-operative, the ‘’war between Turkey and Greece will break out suddenly prior to the Turkish referendum on 16/4/2017. Erdogan will attack and take over 2 or 3 Greek islands in the Aegean , keeping in mind that the Greece will  not counter-attack but rather will take the matter to the United Nations for a ‘’peaceful resolution’’!!!.’’.  G.HREES’S comment : How is it possible for Greece to counter-attack since ‘’prime minister’’ Chipras is a Turkish-Hebrew, and when the ‘’ minister of Defence’’ Kammenos is a loyal Hebrewsaxon CIA agent??.

A further comment : Washington and Moscow collusively and in order to put the Greek armed forces to sleep both agree that “ the Turkish military attack against Greece will take place only to take over 2 or 3 Greek islands of the Aegean’’, meaning Rhodes, Kos or Castelloriso, while at the same time aiming at the detachment of the Greek exclusive economic zone of Greece and Cyprus, and the increase of the Turkish exclusive economic zone , with the intention of increasing its hydrocarbon deposits .

Proof as to the above mentioned ‘’collusion’’ between Washington and Moscow against Greece:
For one thing , the USA are known to function as the ‘’Great Israel’’ , which needs no further looking into!. What is not known is that Russia, following the Hebrew-Mongolian ethnic ‘’revolution of 1917’’ , has functioned and still continues to function as the ‘’Great Israel 2’’.

Readers of this article may be directed to : website where they can read that a Hebrew chief Rabbi in Russia publicly stated that ‘’ there are 500,000 Jews in Russia and from here we rule Russia’’.

In addition, traitorous Hebrewmason ‘’ELEYTHERI ORA’’ newspaper  is constantly promoting ‘’King Constantine’’ as the new ruler in Greece with headlines like: ‘’ Putin and Trump both vote for King Constantine in Greece’’, ‘’Queen Elisabeth also wants King Constantine in Greece’’, that is the former King of Greece King Constantine B’ of the Hebrewsaxon family of Sachsen-Oldenburg-Sondenburg-Schleswig-Holstein-Glucksburg-Gottorp (Hettaian).

So this is what ALL of the above mentioned ‘’Phillellenes’’ , Americans, Russians, English, and Hebrew Holstein share in common in terms of politics and country of origin.

A…In past texts , G.H.REES proved the Hebrew-Mongolian descent of Vlandimir Putin , the Hebrew gender of Putiani or Putjastin of Karelia Finland.
B…Donald Trump’s daughter is married to a Hebrew American billionaire. Trump appointed  Hebrew Goldman Sachs former managing director as his minister of finance.
C…Queen Elisabeth of England hails from the Hebrew-Mongolian house of ‘’ Sachs Coenburg Gottha  (Hettaians)’’ or ‘’ Sachscoburg Gottha”, concealed behind the non-existent house of ‘’Windsor’’.

It is taken into account that ALL prime ministers of Greece after WWII, with the only exception of Metaxas, A.Papagos, and G.Papadopoulos , have always been paid traitors of Jewish descent , such as:
Karamanlis, Rallis-Raoul, A.Papandreou-Mineiko, Simitis-Avouri, G.Papandreou Mineiko Chidenbaum, Mitsotakis Ben-Shalom Benizel, G. Papandreou senior 1967, A. Chipras (a Turkish Hebrew).

It is proven then that ALL the above traitors conspired and colluded with the Communist Party in Greece (KKE) , founded by Thessaloniki Hebrew Abraaham Benaroya, and gradually brought chaos and instability to Greece through economic  disaster, dismantling of the Greek armed forces and the Greek Police. Their ultimate intention has always been , the breaking up of Greece by the Mongolian B.A.S.T.R axis on the one hand, and on the other to traitorously and deviously collude and conspire with the Holstein Glucksburg Hebrew-Mongols , the ‘’Great Israel’’ of the USA, the ‘’Great Israel 2 of Russia’’, and the Hebrew-run European Union (Great Israel3) of the Hebrews Baroso-Barouch-Varouch, Daisen-Blum etc, and to establish the ‘’New Greek-Byzantine empire of Constantinople 666’’, so that it will then function as the leader of ‘’NATO’’ and ‘’SEATO’’ to attack against the Asian R.I.C trilateral (Russia-Islam-China), in order for China to massively counter-attack and genocide the white nations of the West in WWIII after 2020.

According to ‘’ELEYTHERI ORA’’ newspaper, Russian professor at the university of Saint Petersburg, Alexander Dugin persuaded Putin to found the ‘’Russian-Touranian empire’’, because , as is known to linguists, the Mongolian languages like Russian and Slavic are called ‘’Touranian languages’’, while according to ethnology experts all Mongolian nations are called ‘’Touranian nations’’.

The above mean that the white-yellow Mongols and Jews of Russia are planning the total genocide of the white Russian race as the ultimate and final genocide of the white Russians by the Hebrew-Mongols organized by the Hebrews of Russia, and executed during the ‘’ 1917 revolution’’ , falsely referred to as ‘’a revolution of the social classes’’ when in reality it was a genocide of the white Russian people by the white-yellow Mongols of Russia.

Since, racially the white-yellow Mongols of the B.A.S.T.R axis are identical to present-day white-yellow Hebrew-Mongols ruling Russia, hence the current ‘’hostilities’’ between Russia and Turkey are nothing but a huge bluff against Greece. This is further enhanced by the traitorous collusion of the AGIO OROS monks in northern Greece who ‘’predict’’ that Orthodox Russia will aid and save Greece in the upcoming Greek-Turkish war, when the Turkish army invades Greece, as it is God’s Will!!!!, for half the Greek population to be genocided , while the rest will establish the traitorous ‘’ Empire of Constantinople 666” with the help of the three ‘’Great Israels’’ the USA, Russia and  the ‘’European Union’’.

This false ‘’empire’’ is to have ‘’Christian-Dodecatheon 666’’ as its main religion , while they hunt down the Mongolian Turks all the way to their last hideaway in the Chinese desserts , home of the ‘’UIGUR Turks’’ of China. China and rest of ‘’R.I.C’’ will then denounce the above military invasion as ‘’cause’’ of     WWIII against Greece and rest of the West , and will counter-attack and genocide the white nations of the West with Greece first up for genocide, in a huge planetary repeat of Asia Minor Ionian genocide in 1922.

In order for ‘’God’s will’’ to take place (‘’God’’ referring to Sin-Sion-Sina-Sendai-Jedi-Jade-Jude-Jehova, supreme God of the Chinese as the ‘’Dragon ‘’ nation and space invader into our solar system originating in the constellation of Draco,  ‘’Father’’ of Jewish-Christian religion, of the ‘’Holy Trinity’’, and ‘’Orthodoxy’’).

The above constitutes treason of NATO and the ‘’European Union’’ against Greece, as well as proof of the so-called ‘’friendly feelings ‘’ of ‘’Orthodox’’ Russia toward Greece, which demands the immediate withdrawal of Greece from NATO and the ‘’European Union’’ . It also calls for Russian officials being barred from entering and leaving AGIO OROS (Holy Mountain) in northern Greece , as the seat of pro-Russian pro-Hebrew-Mongolian activities under the ‘’Orthodoxy’’ pretence.
Those with some sound historical knowledge  are aware that in 1920-1922, the Hebrew-Mongolian governors of Soviet Russia (USSR), predecessors of modern-day Hebrew-Mongolian governors of Moscow, in collusion with the Hebrewsaxon King Constantine A’ Holstein Glucksburg and his son prince Andrew, father of Phillip, royal husband of Queen Elisabeth of England , provided Kemal Attaturk with military reinforcements so that he could massacre 1,5 million Greeks along with the deportation of another 1,5 million living in Asia Minor at the time.

The reason why the rulers of Russia will ‘’save’’ Greece , as well as the reason that Constatinople will be turned over to Greece , is well known to the Hebrew columnists of ‘’ELEYTHERI ORA’’ newspaper (VITALIS-VIDAL), but it is also known to G.H.REES and through them the entire Greek population. Hence, G.H.REES  have destroyed this ‘’Sionistic confidentiality’’ of the above hostile plan of a simultaneous invasion of the armies of B.A.S.T.R into Greece by 16/4/2017.
The prime minister of Albania recently noted that:  ‘’ in case of a Greek-Turkish war, Albania will NOT remain neutral…’’!!.

The Albanian government, pretending to militarily reinforce the Albanians of Tettovo for their ultimate detachment from Skopje, is massively supplying the Albanian citizens of southern Albania, Kossovo and Tettovo with weapons for a massive invasion of Greek southern Epirus, western Macedonia and west-central Greece all the way to Mesologgi and the Greek isles of the Ionian sea , for the establishment of ‘’the Great Albania’’ immediately following the Turkish attack against Greece . This invasion will also be reinforced by the ‘’Jihadist brigade’’ in Kossovo.
The Greek-American informers also note that the government of Bulgaria ,pretending to defend Bulgarian territory in eastern Skopje against the Albanians of Tettovo, is also preparing Bulgarian citizens of southern Bulgaria and eastern Skopje for a massive invasion of southeastern Greek Macedonia so that Bulgaria can gain exit into the Aegean.

The recent Bulgaria-Turkey ‘’hostilities’’ are just a BLUFF intending to put the Greek armed forces to sleep and to get them thinking that ‘’Greece is not threatened with a Bulgarian military invasion’’. The truth is that both countries (Bulgaria and Turkey) have signed a ‘’bilateral defence treaty agreement’’, based on which Bulgaria will be a TURKISH ALLY in case of war between Greece and Turkey!!!!. The above bluff is self-evident because the Turkish military supply convoys to Albania and Skopje (carrying military equipment to be used against Greece), are also passing through Bulgaria , while Turkish motorized brigades are based in Albania, Skopje, Bulgaria against Greece. The most likely spots for an invasion into Greece are deemed to be the Strymonas river valley and the three-country border near Doirani lake. An invasion through the Strymonas valley will attempt to surround the 4th army corps at Xanthi , which will also be attacked by Turkish landing forces from the area of Evros river and western Thrace coastline.

Both Albania and Skopje have also signed ‘’bilateral defence treaties’’  (against Greece) with Turkey. Similarly, there is a ‘’bilateral defence treaty’’ between Romania and Turkey , since Romania has laid claims on the area of Thessaly , central Greece, pretending that this area only consists of Romanian Vlachs!!.

Based on information given to G.H.REES by Greek-American informants , Romania will only launch an attack against Greece with its modernized navy vessels.

Based on similar information, before the planned attack against Greece from 20/3/17 to 16/4/17 the following provocations are to take place:

A…The Turkish consulate in Komotini, the Turkish embassy and consulate in Athens, and various mosques across the country are to be ‘’attacked ‘’ by Turkish ‘’MIT’’ . Also, the Muslim ethnic minorities in Greek western Thrace along with the Turkish-Muslim minorities in the Greek isles of Rhodes and Kos are up for a staged ‘’attack’’ also  by Turkish ‘’MIT’’.

B…A variety of Albanian targets across Greece are to be ‘’attacked’’ by Albanian ‘’Segurimi’’  units.

C…Skopje minority groups in the area of Florina , northern Greece, will be ‘’attacked’’ by Bulgarian and Skopje secret services. For a more complete picture of the origins of the peoples of the countries of B.A.S.T.R , we add that the Bulgarians hail  directly from ‘’Petcheneg’’ Mongol invaders led by Vogor-Khan, while part of the Romanians are Mongol invaders from Hungary, in northern Romania.

D…’’Golden Dawn’’ units are to stage an ‘’attack’’ on targets in A) and C) above . ‘’Golden Dawn ‘’ of Greece leader  , N.Michaloliakos has already been proven to act as a Hebrewsaxon CIA agent .

E… Hungarian secret service agents , via their Greek counterparts, will stage an ‘’attack’’ against targets in A), B) , C) above. It is worth noting that Mongol Albanians are the remnants of Mongolian Uigur hordes led by Genghis Khan , who established the country of Hungary which shares  the same mother tongue as Mongolian Turkey.


In case the Greek high military officials , Generals, Admirals, Air Force commanders etc. fail to take the required and recommended measures put forward by G.H.REES by 10/4/2017 in order to avert the landing and invasion of enemy units (Turkey and rest of B.A.S.T.R) , they will have their death penalties executed by G.H.REES according to the Greek constitution , as they will be accused with ‘’High Treason’’ and ‘’Treason against the country’’ , both of which are punishable with the death penalty according to Greek constitution.

On behalf of G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic Re-establishment),
Giannis Karageorgiou, G.H.REES representative,
G.H.REES national security General , inspector of the Greek constitution,
Volos, Greece.

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