Sunday, September 17, 2017

Urgent message of G.H.REES Patras space research division to the American embassy in Athens, the American government, U.S ''FEMA'', the FBI headquarters, the ''CIA'' services of the American embassy in Athens, and to all Greek-American unions in the USA.

Urgent message of G.H.REES Patras space research division to the American embassy in Athens, the American government, U.S ''FEMA'', the FBI headquarters, the ''CIA'' services of the American embassy in Athens, and to all Greek-American unions in the USA.


The GHREES space research division through its headquarters in Athens, and through its representative in the city of Volos, Greece, briefly announces the main cause of a wave of earthquakes, hurricanes, and atmospheric ionization in the USA and other countries, like Mexico, where an 8+ mega-earthquake was recently recorded.  American-Russian-China-European university scientific research staff have recorded a surge in the earth’s moment of inertia due to a massive concentration of water masses in water dams., particularly those in China and other countries , as well as mass concentrations of solid materials in cities around the globe , above the mean earth horizon.
This surge in the moment of inertia is causing an automatic slowdown of the earth’s speed of rotation,  as well as a deterioration in the phenomenon of the planet’s spiral rotation and falling towards the sun.

The above scientific staff decided to minimize the parameter of the planet’s moment of inertia, as countermeasure of this deterioration in its spiral rotation, by sinking portions of the planet’s solid surface through artificial earthquakes caused by super-cold fronts . Symptoms of this situation include creation of mega-hurricanes, along with the creation of hyper-gravity on the surface of the planet , resulting in seismic epicentres of average and greater depths caused by movements in earth cavities located outside the zone of molten rock lying approximately halfway between  the inner surface of hollow earth and the outer surface of inner earth.

However, it was deviously planned for the above correction measures of the moment of inertia of planet earth to be applied on to the American continent to purposely cause economic-social-geostrategic chaos to the USA, as the main force of the US.E.J trilateral (USA-EUROPE-JAPAN), so that this chaos would bring about the strategic defeat of US.E.J and the strategic victory of R.I.C. (RUSSIA-ISLAMIC NATIONS-CHINA), in the programmed WWIII between those two trilateral alliances after 2023.

During this economic chaos, it has been planned by the Jewish tycoons , in particular the Rothscields criminals of WWIII, to extract and transfer all economic capital from the US to China.
The mega hurricane and earthquake causing super –cold fronts across the American continent were caused by clockwise turning microwave emissions based in Alaska and Europe, that is, super cold front absorption emissions , reflected on to the stratosphere. The geographical point of impact of the final reflection beam was the surface of the U.S and South America.

U.S NASA satellites are also collaborating in the above plot against U.S national security, since NASA is currently owned by the criminals of WWIII , Jewish Rockfellers, the new owners of NASA.
A third factor to be taken into consideration in terms of the super-cold fronts is extra-terrestrial platforms (no comments presently) , which, just like the NASA Rockfellers satellites, are emitting clockwise turning microwaves causing super-cold fronts and geologic disturbances.

GHREES are urgently calling upon U.S secret services , the U.S government and the American FBI to immediately cancel NASA ownership by the Jewish Rockfeller criminals , as well as to cancel and take away the general management of HAARP systems by Jewish U.S officials , for obvious reasons. With regard to the destruction of the non-terrestrial platforms of clockwise emissions causing cold weather and geological fronts , the GHREES Patras department proposes urgent construction of giant counter-clockwise MASER microwave emissions across the entire United States, according to the existing U.S technology, and based on instructions on MASER weapons construction provided by GHREES.

There is also an urgent need to convince , even by force, the Chinese government to immediately commence the gradual evacuation of the giant river dams in China in an attempt to minimize the planet’s moment of inertia.

The above mentioned devious , deliberate attack against the United States is the product of mutual planning and execution by hyper-lodge ''HONG'' of China and the stupidly self-destructive Hebrewsaxons , executioners of the plan, of  hyper-lodges ''AOA'' and ''OTO'' of London.

The end.

P.S (1):

GHREES advise that HAARP system in Alaska and Europe be shut down immediately.

P.S (2):

As a result of the above mentioned electromagnetic geological fronts , we must mention that the earth’s surface in the vicinity of Houston , Texas, U.S, as well as in other parts of the U.S has sunk by 2cm and there is more to come…

Karageorgiou, Giannis, GHREES representative, Volos, Greece.

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