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The element of exaggeration for crimes of Hebrews against the Nations of the White Race, is deviously used by Hebrew rabbis against the Hebrews, in order that together with the denial of this possible devious exaggeration, to be also denied and the true crimes of the mongol-hebrews cannibals against the humans of the White Race, according to the orders of the Hebrew prophet Zachariah towards the Hebrews

Commentary of the subject:

Horrible Video: Rabbi admits it ALL… “We kill every year 300.000 kids only in the United States. In the McDonald’s you eat the meat of your children!!!” (Watch the video before they take it out)

The video that all of you must watch. Translate and reproduce to all the web-blogs before they censor it.

Amazing interview of the Rabbi Filkenstein.

Holocaust, kidnap and murders of children and blood in the food, revolutions, feminist movements, homosexuals, immigration, etc, etc.

It is crucial to watch and reproduce in order for the people of the White and Black race (“goyim” as they are being called by the Rabbis)  to realize some bitter horrific truths about our world we live in.

They don’t even preserve the appearances anymore.

Fragments of the Rabbi words: “We kill every year 300.000 children only in the USA. Their blood we put it in the food chain. In the McDonald’s you eat the meat of your children”… “All are finished for the White Race and thus I can speak now so freely about this subject from this broadcast”… “We bring yellow mongols from Latin America and the White women are bringing forth only bastards…”


SUBJECT: The element of exaggeration for crimes of Hebrews against the Nations of the White Race, is deviously used by Hebrew rabbis against the Hebrews, in order that together with the denial of this possible devious exaggeration, to be also denied and the true crimes of the mongol-hebrews cannibals against the humans of the White Race, according to the  orders of the Hebrew prophet Zachariah towards the Hebrews: “To eat the flesh and drink the blood of the Greeks and of the humans of the rest White Race nations, and to get drunk by drinking the blood of those humans, like they get drunk from wine…” --- See “Old Testament” – Book of the Prophet “Zachariah” – Chapter Theta (9)


At the end of the year 2012, the population of USA was 315+ million people. Therefore the 300.000 children that, according to the Hebrew Rabbi, are being kidnapped and butchered in the USA from Hebrews in order to steal their vital organs which will replace through surgery the rotten organs of the rotten old men Hebrew moguls and officials  (see total replacement of the internal organs of the rotten Hebrew Andrew Mineiko Papandreou in London), and the blood of those children to be used as drink – elixir of youth from the rotten old men Hebrews of USA, those 300.000 children victims are only the 1% of the American Population, a fact that is not at all an exaggeration  if we calculate that the rotten old bastards Hebrews Draculas of the USA, which are kept artificially in life and good health, through transplants of new organs and through drinking of healthy children human blood as a drink – elixir of youth, originated from murdered American children, those rotten Hebrews old bastards are much more than 300.000 every year !!! Therefore in the video we comment, the Hebrew rabbi is presenting the above mentioned true facts of the kidnapping and butchering of the 1 every 100 American children, with special false-appearing scenario with scripts and dialogs written by another Hebrew director, in order for the naïve listeners of this video to wrongly assume that the contents of this video are exaggerating and are false!!..

Now, the true facts are, that in the USA are disappearing about 1 out of 100 American Children , and are never being found again…
The Federal Police of the USA (FBI) but and the local police authorities of the American States, are having as their common secret that “in the 95%+ of those disappearances are involved as prime suspects, Hebrews of USA, with the notion, that those children, before their disappearance, have had contacts with Hebrews of USA”!!! Hebrew officials of USA are putting pressure to the FBI in order to not publicize the above finding to the Mass Media and to the Judicial Authorities of the USA and to the local parliaments of the American States.

This video of the Hebrew Rabbis was obviously made under the orders of the Chief-Rabbis Barouch of USA, with purpose to anticipate through the technique “Denial through virtual exaggeration”, the HUGE REVELATION in the USA, that “The Hebrews of USA, “with the divine permission and with the ORDER of Jehovah – Yahweh – Sin  - Sion – Zion – Sinai – Sedi – Jedi – Jude – Judas – towards the Hebrews through the Hebrew prophet Zachariah (See “Old Testament” , Book “Zachariah”, chapter Theta (9), are butchering every year 300.000 American Children, are stealing their organs for transplants in old and ill Hebrews of USA, are eating raw the flesh of those children as aphrodisiac meals – elixirs of youth …(as they also do the Draconian pure Yellow, Chinese and Koreans who taught the cannibalism, and the Korean Alphabet to the mongols whiteyellow Hebrews and Saxons, and to the rest mongols, see Links:

Also Thailand Mongols cannibals!!!

 ), are drinking the blood of those children as elixir of youth, and the remnants of them, such as bones and not used internal organs of those children, they mill them, in order to disappear every trace of those murdered Children, and they mill them together with meat-organs-and bones of various animals in Hebrew companies of hamburgers mass production!”.


We inform the Greeks and the rest people of the White Race, and the Black Race, that the last written statements that asks the treasonous greekhebrew state (and other countries) from the Greeks for “Donation of Organs after their death”, are written statements of suicide of the Greeks, because those statements will be additional “legal” motivation for the Hebrews, Saxons, and Chinese, to murder Greeks in order to steal  their internal organs for transplants to rotten Hebrews – Saxons – and Chinese Officials and Moguls, and to use the blood of the Greeks for transfusion – serums – elixirs of youth.---

The Chinese and Hebrews must be urgently expelled from the nation states of the White and Black race, because as concerns the Chinese, they are eating humans and human embryos as is proven from the below links:

and as concerns the rest white-yellow mongols Hebrews and Saxons, they are stating with the religion of Judaism that “Through the Hebrew Prophet Zachariah they have the permission and order of their god Jehovah – Yahweh – Sin – Zion – Sinai – Juda, to butcher the Greeks and the humans of other nations of the White and Black Race, and to eat the flesh and to drink the blood of those humans, and to get drunk from the blood of those humans, like they get drunk from wine!!”.


Karageorgiou Yannis – G.H.REES representative . ID No. D.424-419 /// Elpidos 12, N. Ionia, Volos – Greece. ---

The Whiteyellow Mongols Hebrew Rabbis are admitting publicly that the Hebrews are butchering and eat the children of the nations of the White Race. ---- The same are doing and the Pure Yellow Chinese with their Children and soon will do the same with the Children of the White Race Nations, when the Chinese will overwhelm the West.---

Therefore are correct the Greek People who are transferring by words from generation to generation  that the Hebrews are murdering the Children of the Greeks and are drinking their blood.---
The cannibals Yellow Chinese and the cannibals White-Yellow Mongols Hebrews must be expelled by force NOW from the countries – nations of the White Race.---

The Hebrews of Greece and the Masons of Greece, as artificial Hebrews, must be expelled now all of them from Greece, because from the change-over(1974) and afterwards, they “drink the blood” of the Greeks with …straws, and they kill the Greeks with diseases from Hunger and Grief, and with Suicides, LITERALY!!!, by destroying Greece and by selling out everything -  as the “Son” to their biological “Fathers” -, namely they sell out everything to the Draconian China, which for years now is devastating the West and is committing a ruthless economical – political – commercial war against the West, Europe, and against Greece, by destroying at the same time and the environment – ecology of the planet. (See for example the asphyxiation fogs over Peking and Asia)

The greekhebrew Samaras – Ben Hiram – Zanna, prime-minister of Greece is selling out everything to China (Ports – Airports – Trains, etc)

(Comment: It is now over the visits – bows to the intermediary bankrupted USA – puppet of China. Now the Greekhebrews prime-ministers are traveling directly to the Draconian China for taking orders directly from the Hyper-Lodge HONG)

The bastards self-motivated traitors “Greeks” ship-owners are now building their boats to Sina – China and are leaving the Greek Boat-Builders to die from hunger.

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