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The deserving the death penalty Greek-Hebrew traitors as well as Masons, that is artificial Hebrews of the trilateral government of Athens ( namely, Samaras Ben-Hiram Zannas or Benakis-Horemis, Venizelos Tourgoutsoglou Tourgout, and Kouvelis, official solicitor for the Central Israeli Council in Greece), are selling lucrative “ Depa” to Russia, and lucrative “ Desfa” to Turkish Azerbaijan of Turkish-Azer-Hazar butchers of Hellenes.
G.H.REES are informing all those still true faithful Greeks that the trilateral Greek-Hebrew government of the three Greek-Hebrew  traitors , namely Samaras- Venizelos-Kouvelis, have agreed to the sale of lucrative Greek  company of “ D.E.P.A” , (Public Gas  Company), with an annual turnover of 120,000,000 euros to the Russian “ Gazprom” under the command of Russian-Hebrew Alexei Muller , at a ridiculous price of : 800 million euros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
See following websites: “  www.Ε  (>  ,subtitles on the right :  “ How the competition turned red, what Gazprom secured”, and  “ DEPA:  terms of sale finalized” by clicking  on the subtitles.
To refer to the same topic, just put : on Google search , and review all articles recommended by Google.
Likewise, the traitorous trilateral Greek-Hebrew government of Athens, has agreed to the sale of lucrative Greek gas company of “ D.E.S.F.A”, “ The Greek natural gas administrator”, with an annual turnover of 90 million euros, to the Azerian “ SOCAR” of Turkish-Azer Mongolian Khazars of Azerbaijan, butchers of Greeks and Armenians of Asia Minor and the Caucasus, at a ludicrous price of : 45 million euros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
“ DEPA” is in wholesale trade of natural gas , while “ DESFA” is in retail sale of natural gas. The finalized pre-agreed bids of Russian Gazprom and Turkish-Azer SOCAR of , Azerbaijan are in collusion with the Greek-Hebrew government , so that traitorously and deviously the Greek entrepreneurs will be disqualified from  the privatization of both “ DESPA” and “ DESFA” , and so that  Greek sources of energy, and especially those of huge natural gas deposits,  will fall into the coercive hands of foreigners , as well as the administration of those sources of energy within Greece itself!.
We make it clear to the traitorous Greek authorities, that is the traitorous authorities of Mason  generals and Mason brigadiers of the Greek police , and the traitorous authorities of the Greek justice system , namely the judges-public prosecutors-councillors-and movers of the four supreme courts ( Arios Pagos,Council of State,Court of Auditors,and Supreme court), that the selling off of public companies to citizens or public corporations of other countries , is unconstitutional and against the law as these are the product of occupational Hebrewsaxon anti-hellenic  austerity measures (troika) , which deviously invaded Greece under the traitorous collusion of Greek-Hebrew politicians such as Papandreou-Mineiko-Chad-Chidenbaum, Venizelos-Tourgoutsoglou, Loverdos,Katseli and others of Hebrew-P.A.S.O.K, who, in order for Greece to lose its sovereignty and popular rule , falsified and quadrupled  the Greek deficit  from the actual 3,6% to the false counterfeit 15,4%, and because these selling offs are the result of constitutionally invalid austerity measures, as these austerity measures were not voted for and supported by  2/3 of the parliament plenum, that is by 180 members of parliament as instructed by article 28/2 of the Greek constitution regarding international conventions , like international conditions of austerity measures , between Greece and European Union, that is the main Troika partner.
Therefore, the selling off of public companies to citizens or public corporations of other nations , by order of Troika and through the “ TAIPED” fund as  a consequence of the application of the constitutionally invalid austerity measures , constitutes “ high treason” and “ country betrayal”, for both of which forms of treason the Greek penal code imposes the death penalty.
These forms of treason constitute commitment of constant , self-committed crimes , and therefore, according to paragraph 4 of article 62 of the constitution, the public prosecutors and police staff had and have the obligation and constitutional right to arrest, take into custody, and to prosecute ,ministers, parliament members, and presidents of the Democracy, without the previous authorization of the parliament itself, “ when they are committing  constant  crimes of high treason and betrayal of their country”.
Therefore if the police and and public prosecutors of Greece do not immediately make use of article 62/d of the constitution, and if they do not immediately cancel these treasons , and if they do not immediately cancel the selling off of both “ DEPA” and “ DESFA” and rest of public companies to foreigners, and if they do not arrest and take into immediate  custody the ministers and prime ministers of the Greek-Hebrew  traitorous governments of the period following the fall of the  state of dictatorship in Greece charging them with high treason and treason against their country , articles 134 to 151 of the penal code, then G.H.REES will incite Greek citizens to an armed uprising for the death of the Greek politicians that came to power following the fall of the dictatorship , but also for the death of their accomplices to the above forms of treason , that is for the death of generals and brigadiers ( all masons) of the Greek police force ,and also for the death of their accomplices,Greek masons or non-masons public prosecutors and judges, who , represented by the judges –councillors  of the traitorous Council of State , resolved that  “ austerity measures are constitutional because ( supposedly) they do not constitute international conventions, and therefore they do not  go under article 28/2 of the constitution”. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).
Through this text we inform the Russian government that if, through GAZPROM or other Russian company, it proceeds with the buy-up of Greek “ DEPA” , then G.H.REES  will bring about in any possible means the armed uprising of the Russian people and the Russian armed forces, for the elimination of the members of the Putin government , as well as the elimination of the president of Russia Vladimir Putin himself, as “ having applied the Chinese plan and the plan of the Varouch chief rabbis of New York pertaining to the genocide of the Russian people”.
For G.H.REES, the leader of G.H.REES , “ X1” six-star general.
G.H.,REES representative  Karageorgiou  Cr. Cr Giannis, lieutenant general of Greek national and planetary security, former trainer of geostrategics/astrostrategics  department of G.H.REES.
The end…….Over.
Long live the HELLENIC ANDROMEDIAN NATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LONG LIVE HELLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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