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(3): FALSEHOOD:  “ The geostrategic and astrostrategic of G.H.REES. , Group of Hellenic Re-establishment, is groundless and false”.---------- 
Because the big fraud Artemis Sorras from Patras of the treasonous organization E.N.D. (End National Debt) is incapable of proving that his former claim on the website “ΤΟ ΠΟΤΑΜΙ ΕΙΣΤΕ ΕΣΕΙΣ” (YOU ARE THE RIVER) on Facebook is valid, he asked for the help of our national lesbian-orgy masturbator of family sex Spiros Spiropoulos of «PA.SY.A.—GR» and Sorras published Spiropoulos’s texts on his website ordered by Greek-Hebrew ΚΥΠ/ΕΥΠ (Secret Service) so as to confirm the saying: “that's the Sorras pot calling the Spiropoulos kettle black”. – Traitor Spiropoulos, corrupted to his very bone, called by panic stricken Sorras, supports tottery Art. Sorras on Facebook, and total humiliation of Art. Sorras.---------

AXIOMATIC REFUTATION: (A): ASTROSTRATEGIC:  instead of citation---reference of previous G.H.REES. texts on astrostrategics for verification, we are starting a new chapter on astrostrategics which we consider extremely urgent as a matter of fatal current affairs.-------- 

This concerns the recent meteorite passage close to our planet with danger of impact between the Earth and the meteorite and with micrometeorites falling in Russia as “gravitational escorts”, that is pseudo-traction of the micrometeorites by the larger meteorite which did not eventually collide with our planet.--------

G.H.REES. has not commented on this event until now because it has been doing research concerning professors of astronomy and astrophysics of American and European observatories. ------ The results of that research did justice to older G.H.REES. texts which anticipated the use of Draconian Lunar technology for the distortion of the natural course of meteorites aiming at the collision of meteorites with our planet, as part of the schedule of Lunar Draconians, ostensibly referred to as “Prophecy” in Θ’(9) chapter of the “Apocalypse” of the “Holy (Draconian) Bible”.-------

The useful information mainly came from American astronomers and astrophysicists. --------
 Specifically they noticed a sudden change in the course of the main larger meteorite about 580.000 kilometers away from our planet. ----

 In this way, while this meteorite’s original course would make it pass by the Earth at a close distance of about 120.000 kilometers, it suffered a sharp increase of its course curvature at a distance of 580.000 kilometers from the Earth therefore eventually passing by our planet at a distance of 27.000 kilometers, almost in collision course, at a distance almost by 3.000 kilometers larger than the two earthy diameters (  2  Χ  12,000  klm  =  24.000  klm  )  !!!   !!!   !!! . ----- 

According to the American scientists, “This sharp increase of the course curvature of the main meteorite, given that at the time it was not passing by any other celestial body which would distort the meteorite’s course curvature due to “traction”, is not a result of natural causes thus being an astrophysical mystery which cannot be resolved by the existent astrophysical and celestial engineering !!! !!! !!! !!!”. ---------

This “astrophysical mystery” was resolved by G.H.REES. in its previous texts in which, based on the Θ’(9) chapter of the “Apocalypse” of the “New (Draconian) Testament”, it was anticipated that “the Draconian space lunar criminal engineers of celestial mechanics of the major criminal of our galaxy, Sin-Zion-Sina-Yahweh-Senti-Jendi-Jewd-Judah-Jed-Jade, or “father god” of Hebrew-Christianity, or “Elloch” of Judaism, or “Allaah” of Hebrew-Islamism as “god of the moon” (behold the crescent moon as symbol of Islamism), at least since 98 after Rabbi Yahosuva or Jesus (Christ) as the year of the writing of the “Apocalypse” by the Hebrew Lunar daemonical medium “John the revelator” on Patmos island, those Draconian engineers ordered by Sin-Zion-Sina “father god” of Christianity had scheduled to hit our planet with meteorites of the “asteroid zone” between the orbits of planets Mars and Jupiter as “meteorite-asteroid-zone” of debris of planet Phaethon which major criminal “father god” of Christianity blew up for easier mining of titanium on Phaethon, as denounced today by the elders of the Mayans, former inhabitants of planet Phaethon”. ------

Here is the evidence for the faithful Christians, for the faithful Jews, and for the faithful Islamists, all idiotic worshipers of this reptilian Draconian monster /pseudo-god major space criminal of the galaxy, “father god”, “Elloch”, “Allaah”, Sin-Zion-Sina=Jehovah-Yahweh-Jedi-Sendai-etc, and worshipers of his likewise criminal son Jesus Christ or daemonical-by-Jehovah Rabbi Yahosuva, and worshipers of the criminal Satans “All Saints” of lunar Chinese-Hebrew-Christianity, Draconian “criminals of constant crimes of 11.600 years at the expense of the White and the Black earthy human races”: Read from the first up to the second paragraph of A’ (1) chapter of the “Apocalypse” of the “New Testament”. ------ 

It is written: “Apocalypse of Jesus Christ which was given to him (to Jesus) by God (Jesus’s “father god”), to show his servants (Jesus’s) what must (!!!) be done very soon. ------ Jesus sent his angel and revealed all (that must !!! be done) to his servant, John, who testified about the word of God (father) and about Jesus Christ, by what he saw”. -------

Therefore, for what is to be quoted next from chapter Θ’(9) of the “Apocalypse” the one to blame is not “John the revelator” that is daemonical-by-Jehovah-Draconians Hebrew medium who, possessed by draconian daemons wrote the major criminal “Apocalypse” , but the one responsible is Jehovah-Sin-Zion-Sina-“father god” of Christianity-“Elloh or Ellohim” of Judaism-“Allaah” of Islamism-Jedi-Sedi-Jewd-Judah-Jed or Jade of Chinese Confucianism himself, also Jesus Christ namely “the son of father god” as well as the angels of “father god” and “son Jesus Christ” and therefore the sent “holy spirit” of the angels and the “virgin” mother of the “son” and each one of the “All Saints” of the lunar Draconian Chinese-Hebrew-Christianity. --------
We transcribe from Θ’(9) chapter of “John’s Apocalypse” of the “New Testament”. --------
“And the fifth angel (of “father god” and “son Jesus Christ”) trumpeted, and saw that a star fell on earth from the sky, and it (the star) was given the key of the well of the abyss (of the underground hollow earth). ------
And (the fallen star) opened the well of the abyss. ----- And smoke ascended from the well, like smoke from a big chimney. ---

And the sun darkened because of the smoke from the well (volcano). ---

And grasshoppers came out of the smoke (flying crafts of aliens from outer space and from the hollow earth 666 or “Deros” or pseudo-Apollonian “Grays” of the “Epsilon” and “E.N.D.” of fraud Art. Sorras, which are arrayed in the external earthy spherical mantle, that is the mantle outside the earthy flaming zone, behold videos of Phil Schneider, classified geologist of underground American bases, assassinated because he revealed the existence of underground bases of lunar aliens “Deros—Gray”) on earth. ---

And authority was granted to them, like scorpions have authority upon the Earth. -----

And they (the grasshoppers) were told… to only harm people who do not have the mark (888=Jesus) on their foreheads. ----

And they were ordered not to kill these people, but to torture (them) for five months. ---- …………. And in those days people shall ask for death and shall not find it. ---- And the grasshoppers’ shapes resembled horses prepared for war (war crafts of the pseudo-Apollonian lunar aliens of the hollow earth 666 “Gray—Deros”). -------

And (the grasshoppers) wore thoraxes like iron thoraxes. ---

And the voice of their (the grasshoppers’) wings was like the voice of chariots led by numerous horses rushing to war. ---- And (the grasshoppers) had tails like scorpions and there were stings on their tails. ----
And their (the grasshoppers’) authority was to harm people for five months. ----

And their king was the angel of the abyss (hollow earth), whose Hebrew name is Abaddon and Greek name is Apollyon (as deceitful falsification of the name Apollo, namely the real Andromedian god leader of the white Andromedian nations of the hollow earth or “abyss”, inside  the impenetrable earthy flaming zone, who have no genetic or cultural connection with the Draconian pseudo-Apollonian aliens from outer space and from the hollow earth “Deros—Gray” of the “Epsilon --- 666” and of the frauds of “E.N.D.--- 666” , living in underground passages outside the earthy flaming zone, and ready to come out on the outer surface of our planet in their “grasshopper” crafts)”. ------

In the above extracts of the “Apocalypse” it is confirmed that at least since 98 after the birth of Rabbi Yahosuva, “father god” of Hebrew-Christianity or Elloh Sin-Zion-Yahweh of Judaism or Allaah of Islamism and his Draconian reptilian lunar subordinates had planned the deflection of a large asteroid from the orbits of the “asteroid zone” (which they created themselves via criminal explosion of planet “Phaethon”) between Mars and Jupiter, using lunar technology so as to lead this “star” or asteroid of the “Apocalypse” to collision course with planet Earth in order to benefit themselves in four specific ways:

FIRST:  The false slandering rumor against the real Andromedian “god Apollo”, loyal to the metropolitan government of Andromeda and fortified inside the hollow earth, to whom they want to ascribe false censure as “king of the abyss” that is king of the “Deros—Gray” aliens of the external spherical mantle outside the earthy flaming zone who have been ordered by lunar headquarters to “harm the people for five months”, falsely and ostensibly appearing to be “Andromedians of the inner surface of the hollow earth inside of the earthy flaming zone, so that consequently, apart from Apollo, they can ascribe censure of space criminals to all the other gods of the true Hellenic Andromedian Hellenic Pantheon of Twelve Gods of Zeus and of course against Zeus, leader of the Hellenic Pantheon of Twelve Gods, read: of the 1 + 12 celestial Andromedian hyper-scientists governors of our planet, 11.600 years ago. ------

SECOND: The collision of the “star”-asteroid with the Earth will cause explosion-defusion of lava from the earthy flaming zone that is the formation of an enormous volcano at collision point from where vast amounts of pyroclastic volcanic smoke will be released, which will cause darkness on the planet for many years, during which earthy flora will vanish due to lack of light. ------ 

The scheduled result is the extinction of herbivore and carnivore animals and the destruction of agricultural crops that is world famine and world epidemic diseases in accordance with the same Draconian schedule described in ς’ (6) chapter of the Apocalypse: “Black horseman-angel of… good little Yehosuva Jesus Christ who causes the death of people by causing world famine, and sallow-yellow horseman-angel of the same… good little Christ who causes the death of people by causing world epidemic diseases”. -------
THIRD: The blast wave of the impact would be transferred to the liquid magma in the earthy flaming zone therefore causing it to reach for escape defusion through both extinct and active volcanoes on the outer surface of Earth and the outer surface of Earth will turn into hell. -------

FOURTH: The blast wave of the impact would be transferred to the liquid magma in the earthy flaming zone therefore causing it to reach for escape defusion through both extinct and active volcanoes on the inner surface of the Hollow Earth and the inner surface of the Hollow Earth will turn into hell of suffocation and genocide of the white Andromedians living in Hollow Earth as well as its indigenous races. ---

As yet, for unknown reasons, the lunar Draconians of… good “father god” Jehovah-Sin-Zion-Sedi of Christianity or Elloh or Allaah, and of his… good son Yahosuva or Jesus Christ, and their lunar engineers have failed to execute, namely to “fulfill” their plan-schedule-“prophecy” about the collision of a large asteroid or “star” from the “asteroid zone” with planet Earth resulting in this asteroid passing by the Earth at a distance. -----

We do not have knowledge of the technology used by lunar Draconians to divert the asteroid from its original course, although we presume that technology which could be, for instance, foundation-affixture-lease of lunar mother-ships on the selected asteroid so as to use the propulsion of these engines to direct the asteroid to collide with planet Earth or wherever they wanted. -------

The lesson taught by the present to earthy governments for planetary and national security, mainly concerns the Russian government whose vast majority of members are Mongol-Hebrews and Mongols of other nations. ----------

The smaller meteorites “gravitational escorts” of the large meteorite were eventually going to fall in Russian territory when they were blown-up in time by the Russian air defense, so it is obvious that, if Draconian Yahwehs and Yahosuvas Jesuses Christs of the moon had eventually succeeded in causing collision of the large asteroid with our planet, Russia would have been completely destroyed since the large meteorite would have fallen in Russia as well, indiscriminately killing all “unfaithful” and “faithful” Russian people, Mongol-Hebrews or white Scythians, Christians-Jews-and Islamists of Russia. ---------

The above mean that the only solution for national security which earthy governments have against space Draconian major criminals Yahwehs and Jesuses Christs and Draconian “All Saints” and against asteroids falling on Earth artificially because of the Draconians, is the ultra urgent undergrounding : of their urban and long-distance human population, specimens of their wild and rural flora, animals for reproduction of their wild and livestock fauna, their industry-crafts, tanks of potable water and fuel, and mega-warehouses for food stuff. --------

This is the reason why the Chinese government masses in underground warehouses vast amounts of corn for the long-term nutrition of undergrounded Chinese population when the reproduction of vegetable and animal food will be impossible on the Earth’s outer surface due to darkening of the sun by the ash-smoke of volcanoes formed by the artificial falling of asteroids on the outer surface of our planet. --------

The Russian administration is able to put into practice the above survival measures for the Russian population. ---- The current Greek administration, due to total corruption and treason by Greek Masons and by Greek-Hebrews of the Greek legislative-executive-and judicature power, is neither able nor willing to apply the above ultra urgent survival measures for the Greek population. -------

Those Greek Mason traitors and the Greek-Hebrew traitors of Greek authorities must be killed yesterday!!! !!! !!!, for other treasons which these traitors committed and still commit along with the current insufficiency in taking the above measures for Greek national security. -----

The first measure for mental survival of Greek people and of the other countries-nations of our planet is to use constitutional and legislative frameworks for strict prohibition of lunar-originated Draconian-originated Chinese-originated Mongol-originated Hebrew-originated criminal religions, namely Judaism, Christianity, Alevism, Freemasonry, and Islamism, and Sufism or Christian-Dodekatheism of the “Epsilon” of Art. Sorras, as religions to worship the space galactic Draconian major criminals: Yahweh-Sin-Zion-Sedi-Jedi, and Yahosuvas-Jesuses Christs, and the rest space criminals destroyers of solar systems “All Saints”, namely the criminal religions which legalize the above planetary crimes of genocide of planetary populations and destruction of planets, as genocides and disasters “by divine right” against people and planets as cells of the cosmic organism, namely of the religions that legalize the assassination of the cells of the intelligent cosmic organism. ---------

At the end of Θ’(9) chapter of the “Apocalypse” which is currently being commented on, it is written that…good little father god, good little Christ son, good Virgin mother and…good “Holy Spirit” of “All (lunar Draconian) Saints” , ««from the corners of the sanctuary which lies before God, they order the sixth angel to untie the four angels of the river Euphrates (in Iraq). ------

And then were untied (will be untied) the four angels of …good little father god and …good little Yahosuva Christ son and …good little Virgin, and…good Draconian “All Saints” , namely the angels that have been prepared for the specific time and day and month and year to kill one third of the Earth’s population that is two and a half billion people, (  7,5  billion  Χ   1 / 3   =  2,5   billion  ) .------  

I heard that this army’s cavalry (army led by the four angels of… good little god and little Christ, namely the Chinese ironclad and panzer infantry divisions, behold Chinese “kings to come from where the sun rises” in the “Apocalypse” chapter ις’ (16), paragraph 12), were two hundred million men (200.000.000)»«. --------

Successful Greek national defense against the intrusion of such an enormous army initially of R.I.C. (Russia-Islamic countries-China), and eventually only against China once China extinguishes the armies of Russia and Islamic countries according to the schedule of Chinese hyper-lodge “HONG”  is impossible to be conducted by traitor politicians of the current parliament or by the Mason (with no exception) traitor generals-admirals-marshals of the Greek armed forces, Greek police, and ΚΥΠ/ΕΥΠ (Secret Service). ----- 
Such successful Greek national defense is possible to be conducted only by a Greek military government whose members are veteran officers of the Greek special forces, having wider scientific knowledge, eg. Economics, as long as this government strictly obeys the instructions-commands of G.H.REES. concerning “Greek neutrality of military dominance with autonomy in political and defensive industry and with autonomy in agricultural and livestock production”, as instructions publicized by the Hellenic patriotic blog “Hellen and Chaos”. --------

However, the above now concern strategic, which is a part of geostrategic, referred to in the following paragraph of “Geostrategic of G.H.REES.” which Art. Sorras, as accredited medium of pseudo-Apollo of dragon-turtle Yahweh of the moon, called “false and groundless”, repeatedly proved guilty of high treason and treason against the country, because even though he has perfect knowledge of G.H.REES. texts and full knowledge of the geostrategic of the Chinese and Hebrews for the genocide of the 2/3 of world population, namely five billion people of white-black, and Mongolian white-yellow – black-yellow race, in the 7-year-long 3rd World War 2014—2020, aiming at the sole survival of the yellow race of China 888 and Korea 777, and the Mongolian-Hebrew race of… Habra-Han or Abraham or Habra-Ham, nevertheless traitor Sorras hides this Chinese-Hebrew geostrategic from Greek people so that the Greeks are completely wiped out by the armies of the axes B.A.S.T./R. and R.I.C. . ---
(B.A.S.T./R. = Bulgaria – Albania – Skopje – Turkey / Romania)

AXIOMATIC REFUTATION: (B): GEOSTRATEGIC: Falsehood of international fraud and traitor of Greek national security Artemis Sorras and of the frauds-traitors of “E.N.D.” on Facebook page "  TO   ΠΟΤΑΜΙ  ΕΙΣΤΕ  ΕΣΕΙΣ  "  (YOU ARE THE RIVER) of the “Epsilon” of “E.N.D.”: “The geostrategic denounced by G.H.REES. to be applied by Chinese and Hebrews, is groundless and false”. -------- 
Here is one of G.H.REES. “falsehoods”:  “The chemical-biological-radioactive war which has collusively broken out, ordered by Chinese Masonic hyper-lodge “HONG” , amongst Hebrew-Saxon (with no exception) western governments, against their own citizens throughout the West with aerial spraying of chemtrails-biotrails-radiatrails from great altitude, using American Tanker Aircrafts, is a Draconian-lunar schedule at least two thousand years old, namely since the writing of the “Apocalypse of (lunar satanic medium) Jonh” of…good little god “father god” or Yahweh-Sin-Zion-Sina-Sedi-Jedi-Jewd-Judah, and… good little Christ of love “Jesus Christ son” or Rabbi Yahosuva of Christianity or Elloh or Ellohim of Judaism or Allah of Islamism, which schedule is currently being carried out by the criminals of the 3rd WW and criminals against humanity Chinese, Hebrews of the two-tribe kingdom of Benjamin and Judah of Jerusalem, and Saxon Hebrews of the rest of the ten-tribe kingdom of Samaria as generals of the American “Pentagon”, aiming at the genocide of the white and black and white-yellow Mongolian race by the purely yellow race of China 888 and United Korea 777, in all countries on the globe in the 3rd WW 2014-2020, so that the dictatorial global dominance of China or “reign of Jehovah-Sin-Zion-Sina (China’s)” can be established“. --------

The proof for the “claim”of G.H.REES. above can be found axiomatically in ις’ (16) chapter of “John’s Apocalypse” of the “New Testament” of the Draconian Hebrew-Chinese criminal “Holy Bible”. --------

There, via the satanic criminal wizard-medium “John”, disciple of Jesus Christ or Rabbi Yahosuva, “father god” of Christianity himself and Jesus Christ son state the following: ««And I heard a loud voice from the temple saying to the seven angels (of …good little  “father” god and… good little Christ “son”): “Go effuse (pour, spray from the sky) on Earth the flasks of God’s (father) wrath (of Draconian lunar galactic major criminal destroyer of solar systems and genocide criminal of planetary populations, behold genocide of inhabitants of planet Phaethon). -------

And the first (angel of little god and little Christ) went and effused his flask CHEMTRAILS  --  BIOTRAILS  --  RADIATRAILS upon the Earth. ------ And it became evil and wicked ulcer (malignant cancer) on people having the mark (666) of the beast (fake “Greek Empire 666 of Constantinople” of the “Apollonian Epsilon 666” of “END”—666”, and of “New Christ 666” pseudo-Paleologos pseudo-Dragazis. And of “Golden Dawn 666” and “LA.O.S. 666”, and of “field marshal Paul Holstein Glixbourg 666”, and “Bexi’s political party 666”, and of “Sufist Christian-Dodekatheists 666”) and worshipping the illustration (O.N.U. – United Nations) of it (the Greek “beast”). ------

And the second angel effused his flask into the sea, and it turned into blood alike the dead. ---- And all living souls died in the sea. ---- And the third angel effused his flask into the rivers and the fountains of water, and there was blood”. -----

By objectors Hebrew and Saxon professors of USA universities, members of the NSA—USA, (who are concerned about the national security of Israel), through Greek-American agents of information offices of the USA, we are informed that ordered by the Chinese secret society of “HONG” and its subsistent NSA, has been planned the long-term and already initiated long ago spraying of all the countries of the “trilateral” (US.E.J. of USA-Europe-Japan, and T.I.M. of Tibet-India-Mongolia), with metal oxides (aluminum-barium-lithium etc) which paralyze the nervous system of people and animals with germs and viruses and with artificially mutant viruses like the recent lab viruses: Chinese artificial virus of “bird flu” H7N9” of April 2013, and the forthcoming and ready in the USA “airborne Empolla” by the Hebrew “criminal of scheduled genocide against humanity” via genocide of 5 billion people of white-black- white/yellow and black/yellow Mongolian race, professor of toxicology of the Texas Science Academy—USA, Erric Pianca and his Hebrew assistants, “airborne Empolla” a bioweapon of 95% to 99% mortality rate three days after contamination, with total hemorrhage and destruction of inner human organs, and spraying with powder of naturally radioactive metals like uranium 235, 236, and depleted ultra toxic 238, polonium, strontium, etc, with rapid carcinogenicity. ----- 
Similarly, the above objectors Hebrew-Saxons of “NSA—USA” leak that by “NSA—USA” and by the collusive Chinese government has been scheduled the stagnation of the Aegean Sea, the Ionian Sea, and the Black Sea eliminating all species of marine fauna via effusion of vast amounts of agronomic iron oxide or iron chelated in the Aegean—Ionian—and eastern Mediterranean Seas by tanker ships chartered by the Chinese and the American navy. -----

Agronomic iron chelated is a dark red powder the slightest amount of which can dye vast amounts of water red, so that this water gives the impression of blood. – It exists in natural stones—minerals of red colour which geology names “hematites” since they give the impression of coagulated fossilized dry blood. – Once “hematites” are ground—pulverized in a metal-mechanical mill they produce the red powder of iron chelated. ---
It is assumed that in this way the criminal Hebrews of Moses in Egypt turned the water of the Nile into “blood” which supplies water and irrigates the entire Egypt, simply by effusing the ground red stone—powder of the local “hematite” in the river heads of Nile. ------ 
Besides that, the objectors Hebrews and Saxons of “NSA—USA” informed the Greek-Americans of the American information agencies that “the Greeks, the Turkish, the Russians, the Hebrews of Israel, and the other countries of the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea (Euxinos Pontos) must consent urgently to ultimately strict and absolute and eternal prohibition of oil extraction from the Mediterranean and the Black Sea via underwater drillings and wells, because there is common collusive planning of the Chinese and the American navy for the use of explosives by American and Chinese submarines to blow up the underwater oil wells of the Aegean, Ionian and eastern Mediterranean Sea resulting in: the oil spillage of these wells in the eastern Mediterranean, the extinction of all flora and fauna of the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea due to the extraneous oil, which will also destroy agriculture and stockraising of all countries surrounding the above two seas due to the fact that sea water is connected and naturally mixes with the underwater aquifers of potable water of all littoral countries, one of which is Israel about which the objectors Hebrew-Saxons of “NSA—USA” are extremely concerned (!!!...). --------

The same above objectors Hebrew-Saxons of “NSA—USA” professors of universities, leak that Chinese military men pretending to be economic and commercial migrants in the countries of US.E.J. of USA—Europe—Japan- and other western countries, have been ordered by the Chinese government, after receiving code order, to effuse red iron chelated powder into the river heads of western countries so that the potable and irrigable surface and underground water becomes red as blood and completely undrinkable and non-irrigable, therefore causing people to die as well as animals and plants in the areas with water polluted with red iron chelated. --- “And the fourth angel (of…good little “father” god and… good little Christ “son” of… love) effused his flask towards the sun and was commanded (the angel, by little god and little Christ) to blaze the people. ----- And the people were blazed…”. --------

When G.H.REES. inquired the above Hebrew-Saxon objectors of NSA ««Who is this “angel” and how does he “blaze the people” ?»«, the answer of the Hebrew-Saxon professors was the expected: ««Meteorological war by American and Chinese satellite lazers to burn the earthy flora and MASERS which cause ultra-high barometers, and by the American HAARP in Alaska and Holland, respectively to cause extreme heat-waves and following super-blazes for the destruction of the wild and arable flora and the dependent wild and stockraised fauna of livestock and to cause drought and therefore water shortage and ravage of western countries (US.E.J. + T.I.M.), like the latest unprecedented heat wave and totally disastrous blazes in forests and crops in Russia. -------

“And the fifth angel (of little “father” god or Elloch or Allah, and little Christof Judaism—Christianity—Islamism (Issa=Jesus), both reptilian Draconian dragon-turtles space galactic major criminals of the intruder to our solar system, aka the moon, coming from the constellation of Draco in the local galaxy), effused his flask against the beast (against the provocating “Greek Empire 666 of fake Constantinople, of the “Epsilon 666” of “END 666” of fraud-traitor Art. Sorras, and of “emperor” and “new Christ 666” pseudo-Paleologos pseudo-Dragazis Hebrew-Saxon of the Danish court, and of Nazi “Golden Dawn 666” and of secret-Nazi “ΛΑ.Ο.Σ. 666”, and of “Bexis—Ihor—666 ”). ------ 

And his reign was in total darkness. --- (Economic-Political- and Military dissolution of the “Greek Empire 666 of Constantinople”, scheduled for 2020, with the treacherous collusion of Hebrew-Saxon “emperor” Dragazis, of Hebrew-Saxon “field marshal” Paul Glixbourg, of Turkish-Albanian Kara-Zafferi of “LA.O.S. 666”, of Albanian Bexis—Ihor—666) in 2020”. ---------

We are commenting on nothing but the content of the above parentheses by G.H.REES. ------ 

“And the sixth angel (of little god and little Christ) effused his flask into the great river Euphrates (in Iraq)… and its water dried out, to prepare the path for the (Chinese Draconian) kings (as well as Chinese army of two hundred million men, panzer infantries (of “cavalry”), (coming) from where the sun rises. -----
And he saw three impure ghosts (collusive spirits—daemons of lunar Draconians, falsely assuming the identity of the non-existent daemons of non-existent Devil, as the alter ego of “father god” of Christianity-Judaism-Islamism and falsely assuming the identity of the actual Hellenic Andromedian Scientific—Administrative “Pantheon of Twelve Gods” of our father Zeus), similar to frogs (strangely behold the Mongolian-reptilian-frog like appearance of Artemis Sorras, which is highly unlikely to have been opted for by the real Andromedian “god Apollo” as “god of fine arts”, as… “representative of Apollo upon the Earth”), coming out of the dragon’s mouth (pseudo-Zeus “Devil” namely the “father god” of Christianity-Judaism-Islamism “acting” as his alter ego, the stupid two-faced criminal-asshole who believed he would also deceive the Hellenes with the existence of the non-existent Devil whom he “acts” the “father god” himself), and from the beast’s mouth (namely the “Greek empire 666 of Constantinople) and from the mouth of the false-prophet (namely the “new Christ 666” pseudo-Paleologos pseudo-Dragazis), because these three ghosts are ghosts of (Jehovah-Draconian lunar) daemons accomplishing signs (“miracles 666”) which proceed to the kings (governments) of the Earth and the whole world, to gather them (to kill their nations with the armies initially of R.I.C. axis, Russia-Islam-China and eventually the Chinese army of 200.000.000 men who will eventually be ordered to also kill their allies, Russians and Islamists) to the war of that great day of (Draconian galactic major criminal of genocide, mortal enemy of Pan or intelligent cosmic organism, pseudo---) god almighty ( the dragon-pussy Draconian “father-god” of Christianity-Judaism-Islamism Sin-Zion-Sina-Yahweh-Senti-Jendi-Jewd-Judah-Jade-and Jed for the Chinese tells axiomatic lies, since he is sovereign only of the seven inner planets of our solar system, seated on the moon, like he himself confesses indirectly and idiotically in “John’s Apocalypse” of his Draconian “Holy Bible”). -------

And he gathered them (for genocide) at the place called “Armageddon” in Hebrew”. ------- 

We are commenting on nothing but the content of the above parentheses by G.H.REES. ------

“The seventh angel (of little “father god” and of little Jesus Christ “son” or Rabbi Yah-o-su(l)va which means “Yah=Jehovah who saves”, this is for the Christians who resent Zionism but actually embrace it) effused his flask in the air… and a massive earthquake happened, unprecedented since man’s appearance on earth. -------- So massive an earthquake it was.-------- And the great city was divided (Constantinople as “second Rome” and seat of the “beast” namely the “anti-Christ Greek empire 666 of Constantinople”) into three parts, and the cities of all nations were destroyed. ------ God (Draconian Yahweh) recalled great Babylon (Rome A’ of the Roman Empire) and offered it wine from the glass of… his wrath. ---- All islands and mountains ceased to exist (geological changes due to earthquakes of magnitude 10 on the Richter scale). –


««The objectors Hebrew-Saxons of NSA—USA advise the governments of Mediterranean countries and countries of the Black Sea not to drill underwater oil beds in the Mediterranean or the Black Sea and not to extract oil from underwater oil wells of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, but to limit oil extraction only to oil wells lying on solid ground on their inland, for their national and ecological security, to avoid their national and ecological disaster, in the case of trapping with explosives and blowing up the marine oil wells by insane Hebrew-Saxons of the American Navy, and by insidious Chinese of the, collusive with the Hebrew-Saxon American “Pentagon”, Chinese Navy, aiming at the total environmental damage of Mediterranean and Black Sea countries. --------- 

The same objectors Hebrew-Saxon professors of universities, members of the NSA, advise Mediterranean governments to conduct underwater drillings only on underwater beds of natural gas and to derive natural gas from these underwater beds taking the strictest measures to secure facilities, because even the leakage and the following disintegration of natural gas in large amounts in sea water is capable of causing hyperacidity namely embitterment of sea water by unburnt hyper-acidic hydrocarbons therefore eliminating all marine flora and fauna of a large part of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. -----

We totally agree with the above advice of the Hebrew-Saxon university professors to the governments of Mediterranean and Black Sea countries who, seeing to the ecological and national security of Israel, give environmental and national security advice to all Mediterranean and Black Sea countries. ------ 

Besides, if the Mediterranean and Black Sea countries follow the above advice of these professors, Greece is going to benefit since it has got the most oil beds on its inland of all the Mediterranean and Black Sea countries. ------- 
Behold oil wells on the land of Zante island, re-opened by the president of “ΧΡΩΠΕΙ” (CHROPI) Greek originator Sotirios Sofianopoulos, and by the patriotic military government of patriot George Papadopoulos 1967—1973 since they were first opened by the German army in 1941 and since their occlusion in 1945 by the Hebrew-Saxons Zionists anti-Greek “liberators” with fast setting cement (!!! !!! !!!) so that Greece could not have its own oil but be blackmailed by the “seven oil sisters” under Hebrew-Saxon administration»«. ---

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