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ATHENS    18  JANUARY  2013.






Chinese army in Skopje for the genocide of  the North-Central-Western-Island citizens  of Greece.
G.H.REES to condemned-to die Neo-Greeks:  Our brothers do not worry,  for the time being you can take  the Hebrew sleeping pill of “ military assistance provided by Orhtodox  Russia” and then you may be genocied without fear , as the local space leader  Jedi or Sendai or Jude or Jade or Jude or Sin-Sion (Zion)-Sina (China)or Pseudojehova or God the Father  of Judaism+ Christianity+Islam  and His “ son” Jesus or Jehova  or Jah-o-suva or “ Jehova saves” 
After bringing about your genocide  through the axis of the armies of B.A.S.T.R. ( Bulgaria-Albania- Skopje-Turkey- Romania )and  R.I.C  (Russia-Islam-China) he will grant you the “ Kingdom of …..Heaven”, in the second coming of  Jah-o-suva, Amen  and glory to  Hebrewsaxon god….


Neo-greeks,  Neo-Hebrewchristians  , Neo-condemned …. Neo-sheep to the slaughter , praise the  “ Lord Father”  of Christianity and his son  Jesus Christ  or Jah-o-suva  or “ Jehova saves”  ( trhe Chinese and Mongolian Hebrews)  Hallelujah or “ praise Jehova , because the above two criminal entities  deriving from the schizophrenic  criminal syndrome of “ He killed her because he loved her!!!!”  took good care to speed up  your pre-death anxiety  by deploying chinese troops to Skkopje , for your quick safe departure to the non-existant  Jehovic paradise where supposedly resides  in specially prepared suites the Jehovic  Hebrew-christian  satanic medium  under demonic possession namely “ Agios Paisios” who prophesised that  “ 200,000,000 chinese troops  will reach the Eastern Mediterranean  to defend  Christianity against the “ Antichrist 666” attacks”, Amen.
When in 2011, G.HREES mentioned in  “ Ellhnkaichaos”  that the joint chinese-turkish military drills being performed  at the time


On Turkish soil meant  the military alliance of the whole of BASTR axis  with China against Greece then all of the nazi-fascist  neo-greek  rubbish  of “ Epsilon” , “ L.A.O.S.”,  “ Golden Dawn”, “ Nea Acropolis”, “ Naer Mataron” ( Near Metatron) , “ Christian-Dodecatheist-Souphists”, “ Anti-metatron”, “ Eymolpos”, “ P.A.S.Y.A”, etc, attempted to  disprove and humiliate GHREES by referring to them as “ a dangerous group of traitors living in a fantasy world”. Now, following the publication of an article posted on “”, on 12/1/13, concerning the “ visit of Chinese minister of defence  Liang-Guang-Li  to Skopje, on 11 and 12/1/13, and concerning the “ signed agreement  between Skopje and China for the development and  progress  of the military co-operation  between China and Skopje  through the mutual exchange of military attaches” , that is after the transformation  of the military BASTR/P axis into “ BASTR/RO.K” **, and the surrounding of Greece  by both the armies of China and Turkey,


Units of which will be stationed  in all country members of the  BASTR/P axis. Following these  recent developments we  call to all the above mentioned members of the  traitorous provocative Neo-Greek  rubbish of  “ Epsilons”  and their political branches of  “L.A.O.S” and  “ Golden Dawn”  to literally eat their own shit coming out of their  “Anus-mouths”  against the patriotic Greek GHREES  and to disappear from  the Greek political scene.
“Traitorous and provocative “ whys”
1… Because they never made the Greek people aware of the  presence of the  anti-hellenic Mongolian  axis of BASTR/P  Bulgaria-Albania –Skopje-Turkey-Romania, and the impending  military attack of the armies of BASTR/P against Greece  ( Planned by the American pentagon),  for the genocide of  half the population of Greece  so that  the Greek militants-police officers and  civilians will not take any defense measures  because, according to the traitorous theories of the “ chief-priests of Epsilons” , that is French Hebrew  Cretan Ioannis Fourie  or Fourakis

And the Greek-Hebrew  professor called  Tzanni , or Zanna, half the population of Greece must face genocide  by the armies of neighbouring countries in an attempt to  arouse  a sense of patriotic pride in the Greeks , so that , as leaders of NATO , they will invade Asia against all Turkish Monguls  of China  (Huigkour=Hungarians)  and remaining Asian nations so that the Greeks will provoke the  counter attack of the armies of R.I.C  against NATO and SEATO ,for the complete genocide of the civilians of the countries of NATO and SEATO , and  for the declaration of the Chinese  government as  “ World government” or  “ Kingdom of Jehova”  or “ Kingdom of SIN-SION-SINA-SENDAI-JEDI-JADE-JUDE-JUDA.
2….Because in the framework of this  treason , “ Epsilons” that is “ L.A.O.S”  and “ Golden Dawn” are provoking the military attack of the neighbouring countries of BASTR/P against Greece through obscene , brutal abuse  of foreign immigrants , rather than promoting their lawful deportation.

3….Because in the framework  of this treason , “ Golden Dawn “ of Greece, founded by the Hebrewsaxon Mongol  Lords,  Nazi” Giolden Dawn “ of England regards  Asian Mongols  and especially Tibetans  and Chinese and Koreans, and Albanians and Turkish Mongols , as supposedly members of the “white race”……(!!!!!).
4….Because in the framework of this treason,  “L.A.O.S” , believe in and published in “ Alfa-Ena) newspaper the following incitement : “ Xe-Kina” ( Start-China)  to all Greek governments , that is  “ let China free to buy out Greece , so that China will have claims over Greek national territories”.
5….Because in the framework of this treason, and contrary to the actions of GHREES and  those of “ Ellhnkaichaos” website,  the Neo-Nazi  “ Epsilons “ of  Greece that is  “ L.A.O.S” and “ Golden Dawn”,  deliberately are keeping quiet  and covering up and implicitly protecting  and becoming  accomplices in the already performed and currently being performed  intentional  dismantling of the Greek armed forces,

Because both “ L.A.O.S” and  “Golden Dawn “ , that is “ Epsilons” of Greece, are working towards  the mass slaughtering of the Greek army by the armies of BASTR/P , and the genocide of  Greek civilians of North-Central-Western-Island Greece  by the  axis of BASTR/P, so that the supposedly  regretful  US government will deliver  sovereignty of BASTR/P territories over to “ Greek empire 666”, with Constantinople as the new capital, “ L.A.O.S” as the new government, chief-general Hebrewsaxon heir to the throne Paul Holstein Glucksburg,  “Prime minister” turk-Albanian  G.Karazafferi  of “ L.A.O.S”  , and “ Emperor” the  Hebrewsaxon  Pseudo-dragazis or “ new Christ 666” of Denmark or “ incarnation of the god Dionysus” etc, according to  “L.A.O.S” “ Golden Dawn” and “ Epsilons” terminologies.
And naturally the above mentioned  act of high treason  and treason against the country , isn’t only committed by “ L.A.O.S.”  and “ Golden Dawn”,

But also by  the entire political spectrum  of all other political parties of the parliament, through the  theft of  400bil euros  in external debt  and 700bil euros internal debt  incurred by the two government parties  following the fall of the dictatorship in 1974 , and through the  devious bankruptcy and financial catastrophe of Greece , and the Hebrewsaxon austerity measures, which have imposed  the destruction of the Greek armed forces  and of the police force , so that the five member countries of BASTR/P , reinforced with  Turkish and Chinese  special forces brigades and infantry forces , will invade  Greece , and together with their settlers inside Greece, (immigrants), will  cause the genocide of  half the Greek population.  Their goal:  To arouse  a sense of patriotism in the  remaining Greeks  thorough creating the “false empire 666” of Constantinople which  , as typical leader of NATO, will attack against  R.I.C in order to bring about the  counter attack of R.I.C  and the genocide of all innocent civilians of the countries of “NATO”  with the Greeks being the first  up for genocide.


Behold the intentionally accumulated factors , of military attack  of the armies of the new-fangled axis of  “ KI/BASTR/P” ( CHINA+ BASTR),  deliberately  SYNCHRONISED NOW  against Greece, in summery attack  of 2013.
1…..The president of the Turkish parliament , according to the “ Voice of Russia”,  demands now the Turkish domination of 16 Greek islands, thereby  arbitrarily cancelling the  “ Chevres convention”,  which grants Turkey  the right to territorial waters only up to 3 miles, along with the islands of Imvros and Tenedos,  while  yielding  the rest of the Aegean  to Greece as  “ Greek national territorial waters”.
2…….The traitorous  “ Greek”  government of the two Hebrews  (Ben-Hiram Samaras, Tourgkoutsoglou- Venizelos)  as well as one mason ( Kouvelis),  after 37 years of governments of  “ New Democracy” and “  P.A.S.O.K”  following the fall of the junta ( dictatorship) **,  only  now* is choosing to define the Greek underwater AOZ (  exclusive economic zone) ,  so that there will be  tensions between Greece and Turkey, NOW.   See  two  related articles attached to the present .


3……..According to international news agents,  the “  Turkish government  is  NOW reporting that Greece is oppressing  the Turkish minorities in western Thrace, and on the islands of Rhodes and Kos.” 
4……..American Hebrew mediator  NIMITZ has NOW arrived in Skopje  concerning the “  Skopje name issue”  under orders of the Chinese-Korean United Nations secretary  Ban-Ki –Moon ,  in an attempt to” accuse Greece  as an incompliant country which is sabotaging  peace and security in the Balkans “, so that the countries of BASTR/P will be given the moral alibi to militarily attack Greece.
5………NOW,  movements are under way to determine the final official name of Skopje, through a summit in which, after 37 yrs following the fall of the junta  and devious  postponments  and  oscillations on the part of the Greek government,  the Hebrew  “ prime minister”  Samaras –Ben –Hiram-Zannas,  has been ordered by his  superiors in


London to participate and assume a completely uncompromising stance  , impersonating the  “ Greek patriot”..
6………NOW , after 37yrs of “  the fall of the junta “ fraud regarding the issue of Greek petroleum exploitation ,  ( where the  GreekHebrew traitorous political whores  of the “ New Democracy”  and  “ P.A.S.O.K”  were shutting down  the already existing oil wells**, as well as those  of the patriotic government of G.Papadopoulos  on the island of Zakynthos,  while at the same time opening up  the ones on Thasos in an attempt  to cause tensions  with Turkey).  And while the literally and metaphorically  homosexual  “ P.A.S.O.K”  president  Jeffry Papandreou-Mineiko-Chade,  in full knowledge of the fact he was lying,  claimed that “ there exist  no oil deposits anywhere in Greece both on land and underwater”,  all of a sudden  all masonic whores,  that is presidents of  Greek and foreign services ,  “ discovered” huge stretches of oil deposits  on Greek territory as well as the Greek  underwater economic zone  “AOZ”  so that there will be an accumulative cause of war  between Greece and Turkey, and between Greece and  “ KI/BASTR/P”.


7……..NOW  Albania  has urgently again put forward the issue of  “ Albanian Tsamoyria”  located in present day  southern Epirus in Greece.
8……..NOW China  has deployed the chinese minister of defense  to Skopje,  for the installation of chinese army in Skopje against Greece,  and for the joint co-operation of chinese army with the Turkish brigades  deployed in Skopje against  Greece.  ( See related link=DEFENCENET of 12/1/13).
9……..NOW the Russian Hebrew  minister of defense, general SOIGKOY SERGEI  announced his coming to Greece  in March 2013, supposedly “  regarding the  renewal of the 420 russian T.O.M.A.  ( armoured military vehicles)  “ BMP-3”  ordered by Greece, as well as to renew the agreement  regarding the crossing of the Russian natural gas pipes through  northern Greece”,  and IN REALITY to put the Greek armed forces to sleep  through Russian-hebrew frauds  supposedly concerning  “  Russian support and Russian  defense cover of Greece  against  any  of its enemies”, which frauds are translated as follows:


“ Greek officers  you should  unconditionally and without complaining allow the Hebrewsaxon  NATO “ troika”  and the  Greek Hebrew government of  our Hebrew brothers of the  “IMF” ( Internatinal Monetary Fund) , the  C.E.B ( Central European Bank),  and  E.E ( European Union)  of our Hebrew brothers Baroso or Barouch  and Van-Rompai, of  Samaras-Ben-Hiram-Jannas, and  of Venizelos-Tourgkoutsoglou-Tourgkout,  to  completely dismantle the Greek armed forces  and the Greek police , because we  RussianHebrew  Sionists  of Moscow,  have agreed with our  HebrewAmerican  Sionist brothers  of Washington  to protect Greece  from all external threats ,  because we  Hebrew Sionists of Moscow and Washington  love the Greeks to the death ( of the Greeks!!),  in the Greek way of :  “ He killed her because he loved her”,  which is also applied by  our father in heaven ,  Jahveh the distinguished”.  Naturally,  Soigkoy,  the RussianHebrew  minister of defense, does not make his own decisions  but rather  carries out orders


By the RussianHebrew  Sionist  president of  Russia, Vlandimir Puttin  or Puttiatin,  of HebrewFinnish descent  from the Russian territory of  TVER- KARELIA-KALINISKY.
The Finns are Monguls  originating from a crossbreeding  between indigenous white pelasgians  and  Asian white  Mongolians  “FIN” or “ SIN” .  The Hebrews are also a crossbreed between  white pelasgians and Monguls or chinese.
The HebrewFinnish  Puttiatin , as Hebrewmongolian  princes of Finland , got mixed up** through crossbreeding, with the first dynasty of  the “PAS  white pelasgians  (RUS) Vikings  as kings of Russia, or the “ ROURIGS” dynasty,  that is the dynasty which precedes  that of the  Hebrewsaxon  “ OLDENBURG-SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN-GOTTORP (  GOTHS or HETTAIANS) pseudo-Romanov.
The Sionist  Finnish Hebrewmangolian   Mr Puttin ,  by  sending his  Russian minister of defense Sugkoi to Greece ,  is attempting to intentionally and deviously  put the Greek armed forces to sleep


So that they stupidly and traitorously  will not be able  to associate  the  presence of Chinese  brigades in Skopje  against Greece,  , with the  joint  Chinese-Turkish military drills on Turkish soil , against Greece in 2011. The above mentioned joint drills  expanded to include  joint air force drills of the two countries , China and Turkey, in Turkish air space, against Greece , also in 2011. (  The traitorous  DEFENCENET or “ TOURKNET”  according to the terminology used by the  “ ELLHNKAICHAOS” associates,  had then falsely and traitorously  posted that the  above mentioned drills  were being performed by  “ the Turkish and Russian armed forces “ in order to cause confusion  and therefore put the Greek armed forces to sleep.).
On 12 January 2013, traitorous DEFENCENET-TOURKNET,  published in  one of his articles the visit of  the Chinese minister of defense to Skopje , and on the same day , see “ DEFENCENET” OF 9/1/13  published the visit


Of the Russian minister of defense Sugkoi   in march of 2013, with stupid bluffs  supposedly referring to:
A…… deployment  of 420 T.O.M.A  ( armoured military vehicles)- BMP-3. To Greece.
B……Natural gas pipes  through Bulgaria, terminating at Alexandroupolis.
C……”TOR-M1” , missiles.
D…...”ZUBR”  landing craft.
E…….etc,  all of which were never to be delivered!!!!.,
So that the Greek armed forces would be stupefied taking  the “ GreekRussian friendship and defense  co-operation “ sleeping pill ,  so that they would be slaughtered within 2013 through a joint attack of both the armies of  China and BASTR/P  all along the  Greek sea and land borders.


10……NOW Turkey  has announced joint military drills with  AZERBAITZAN and KAZAKHSTAN  against Greece , which ultimately proves  as hideous lies of the Hebrewmongolian Kremlin  of the Hebrewmongolian  anti-hellenic  PUTTIN** or PUTTATIN or POUTIANIN *** or POUTJANIN  (  descendant of the HebrewFnnish  , that is Hebrewmongolian  prince-Duke  named “ TAAVETTI( DAVID) MIKIITAN-ROIKA PUTJANINor PUTTATIN “, duke of KARELIA of “ KAKISALMI” of  eastern Finland,  bordering  with Russian territory of  “TVER” , homeland of the  crypto-Finnish-Hebrew-Mongolian princes or dukes pseudo-Russian  PUT(JATIN) , the supposed  “  hostilities  between Russia and Azerbaitzan and Tsetsen “.

Recently the Russian president  VLADIMIR PUTTIN  or POUTIN or PUT (JAT) IN  announced   the foundation of the EAE ( EUROASIAN UNION)  members of which are both Russia and Kazakhstan, and therefore it is a huge  geostrategic lie-bluff 


That the  Hebrewmongolian Kremlin *** is hostile towards  :  TurkishMongolian Azerbaitzan  of  TurkishMongolian Azers  or Hatzars, TurkishMongolian Tsetsen , and towards  Mongolian Turkey , and that the  geostrategic  truth of the HebrewMongolian background of the  geostrategic collusion of  ALL OF THE ABOVE MENTIONED  Mongolians and HebrewMongolians of Russia-Tsetsen- Azerbaitzan- Turkey-etc,  is  that the supposed anti-mongolism , that is anti-Turkism of the HebrewMongolian Kremlin is a DEVIOUS PROVOCATION  aimed at the  programmed genocide of all white Russians  by the yellow Chinese  and by the above mentioned  TRurkish-Mongolian- Hebrew-Azers-tsetsens-Turks  whiteyellow races,  after the genocide  of the civilians of “NATO-SEATO” country members by the armies of R.I.C or “ THE SHANGHAI PACT”.!!!!!.
Consequently,  the HebrewMongolian Finnish  Mr. POUTIN or PUTIN , along with the rest Mongolian Hebrews  of the “ Russian”  ( pseudo-Russian) governments


Is traitorously conspiring for the genocide of the whole of the Russian population, by the Hebrew Mongolians and the Turkish Mongolians  of Russia , that is repetition of the white Russian massacre by the Mongolian Hebrews in the racial cleansing” revolution”,, but also by the other Mongolians of the Baltic countries of ESTONIA-LITHUANIA-LETONIA as well as FINLAND, and by the Chinese and the Mongols of MONGOLIA  ( OULAN-BATOR) and other countries of Asia, and by the Mongols of ALBANIA-SKOPJE-BULGARIA-TURKEY-ROMANIA.!!!!!.
Through the present article, we are accusing the president of Russia V. POUTIN, a supposed “ Orthodox Christian” , ( see: Orthodox Jew), along with the members of his government , as well as the members of the Hebrewsaxon  “ KGB-FSB” , as “ traitors and enemies of the Russian people” and as “ criminals of  WW III”, and as “ criminals against Russia and rest of Mankind”, and we call upon the Russian armed forces and the Russian police corps


And the Russian military police corps  of “ G.R.U”, to overthrow Poutin’s  government along with “ KGB/FSB”  where he served as leader during the presidency of  two Russian-Hebrew-Mongolian  presidents, namely Gorbatscev and Yieltsin, and to enforce against them the death penalty without summary procedures, due to their acts of high treason against the Russian state and constitution , and high treason against Russia through the supply of high space and defense technology equipment  ( war planes, submarines, warships, aircraft carriers, missiles, satellites, armoured vehicles etc), to China, which during the second and third great phase of WW III is planning to use this technology  for the complete annihilation of the Russian people , that is the white Russians, AND  white yellow Mongol Russians , whether Hebrew Mongolians  or Mongolians.  ( see GHREES documents regarding WW III).


The above mentioned death penalties against the president of Russia VL.POUTIN , against the member s of his Hebrew Mongolian government , and against the members of the criminal Hebrew Mongolian gang of “ KGB/FSB” , were adjudged by the legal branch of GHREES of Thessaloniki  Greece on 18/1/13, ON THE BASIS  of high treason committed by  the Hebrew Mongolians of  Poutin’s government against the  “ Russian allies” Arabic national regimes of LIBYA-EGYPT-SYRIA with the intention of :
A……Homogenising  all Islamic regimes into UNIFIED REGIMES  of “ Aggressive Siitic irredentist Islamism of ‘ Holy war” “, in accordance with the regimes of Russia and China, for the genocide of the western populations by the R.I.C axis  ( RUSSIA-CHINA-ISLAM) or “ PACT OF SHANGHAI”.
B……Collusion of the Kremlin Hebrew Mongolians with the Hebrew Mongols of London


Those of Washington and Brussels, with the Chinese government , and the Turkish government for the attack  of the  Chinese army and  of the Islamic Mongolian influence  that of BASTR/P  against Greece, for the genocide of half the Greek population within 2013 as an introductory stage of WW III , according to Hebrew and Saxon conscientious objectors  members of  the “ NSA-USA”, through Greek Americans. First tangible proof as to the above : presence of Turkish and Chinese brigades on BASTR/P soil  against Greece, as materialization of the “ bilateral defense ( see: attacking against Greece) agreement” of Turkey and China with ALBANIA-SKOPJE-BULGARIA. Now China is about to sign an unofficial “ bilateral defense pact” with ALBANIA due to the Albanians in Tetovo Skopje, as well as  an unofficial “ bilateral defense pact “ with BULGARIA  due to a number of ALBANIANS  bearing Bulgarian passport and officially regarded as “ Bulgarian citizens” by BULGARIA.


11…….NOW the Hebrew  or Masons., with no exception, leaders of the political parties of “ New Democracy”, P.A.S.O.K, DHMAR, SYRIZA, KKE, and “GOLDEN DAWN “  ( Michaloliakos of  “ GOLDEN DAWN” , member of black Nazi Masonry  of “ GOLDEN DAWN” London), are attempting to drag Greece into civil war , on the basis of the so-called “ LAGARDE LIST” , so that Greece with its destroyed economy, in a state of civil war , and with completely dismantled armed forces by its politicians, will be genocided by the armed forces of the new-fangled axis of” KI/BASTR/P” all the way up to Lamia (central Greece), and so that Hebrew Saxon “ NATO” , supposedly feeling remorse, will hand over to Greece domination of the countries of “ BASTR/P” as “magic” of the “ Global Greek empire 666” of Constantinople , which has been programmed to lead the armies of “ NATO” against the “ R.I.C” axis in WW III, so that

The counter-attacking armies of R.I.C , together with religiously and politically  homogenised  Islamic nations , will genocide the unarmed civilians of the countries of “ NATO” , with the rest of Neo-Greeks being genocided first , as” instigators of WW III, through the antichrist Nazi empire 666 of Constantinople”.
12…….NOW China has started amassing huge quantities of food and especially rice , and other resources, see webpages:
A… YLON-185805228.HTML.
BECAUSE , according to leaked out information by Hebrew Saxon conscientious objectors of “ NSA-USA” ,


The Chinese government  is commencing,  as of 2013, the initial stage of WW III, that is the invasion  of the armies of BASTR/P against Greece  ( see deployment of Chinese army to Skopje,  following  the recent military agreement  between China and Skopje  against Greece,  with a simultaneous BLUFF  of supposed Russian support of Greece  in……March 2013), with the prospect that, in 2020, that is when the  counterattack of the armies of R.I.C against  “NATO”  commences,  China will have  full  sufficiency of   food and resoiurces  for a 7-year World War , until 2027,  which year China has planned it to be the year of her self-declaration  as “ World kingdom-empire of Jehova-Sin-Sion (Zion) –Sina-Jedi- Sedi-Jade-Jude-Jed-Juda”,  that is the Draconian –Dragon- Galactic –chief criminal- SIN of the HYBRID MEGASTARSHIP “ MOON” or “ LEVAN”  originating from the constellation of  “DRACO”,


After the complete genocide  of ALL EARTHLY NATIONS-RACES  by the Chinese army,  INCLUDING  Mongolian  Hebrew Russians like  Vl. Poutin  AS WELL AS  Mongolian Hebrew Saxon  ministers  and prime ministers  of Europe and the USA ,  AND  rest of  Mongolians of Asia,  i.e  Indochinese  e.t.c.
In such an impending  situation of  WW III planetary massacre,  the Neo-Greeks  will face COMPLETE  genocide , until there are no more left  alive, because  ever since  the foundation of the Greek state  they have been  “ masturbating” (essentially losing  their minds)  deeply and irreparably affected by the  degenerate  and corrupt  political “ Democratic regime”,  while they have abandoned  the natural  political system  of”  Physiocrasy”  of the natural laws,  in which , just like in animal herds, nation leaders  must  rise to power ONLY through  mental-emotional-corporal  races (competitions)  in martial arts and strategic  national defense.


The only  Hellenocentric  (patriotic) body  who attempted to  revive  in the corrupt  Neo-Greece , the above mentioned natural way of appointing leaders,  that is  the perfect  experts  in national defense  and  food and resource autonomy,  is G.H.REES, Group of Hellenic Re-Establishment.
Neo-Greeks  ( with the exception of  a few who are not enough to make up the  “critical mass”  of an armed  revolution  for the  overthrow of  the traitor “ Greek” politicians,  and for the  restoration  of the ancient political system of  “ Physiocrasy”  through  competition games , having as judges  non-governmental  senators), rejected  G.H.REES’S proposals  for the appointment of  meritocratic  physiocratic leaders  through  games,  and in the last elections , appointed as their leaders  Hebrew  traitors  and Mason thieves , since  voters are ALSO  traitors+ thieves. Natural end :  GENOCIDE.


For  the High Command of G.H.REES
Athens :  6-star General.
The G.H.REES representative  ,  Karageorgioy  Hr.Hr. Giannis.
Former  trainer  for  the “  Geostrategic analysis “  department  of  G.H.REES.
Lieutenant -General   of the “ National and Planetary Security “  department  of  G.H.REES.


P.S 1…. Final  “ explanations”  for the  Greek traitor  degenerate bastards  of the “ Greek”  legislative,  judicial and  executive  ( government+ Greek police force+armed forces) authorities:  The undeniable  proof  provided by ALL of the above  three authorities , is  G.H.REES representative  Karageorgioy Giannis’s  imprisonment  immediately following  G.H.REES’S announcement on  “ Ellhnkaichaos” mentioning  leaked out information  from  “NSA” objectors through Greek Americans , the “  general  mobilization  of the Turkish army  in early October of 2012 ,  NOT against Syria  , as falsely announced by the Turkish  government ,  but rather against GREECE  in an autumn attack  of all countries of BASTR/P against Greece. In the above  article by G.H.,REES,  there was also mention of the names  of the Turkish  land army units , transported by  the two Turkish armed units in Eastern Turkey  (2nd and 3rd), to  join the two  Tirkish units of western  Turkey  (1st Consatinople and 4th  “Aegean at Smyrna),  which  self-evidently  proved that Turkey  WAS NOT WAGING WAR AGAINST SYRIA BUT RATHER AGAINST GREECE. ( Malatias and Erzitzan).


The Hebrew Masonic legislative ( Parliament) , judicial, and executive  (government+ police force headquarters Athens + Ministry of Defense + Greek intelligence service), degenerate bastards  of  Chinese-Hebrew dominated  Athens, RATHER THAN  instructing  G.H.REES’S representative   Karageorgioy to  testify in writing and  verbally to the  National Security authorities in charge,  in order to cross-examine  the validity ,  obtained from Greek American  members of  “ NSA-USA” , of the  received information regarding  : General  mobilization  of Turkish forces  at 210% against Greece at the beginning of  2012”,
IN CONTRAST  AND  IN A TRAITOROUS  FASHION,  the above  mentioned  degenerate bastards  unleashed an assault  against G.H.REES  through Greek Intelligence Service –owned  “ CRIME.GR”  website , and several other  related websites  owned by the Greek Ingtelligence Service Agency , promoted by the  co-ordinated Hebrew Saxon  “ GOOGLE” , in “bright”  research titles like:  “ Panic  among the Greek government  due to information  regarding  the attack of Turkey against Greece “  and “  Shocked  by  assassination threats  of ( traitor) government  officials  blamed on  terrorist organization  (patriotic G.H.REES)  e.t.c.”.

In the above similar articles  of dozens of sites  owned by Greek intelligence service ,  copied off  “” also owned by  Greek intelligenc service,  was written the  planned devious lie that  “ The Greek police  ARE LOOKING INTO  the  identity of the author  of the “ disgraceful “  article , as well as the identity of the owner of “ Ellhnkaichaos” , although, due to the  very long  electronic and  other surveillance of  both (  Karageorgioy of G.H.REES  and  PAPANAKOS  of “ Ellhnkaichaos”),  who  SIGNED WITH THEIR NAMES  the controversial  G.H.REES’S article ,  both Intelligence service and  the Greek police  were completely familiar with  the personal details of the above two Hellenes!!!!!.
The  “ show”  of the so-called  “ investigation”  was aimed  at:
1……Justification for the arrest  of G.H.REES’S representative by  the Greek police force traitors and those of  Greek Intelligence service ,  who  were intending to supposedly come forward as  “ impartial”  and “ unaware”  of the  similar (same)  texts of  both  G.H.REES and  “ Ellhnkaichaos” in the past , by imprisoning  G.H.REES’S representative ,


Through breaking into his home in Volos, stealing his H/Y computer, and smashing  the front door to his house  all carried out by  Volos police force  as well as by electronic crime services  at Athens,  everyone from  the head of the police down to the  lowest rank officers  , proved that THEY ARE ALL TRAITORS,  who, along with  the traitor politicians of the Greek parliament  and government  as well as  traitor members of the judiciary and generals-admirals-air force generals, have all  accepted the fact that Greece  is a socioeconomic-military satellite of Turkey , and that it should not show any reaction at  international fora  ( united nations, E.E, court cases at the Hague , e.t.c.),  to military provocations and to the planned invasion of Turkey and  rest of BASTR/P  against Greece ,  and that in order for them to  go on receiving  bonuses such as promotions,  salaries, pensions and  favourable transfers,  they all obey traitor Hebrew  politicians superior to them  (  Samaras-Ben-Hiram-Zannas and Dendias-Dendolo-Dendio), who imprison and  eliminate  heroes like Stayros Lalas, who are fighting for  Greek national security.


OUTCOME:  we paraphrase  an excerpt from the  Chinese Hebrew  “ Holy ( Evil )  Bible”, since we  are addressing to  Christian-Hebrew  Greek Hebrews :  “  If a blind man is led by another blind man, both shall fall in the end” . Paraphrasing  :  “ If a traitor is led and instructed by another traitor , both will face genocide  inevitably and will be buried in mass graves , by the armies of  BASTR/P and  those of R.I.C.”.
The only thing that can now save the Greeks  from their  upcoming  genocide  within 2013, is overthrowing the  traitor politicians of the traitorous Greek parliament , the two Hebrew traitors  (Samaras and Venizelos)  and the one Mason  (Kouvelis)  of the 3-party government , the dismantling of all political parties,  THE EXPULSION OF  ALL “TROIKA” MEMBERS FROM GREECE, the sortie of Greece from the European Union (Hebrew-pean Union) , and from the  military part of the United Nations,  exiting  “NATO” , the deportation of  Chinese-Skpje-Bulgarians-Romanians-Turks and rest Mongols  (Tsetsens- Hazars- Azerians)  from Greece,
The  appointing by the armed forces  of a government  of scientists whose purpose will be to
 set up an autonomous  Greek  :  PRIMARY ECONOMY  ( agriculture- farming-fishing industry- water supply-forestry-petroleum extraction,natural gas,exploiting of fossil fuels, and other  (rare minerals),  SECONDARY ECONOMY  ( military defense industry : aircraft- ships-armoured vehicles- T.O.M.A- vehicles-helicopters- off-road cycles-military armament-missiles  e.t.c, large scale civil economy  and TERTIARY ECONOMY  (services and  production facilities  and electricity –thelephone-water  as well as recyclable sources of energy companies, education, culture e.t.c.).
If the above are even remotely  enforced , the Chinese Hebrew Saxon and  Mongolian enemy  will  “  do everything possible  ( BASTR/P  and  R.I.C)  and ( SIN-SION of  ‘ LEVAN” ) to wipe Greece completely off the face of the earth . This means that  the male and female population of Greece  will carry weapons  doing  LIFELONG  military service , from the age of 8 till the age of 68, according to the ancient  Spartan  principles,


With the men of  the Greek special forces  replacing  the “ gym instructors” of Greek schools  and universities,  with schools and universities  being equipped with  “  combat arenas “ of the type of  O.Y.K  special forces at Redina in Halkidiki , and with secondary school graduates  DOING A 5-YEAR MILIATRY SERVICE  with simultaneous  university or  technical or  vocational training.  However the above  measures will never be implemented by the  degenerate  Neo-Greek traitors,  as they have absolute no relation to the ancient Spartans, nor to the  rest of ancient fathers, and therefore they are not  genuine Greeks but rather  “ fake Greeks”  , that is “ lawless  anarchist pseudo-Greeks” because in order for the miracle of resurrecting  half dead Greece to take place , it is mandatory that there is  prioritisation of society  through  constant  competition games /races , from the nation’s leader  down to the  last  social classes , that is  unskilled workers, without  the stupid  Neo-Greek  way of thinking :” I do not take orders from anyone because I’m a know-it-all”  !!!!!.


Because you are nothing more than a mere  arsehole , a traitor a lying Neo-Greek thief much like the  rest of you  10,000,000 knowingly  stupid idiot Neo-Greeks  who , as lying cheats and  dishonest  traitors , appointed as  presidents- prime ministers- ministers- of Greece,  the super-traitors super-thieves,  because this is  by definition and identity and  determinism
The democratic regime  or traitor-cracy or thief-ocracy or other  “ the worst of political regimes “  according to Aristotle , the great political analyst.
We paraphrase once again the  “ Holy  (evil  Chinese Hebrew)  Bible” :  If a thief is led by another thief  both will inevitably fall  into the trap of  the “ IMF” , “ European Union” , the “ Centrla European Bank “ (Hebrew-pean), and with  disbanded  armed forces by the  austerity measures and by the traitors of the 3 political parties , they will  inevitably want to go back into the  womb of their mother!!”.  GO AND FUCK OFF MISERABLE NEO-GREEK  FAGGOTS AND WHORES.  With the only exception of a small number of  rare  intelligent Greeks.

And  IN REALITY , on account of an article by G.H.REES  in October 2012 on “ ellhnkaichaos” , through which  Greek Americans  of US services  warned the Greek :  government+ armed forces+ Greek police+greek intelligence services, that  “ the general mobilization of Turkey  in October of 2012 was not aimed at attacking Syria , as was falsely announced by Ankara , but  was aimed at attacking Greece!!”. 
Stayros Lalas served 12 years in an American prison , bitterly betrayed by the  Greek Hebrew  government of  the Hebrew  Mitsotakis-Venizelos- Ben Salom- Benjamin Salom (  benjamin’s peace),  because he had  delivered to Greece  “ CIA”  documents regarding  Turkish submarine  hideaways  along the coast of  western  Turkey ,  seriously putting himself in grave danger  for the Greek national security. After his discharge he  was mocked by the traitorous memebrs of  “ The Golden Dawn” :  namely, Spyros  Spyropoulos of “ PA.SY.A.GR”,  “ EYMOLPOS.BLOGSPOT.COM”, and “ ANTIMETATRON.BLOGSPOT.COM”,  by order of the  hideous traitor bastard  Hitler Nazi  and an informer  for “ Greek Intelligence Service” and Greek police,  our national  fat bastard  namely Michaloliakos, leader of the “ Golden Dawn” as the rotten Nazi frog-faced  sub-human  Michaloliakos , the Hebrew-born  Mongolian Kasidiaris  and the rest of bastards of the “ Golden Dawn”, WANT  the Turkish army to invade Greece.


As a reward  by the   10,000,000 Neo Greek faggots and whores  to national hero  Stayros Lalas: He lives in Athens  unemployed  isolated and  politically dead”.  60 court cases  and 4 times in prison  G.H.,REES’S representative Karageorgioy , with the last one  of 22/10/12 used as pretext  due to the fact that with his signature  he assumed responsibility  for  G.H.REES’S text which   DISCLOSED  that   “ the general mobilization of Turkey  in October 2012 was aimed at attacking Greece  and not Syria “, and in this way  the autumn military attack  by the BASTR/P axis on Greece  was cancelled  along with the  genocide of  north-central western and island Greeks  , by the filled with rage armies  of BASTR/P  BULGARIA-ALBANIA-SKPOJE-TURKEY-ROMANIA.


Life imprisonment and  death in prison for the  Greek patriot  militant and prime minister of Greece  Georgios  Papadopoylos  , because  in the thick of a situation  of complete political and economic  instability and dissolution brought about by the  Mason Georgios  Papandreou  and his  Greek Hebrew son , Andreas  Papandreou ,  leader of the failed Junta movement  of  “ Aspida”  made up of communist  sergeants,  G. Papadopoulos and  400  Greek officers took charge of  Greece and overthrew  the original plan  of American Hebrews to  let Greece lead  over  the armies of “ NATO” , in favour of Jews and against Arabs  in the two Arab-Israeli wars  :  A…. the 7-day war of 1967, and B…..  the “ Jom-Kipour  war of 1973,October 1973. During those two wars both Papadopoulos and Markezinis ,  refused to assume  leadership over  “ NATO” , and while they  did not allow  NATO aircraft to pass over Greece in favour of Israel, on the contrary they allowed  Soviet aircraft to pass over Greece in favour of the Arabs.  In this way THE ABOVE TWO GREEKS  CANCELLED THE OUTBREAK OF WW III  organized by  “ HONG”   of CHINA and  Hebrew Saxon “  AOA”  in LONDON,  that is the  attack of NATO  under Greek command against Arabs,  escalating against the


Arabs, with an escalation against their past and present  allies, that is against  the Russians and Chinese in 1967, so that the counterattacking R.I.C  (Russia- Islamic nations- China ), would  cause the genocide  of all the allies of NATO countries in 1975, which  the CO-ORDINATED  Hebrew command of  the “ Watch-Tower”, that is “ Jehova’s witnesses”  of New York, had defined  as “ the year  of the Armaggedon outbreak  through the destruction of nations by ……..JEHOVA” ( see : from CHINA-SIN-SION(ZION)-SINA).
Deeply irritated by this patriotic stance of the Greek G.Papadopoulos and Sp. Markezinis,  Hebrew Americans  succeeded in overthrowing them  in November 1973, and the whole ungrateful Neo-Greek faggots and whores  that had benefited from them  ( farming-agricultural-home- debt lapses, zero unemployment,  per capita income higher than that of Switzerland-cancellation of the Greek genocide in the cancelled Armaggedon in 1975 e.t.c.), deviously turned against them because

 “there is no bigger enemy than  the benefited ungrateful  Neo-fucking-Greek”,  see for example the dishonest ungrateful  Neo-fucking-Greek Spyros Spyropoulos of “  PA.SY.A.GR”,  and his Nazi gang  of the sexually corrupted and degenerate memebers of the “ Golden Dawn” like “ Eymolpos” and “ Antimetatron” and Michaloliakos  , a cheap low-class (brothel) hotel owner , according to the principles of the Hebrew Josef  Stalin , communist butcher of the people of the USSR, also a brothel owner himself,  so that the great Heracletus  would be justified when he said : “  When two things are opposite  they must be the same”.
The same was carried out by the benefited Neo-Greeks Christians and faggotchristians, by determinism and by Hebrew Christian identity, without conscience and honour,  against the Greek leaders of the revolution of 1821, like Theodoros Kolokotronis, Plapoutas e.t.c,  who sacrificed their  properties and children in the name of Greek national security , after the arrival in Greece of the German Hebrew Mongolian prince OTTO WITTELS-BACH or


OTTOMAN  or OTHON. The whole of the contemporary history of the Greek state is one of treason disgrace and ungratefulness of the benefited Greeks  against their benefactors.
That is why , ungrateful Neo-Greek traitors and murderers of your benefactors, you have ALSO been cursed by the supreme  god of the universe: Intelligent Universal Organism or PAN ( SYM-PAN) , AND  the cell of  “ PAN” , that is intelligent “ GAIA” our planet , AND Pseudo-god galactic criminal DRACONIAN  “ GOD THE FATHER” JEHOVA-SIN-SION-SINA-SEDI-JEDI-JUDE-JADE-JUDAS, and its son JESUS CHRIST or “ JAH-O-SUVA” in Hebrew, AND the DRACONIAN LUNAR DEVILS of JAHVEH , that is you have been cursed and are being pursued by “ Gods and Demons”, because even the patriot guerillas AND the occupation armies of  JAHVEH , shoot traitors of the pelasgic motherlands in the end. Mr. Alamanas , colonel and essentially a brigadier of the Greek police force , has already committed three


Fatal suicidal acts against G.H.REES.:
A…….He ordered his subordinates of the police department in Volos to break into G.H.REES representaitve’s house in Volos , and to remove (steal) his computer , thinking that they would finally track down any names  pertaining to G.H.REES members and with the intention of breaking up and imprisoning all G.H.REES members, that is the destruction of the only Greek organization today working towards Greek national security , essentially replacing the Greek Hebrew and Hebrew Masonic  Greek Intelligence Service.
Thus, instead of the Greek police force and the armed forces overthrowing traitor politicians of Greece , along with the traitor Greek Hebrew  Mason leaders of the Greek Intelligence Service, and rather than them handing over complete command to G.H.REES , AS AN ORAGNISATION OF PROVEN HARD WORK TOWARDS GREEK NATIONAL SECURITY, the Greek police force and the armed forces , that is generals and other officers of both bodies , are attempting  to destroy G.H.REES  so that there is no more a protective body of Greek national security.


NOW the” Greek Hebrew government” is about to set and follow a tough line regarding exclusive Greek economic zone (AOZ) , in attempt to bring about  NOW a co-ordinated  military crisis in the Aegean.
NOW  the Hebrew Saxons of London , lords leaders of  Nazi “ Golden Dawn” of London, ordered  their branch of “ Golden Dawn “ in Greece , to murder the Pakistani immigrant in Athens , in  an attempt to bring about  additional problems regarding  the dissolution of Greece , that problem being the armed uprising of the Islamic groups in Greece, so that with the simultaneous  attack of BASTR/P against Greece , its borders will recede as far as Lamia (central Greece),


With the north-central-western –island Greeks faced with genocide, and with the founding of a new government of “ L.A.O.S + GOLDEN DAWN” at Mystras in the Peloponnese, and during the second  phase at Constantinople, as seat of the” Neo-Byzantine empire 666”, having the support of “ repentant”  NATO , under control of “ chief-general”  PAUL SCHLESWIG HOLSTEIN GLUCKSBURG, dethroned  Hebrew Saxon  heir  of Greece, so that after  the attack of NATO  against  the R.I.C. axis, R.I.C will be able to counterattack in WW III and cause the genocide of all civilians of NATO countries and primarily the Greeks , in order to  establish the  “ Kingdom of JEHOVA-SIN-SION(ZION)-SINA-SEDI-JEDI-“ of CHINA. We call upon the Greeks to assassinate NOW  ‘GOLDEN DAWN “ leader  Michaloliakos, and  “GOLDEN DAWN” members of Parliament  because they are just traitors “ Pseudo-Nationalists”  provocators of Greek genocide by the armies  of BASTR/P and R.I.C.


We call upon the Greek people to  IMMEDIATELY assassinate  the forsworn traitor  Italian Hebrew  “ Minister” of  public order ( disorder)  DENDIA-DANDOLO-DENDOLO,  and  his accomplice chief of police in Kerkyra (Corfu) , since, as it was inadvertently revealed by  Greek Intelligence Service  while at the same time covered up  “internally” , Mr. Dendias and the chief of police in Kerkyra are both involved in dishonest affairs with  Albanian  drug and gun dealers, who are smuggling weapons  into the country to be used by  the Albanian immigrants in Kerkyra  on the night of the slaughter of the Greek people  by the foreign immigrants and the armies of  BASTR/P.  The drugs and guns Albanian leader  in Kerkyra  resides  on the ground floor of a block of flats belonging to  the Kerkyra chief of police!!!!!.
NOW the traitorous 3-party government  against Greece  and the companies  fertilisers-pesticides-farm animal medicines and  animal food products, doubled the prices of their products in Greece,  in an attempt to and as a result to destroy  Greek agriculture and farming,  so that the Greek people would be blackmailed into  buying imported goods  and be threatened with starvation , as a means of the Greeks facing  genocide through hunger.
We call upon the Greek people to assassinate all politicians of all parliaments following the fall of the junta (dictatorship)


Because all of them,  being Greek Hebrews and artificial Masons, are directly involved in the deliberate and devious  destruction of  Greek  agriculture and farming,  through  traitorous acts and  oversights.
To all Greek militants and civilians , following the disclosure of the true anti-Hellenic role played by the Chinese , through signed agreements between Turkey , Skopje, and therefore all of the countries of BASTR/P, with the Chinese army against Greece, we call upon the Greeks to  burn down the Chinese embassy in  Greece, to burn and destroy all Chinese businesses in Greece , and to immediately  deport all Chinese from Greece in every possible way. Those Greeks who  do not  co-operate to  oust all Chinese from Greece , we advise them to  think to themselves three times daily  that:  “ I’m just a camp faggot  who likes getting Chinese dick up her arse and  be genocided by  chinese  swords”.
Terms and conditions as to the cancellation  of death penalties imposed by the legal department of G.H.REES at Thessaloniki:  1)…Russian withdrawal from the “ Sanghai Pact”.
2)….Ceasing of all sales  of  Russian military equipment to China .3)…..Ceasing of  Russian space  technology  supplies to China. 4)…..Ceasing of all Russian  petroleum+natural gas supplies to China.5)…..Cancellation of  the Russian-Turkey Pact  regarding Syria.
General command of G.H.REES. ATHENS.



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