Sunday, January 13, 2013


Planet “ NIBIRU” DOES NOT EXIST, nor is it about to invade our solar system from a neighbouring solar system, as it is written by the Hebrew-Saxon frauds of “ AOA” and “ OTO” hyperlodges of London under order of “ HONG” and “ ZEN” , in their books, promoted in Greece by the degenerate traitors of the “ Greek Theosophic society” as mother of the masonic lodges of “ Krinaetoi”, “ Soufists”, and “ Epsilons”. There is no such thing as a planet NIBIRU because there is not a neighbouring sun of a neighbouring clockwise Matter solar system, because according to the science of Astronomy, the closest sun and its solar system lie at a distance of 4 light years ( A-Centauri), therefore the possibility of a mutual invasion and interference of the Pluto harmonics, which are 4 light years away, is ruled out, as in the universe there are no Suns capable of keeping planets in a 4light year Anthelios!!!. On the other hand it is impossible for a planet …..” NIBIRU” to originate in the counter-clockwise turning Anthelios ( anti-sun) orbits, since “ counterclockwise-turning matter” of the “Hera” system antimatter for the “ clockwise-turning matter” of our own sun of “ Zeus”, which means that as soon as the supposed planet “ Nibiru” left the counter-clockwise turning orbit and approached the clockwise turning orbit of planet Pluto, it would disintegrate in a huge nuclear explosion , due to clockwise turning matter and counter clockwise turning anti –matter. See following drawing of our Sun and Anti-sun (Anthelios) clockwise and counter clockwise turning orbits, as well as mixed and EXTERNAL ONLY “ Hippopedian orbits” (see Astronomy by Evdoxios Knidios):

………..Three suns  “ ZEYS”, “ APOLLON”, “HERA”, of all solar systems in the universe, distorted by Draconian Christianity into the stupid inexplicable nonsense of..” three-sun deity of the…..Holy Trinity”!!!!!. In which the “ son”= “ Sun Apollon”  left his astronomical position to become a…..spermatozoon in the virgin womb of a Hebrew Mongolian namely the “ Virgin Mary”!!!!!. Humiliation and devious mockery of Greek intellect . 

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