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It has become known to the General Hellenic Military Command that G.H.REES. technology  has allowed, as of 1978, radiography  of the inside of the Moon using general speed recorders  of CX1012 classification. The average frequency of third degree speed , was considered  as incoming radiation from the invisible side of the moon, based on the assumption that it is “ homogeneous”  as originating from a neutral exogalactic territory.

Radiography produced the image of a spherical body of a completely metallic composition , having metallic walls 30-40 kilometres wide encased in a geodesic grid of metallic rods 500 metres in thickness  and 25-100 kilometres long. The exterior layer of the rods-beams is 5 to 6 klm deep. On the spherical surface and on the far side, there exists metal accumulation in such a way that the lunar surface may be regarded as egg-shaped.

The interior of the Moon is hollow and consists of metallic layers arranged vertically to its axis of rotation and 30 klm apart on average. At the centre of this metallic structure there are banks of solid metallic masses which, due to high frequency radiation emissions  of CX106 second grade speeds, resemble banks of nuclear reactors.

The rest of the exceptionally complex interior architecture is of no interest to the the General High Command. On the outside, this metallic egg- shaped structure is generally covered in irregular masses of rock material , except for parts in the “ mare “ areas, which are not covered by the rod-beam grid, but by an additional solid metal mass 12klm thick, resembling circular discs whose exterior surface lies at the same height as the geodesic rod-beam grid or it exceeds it by 6klm. At these reinforced points of a total thickness of 42-55 klm, are holes bore into the solid metal which are known to have exhibited spaceship activity going in and out of them. The interior spaces, defined by the various metallic layers and cylinders, are flanked by mechanical structures of inconceivable dimensions which G.H.REES’ physicists have not been able to associate with any known technology.

All comments and conclusions made by the reader are completely unnecessary at this stage.
We appeal to the reader to return to the realm of pure logic in an attempt to consider the following: The electronic  pituitary gland frequency analysis monitors of G.H.REES recorded mental control commands originating in mechanical installations in the interior of the moon, in frequencies too inconceivable for the human brain. 108 frequencies were recorded emitting signals of mass hysteria in 108 respective languages of planet Earth. These signals of mass hysteria included commands for religious, political, social, economic, and cultural behavior  of sciences, arts, technology to the nations of the planet. Strategic and geopolitical commands to the nations of the planet are also included.


On the other hand….the “ geniuses” in astronomical fora still insist that the moon is  “ NOT HOLLOW”, dream on!!!!!.

neutrino moon x-ray results from G.H.REES dated 1988

Dragonian Moon Battleship - X-RAYED by G.H.REES:

NASA 20 years later re-discovered the ...wheel of G.H.REES

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the symbol of the thunders of Zeus (Maser Hyper-Weapon)
Do you see the Double Epsilon - Double Tuning Fork? ;-)

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