Thursday, November 8, 2012

The provocative role of Golden Dawn in WWIII

Nazis in 1930-1945 and todays neonazi Golden Dawn London+Greece, are a puppet - instrument of Dragonian China..hyperlodge HONG left hand path, and of subordinate Black Brotherhood of mongolian Tibet (Tamil Forces).
That is why Karl Haushoffer geopolitical brain of Nazism and teacher of Hitler, was initiated as a Golden Dawn Berlin mason - magician invocating draconian demonic 4D spirits and also initiated in Tamil Buddism in Tibet (ZEN) and ZEN of Japan. (Green Dragons)
That is why hebrew Lincoln Von Trebits who saved Hitler's life in 1920, Trebits was initiated as a mandarin in the highest Masonic Chinese overlodge HONG (See book: Nazism Secret Society)
That is why one security garrison of Berlin had Tibetan ZEN Monks as their members. They were executed as "enemy spies" by the Soviets in 1945. (See Green Dragon ZEN hyperlodge obedient to HONG)
Dragonian initiated Nazi mason Geopolitik Haushoffer and todays Golden Dawn Greece doctrine was and is: DRAG NACH OSTEN = Push to the East.
That is why Golden Dawn claims Constantinople as the next capital of the Greek NeoByzantine "Empire 666" order through NATO to entrap Greece into a new minor asia campaign push to the East-Anatolia (See historical repetition of minor asia destruction in 1922) now against the Shangai Pact and against China.
That is, China 888 is using Nazi Golden Dawn DRAG NACH OSTEN 666 as its provocative in collusion western instrument - push to the East, against China(!!!) in order for China to find the alibi to masively counterattack and devastate the West in Armageddon or WWIII 2012-2013.
See Doctrine of Tiger(West) and Dragon(China). Dragon waits and enorchestrates the provocation attack of Tiger. Then Dragon counterattacks and win.

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