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Among the above mentioned fellow citizen traitors,special conscious acts of treason
Against your countries,through provocation of genocidal counterattack of R.I.C (Russia-Islam-China or the “ Shanghai Pact),are commited by Crypto-Hebrew (or Crypto-Jewish)
Leaderships of ALL Neonazi Organizations with no exception ,found in all nations of the White Race and of the (semi-draconian White-Yellow ) Mongul Race (JAPAN-INDOCHINA-
TIBET-etc) as well as Budhist and Hindu Religions.
These Crypto-hebrew Mongul  Leaderships of today’s Nazi Organisations (NAZI) are a natural follow-up of the Crypto-Hebrew Leadership of the 3rd REICH ,that is of the Geramn-Hebrew
Theorists of Nazism ,namely Karl Haushoffer,Alferd Rosenberg,Dietrich E ckhart, Lincoln
Von Trebits (Hungarian Hebrew) and other prominent German Hebrew Nazi leaders
i.e. Adolf Hitler-Hisler,illegitimate child of german-jewish Frankfurt banker Rothschild
Heinrich Himmler “Reichs-Fuhrer” ,that is ( superior to Hitler in the Nazi Hierarchy!!)
And “SS” leader,Goering,Borman,Muller Fuhrer heir to Hitler,Adolf Eichmann and others,as well as the german-jeweish bankers FUNDERS of the 3rd REICH Rothschild,Baum und Baum,Loeb und Loeb (Levi and Levi) and others,bitterly hated by the Prussian noblemen
And the rest of the German Generals-Admirals-Generals of the “Wermacht” air force
That is of the German Army pre-existing the 3rd Reich,and also the officers of the pre-existing
German Intelligence Services such as the Greek-born Admiral of the German Navy Von Kanaris (descendant of the Greek admiral Kanaris of the war against the Turkish occupation
Of Greece in 1821 and the new occupation of Greece by the Bavarian Turkish Monguls through the new Bavarian occupation led by OTHON (OTTO-MAN) WIT-TESBACK LOWENSTEIN…..ROSENBERG),leader of “ABWEHR”,the German Secret Service,who ,together with the other “Wehrmacht” gnerals orchestrated two unsuccessful attempts to murder
German-Jewish Hitler and the Jeweish leaders of the (Jewish) 3rd Reich,resulting in the murder of Von Kanaris and the German patriot generals by the german-jewish “SS” offic
Von Kanaris was aware and had notified “Abwehr”,of the jewish descent of the above mentioned theorist leaders –funders of the 3rd Reich,before he was murdered by Jeiwsh
H.Himmler’s “SS” ,predicting his upcoming assassination ,he delivered these documents to
His relatives ,on the order that they should be passed on ,after his death,to the Greek Chief
General Alexandros Papagos,founder of 1947,through whom G.H.REES. got hold of them.

The above conscious criminal theorist frauds of the (Jewish) Nazism,under command of
Hyperlodges of “HONG” of China,”ZEN” of Tibet-Japan,and “AOA” and “OTO” of London,
Through the Nazi counterlodges of “THOULE”,”ANNEHNERBE” (accepted heirs of the
Supposedly dodekatheist and “nibeloungen” reincarnations….of draconian demosn of
Jahweh and Saturn-Savvaoth),”Golden- Morgenrote” (“Golden Dawn”) and others,
Defended the criminal structure of the (mongul-jewish) Nazism in eight (8) CONSCIOUS FRAUDS:

“There are White Race Aryans”.The only Aryans that ever existed ,according to the
Ancient Greek historian Stravon,(Strv: IA(11):510.511.514),and others,were the white
Persians of the “ARYA” or “ ERAT” region of the Vaktriani region near ‘Aryos” river
In honour of “ARIS”, god of war.This is where Alexander the Great built “Alexandria Aria”.

“The leaders of the 3rd Reich are (were) White Aryans”.It has been proven that these
Were not whites but whiteyellow Mongul Hebrews,who in collusion with other whiteyellow
Mongul  Jews of the USA-RUSSIA-ENGLAND-ITALY genocided tens of millions of white
Europeans-Russians-Georgians-Americans-Brits-Poles-and other white pelasgians.

“The 3rd Reich imprisoned and exterminated in concentration camps real jews-Simites”
The anthropological characteristics of those sent to german camps prove that those were not Mongul white yellow jews  but they were “Askenazim pseudo-jews”,descendants of
Ancient Greek residents of “Askania” ,in Troada Asia Minor,converted to Judaism before the
Coming of Mongul Jesus Christ.As it has been verified by objective historians (Rose de Garondie former leader of French leftist party,Faurisson etc.)that the extermination of
6.000.000 jews through the use of poisonous gas in concentration camps is nothing but a myth,the camps themselves not being real,as pseudojews ,that is Greek “Askenazim”
In those camps had 60.000 casualties due to hunger and disease during the last months
Of the war ,as a result of a blockade on Germany and a lack of food and medicine,
With dead Greek “Askanians”,and the addition of non-existant poison gases and….
Several false zeros,the disgusting degenerate genocide orchstrators  of the White Race
And history frauds ,the Jews themselves,set up the disgusting lie of the “6.000.000 dead
Jews of the Holocaust so that they can get away unpunished for their crimes today
Crime wars and against humanity which they commited and are still commiting ,as jews
Of America and Israel against Jugoslavia-Iraq-Afgahanistan- Palestine through unprovoked
Undeclared wars,and through poisons-viruses-germs-of Chem-Bio-Radia-Trails Radiation.

“SLAVS (that is Scyhtian pelasgian white Russians-Balkans-the Ukraine-Georgia-Belorussia etc) do not belong in the white race.
No stupid idiot (or intentional) “Golden Dawn “ Nazi ,of “Nea Acropolis”,of “Epsilon 666 of LAOS” na dof the Nazi “Greek” websites like,”RAVDOUCHOI”,”EUMOLPOS”
“NEARCHOS”,”PA-SY-A”,ever noticed that the most beautiful and closer to the  pelasgian
Features women of the planet are Georgian-Ukrainian-Belorussian and Russian women
Supposedly the “non white Slavs”of the CRIMINAL MONGUL JEWISH NAZISM(!!!).
The sickening racial hatred of the Hebrew Mongul  leaders of the 3rd Reich (Hitler-Himmler etc) with disgusting semitic moustaches,against the white pelasgian  Scythians or “Slavs”
Is fully revealed  in the writings of the antipelasgian medium –prophet-black magician of
The moon Jahweh ,named Ezekil ,see Holy (satanic) Bible,ezekil ,chapters LH(38) and Lθ’(39)
In which Jahweh predicts (programmes) the genocide of GOG and MAGOG ( that is the northern pelasgian Scythian Russians)and the “MESSEH” ( Pelasgian scythians of Moscow or Meseh).
Become aware of the fact that all you stupid Nazists are under the influence of lunar Draconian Jahweh and Andromedian traitor Savvaoth ,in order to spread,like JAHXEH DEMONS-DEVILS,civil strife and to bring about civil pelasgic genocide in the A’WW
And in the B”WW between White Pelasgian Scythians or ‘Slavs” and the white branch of the
White pelasgian Goths or Germans or Neo-Goths (Hettaians),and in the 3rd World War
Between the white pelasgian American-Europeans –Indians of the US.E.J pact and  ΘΙΜ
And the white pelasgians of the Islamic nations and the Russians of the R.I.C pact.
In case you have realized by now ,hurry up and break up immediately your nazi gangs
Who are acting in treason against INTERNATIONAL UNITY AND SECURITY of the White Andromedian Pelasgic Race.Failure to do so will result in our breaking you up with the use
Of violence and the violence of….stabilised nitric mercury………


“Gypsies (of Indian descent) do not belong in the White Race”.
“Gypsies” and “Gyftoi” are descendants of the last Indian classes,the “paries” whonot being able to put up with slavery of the first class of high “Brahma” priests of Hinduism-Budhism,and of the remaining classes of the “Maharadjah”,military officers,landowners and such like,fled India.With the exception of a small number of coloured indigenous Aboriginal
Minorities of the “Constellation of Sirius”,Indians and gypsies are descendants of  the white
Andromedian pelasgic race of the “Constellation of Andromeda”.This is proven by the analysis of the pre-historic Indian epic called “Mahabharata” and other ancient Indian manuscripts…..through which it is proven that the Indians were dedicated descendants and citizens of the “VARUNA” (that is,Andromedian Uranidaes of Hesiod’s Theogony) and DIAUS-PITAR (that is,”Zeus (Dias) Father).Indian and Gypsy languages are a development and deviation from the Sanskrit language which ,along with the well-known ancient Greek languageand Latin,constitute the three fragmented parts of the ancient unified Andromedian language of the planet.In this language the sun was known as “ΣΕΕ¨ΛΙΟΣ¨’,
Water was called «ΒΥΔΩΡ»,the verb «ΕΙΜΙ» was pronounced «ΣΕΙΜΙ»,etc.-
G.H.REES. have completely restored this archaic pre-historic Hellenic language of our
Andromedian Fathers (Fathers Ouranidaes),but they consider the neo-Hellenes unworthy of
Possessing this mental tool which includes in “its words=Mathematical Equations”,and
“Unified Theory”,before which today’s Hebrewsaxon “QUANTUM”,”DARK MATTER”,
“BRONCHI”,”HYPERCHORDS”,”ARITHMETIC RELATIVITY”,”TRIANGULAR QUANTUM”,”BIG BANG”,”KOSMOS PRIOR TO BIG BANG” etc theories ,are nothing more than just incorrect solutions of Physics exercises in the first form of the ancient Andromedian…..comprehensive school.
It isn’t by luck that it was a white Androemdian Indian (perhaps….a gypsy) who was the first
Theoretical physicist who overthrew and cancelled the “ Theory of Relativity” of the Hebrew
Impostor Einstein ,forger and distorter of the equations of the greatest Mathematician and
Physicist of all time,the Greek Karatheodoris.-What applies to the Indians also is true of the
White Andromedian Persians-Afghans-Iraqis which are today faced with genocide from the
Mongul hebrewsaxon leaders and generals of the “USA”-England-Europe.


“The Black race is dismissed by the white nations as being inferior”
From the archives of the “DOGON” tribe in “MALI” Africa,it is verified that when our white Andromedian “Gods” arrived on our planet,gave the Dogon the “NOMOS” ,that is the Mathematical laws of the Andromedian sciences of “Natural Harmony” that is “Ecological Balance” so that all damage to the Earth’s environment could be restored.Therefore THE BLACK RACE IS THE NATURAL OWNER OF THE PLANET ,and the white race as “SCIENTIFIC MISSION”is actually and legitimately “HOSTED” by the Black “SIRIAN” race,and as a guest is obliged to show its utmost respect towards the “hosting” Black Race.Take notice now and understand your “hosted” obligations against the Black “hosting” Tribe,greedy degenerate criminal nazists and fascists of all countries,and especially you Ridiculous Nazists and Fascists
Idiots of “EPSILOulN” of “LAOS”, the “pure Epsilons” (Dimitrakopoulos-Orion //
Of “ The Golden Dawn”, the “New Acropolis”,and other Nazi gangs of Greece.
In case you have understood ,break up all Nazi gangs immediately which you tried to back up
Ideologically ,using intentionally distorted and forged G.H.REES. documents.
If not,then you will understand through the use of armed violence and through the shockwaves of….exotic explosives which will turn you into wallpaper!!!.Your friends,
Supposedly  “White”,White yellow Mongul Anglosaxons,your friends Monguls of Russian and Chinese Mongolia,and your friends Draconian Chinese,have made criminal history in Africa
Killing and virtually spit roasting the Black people of Africa.While today they are being genocided throuinegh “vaccines” and liquid “medicine” containing “Aids”,”Ebola” viruses etc.-


“The Monguls of Mongolia Russia-China,Tibetan Monguls and Japanese Monguls are Aryan Atlanteans of the White Race”!!!!!.
You Greek Nazists and Fascists are being arrested as self-proven idiots-silly-and absolutely schizophrenic because although you are shouting out (supposedly) “Monguls-Albanians-Bulgarians-Turks-and others keep out of Greece”,on the contrary ,according to the theory of Nazism,you have accepted the white yellow Monguls of
Supposedly members of the “White Race”.
It is known that all Nazi Theorists like SVEN HEDIN,KARL HAUSHOFFER,LINCOLN VON TREBITS etc. received their initiation in monasteries of the MONGOLIAN anti-Hellenic white yellow Tibet as well as MONGOLIAN Nepal and Japan likewise.It is a fact that Hungarian –Hebrew Baron UNGERN VO STRENBERG attempted to re-establish “the Gengis-Kahn EMPIRE” in far east Mongolia.It is also a fact that all administrative buildings and Hebrew-Mongul  leaders of the 3rd Reich were heavily guarded by regiments made up of Tibetan monks bearing SS unifroms of the Hebrew-mongul  H.HIMMLER (much like “Nepalese Gourkas special forces “ guards of the hebrewsaxon English MONGUL Kings and lords of England). Even though you are aware of these facts ,you remain,just like being mentally blind, truly devoted to the MONGOLIA –BORN Tibetan Nazism,much like the the ridiculous stupid “Scientist” Nazi-“EPSILON” Gkiolvas,who ,after a long stay in the Mongolian whiteyellow semi-draconian Tibet,returned to Greece where,just like an idiotic Mongolian teacher,taught the “EPSILONS”OF LAOS and the Nazists and Fascists of the “Golden Dawn”
And “    New Acropolis” that the “only true Andromedians on the planet are the Mongul
Slant-eyed Whiteyellow “DZOPAS of TIBET”.
Lastly it is well known that the leader of the “US” Nazi party commited suicide when it was revealed that he was a MONGUL-HEBREW in the ‘USA”.
Conclusion: Nazism and Fascism are not pelasgian –born theories for the survival and progress of white race civilization but rather MONGOLIAN HEBREW-BORN –DRACONIAN,CHINESE anti-andromedian anti-hellenic theories provoking and promoting
“Racial” discrimination and “Racial” civil wars between the nations of the white race,and theories of submission of the white race nations to the Tibetans and other Monguls wih the sole purpose the genocide of the white race nations.
So shut the fuck up now you thick headed stupid neo-nazis of Greece and those of other nations,because HISTORY IS OVER FOR YOU OWING TO THE ANDROMEDIAN G.H.REES.
We aren’t going to let you,demonically-possessed,bastards under demonic possession by
Jahweh spirits and supposedly” spirits of the dodecatheon”,nazists,fascists,and Jahweh-possessed “INDIGO CHILDREN” supposedly “pseudo-followers” of the “Reincarnated God Dionysus and Apollo Tyaneus Christ 666”,that is the MONGUL hebrewsaxon imposter of the Danish court “Pseudo-paleologos Pseudo-Dragazis DAN-666 Christian-Oldenburg-Holstein-Glucksburg,to place the armies of the WHITE RACES OF THE WEST under the leadership of whiteyellow MONGULS-Hebrewsaxons-and Japanese generals of “US.E.J”(USA-EUROPE-JAPAN),and MONGUL generals of T.I.M (TIBET-INDIA-MONGOLIA),who will traitorously lead these white armies to take action against the armies of R.I.C,(RUSSIA-ISLAMIC COUNTRIES-CHINA),in the Asian deserts so that they will be slaughtered there by the armies of “R.I.C” and to bring about the genocide of 5 billion people by the armies of ‘R.I.C”,that is 2/3 of world population.
WE WILL NOT  let you “Greek” bastards Nazis and fascists inder demonic possession of Jahweh to collude with traitorous LAOS to appoint MONGUL hebrewsaxon pseudopaleologos pseudo-dragazis DAN-666 HOLSTEIN-GLUCKSBURG as “ Emperor of the Hellenic(Greek) Christian-dodecatheon empire 666”,so that HELLENISM and the rest of the white nations will be genocide as supposedly “Antichrist 666” under the supposedly “Christian 888” R.I.C.
We will not let you “ Sneaky wolves” bastards “Greek “ Nazis and fascists to appoint as “Prime Minister” of “Empire666” Turk-Albanian provocator MONGUL KARAZAFERI leader
Of the LAOS nazi party <+> so that he can bring about R.I.C’s counterattack and genocide of 5 billion people.WE WILL NOT let you pseudohellenes Nazis and fascists to appoint as “Cief-General” of the “Empire666” the “HEIR” Paul B’ HOLSTEIN-GLUCKSBURG MONGUL hebrewsaxon in order to bring about R.I.C’S counterattack and the genocide of 5 billion people in the 3rd WW or “A rmageddon”.From now on ,disobedient  brutal ourangotangs Nazis and fascists of Greece and other countries,if you want to move on without regret for your racial frauds,you will keep banging your head against G.H.REES’S mental brick wall!!!.
Proof of your Mongolian treason: NEVER in your writings did you denounce the anti-hellenic “B.A.S.T.R.” axis in the way it has been denounced by the Greek patriotic G.H.REES ,because your traitorous idealistic background stems from the Monguls of: MONGOLIA “ Oulan-Bator-ourgka” of the former “USSR”,Tibet,Japan-Nepal-Butan-and rest of Asian monguls.


“The planet will be governed by the white Aryan Chinese,as the 6th subrace of the 6th atlantian race”!!!!.
This is written in the writings of the “NEA ACROPOLIS” Nazi organization and it also constitutes the geopolitical theory of the “Golden Dawn” and of “LAOS” and of the “EPSILONS “ of LAOS.
Of course it is of no interest to the stupid Nazis that these were written for the first time by Russian Hebrew BLAVATSKY initiated into “Theosophic” Masonry in India,and have been copied by the Argentinian Hebrew LIVRAGA, founder of the “NEW ACROPOLIS”.
FOLLOWING this we can easily account for the “position” of the “ High priest of the EPSILONS” I.Foyrakis that “The Chinese will play a vital role in history!!!!!”.Now we can easily see why LINCOLN VON TREBITS Hungarian jew,Nazi theorist, not only received his
Initiation in the monasteries of Tibet ,but also in the planetary hyperlodge “HONG” of China,
According to the book titled “Nazism,a secret society”,where  ,while dancing away with his Hebrew-Chinese “brothers” “TIAO-KIOU-KIAO” used to shout out “ Long live the Ming emperors,down with the Tsigk emperors of China”!!!!.
Therefore ,stupid shit headed Nazis of all countries but especially Greece,whether       ,you are defending semidraconian white yellow monguls of: Mongolia of former USSR,-Japan-Tibet as
SAME RACE monguls Hebrews and Saxons,or defending the pure yellow draconian chinese,
,you prove that in practice you are servants-provocators-agents of Draconian Jahweh and the semi-draconian white yellow Mongolian Hebrews who you theoretically consider enemies,because draconian SIN-ZION-SINA-( that is Chinese-CHINA)-Jed-jedi-jud-jahweh is the creator of the Draconian Chinese,and “GOD” of all Monguls of: MONGOLIA OF “USSR”-JAPAN-.TIBET-NEPAL- who you serve,and the Hebrew monguls,who you consider enemies.
Nazi schitzofrenia:::
Not the only one because ,though you are being taught that “It is destined by the gods for the chinese to rule the planet” in a wild frenzy you serve and vote for LAOS which has been programmed to turn axis U.E.J and T.I.M against China of the R.I.C axis!!!!.
The state of mental blindness in which you are leads you to demand through your protests and writings the deportation of ALL foreign immigrants except those part of who must remain in Greece for planetary and national security reasons,and leads you not to demand the deportation of those who MUST be deported ALL-NOW,for the same reasons.
We make it clear once again ,stupid Nazis fascists and LAOS supporters:
In their writings G.H.REES. have written countless times that:
MASS deportation of chinese and monguls (Albanians-Bulgarians-Chazars Azerians- Tzetzens,Hebrews-saxons etc,and black Mongolian Indonesians etc) MUST take place
So as to rule out the possibility of their launching an attack on greek unarmed civilians and on the greek army during the attack of B.A.S.T.R. against Greece.
All Romanians must be deported whether whites of southern Romania or Romanian Pnonia Monguls,due to Romania’s participation in the B.A.S.T.R. axis.
The rest of white Balkan Pelasgian Scythes (POLES-SERBS etc) along wih the white scythians of Russia (RUSSIANS-BELORUSSIANS-GEORGIANS-UKRAINIANS etc) MUST NOT  be deported,because we must,as concerns Greece,detach the Russians and the rest Scythians from the R.I.C axis,thus breaking it down,and REUNITING the fatally divided White Andromedian Pelasgic Race.
White Islamic people (Pakistanis-Iraqis-Persians) as well as Indians, MUST NOT be deported
Because,as concerns Greece,we must DETACH all white Islamic peoples from the R.I.C axis,thus BREAKING DOWN the R.I.C. AXIS or “PACT OF SHANGHAI”,and thus REUNITING the fatally divided white ANDROMEDIAN PELASGIC race.
Black race immigrants MUST NOT be deported.FIRSTLY because it is our duty as descendants of interstellar andromedian civilisers,to to protect and reconstruct the Black indigenous Sirian race,and SECONDLY because the majority of the black race is of Islamic religious convictions,we must DETACH the black race from the arms of the R.I.C.axis in order to
BREAK DOWN the R.I.C axis,leaving draconian China MORALLY AND POLITICALLY AND MILITARILLY isolated and incapable of starting the 3rd WW or “ ARMAGEDDON” for the
Complete genocide of the white and black races.
Today sionistic “European Union” of the Hebrew BAROSO or BAROUCH or BUROWGHS has decided to act in the exact opposite direction to the above mentioned G.H.REES’S instructions.
You are also doing the same ,shit headed Nazis.So go and fuck yourselves and be genocied!!!!

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