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Text message:

Honorable gentlemen, politicians and military officers:

1) Of the Russian government.

2) Of the Russian armed forces.

3) Of the command of ‘’FSB’’,

We are being informed about the panicked statements of China before the affiliation of Russia at the ‘’Anti-ballistic shield’’ of ‘’NATO’’.

The affined statement of China, publicized at the Greek web through the website ,
summarized is that:
‘’China is finding that the United States of America are trying to encircle it from the south (India), and east (Indonesia – Australia). A NATO – American system installed at the north (Russian Siberia) would close the encirclement of China’’.

At first we note that the above Chinese announcement has not as purpose the expression of expostulation by China but with mask the expostulation, has as purpose the disorientation and the devious hypnosis and the defense narcosis of Europe of Russia of ‘’U.S.A.’’ and of Japan, before the ongoing general military attack of China against the above countries within 2011, with by-pass of all the previous schemes of the Chinese Hyper-Lodge ‘’Hong’’ for the third world war or ‘’Armageddon’’ of 2012.

The above conclusions are extracted easily from the geostrategic analysis of the Chinese statement:

1st: At the above devious statement China is lying when it states that it is encircled from Indonesia and Australia at the east of China.

Indeed, Indonesia and Australia are not at the east but at the south of China.

This Chinese lie aims to narcosis and hypnotize the defense of Japan and of the United States of America, as forces which truly encircle China from the east, which is planed from China to receive correspondingly from the united Korea and from the eastern China two overwhelming attacks of Chinese airforce and Chinese navy, in two new ‘’Pearl Harbor’’ before which the first ‘’Pearl Harbor’’ will pale.

2nd: Consequently in case of installation of ‘’Anti-ballistic shield’’ of ‘’NATO’’ at Russian Siberia, the true half and not the whole encirclement of China would be: From the south (India – Indonesia – Australia), from the east (Japan – U.S.A.), and from north (Russian Siberia).

Consequently and with the first false scenario of the Chinese government but and with the second true scenario which we exposit, a possible installation of the Anti-ballistic shield of ‘’NATO’’ at the Russian Siberia, does not close the encirclement of China as falsely states the Chinese statement, because either way China is not encircled ‘’west’’, because at the west of China is contiguous with China the newly formed friendly to China axis ‘’TU.S.I.PA.C.’’, of Turkey – Syria – Iran – Pakistan – China, through the Pakistan borders. Similarly to the west are the three states of ‘’C.I.S.’’, of the ex-‘’USSR’’, Kazakhstan – Kyrgyzstan – Tajikistan, which China until now estimated as China friendly states, as part of the until now China friendly Russia, and the under American occupation Afghanistan.

But, in case of installation of the ‘’Anti-ballistic shield’’ of ‘’NATO’’ in Russia, the above three countries of ‘’C.I.S.’’ but and the western states of ‘’C.I.S.’’ Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, will follow the Russian steam-engine, and will be considered hostile to China anymore.

In order to not be disclosed the latest plans of China to use the land of the countries of the axis ‘’TU.S.I.PA.C.’’ as passage of military invasion against the European states through Turkey (See recent drills of the armies of Turkey and China inside Turkey), and in parallel in order to drop off to sleep and in defensively narcosis Russia for the Chinese plans of invasion of the Chinese army in Russia through the mentioned five states of ‘’C.I.S’’, the cobra China judged politic to not mention at all at the danger of its half encirclement from the above five states of the ‘’C.I.S.’’ from the west, in case of installation of the ‘’Anti-ballistic shield’’ of ‘’NATO’’ in Russia and following in the states of ‘’C.I.S.’’

With the above facts, because at this circumstance it is impossible (?) for China to invade militarily in Siberia for the occupation of the Russia oil wells as China attempted formerly at Soviet condition and the Russians burned the Chinese army with ‘’lasers’’ (But it is wise for the Russian army to be cautious for every ... impossible possibility because from the state of the Dragonian Satan Pseudogod Sin – Sion – Sina – Sedi – PseudoJehovah on Earth, everything is possible) , because at this moment a Chinese invasion in India is without meaning because in India there are no ... oil wells for occupation (But it is wise for the India army to be also cautious), and because at this moment are not ready yet the Chinese aircraft carriers for Chinese invasion – landing to Japan and to the United States of America as China is programming with two giant ‘’Pearl Harbor’’, for these, the only logical and possible reaction of China at the case of agreement of Russia and ‘’NATO’’ for every form of cooperation, will be first the mass entry of millions of men of Chinese army at the states of the axis ‘’TU.S.I.PA.C.’’, second the invasion of Chinese army through Syria – Jordan – and Iran at the Arabian peninsula for the occupation of the oil wells of the Saudi Arabia – Kuwait – Bahrain – Qatar – Oman, and third the invasion of Chinese army at Europe through East Thrace of Turkey – Greece – Balkans, and fourth the simultaneous invasion of Chinese army against Russia from four points, namely from Turkey through Armenia – Azerbaijan – Georgia as three states of ‘’C.I.S.’’, through Kazakhstan – Kyrgyzstan – Tajikistan – Uzbekistan – Turkmenistan as five states of ‘’C.I.S.’’, through the outer Mongolia, and through the Russian – Chinese borders of the eastern Siberia, from the Russian city Borzya up to the Russian Vladivostok.

For these, we advise the members of the Russian government which will take part at the forthcoming council of ‘’NATO’, to accept the installation of the ‘’Anti-ballistic shield’’ in Russia – Ukraine – and the other countries of ‘’C.I.S.’’ (Commonwealth of independent states) of the former ‘’USSR’’ under the below terms:

1) The administration of ‘’NATO’’ will be exercised continuously which means not periodically from triumvirate of generals: one American – one Russian – and one European.

2) The missile bases of the ‘’Anti-ballistic shield’’ will be administrated and will be controlled similarly coinstantaneously which means not periodically from triumvirates of Americans – Russians – Europeans officers, with the security system of the ‘’three keys’’, for the launching of missiles likewise at the bases of nuclear weapons.

3) At the forthcoming council of ‘’NATO’’ the politicians and the generals must agree at once and outright for common efforts for the ablation of the countries of the axis ‘’TU.S.I.PA.C.’’ for the Chinese influence and dependence.

4) Similarly the political and military shareholders of the next council of ‘’NATO’’ at the 20 of November at Lisbon must agree at once and outright for the thorough briefing of the governments of all the states of ‘’C.I.S.’’ of the former ‘’USSR’’, for the forthcoming Chinese genocidal typhoon with the criminal purpose the genocide of five billion people of all the earth tribes and states from the Chinese and Korean army.

5) At the framework of the previous paragraph with number 3, must be agreed at once and outright the total breakup of the Turkish armed forces and the total breakup of the Turkish military industrial base with every possible way, because this country at its attempt to reestablish the Ottoman Empire, is determined to ally with the Chinese army (see late two in common drills of Turkish and Chinese army within Turkey) in order to alter the Mediterranean sea, the Aegean, the Ionian, the Balkans and the western Europe, into a vast sea of blood, opening the way for the invasion of the Chinese genocidal army against Russia, Europe, and the ‘’U.S.A.’’ and from the east from the side of the Atlantic and from the west from the side of the Pacific ocean.

6) At the next council of ‘’NATO’’ must be agreed at once and outright that the Hebrew Chief rabbis Baruch or Burroughs of the ‘’U.S.A.’’ will order the provocateur cryptohebrew Shiites priests – imams and politicians of Iran, see Hebrew provocateur Ahmadinejad president of Iran, to stop to make provocateur collusive screams against the state of Israel, for the start – starter of the third world war, and to stop any contact and dependence and reception of nuclear technology from China, vis-a-vis the arsis of the trade embargo against Iran from Europe and from the United States of America.

7) At the next council of ‘’NATO’’ must be agreed at once and outright the exit of the armies of ‘’NATO’’ from Iraq, as armies without meaning for the new circumstances, and as armies – intensifiers of the Chinese propaganda against the west.

8) Must be agreed at once and outright the exit of the armies of ‘’NATO’’ from Afghanistan, as armies without meaning and as armies – intensifiers of the Chinese propaganda against the west.

9) Must be agreed at once and outright the order of the (kings Chief rabbis) Baruch or Barroso or Burroughs of the ‘’U.S.A.’’ to the cryptohebrew Shiites imams – priests and politicians of Pakistan to stop any contact and defensive dependence from China and from the ‘’U.S.A.’’.

10) Must be agreed at once and outright the establishment of common Russian – American – European organization for the second of: Iraq – Afghanistan – Pakistan – and the African states to organize their original and secondary sectors of their economies with industries, with agriculture – animal husbandry, with industries and exportation of their products, because the abject populations of the above three countries and of Africa are vulnerable at the Chinese propaganda against the west, and mainly because it is obnoxious for humanity to compel to abjection populations of whole states in order to enrich the cruel hebrewsaxon barons of the west and the inhuman Chinese and Koreans.

11) The new ‘’NATO’’, with the new form of the organization which will work for the national security of the countries members and for the planetary security, must top urgently contract with the governments of the Outer Mongolia, of Kazakhstan, of Kyrgyzstan, of Tajikistan, of Uzbekistan, of Afghanistan, of Pakistan, of India, of Nepal, of Bhutan, of Bangladesh, of Burma, of Thailand, of Laos, of Indonesia, of Philippines, of Vietnam, and of Japan, for the top urgent construction of embattled constructions around China, with triple lines of anti – tank canals – forts and anti – tank pales, at deep of 150 kilometers from the Chinese borders inside their lands, and for the top urgent installation of the ‘’Anti-ballistic shield’’ of the new ‘’NATO’’ inside their lands and against China.

12) At the next council of ‘’NATO’’ must be agreed at once and outright from the Americans – Europeans – and Russians shareholders of the council that will pause the export of weapons and the export of military and political technology from all the countries of the world towards China, towards South Korea, and towards North Korea. Coinstantaneously will be agreed the imposition of impost at the Chinese products in a way that these when imported in other countries to cost triple from the equivalent local products of these countries.

13) At the next council of ‘’NATO’’ must be agreed from all the shareholders of the council that will be enforced total disarmament of the countries that have contract bilateral defensive agreements with Turkey with purpose the formation of the military axis ‘’B.A.S.T.R.’’ (Bulgaria – Albania – Skopje – Turkey – Romania) for military attack against Greece, and for parallel ignition – explosion of the third world war.

Similarly at the next council of ‘’NATO’’ will be agreed that the defensive embattled constructions around China, will function and reversely, namely will forbid the passage of the armies of any states to attack against China and to invade in the lands of China.

The above means that at the new council of ‘’NATO’’, ‘’U.S.A.’’ – Russia – and the states of Europe will covenant that the armies of the new ‘’NATO’’ (‘’RATIO’’ or ‘’EU.R.ASI.AF.AM.’’) will never invade at the Chinese land, for absolutely no account, either justifiable or unjustifiable, namely the armies of the new ‘’NATO’’ will not invade in China either ‘’in order to liberate the Turks Uyghur’’, or ‘’in order to liberate Tibet from China’’, or ‘’in order to liberate the Inner Mongolia from China’’, or ‘’in order to protect the human rights in China’’, or ‘’in order to protect the minorities of China’’, or for any other rickety or true account.

For these, at the new council of ‘’NATO’’, will be agreed that it will be forbidden to the states members of ‘’NATO’’ any actions for the establishment of the ‘’Neo-Byzantine empire of the Epsilon 666’’ with head the Constantinople as provocateur Greek empire against China, and will be agreed the breakup of the Masonic Theosophy provocateur gang of the ‘’Epsilon 666’’ internationally, and especially the breakup of the political party ‘’LA.O.S.’’ as organ of the ‘’Epsilon 666’’ of Greece.

Gentlemen of the Russian government, of the Russian armed forces, and of ‘’FSB’’, if you do not insist at the next council of ‘’NATO’’ to accept and to implement all our above 13 proposals from a new ‘’NATO’’, with new charter of purpose and action, then consider from now your selves and your families as annihilated from the Chinese – Korean army, and buy from now relative number of coffins.

For these, move outright and top urgently before the next council of ‘’NATO’’, and update your American and European counterparts with our above 13 propositions, warning them on our behalf that every day that passes without taking these measures, is a clinch to their coffin and to the coffins of their families and the people that govern, as people of goners of genocide from the Chinese – Korean army.

Especially come in contact with the Republican members of Parliament of the ‘’Tea Party’’ who through our texts have been awakened and demand from the leadership of the Republicans and from the American government to take measures against the forthcoming Chinese invasion to the ‘’U.S.A.’’ and to the others states of the planet.

In contrast with the Republican members of the Parliament and senators of the ‘’Tea Party’’, other Republican members of the Parliament demand from the president of the ‘’U.S.A.’’ to cancel all his proposals for the cooperation of Russia with ‘’NATO’’.

The same circles of the impenitent Hebrewsaxon Republicans members of the Parliament and senators, in collaboration with other impenitent Hebrewsaxons of the American ‘’NSA’’, stalwart supporters at the primary Hebrew-Rabbi and Chinese plan of the provocation of the third world war through attack of the armies of ‘’NATO’’ and ‘’US.E.J.’’ (USA – Europe – Japan) against the armies of ‘’R.I.C.’’ (Russia – Islam – China), and through final genocide of 5 billion people of all the races and nations, among them and the Russians, from the armies of China and North Korea, with purpose the establishment of the Chinese planetary dictatorship of the ‘’Kingdom of Jehovah’’, these same circles of the Hebrewsaxon Republicans impenitent members of the Parliament and department heads of the ‘’NSA’’, have plans to murder the American president Obama, because of the openings of peace which he did towards Russia.

By this time through employers of the ‘’CIA’’ of European and especially Greek descendance, we know the names of these Hebrewsaxon Republican members of the Parliament and senators of the ‘’USA’’, and of these Hebrewsaxon department heads of the ‘’NSA’’ who designed the murder of president Obama. The names of two of them have already been publicized at the Greek internet from the blog ‘’infognomonpolitics’’ in an article with title: ( NATO: «NIET» OF MEDVEDEV TO THE «SHIELD»: ), and are the names of these who demand now from the president Obama to cancel all the agreements and propositions of ‘’USA’’ and of ‘’NATO’’ with and to Russia.

In the name of the Russian national security and the planetary security, we propose to you to send units of armed men of ’FSB’’ to ‘’USA’’ and execute now top urgently death penalties against the above potential criminals of the third world war and criminals against humanity through the genocide of 5 billion people to who are included and 140.000.000 Russians and 100.000.000 civilians of the countries of ‘’C.I.S.’’ of the former ‘’USSR’’.

Protect at any means the life of the American president because from his life is depending your life, the life of your families and the life of the Russian people.

Nothing else.

Now you know everything, and you know all that we know. We did not hide anything from you. Do whatever God illuminates you and your instinct of survival.

For the public relations department of Magnesia of the P/C ‘’G.H.REES’’

Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Yannis
Analyst of Geostrategics
and Astrostrategics
of the paramilitary corps ‘’G.H.REES’’
address: Elpidos 12, Nea Ionia, Volos, Hellas
I.D. no: d.424419 – T.A. Volos

Postscript 1:

We call to attention to the Russian government, the Russian armed forces, and the Russian ‘’FSB’’, the last blackmailing demands of Turkey towards ‘’NATO’’ with which Turkey demands to be the leader force upon the ‘’Anti-ballistic shield’’ of ‘’NATO’’, if ‘’NATO’’ wishes to install elements – bases of the ‘’Anti-ballistic shield’’ on the land of Turkey. We call to attention that the above blackmailing demand of Turkey retracts its previous position that precludes any installation of elements of the ‘’Anti-ballistic shield’’ on the lands of Turkey because the ‘’Anti-ballistic shield’’ turns against Iran as ally of Turkey. Through the Russian government we call to attention and to the other states – members of ‘’NATO’’ which will participate at the council of ‘’NATO’’ at Lisbon on 20 of November, that the above change of 180 degrees in the outer policy of Turkey in what concerns the ‘’Anti-ballistic shield’’, is a Chinese suggestion and prompt with the devious purpose of the incapacitation of the whole ‘’Anti-ballistic shield’’, because China and the rest countries of the axis ‘’TU.S.I.PA.C.’’ (Turkey – Syria – Iran – Pakistan – China), have cognize that ‘’NATO’’ is allocating the ‘’Anti-ballistic shield’’ with the participation and of Russia against China and against Turkey and against the rest axis ‘’TU.S.I.PA.C.’’. Estimating all the above, we advise the Russian government to ask at Lisbon from the countries of ‘’NATO’’, the total disarmament of Turkey and the exit of Turkey from ‘’NATO’’, and the deportation of all the Chinese from all the countries of the planet and especially the deportation of the Chinese armies from all the countries of the planet and especially from Panama and African countries, because it has been proofed anymore that the department of geostrategic analysis of G.H.REES did absolutely correct geostrategic diagnosis for the efforts of China, of Turkey and of Iran, but and of the rest countries of the axis ‘’TU.S.I.PA.C.’’ to use their common geographic passage for the invasion of Chinese army against the countries – members of ‘’NATO’’ and against Russia until 2012.

In this framework we advise the deportation of all the Chinese from all the countries of the planet and their violent return and deportation inside the Chinese land, the close of all the Chinese firms in all the countries of the planet, and the forbiddance of exportation of Chinese products to all the countries of the planet, because it has been proofed anymore that China Turkey and the rest countries of the newly formed axis ‘’TU.S.I.PA.C.’’ are using the economy invasion as prologue of political and military invasion against the rest countries of the planet, using from now vomitive blackmails of Turkish type against all the other countries of the planet.

The geostrategic department of G.H.REES denounces to the countries – members of the council of ‘’NATO’’ of the 20 of this month at Lisbon, capital of Portugal, and similarly denounces to Moscow that Turkey unruly for the reestablishment of the Ottoman empire, has come down an economical – political – and military whore, namely a state without moral ballast and without political moral, namely a state which is capable of everything, even for world war preparative to establish from the beginning the utopian genocidal new Ottoman empire.

We call the countries – members of ‘’NATO’’ and Russia to break up totally the state whore which is named Turkey, because if they do not do it top urgently, this economical – political – and military whore which is named Turkey, is about to alter the whole planet into a hell of third world war with China, with start of the hell the Balkans and the eastern Mediterranean sea.

With the above facts we advise the Russian government, the Russian armed forces, and the Russian ‘’FSB’’ to put their own terms to ‘’NATO’’, namely:
If ‘’NATO’’ wishes the Russian confederacy to be included to the countries which will accept bases of the ‘’Anti-ballistic shield’’ this will be done only if all the countries of the axis ‘’TU.S.I.PA.C.’’ with Turkey first are excluded from the Anti-ballistic shield’’ and only if they are deported from ‘’NATO’’.

Postscript 2:

When the Russian sail ‘’MIR’’ came to Volos in the summer of 2010, on the framework of ‘’Sails Regatta 2010’’, the writer (Karageorgiou) obtained from ‘’MIR’’ a Russian flag. When ‘’MIR’’ sailed he saluted the crew with this flag. Today this flag is hanged besides the Greek flag inside the house of the writer.
The writer bought all the Russian newspapers that found at the newspaper kiosks of the city of Volos and he distributed these for free to the crew of the ‘’MIR’’. After two months without approaching to any port, the men of ‘’MIR’’ did like kids with the news papers.

The last night before the departure of ‘’MIR’’ from the port of Volos, thousands of Volos citizens where coming up in ‘’MIR’’ until 11 p.m..

The next day at noon when ‘’MIR’’ departed from the port of Volos, thousands citizens of Volos, unknown why, assembled at the jetty of ‘’MIR’’, where crying and saluting.

This did not happened with any of the rest 20 sails of other countries that where in Volos together with the ‘’MIR’’ on the framework of ‘’Regatta 2010’’.

We dare an explanation of this phenomenon:
All the governments of the west have rotten, and the instinct of the Greeks sees at the Russian government and at the Russian people a foretype for hope of cleaning the global cesspit and a hope for survival.

We ask from the Russian government to resend the ‘’MIR’’ alone at the port of Volos, outside of the framework of the piece ‘’Regatta’’, in order to be poured again at the port and at the streets of Volos this aroma of hope which destroyed the corrupted treasonous governments of Greece in cooperation with the rest corrupted governments of the present ‘’NATO’’.

Through the members of the Russian government and through the Russian general headquarters of navy, the citizens of Volos salute the crew of the training boat of the Russian navy ‘’MIR’’ and they call it to come again to Volos.

Postscript 3:

The writer, at his third visit in the Russian ship ‘’MIR’’ in the port of Volos, gave at the officer of security of the ship a letter in which he repeated to the Russian government and to the Russian foreign office, his proposal which he had previous done to the foreign office through the Russian embassy of Athens, to donate his house at Volos for use of Russian consulate or Russian port authority. This proposal of the writer to the Russian foreign office through the Russian embassy of Athens and through the officer of security of the ‘’MIR’’ in Volos, is still standing.

Postscript 4:

We plead warmly the Russian general headquarters of navy and the Russian general headquarters of army to send at the port of Volos the transport battle ship ‘’Yamal’’ in which we plead warmly to be the Russian special forces ‘’Spentnaz’’ which their men we desire to call at the ship ‘’Yamal’’ men of the Greek 32nd brigade of marines which resides at Volos, in order to train them at the known in ‘’Spentnaz’’ hard drills of the special forces which apply to the Russian army.
For second time we thank the Russian government for the dispatch of the ship ‘’Yamal’’ at Greece, and for the approach of this ship at four Greek ports with last the port of Spetses, as indication to Turkey that if it dares to attack against Greece it will be repeated the armed intervention of Russia for Greeks and against Turkey as in the years 1800 and after.

End of text._



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