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«Prosecute me for War Crimes»…

One globally unique event with protagonist the retired Greek Air Force Captain Mr. Antonios Forlidas, reveals today the site:
This sensitive airman has recourse to the law of the international court in Hague, by asking for him to be prosecuted for war crimes, which he committed in Afghanistan.
Mr. Forlidas was in 2005 in the Control Tower of the Kabul Airport as telecommunications supervisor. In the second floor of this building, the Americans had position 50 children as “human shield” in order for the Control Tower not to be destroyed by the Taliban.

These children were orphans from families of Afghans and the agents of the Americans had spread the fact to the Taliban in order for the Kabul Airport not to become their target, as an Airport which was also used as a Military Base (by the Americans).

One of these Children keeps in his arms Mr. Forlidas in the photo that publish today the site
From the day of his return to Greece, Mr. Forlidas is restless and reveals today to that 60% of the American raids in Afghanistan ends to murders of non-combatants.
«I did not press the button, but I did the crime to participate in these murders, and for this I now ask to be judged and to be imprisoned as a criminal of war», says Mr. Forlidas.
In an outburst of sensitivity and protest for the known statements of Pagalos, Mr. Forlidas sell off today his medals by stating that the amount which will be gathered will be delivered to the families of the Killed in Action Airmen (of Greece).

Reportage: Christina Kostopoulou

Blog’s Note:
Here is the known Pagalos (Turk-Albanian Pig) Statements of the treasonous greekHebrew “PASOK” Government:
“The men of the Greek Armed Forces are the most unproductive! (And thus must be reduced to the 1/3 according to the orders of the foreign troika occupation government in Athens)"

We remind to our readers that during the merciless air raids of the criminal hebrewsaxonic NATO against the friendly to Greeks, Serbia (and with depleted uranium shells), dissident NATO pilots (of analogue humanism like the commendable mr. Forlidas), refused to execute the orders that they were given to them by their superiors and Generals. Orders such as bombardments against targets of non-combatants or orders of usage of illegal weaponry, etc. See statements of Spanish pilot in the Spanish Mass Media, republished in Greece by the newspaper “Rizospastis”.

Relevant fragments from G.H.REES texts:

Here is what has done the “Chosen People Israel” and the Hebrew Arch-General Clark in Yugoslavia, as has stated to the Spanish Newspaper “Articulo 20”, 14/06/1999, the Spanish F-16 Flight Lieutenant, Adolf Luis Martin De La Hoz: “In Yugoslavia we received orders and bombarded non-combatants foot passengers, Albanians and Serbs civilians, maternity hospitals, hospitals, villages, cities, industrial and economical infrastructure, cultural monuments, with illegal weapons according the International Law and Treaties, such as Nerve Gases, Chemicals of sterilization of humans and animals, Chemicals of poisoning of Agricultural products, black Napalm of permanent soil devitalization, bombs of radioactive jacket U-238, parachute mines against populations and rest chemical and biological weapons …


The same poisons of sterilization of humans – animals – plants sprayed the hebrewsaxons murderers of the people, of “USAF” to their unprovoked war against Yugoslavia, as complaint Spanish pilots of “NATO” who refused to drop such sterilization bombs, and returned to their F-16 squadron in Spain before the end of the war. The above mentioned news republished the Greek newspaper “Rizospastis” from the Spanish newspaper “Articulo 20” of the era._
Already many and different dog race which have been imported to Greece from various kennels of Serbia, are sterile and incapable of reproduction and after some time space (5 – 6 years) are dying from cancer._

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