Thursday, December 30, 2010

For more than 35 years G.H.REES warned the entire planet about the chinesehebrew "Armageddon" and about the genocide of everyone by the Draco Chinese!

Unbelievable statements of the Chinese defense minister: Our Army is preparing for war!
The chinese defense minister Liang Guanglie has stated in an interview today that China is preparing for war despite of the fact that currently there’s peacetime!
These unbelievable statements have taken place in the chinese state media in view of the 3-day visit of the United States secretary of Defense in China.
“During the following five years our army will increase its war preparations in the event of a military engagement in every possible direction. Although now there’s peace, we should never forget how to wage war, never to send our horses south (apparently a chinese proverb), nor removing our weapons.

Even though China has state occasionally that she’s after a peaceful rise, the recent reorganization of the chinese armed forces and the massive upgrades of the chinese weapon systems have put the US and mainly Japan on alert. Such programs are the first chinese aircraft carrier, the ballistic missile against aircraft carriers DF-21 and last but not least the fifth generation fighter aircraft J-20.

The chinese defense minister has stated that the upgrade of the chinese armed forces cannot be dependent on others (e.g. Russia) and cannot be “bought off” (e.g. USA) to finally conclude: “During the following five years the chinese economy and chinese society will boom, pushing along our national power. We will take advantage of this opportunity in order to upgrade the chinese armed forces”.

Translated from the greek news site:

English news:\12\30\story_30-12-2010_pg14_4

Blog’s commentary:
To be bought off from USA?
Are you kidding us misters editors of Defence-Net?
In the real world China has bought off the United States!!! The Army and the Public Services of the United States are already bankrolled the last years, by the Central Bank of China..literally!
Why are you reversing the reality?
Wake-Up you the editors of Defence-Net!! In case that you are not devious and fixed and thus you are only idiots!!

As concerns the Chinese proverbs with the horses(=battle tanks & mechanized infantry) and the SOUTHS, those concerns the Russians or else “The King of the North” according to the Chinese-Hebrew Scriptures (Bible), a thing that once more indicates the fear and the panic that has taken over the Chinese in accordance with Russia and its gradual exit from the “Shanghai Pact” or “R.I.C.” axis according to G.H.REES geostrategics terminology which intercepted HONG’s geostrategics terminology…
We present a fragment from G.H.REES recent signal:
“Same wise, the above means that the Russian Armament which will confiscate the axis “C.K.” China and Korea over the Turkish Soil, will be used by the pure yellow Sino-Korean army for the genocide AND of the white-yellow Hebrews AND of the rest Mongolians of the Russian Federation, in order to be eliminated completely the Russian “King of the North” (e.g. North of China) from the Chinese “Kingdom of Jehovah”, while previously the Russian “King of the North” will devastate the American “King of the South” (e.g. “Of the South” namely, with semeiology the fixed support of USA in favour of the collusion SOUTH KOREA, south-eastern of China), according to the Geostrategics terminology of the Chinese hyper-lodge “HONG”.

And this again…
In order for some to deeply realize the true size of the Sino-Touranian adversary.
This is for those devious stupididiots who spread: that is allegedly impossible for China to mobilize 200.000.000 Army like is prophesizing(read: programming) the Dragonian “John’s Revelation” (Bible), at the moment that already all the Chinese immigrants –legal or illegal- in the West are crypto-captains of the Chinese Army.
Devious fairytales also the about 1.3 billion population of China and the about “1 child policy” that is allegedly applied in China.
The current population of China, according to the information of …Chinese the same, is more than 2 billion Dragonian humosaurians, and the Chinese are reproduced like rabbits, while all of their soliders-civilians are under strict blind military discipline, excellent military training and education, and all of them are masters of Asiatic martial arts!
(Ninja, Shaolin, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, etc)
Prepare yourselves!

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