Thursday, May 10, 2018


Signal of National – Planetary – and Interstellar Security: “Members of the Andromedian principle of the Hollow Earth. From a specially unknown sub-principle of the third in order Galactic principle of the Constellation of Andromeda, we the members of the G.H.REES/GR.PLANET.R. Prytaneum, Group of Hellenic and Planetary Reestablishment, as the only principle of Planet Gaia or Demeter, by having a complete memory of the descendants  of Andromedian origin and of the original mission of Harmonic Sciences transfer towards the indigenous Sirian Black Race, we received the “Demand, to notify the Andromedian Government, about the actions of the four local mutineers, namely of the Draco constellation originated Sin-Sion(Zion)-Sendai(Shaddai)-Jendai(Jedi)-Sentiou, and of the Andromedian mutineers : Saturn (Savit-Savato-Savaoth) – Poseidon (god of Atlantis) – and Ares(mars-Thor) over our Planet, for the use of this demand, as criteria of the Andromedian Government, in order for the 4 Mutineers to avoid the Death Penalty due to their crimes, namely the genocide of Planets – Human Races – Animal Species  – and of the Terrestrial Flora, namely a genocide of numerous Cells of the Universal Organism “Pan” (Greek word meaning “Everything”), as a capability of the survival of the 4 mutineers and of their subordinates through the Universal Law of “Survival through Life-Long acts of Expiation”.

Because you are the more close to us Andromedian sub-principle, we reply to the Andromedian Government through you, as follows: “Descendants of Andromedian …mission of “Uranides” (Uranus) or “VARUNA”, Pelasgian Hellenes (Greeks) of the External Convex Surface of Planet Earth, towards the Third Galactic Government of the Andromeda Constellation : Hierarchically, through the Andromedian Sub-principle of the Internal Hollow Surface of our Planet, we reply to your demand about the actions of the four (4) mutineers, Sin-Sion-Sendai-Jendai-Sentiou, Saturn, Poseidon, and Ares-Thor, over our Planet, as our own criteria for the survival of the above mentioned four, through the Law of “Survival through Acts of Expiation”._

We notify to you that the four (4) local mutineers, with their leader, the Draco Constellation originated space-invader and arch-criminal Sin-Sion(Zion)-Sendai(Shaddai) who is false-impersonating two (2) non-existing persons, namely the “Good God Creator of the Universe” and the “Bad God Devil”, are committing now numerous more genocide crimes in comparison with those crimes they committed in the past against Humans(anthropoi) – Animals – and Terrestrial Flora, with their confirmed program to GENOCIDE COMPLETELY FIVE (5) BILLION PEOPLE OF ALL TERRESTRIAL RACES EXCEPT THE PURE DRAGONIAN YELLOW RACE OF THE TERRESTRIAL COUNTRIES OF CHINA AND OF NORTH AND SOUTH KOREA, in order to genocide numerous millions animals and numerous millions trees and plants of our planet, in the Third World War over our Planet in order to convert it to a desert and in order to convert it to a Vast Mine of Valuable Raw Materials  which will then steal the Dragonian Spacebandit Starfleet of Sin-Sion(Zion) as “War Logistics”, in order afterwards to assault against the Solar System of Sirius as “Electromagnetic Pole – Coccyx of the Universal Organism”, in order to blackmail from there, with Electromagnetic Dissolution and Biological Death of the entire Universal Organism and of the Entire Galaxies as Mega-Cells of the Universal Organism. _

Therefore, beyond the notification, we prosecute towards you the according to the galactic laws LEGAL DEMAND OF THE EXCLUSION OF THE FOUR (4) UNIVERSAL CRIMINALS MUTINEERS FROM THE LEGAL FRAMEWORK OF “SURVIVAL THROUGH ACTS OF EXPIATION”, and, according to the Universal Laws about “Death Penalty against the impenitent cancerous cells of the Universal Organism”, we demand through you the top-urgent death-penalty, namely the biological annihilation of body & soul of the four (4) Universal Criminals, because if you not comply like this immediately, you essentially  commit suicide, and you put to danger the present Universal Organism to an annihilation assault coming from the neighborhood Siamese Universal Organisms, with criteria to “Avoid their pollution from the uncontrolled cataplectic cancer of the local Universal Organism, that you and the four (4) mutineers, are cells of.

In order to not consider as our own subjective unfair prejudice, our legal demand of the death penalty against the 4 Local Criminals, we demand from you, just before their death, to ask them about their Acceptance or Denial of their Survival through Life-Long Acts of Expiation to the entire dimensions of their soul survival, after their successive deaths of their thinnest etheric bodies (matter rarification of the multiple universe 10^66 dimensions).

End of the notifying and legal demand of Hellenes (Greeks) of Planet Earth towards the Government of the Andromeda Constellation._

PS: the above document of “Notifying and Legal Demand” is publicized though the G.H.REES representative Karageorgiou Giannis._

Distribute the present document to all the Foreign Embassies, to the Greek and Foreign Universities, Supreme Courts, Mass Media, and to all the e-mails that you have._

G.H.REES is advising, the above document to be spoken loudly in the countryside by the document receivers, as the natural way of transferring towards the Andromedian sub-principle of the Hollow-Earth surface. In this case, G.H.REES advise the receivers to also speak loudly their name and their city towards the Hollow-Earth, as accusation witnesses against the 4 criminals in future interstellar courts, in order for their body & soul to not be threatened by the 4 criminals accused local “gods”.

PS2: According to the Universal Laws, the Legal Demand of the G.H.REES Prytaneum towards the 3rd Galactic Government of “Maximum Densities” of the Andromeda Constellation, for the Top-Urgent Death of the Four (4) Local Criminal gods, is legally over-justified because after the thousand years of genocides committed and instigated by the four (4) criminals against the material bodies of humans-animals-and plants, the 4 criminals, as spirits-gods, are devouring the souls of the annihilated victims in Lunar feasts and pan-sexual orgies, by deception of the terrestrial masses with alleged “After-life Heaven and Hell, and future ..Resurrections”._

See Ancient Hellenic Literature: “Saturn devours his children (Along the Yahweh “God Father” of the …Holy Genocider Trinity of Christianity), and with the written statement of the Historian Plutarch :  “The souls of the (eatables – “Vrotos”) humans and animals are yelling with agony from the Moon”.


Because the G.H.REES representative accepted protests of Greek Christians for the above document mentioning about “Pan-sexualism of the members of “Holy Trinity” into the melds of the Moon", G.H.REES is publicizing in front of such readers the following evidence, in order to research them by their own initiative:

1. The gospels are writing that the night the Romans captured Jesus, from the company of his followers exited by running one naked young-man.

2. The “Pedal” book of Orthodox Church is writing that “A monk can ejaculate to the leg of a fellow monk but it is forbidden the anal sexual encounter”.

3. The Mosaic law condemns the Male Homosexuality but for many years the Hebrews homosexuals are promoting it through Hebrew homosexual actors of Hollywood, through Hebrew web-pages of Hebrew porno-stars, through the Hebrew masonry, through homosexual and rest degenerates Laws of the type of Hebrew Tsipras (prime-minister of Greece) and of rest hebrews of SYRIZA (Greekhebrew treasonous government Party), and with many other degenerate ways.

4. The Chinese – Sinese Emperors lived according to the way of life of their god Sin-Sion-Sinai-Sendai-Jendai(Jade Dragon)-Yahweh of the Moon, namely they slept with a young boy. This degenerated act followed and the Seljuq Mongols Turks Sultans and Pashas, by sleeping with young boys (Yusufs)

5. The Genitor of Hebrews, Abraham was a Chaldean (Chaldi=Moon worshipper) from the City of Ur or Urgha of Chaldea which had as their patron god, the Sin-Yahweh-God of the Moon.

6) The Secret Doctrine of Orthodoxy is: “Yahweh Father, Yahweh Son, Yahweh Holy Spirit”._

THE END._ The representative of G.H.REES, Karageorgiou Giannis, Volos-Greece.  


End star wars—Stop WWIII. ------- Ultra urgent message of planetary security Special responsibilities for the Russian government ------- To the government members of all nations , U.N/O.N.U member states, via their embassies in Greece.

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