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SIGNAL: Greek defense HQ and national security HQ, inform yourself by the post dated 10.5.18 of the web-blog “Kerberos-Hellas” with subject: “Half of the NATO members are participating to the Turkish exercise “EFES-18”, of landing to a Greek island!”, namely: USA – England – Italy – Albania (Kosovo) – Skopje (future member of NATO). Therefore NATO is conspiring for the dismemberment of Greece, as enemy of Greece, and as ally of Turkey against Greece, and therefore it is imperative the top-urgent exit of Greece from the anti-hellenic philo-turkish “NATO”, for reasons of National Security and Survival._

If you will not order the exit of Greece from “NATO”, if needed along with the overthrow of the treasonous Hebrew government of SYRIZA, you will be guilty of High Treason and Treason against the Country, articles of the Penal Code 134 up to 151, with in there mentioned death penalties against the traitors.

But in the drill “EFES-18” also participate and armies of Uzbekistan and Tadzhikistan, namely Islamic countries founders of the “Shanghai Pact” or R.I.C. (Russia – Islam – China) which according to Russians and Chinese Generals, was founded by Russia – Islamic States – and China, under the accord and continuous chief-command of China, as the “adversary Pact of NATO”.

Therefore it is finally proved the accusations of G.H.REES (published in the web-blogs: Hellen-and-Chaos, Kerberos-Hellas, and others) that not only the “Pact of Shanghai”, but also and the Hebrew “NATO” is commanded by the Chinese secret society – masonic hyperlodge “HONG” of Shanghai, through their subordinate hebrewsaxonic (white-yellow Mongolian) hyper-lodges of the WEST : “A.O.A.” and “O.T.O.” of London, as true principals of USA, of Europe, and of Japan (Trilateral US.E.J.), of “NATO”, and of “SEATO” south-eastern Asia (South East Asian Treaty Organization).

Therefore Turkey and the rest armies of the B.A.S.T./R. axis (Bulgaria – Albania – Skopje – Turkey – Romania), as member of NATO, but and the rest armies of R.I.C. or “Shanghai Pact” (Russia – Islam – China 888 = “Jesus”) are about to assault against Greece in two (2) doses:  Now in 2018 with the outbreak of the Balkan War of the B.A.S.T./R. axis against present Greece, and after 2023 in the World War 3 against “NATO” and “SEATO” which will be under the typical command of the “Greek Constantinople Empire 666” for the complete genocide of planetary Hellenism (and of the rest white+black race) from the counter-assaulting R.I.C. axis.
(Study the G.H.REES documents about the Hebrew-programmed “Political turn of NATO in favor of Greece”, after the genocide of half the Greeks from the B.A.S.T./R. turk-balkan axis, between 2018 and 2023, and at the same-time break-up and destruction of Turkey by the alleged “Turned in favor of Greece”, NATO.

Therefore, because you completely ignore the above mentioned geostrategic program of the Chinese HONG, in case you will not take top-urgent measures of armed conscription of all the Greeks, men and women, by organizing them to a “Spartan War-Ready State”, then half the Greeks will be butchered NOW from the armies of B.A.S.T./R., and the remaining half will be butchered by the 200 million of the Chinese full-conscripted army which will genocide the armies and the unarmed people of USA-Europe-Japan and of the rest Buddhist countries, such as India, etc, in the Third World War, after 2023._

Therefore you have only one choice: You either convert Greece to a Spartan State of Heavily Armed War-Ready Citizens (men and women), or you and your family members will be butchered by the B.A.S.T./R. armies or by the R.I.C. armies.

END-OVER._ For the G.H.REES military leg, the representative of G.H.REES, Karageorgiou Giannis, ***** ._

PS: To be taken into account the public statement – boast of the Arch-Rabbi of Moscow (published in the webpage “Autochthonous Greeks”): “We are 500.000 Hebrews in Moscow, and from there we govern Russia!”.

Because the Hebrews are also govern USA, therefore is evident that the controversy between USA-Russia is a Hebrew collusion under the orders of “HONG” China, with purpose the ignition of World War 3 for the genocide of all non-pure Yellow race people (All people except China+Korea), namely and of the stupid Hebrews and of the mongols of B.A.S.T./R. who will be also genocided as white-yellow intermixed races, namely as “impure races”, due to their intermixing of the Chinese with the “impure” White-Race._
See recent collusion of Moscow Hebrews and of Washington Hebrews in favor of Turkey and against Kurds and Syrians of White Pelasgian race._

PS2: The present signal must be distributed to all the foreign Embassies, to the Greek and foreign Mass Media, to the Supreme Courts, and to the Greek and Foreign Universities.
We inform the Islamic States Embassies that the Greek people and the majority of the Greek Army Officers are friendly towards the Islamic States, and they are contrary to the anti-Islamic and philo-Israeli philo-Zionist actions of the Greek Army Headquarters, such as the visit of the Greek Army HQ General to Israel, the day of the beginning of the bombardments of Syria by Israel+USA, with the devious silence of Russia.

PS3: There are dogmatic controversies between the Sunnite and Shiites, which the Greeks are not interested of. But we point that the Shiites are a Sunnite cult, founded by Hebrew Rabbis, through the forgery of Quran, by the deduction of its last passage: “There will be no other prophet after Mohammad”, in order for the Hebrew Shiite Imams and the Hebrew Rabbis will present as “New Prophet” the alleged “Resurrected Prophet Elias” who will state that “Allah told me that the Earth must be governed from the chosen people of Sin-Sion-Sinai-China”.

Bashar al Assad of Syria (with population : 74% Sunnites, and 11% Shiites) is a Shiite, and accepted in his Country Armies and Bases of the Shiite Iran which is preparing the arrival of the Chinese Army in Syria in the World War 3, because the counter-assaulting R.I.C. axis in World War 3 will be consisting only by Russia, by Shiite Countries, and by China, with previous violent break-up and destruction of the Sunnite Countries (Turkey – Saudi Arabia – Arabic Emirates – and rest) from the Armies of NATO+SEATO, and of the Shiite Countries such as Iran, under the accusation-guilt that “They founded the criminal Islamic Sunnite state of ISIS”, which committed crimes of war and crimes against humanity designed and ordered from provocateurs officers of the Israeli army, false-impersonating the Islamic Sunnites!!!

(See: Arrest of the Israeli Colonel, who acted as commander officer of ISIS (!!!), arrested by the Iraqi police … such news were suppressed by the government of Hebrews pseudo-Islamists “Shiites” of Iraq)

Therefore today the war-ships of the Hebrew USA and of Israel are bombarding allegedly the army of the crypto-Hebrew “Shiite” government of Iran bases in Syria, but with true victims the Sunnites of Syria, who are against the future occupation of Syria by the Chinese Army in World War 3.

(See the Chinese Christian new-religion under the name “Again back to Sinai” or “Again back to Jerusalem”, because the Chinese-Sinese in the far past invaded in Sinai, namely in Palestine and in Egypt, as allies of the Atlanteans of Atlantis, and named the area as “Sinai”, namely China (see Sinic Wall, Sinai mountain, etc) . The pre-historic Chinese of Sinai were pushed-away by the Athenian Greeks, according to the historic statements of Ancient Egyptians towards the Solon Lawmaker of Athens, See books “Timaios” and “Kritias” of Plato)

PS4: And during the hell of fire-exchange between USA+Israel and Syria, the Greek little-mason (artificial Hebrew) General of the Army HQ, as marionette of the hebrew NATO, traveled to Israel and stated the “Complete cooperation of the Greek Army with the Israeli Army against Syria”, in order for the Sunnites and the Shiites of Syria to swear against the “philo-Zionist anti-Islamic Greece”, with clear danger the manipulation by Turkey, of the anger of the living in Greece Sunnites and Shiites illegal-immigrants, in order to provoke their armed-revolt, coordinated with the assault of Turkey and of the rest Balkan B.A.S.T./R. axis against Greece!!! …and with additional danger the interruption of oil supply by the Islamic States towards Greece!!! Therefore, the Ships-Aircrafts-and Vehicles of the Greek Armed Forces will be OUT OF FUEL in front of the Threat of War by Turkey and by the Balkan B.A.S.T./R. axis!!!
So, in order to avoid your Genocide, order immediately the Neutrality of Greece, you stupid suicidal masonic traitors generals of the Greek armed forces.



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