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Group of Hellenic Re-establishment (G.H.REES.). B’ telegraphic message of GREEK NATIONAL SECURITY RED ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Volos, 12/8/15
Group  of Hellenic Re-establishment (G.H.REES.).
B’ telegraphic message of  GREEK NATIONAL SECURITY RED ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
From G.H.REES  sub-headquarters in Magnesia, Volos, Greece to:
--- ALL non-mason Greek military officers,
---ALL members of the Greek police,
---National security officers
---Non-mason Greek citizens.

ALL officers and citizens receiving this message are ordered to take measures of a general mobilisation , based on the following information from Greek-Americans of American government services, form GHREES investigations, and other sources.

1….On 6/12/15 dozens of Turkish armed combat vehicles invaded Iraqi soil , in the vicinity of Mosul, that is the oil-producing part of the country, already occupied by ISIS, under the pretence of “ fighting against the ISIS terrorism’’!!!!!!. In reality, their true purpose was to function as a ‘’ NATO shield’’ in favour of ISIS, and against the Russian air raids against ISIS. STOP.

2…..’’NATO’’ has declared that the above Turkish movements are contrary to the US- western countries alliance against ISIS, whereas the American influenced Siitic government of Iraq notified Turkey that in case their armed combat vehicles do not withdraw from Iraqi soil ,this will be carried out  by the Iraqi armed forces (with the support of the USA). STOP.

3…..The above Turkish armed vehicles are not part of A’ Turkish brigade of the Aegean (Smyrna), as it is falsely claimed on the internet by the Bulgarian-Turkish owned ‘’ DEFENCENET.COM” website, but rather they originate from B’ and C’ Turkish forces of Anatolia, that is the first units to engage in battle with the Russian army in case of a Turkish-Russian conflict/war. This proves that, under collusion of the Hebrews of Ankara and Moscow, no such conflict is about to take place presently , but rather that Ankara and Moscow are attempting to relax and put to sleep the Greek armed forces so that they will not be prepared and ready to defend Greek soil in case of attack by Turkey and rest of B.A.S.T.R. against Greece.STOP.

4…..Proof as to the above mentioned devious collusion against Greece is that ,just one day following 28 November 2015 as the day of the official uploading on the internet of the A’ ‘’ telegraphic RED ALERT NATIONAL SECURITY signal’’ , that is 29/11/15, Turkey ran riot with multiple invasions of the 6-mile Greek air space and national coastal waters , with minimal or no reaction from traitorous Hebrew ‘’SY.RI’ZA’’, including Greek minister of foreign affairs and traitor minister of Defence, P.Kammenos. STOP.

5…..Proof as to the collusion of the Hebrews of Ankara-Moscow- Washington-Brussels against Greece, is that since 29/11/15 and up until writing of the present signal on 8/12/15,Turkish invasion of Greek air space and coastal waters is steadily rising, reaching a climax of a final Turkish invasion attempt of Greek territory on 6/12/15.

A.      According to ‘’’’, on 6/12/15 the Turkish ‘’SOKULU MEHMET PASA’’ A-577, escort/destroyer vessel escorted by two other Turkish combat vessels one of which was the ‘’ AKGAKOGA’’ minelayer ,invading the 6-mile Greek territorial waters, sailed through the Corinth canal and upon exiting ,it ended up right at the south entrance of Salamis navy yard!!!!!!, at the same time as the culmination of the Turkish provocations in the Aegean on 6/12/15!!!!!. Permission for the Turkish vessels to sail right through the Corinth canal was granted by the Greek traitors , artificial Hebrews, masons, admirals, generals,of the Greek High Command of the armed forces , as well as by the traitor CIA and DIA agent , minister of Defence P.Kammenos.

B.      At the same time on 6/12/15 the Turkish hydrographic –oceanographic ‘’TSESME’’ vessel, escorted by two Turkish war vessels one of which the Turkish ‘’BONDRUM’’ corvette, was conducting a hydrocarbons  search within the Greek ‘’Exclusive Economic Zone’’, on Greek underwater territory between Lesvos and Chios islands.
The above movements of Turkey are a traitorous violation of the ‘’Madrid treaty’’ signed by Gilmaz and Papoulias (an Ioannina Jew), pertaining to a ‘’joint collaboration of Greece-Turkey in the Aegean”.  This ‘’Madrid Treaty’’ is constitutionally invalid because , as an international treaty, it was never voted for by the 2/3s (180 ministers of the Greek parliament). Thus , according to international justice, the ‘’ Chevres Treaty’’ is still valid, signed by Turkey, and which ‘’Treaty’’ assigned the entire stretch of the Aegean to Greece as ‘’Greek territorial waters’’, with the exception of Imvros and Tenedos and just 3 miles of  Turkish territorial waters. STOP.

6…..The collusion-bluff of the Jews of Ankara and Moscow allegedly aiming at a ‘’ Russian-Turkish conflict’’ , turned into an anti-hellenic provocation spread by Bulgarian –owned  ‘’DEFENCENET’’ website ,which implicitly proposed that’’ the Greek armed forces attack against Turkey, now the Turkish armed vehicles have been moved to the Turkish-Syrian border , and now that Turkey is threatened by Russia’’!!!!!!!. Bulgaria is part of the hostile anti-hellenic B.A.S.T.R  axis  (BULGARIA-ALBANIA-SKOPJE-TURKEY-ROMANIA), whose members all have claims over Greek territories!!!!!!!.STOP.

7…..Turkish-Hebrew prime minister of Greece Tsipras (Chiprah) has already consented with the German-Hebrew government  (Merkel=a German Jew former chief of ‘’ the Communist youth party’’ of East Germany), to the deployment , for the time being, of a German-Dutch-Austrian battalion comprising 600 men , within Greek territory, under pretence of ‘’ order restoration along the Greek-Skopje border’’ in view of the newly arrived migrants in the area. US Greek-American services personnel have informed GHREES that the above mentioned battalion’s true purpose is to exert violence on the migrants so that this violence will be blamed on the Greek police, and to provoke an armed uprising of the Islamic population inside Greece. Likewise , its purpose will be to turn western Macedonia into an autonomous territory , just like in Kossovo, as well as to provoke an attack of Skopje (a member of B.A.S.T.R) against Greece so that Skopje will annex this part of Greece.

Jewish Chiprah (Tsipras) has already agreed with the German government on the deployment of a German war fleet  to the eastern Aegean , under the same pretence, and with the true purpose of Turkey annexing the Greek isles of the eastern Aegean , evidently leading to war between Turkey and Greece.

The above mentioned German military forces will not be part of ‘’FRONTEX’’ and will act autonomously, since ‘’ FRONTEX’’ is not eligible for intervention.
Traitor Tsipras and defence prime minister P.Kammenos will impose the presence of these German military units on Greece , without passing a law voted for by a minimum of 151 ministers  as ordered by code 27 of the Greek constitution  pertaining to ‘’ foreign military forces passing through or being stationed inside Greece’’. STOP.

8…..The three (3) memorandums  signed by Greece , were not drawn up following negotiations between Greece and the ‘’European Commission’’ , but rather with the German government itself , without any law authorizing the European Commission and European parliament to do so with Greece. Therefore these memorandums are literally and typically invalid and frauds!!!!. STOP.

9……The outcome of these invalid fraudulent memorandums is : over 10,000 Greek citizens committed suicide , the vast majority of Greek citizens receive psychiatric help ,children passing out due to hunger and malnutrition in schools, nearly 1/3 of able-bodied working Greeks are almost below the poverty line , young Greeks have departed Greece in search of work , Greek enterprises and  farmers are faced with destruction , a low birth rate amongst Greeks leading to passive genocide , demise of the Greek state, deaths by disease etc.

10…..The above genocidal crimes against the Greeks constitute ‘’ crimes of an economic war’’ and ‘’crimes against humanity’’ and ‘’holocaust crimes’’, committed by the jewish prime ministers George Papandreou, Samaras-Ben-Hiram-Zanna, Chiprah, as well as their jewish and mason ministers. These crimes must be punished according to Jewish law , that is the Moses law of ‘’ a life for a life’’.  Based on this, GHREES are calling all Greeks to an armed uprising and to impose the death penalty on the Jews and masons , as the ones  responsible for the Greek genocide being committed. In case the Greek militants, police officers and citizens do not impose the above fair death penalties on the Jews and masons of the legislative-judicial-executive authorities in Greece, according to code’’ 120’’ of the Greek constitution , the military section of GHREES will take over and carry out the above penalties.

Already , the military section of GHREES have performed drills on 28/11/15, using special mixtures of highly powerful explosive materials . The following have been designated as the primary targets :
The parliament building
Court buildings
Police headquarters
Ministry of public order
Ministry of Defence
Greek intelligence service building
Ministry of justice
Masonic lodge of ‘’ the Great East’’
Theosophic society of Greece.

11…..A number of newspapers across Greece , i.e ‘’ Eleyhtheri Ora’’ , are promoting fraudulent articles such as : ‘’ Russia vs Turkey and WWIII”. This is false because , as GHREES have pointed out numerous times, WWIII has been planned to break out seven (7) years following the establishment of ‘’ the Empire of Constantinople 666” which is to be founded after the attack of BASTR against Greece. The ongoing Russian-Turkish conflict is staged and has only two purposes : to relax and disorientate the Greek military forces and to dismantle ALL sounitic Islamic regimes. STOP.

Responsibility for the above text rests with G.H.REES of Magnesia , Greece, authorized by GHREES Prytaneum , Athens.

GHREES’ representative , Karageorgiou Giannis, national and planetary security general , civilian division of GHREES.

12 , Elpidos str., Nea Ionia, Volos, Greece.
Tel: +30 698 36 579 54.

P.S (1):

SEEBRIG Turkish brigadier of the ‘’NATO’’ brigade stationed in Tyrnavos, central Greece, is paying visits to the Greek brigade headquarters  as well as the ‘’NRDC/GR’’ headquarters , and posing as leader of Greek military high command, is ‘’ordering’’ the above brigade units to be ready for deployment to Syria as part of a ‘’NATO’’ force. These actions of the Turkish brigadier of ‘’SEEBRIG’’ are in sharp contrast to General Secretary of NATO’S Jens Stoltenberg  ( ‘’Tages-Anzeiger’’ newspaper of Switzerland on 7/11/15), based on which  : ‘’NATO has completely ruled out the possibility of land units being deployed to Syria against ISIS’’.

Therefore the Turkish brigadier’s movements /actions were not ordered by NATO  but rather the Turkish military high command , to deviously immobilize the Greek armed forces , awaiting non-existent orders from NATO as to their ‘’deployment’’ to Syria. We seriously advise the immediate deportation  of the above Turkish brigadier and the rest Turkish officers of SEEBRIG in Greece.

P.S (2):

ATTENTION: NATO and Turkish high military command have ordered a land forces NATO drill on Greek territory . Turkish ‘’Bordo Berelli’’ special forces will take part in this drill carried on low-flying helicopters  which will invade Greek territory presumably as run by ‘’SEEBRIG’’ and the ‘’NRDC/GR’’ NATO headquarters in Thessaloniki. We remind that the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974 started out as a NATO ‘’bluff’’ drill , in which English fighter pilots flying Turkish jets attacked using real fire against the Greek-Cypriot forces . There are still bodies of those English pilots in the morgues in Limassol. England still refuses to claim those bodies. Proof as to the NATO treason against Greece: In the same stretch of water in the midst of the Aegean  engaged by Turkey for naval ‘’drills’’ , NATO is also carrying out a parallel minelaying drill named ‘’SNMGMG-2’’. Therefore both naval ‘’drills’’ by Turkey and NATO coincide to form a unified air-navy assault of Turkey against Greece ,fuelled and supported by the traitorous collaboration of Greek masonic  leaders of the Greek military command, as well as the upcoming German naval fleet of the eastern Aegean.

Long Live Hellas!!!!!!!!!!!

Long Live Hellas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Long Live Hellas!!!!!!!!!!!!

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