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Group of Hellenic Re-establishment (G.H.REES). Greek National Security R E D A L E R T!!!! placing Greece on a state of NATIONAL EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

ATHENS , 28/11/15

Group of Hellenic Re-establishment (G.H.REES).
Greek National Security R E D    A L E R T!!!!   
placing Greece on a state of NATIONAL EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

From G.H REES military division to all non-mason officers of : 

The Greek police force,

Greek armed forces,

Rest of security agencies and,

ALL non-mason Greek civilians.-----------------.

ALL officers and civilian receivers of the above message are ordered to take immediate measures as to their mobilisation , based on the following information passed on to G.H.REES by Greek-Americans , through G.HREES investigations, and other sources:

1….The Turkish newspaper “HOURIET’’ , was ordered by Turkish intelligence agency MIT to publicly announce , on 28/11/15, an intentional ‘’ LEAK’’ of Turkish military high command , pertaining to the ‘’ deployment of 20 Turkish military tanks and other forces to the Turkish-Syrian border’’, with the aim of putting to sleep and relaxing the Greek armed forces , so that the latter  will be caught off guard and completely unprepared and  be attacked by the B.A.S.T.R axis , hostile against and an enemy of Greece, under the assumption that ‘’ it is impossible for Turkey to simultaneously invade both Greece and Syria!!!!!!!!!!’’.

Turkey is once again repeating its devious ‘’leak’’—bluff of October 2012 of the Turkish high command, relating to the ‘’deployment of Turkish armed forces to the Turkish-Syrian border’’, again with the aim of suddenly and unexpectedly attacking –invading against Greece preceded by a relaxation of the Greek armed forces . In October 2012, GHREES ruined the above Turkish plans , when it was announced on its ‘’hellenandchaos’’ website that , ‘’ rather than Turkey deploying its forces to Syria, it was deploying its B’ and C’ army forces of Anatolia to the A’ army forces of Constantinople and the D’ forces of the Aegean against Greece”.

In October 2012, the Greek Hebrew and mason traitors in power in  Greece ordered the imprisonment of GHREES’S representative on account of GHREES’S foiling of the above Turkish plan against Greek national security , while suing and sending GHREES’S representative to court to be tried on 1/12/15 , so that GHREES will NOT again repeat the foiling of the very same Turkish plan , deviously announced and publicized  by ‘’HOURIET’’ newspaper , on 28/11/15, that is just three (3) days prior to GHREES’S representative’s court case on 1/12/15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Repetition of the same  2012 scenario, now in November 2015 : 

Now in November 2015, the Turkish military is announcing its deployment-bluff of military forces to the Syrian border, when in reality they are deploying their forces of B’ and C’ forces of Anatolia to the A’ forces of Constantinople and D’ force of the Aegean, against Greece. STOP.
2…..Russian president Poutin  or Pout(ian)in, or Pout (zias)in, is of jewish descent of the area of Karelia in Finland-Russia. STOP.
3…..Since its establishment in 1917 of the  ‘’Soviet’’ regime , ALL members of the ‘’NKVD’’, ‘’ KGB’’, or ‘’FSB’’ ,that is form 1917 to 2015,have always been Russian-hebrews taking orders straight from the Varouch chief-rabbis of the USA. The same applies to president Poutin, former chief of Russian ‘’KGB’’. STOP.
4…..ALL members of Turkish secret intelligence of ‘’MIT’’ are Kemal Turkish-hebrews taking orders from the USA chief Rabbis..STOP.
5……The entire Turkish command and authorities of the Turkish armed forces are made up of Kemal Turkish-hebrews.STOP.
6…….The downing of the Russian ‘’SUK-24’’ was ordered by  Turkish-hebrew Davoutoglou ,prime minister of Turkey, alias Davout or David. STOP.
7……Therefore the downing of the Russian ‘’SUK-24’’, is a collusion between the Russian and Turkish Hebrews, under command of the USA Varouch Rabbis, as ‘’kings of planetary Judaism’’, aiming at the complete and devious relaxation of the Greek armed forces , so as to bring about the outbreak of the Balkan war following the invasion of the armies of BASTR in Greece, as the very first stage of the outbreak and staging of WWIII between the axis of ‘’NATO+SEATO’’ and ‘’R.I.C’’ (Pact of Shanghai), for the ultimate genocide of the unarmed civilians of US-EUROPE-JAPAN,  during the first stage of WWIII. STOP.
8……The abnormally warm and fair weather as well as unusual drought during November and December in Greece, primarily in eastern Thrace (Turkey) and western Thrace (Greece), was brought about by ‘’HAARP’’ in the USA , in an attempt to clear the path in Evros river for the Turkish tanks (1120) and the T.o.m.p+ T.o.m.a(1320), of the A’ army force of Constantinople on the one hand and on the other , for those tanks not to get stuck in the mud of the eastern Thrace plains , like it happened in the past. STOP.
9……Following the downing of the Russian jet fighter, by Turkey , the Russian government (Duma), demanded that Turkey re-open the church of ‘’Agia Sofia’’in Constantinople as ‘’ The Orthodox Christian church’’!!!!!, that is a ‘’ Christian-Dodecatheon 666 temple’’, later on ,following the founding of the ‘’empire of Constantinople 666’’ by the ‘’Epsilons’’ (Golden Dawn etc.). The majority of the members of the Russian Duma are Russian-hebrews, enemies of Christianity. STOP.
10…..Attempt of NATO  to ‘’relax’’ the Greek armed forces. The jewish American General Wesley Clark, former leader of NATO,  following the downing of the Russian ‘’SUK-24’’ by a Turkish jet fighter, blamed Turkey as collaborator and firm supporter of the ISIS jihad movement. While the US Pentagon has masterplanned the entire BASTR invasion of Greece. It is NATO that supplied the armies of BASTR with the necessary war equipment to attack against Greece..STOP.
11…..The Hebrew traitors of the Greek government of SY.RI.ZA, have been ordered from outside Greece to agree to a ‘’european coastguard’’ and a ‘’european navy fleet’’ in the Aegean for the interception of the huge numbers of migrants from Turkey to the E.E via Greece. It will also be ordered to find and open ways for the landing of Turkish air-navy forces onto the Greek isles of the eastern Aegean and the shores of mainland Greece during the attack of BASTR against Greece thus minimizing every chance of the Greek navy to defend the country. STOP.
12……Similar ways will be opened by the Israeli air force whose planes are quartered in Greece , as the result of treason of SY.RI.ZA and AN.EL  both Greek government parties , under a false pretence of ‘’ an Israeli-Greek collaboration against Turkish air force,in case of the latter attacking Greece.’’. STOP.
13…..Two weeks ago , under orders of the traitors of SY.RI.ZA, AN.EL,  the Greek police Generals travelled to Israel in order to consent to allow a large number of Mossad and Israeli police officers to enter               Greece , presumably in an attempt to ‘’ intercept the jihadists in Greece’’. Their true goal will be to facilitate the actions of jihad fighters and the armed migrants within Greece against the Greek police and the Greek citizens , at the same time with the planned invasion of BASTR into Greece. STOP.
14…..The same traitorous agreements were signed by Turkish-Hebrew prime minister Chiprah (Tsipras) , consenting to the presence of the Israeli air force, Mossad officers, and Israeli police inside Greece, during his last visit to Israel. STOP.
15…..Two weeks ago , the Siitic , though ‘’uninitiated’’, Iraqi police announced that it arrested an Israeli colonel who was in charge of a jihadist unit in Iraq. STOP.
16…..Following a recommendation by Turkey, the hebrewsaxon US Pentagon gave its consent for the capturing and occupation of Greek western Thrace by the Turkish army, in return for the loss of Kurdistan from under Turkish sovereignty. STOP.
17…..In the ‘’english-turkish agreement of London’’, of past years, the ‘’European Union’’ represented by the English government , agreed with Turkey that in case of ‘’ war between Turkey and Greece, the european armies and those of NATO will not support and fight in favour of Greece and against Turkey.’’. STOP.
18…..In an apotheosis of Hebrew fraud-bluffing, and under orders of ‘’FSB’’ Russian Hebrew secret service,Russian Hebrew Zirinovski, leader of the right nationalist party of Russia, ‘’demanded from the Kremlin that ‘’ an atomic bomb be dropped by Russia on Constantinople, in retaliation of the recent downing of the Russian ‘’SUK-24’’ from Turkey’’. This is just another Hebrew tactics aimed at putting the Greek armed forces to sleep , and those of the Greek police, so that they falsely believe that ‘’ with such imminent threats of Russia against Turkey, Turkey will not dare attack against Greece’’. However the exact opposite happened as , after the downing of the Russian jet fighter, the Turkish military high command gave orders, through the Turkish police, to the Turkish migrants traffickers to cease the movement of refugees across to Greece from the Turkish borders , so that it will be easier for the Turkish landing craft to move freely and occupy the Greek islands of the eastern Aegean . At the same time Turkish submarines were ordered to sail to the mouth of Pagasitikos bay to be ready to torpedo and sink the transport vessels carrying the 32nd  navy seals brigade stationed in Volos , in an attempt for those Turkish ships to occupy the Greek islands of eastern Aegean. STOP.

Measures to be taken by the Greek armed forces immediately:

A)     Overthrow the current traitorous government of SY.RI.ZA –AN.EL and arrest and imprison ALL ministers of the Greek government (with the exception of those of minister Leventis) on charges of ‘’ high treason’’ and ‘’treason again the country’’, according to Greek penal code (articles134-151). STOP.

B)      Deportation of ALL Albanian immigrants form Greece. STOP.

C)      Immediate recall of a sufficient number of Greek special forces units to form 10 special forces brigades , armed with the 50,000 available FN riffles , deviously withdrawn .STOP.

D)     Supply the Greek police units with heavy infantry weaponry and ‘’T.O.M.P M-113’’ vehicles. STOP.

E)      Transferring and fortification of the Greek police units and their families to camps outside Greek towns. STOP.

F)      Immediate production of ‘’ ARTEMIS-30’’ antiaircraft weapon ( produced by E.B.O , Greek weaponry production facility), carried on vehicles. STOP.

G)     Immediate production of T.O.M.A “ Centaur’’ , armed combat vehicle, by EL.VO , as a necessary light armoured vehicle missing from the Greek brigades. STOP.

H)     Immediately put together a national guard unit made up of 300,000 Greek hunters and provide them with heavy infantry weapons and off-road vehicles. STOP.

I)        Anti-tank fortification of the Greek borders in the area of the Strimonas river (Roupel fortifications) , and in the area of Doirani for the interception of Turkish brigades proceeding down from Albania-Bulgaria-Skopje. STOP.

J)       Anti-landing fortifications along the shores of mainland Greece in the Aegean and Ionian seas , especially along the shoreline of Igoumenitsa, Preveza, Mesolloggi, Maliakos bay, Larissa, Katerini, Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki, Kavala, Xanthi, Evros. STOP.

K)      E.V.O must urgently begin production of portable infantry and special forces weaponry. STOP.

L)       Mandatory keeping of military weapons in each home much like it happens in Switzerland and Israel. STOP.

M)   Planning and immediate execution of nutritional and pharmaceutical sufficiency of Greece using locally produced, non-engineered products. STOP.

L O N G  L I V E        G R E E C E!!!!!.

The chief of GHREES, Athens.
Represented by: Giannis Chr. Chr. Karageorgiou
12, Elpidos str, Nea Ionia, Volos, Greece.
Tel: 698 36 579 54.
ID: D.424419
Volos police.

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