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SUBJECT: It seems there is a mystery concerning president Putin’s current whereabouts!!!, so where, is president "Putin" ? And the stupid traitors self-made crooks bluff-makers "Geostrategic analysts" of the ass, "Epsilon":  Isaiah Konstantinides manager of the newspaper "Eleftheri Ora" (Free Time), and Stephanos Hios manager of the newspaper "Makeleio" (Massacre), against the Planet and Greek National Security.-

DOCUMENT: The "SUBJECT" is injuring the above mentioned two crooks, because naturally we must speak of "Gang of Geostrategic crooks" in which other "Epsilon" articles editors are ALSO participating, of the above mentioned 2 newspapers, as "Top Media" of "Epsilon", and Monks of "Holy (Satanic Jehovic)  Mount Khalkidhiki" under Demonic Catalepsy ("Channeling"), of Demons of Yahweh - Sendai (.Liakopoulos) - Jendai - Sin - Zion - Sina (China) - Jed - Jade - Jude - Judas, Dragonian Galactic Arch-Criminal and "Supreme Deity" of Hebrews - Saxons - Masons - and Chinese, parapsychologists Mediums Magicians under same Demonic Catalepsy of the type of the fat-ass crook Palmos".-
All the above mentioned Geostrategic crooks are rehashing in their disgusting false articles the same lie, as a lie catastrophic for the Planet and Greek National Security, namely that allegedly "there is real enmity and conflict between the "USA + European Union" and "Russia", namely between the hebrewsaxons of "Washington + Brussels", and the Hebrews of Moscow, such as the mongol-hebrew Vladimir Putin.-

Moreover, in an apotheosis of Geostrategic fraud and stupidity, the silly-cunning  Stephanos Hios "manager" of "Makeleio" (, in the paper of 23/3/2015 of "Makeleio", page 13, bearing the title: "The "big" European Countries in the "Asiatic" Bank ("AIIB" -  ASIAN INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT BANK") of China", is stating TRUE GEO-ECONOMIC INFORMATION, which de facto contradicts the GEOSTRATEGIC LIE - FRAUD about "Beginning of World War 3 NOW under the pretext of . Ukraine", a lie which the above mentioned stupid analyst is promoting in his "Makeleio" newspaper articles, based on the Chinese - Hebrew-Saxonic Fraud of "HONG" China and of "AOA" London, about alleged "Real Conflict between "USA + E.U." and "Russia". Because it is not possible for China to design the entrance of the European Countries to the "AIIB" with a 5 year programmed outlook of European Funds absorption "for the development of Asia" !!! and at the same time the Hebrews (Washington + Brussels) and . Moscow as a member of the United Economic Policy of "Shanghai Pact" or R.I.C. (Russia + Islamic Countries + China), to provoke NOW the beginning of World War 3 between the  West and Russia - as they are yelling, amongst  others, the terror-merchants Monks of the "Holy (Satanic Jehovic)  Mount Khalkidhiki" , and the Stupidity "Nobel " prize winners Hios and Konstantinides of "Makeleio" and "Eleftheri Ora".-
The above mentioned Geostrategic crooks, in order to "prove" their lie about the alleged "real enmity between "USA + E.U." and Russia", they are continuously dealing in "Makeleio" and in "Eleftheri Ora", with the "Disappearance of  Putin", with the "double of Putin", and with .crazy Russian fairy tales, by writing clear allusions that "Western secret agents murdered Putin".-
In a second apotheosis of stupidity, Stephanos Hios, in an article of "Eleftheri Ora" this time (reporters ."gang-bang" of the "Media" of "Epsilon") of the other stupid Konstantinides, in the paper of 23/3/2015, page 3, with title "Why the West wants to "murder" Putin?", and with subtitle "Why the people who know, say that Russia is preparing for War", is falsely and stupidly claiming that "The West is disliking Putin because Putin didn't allow the western multi-national companies to rob the mineral wealth of Russia".- (!!!)
This is the fairy tale with which - the Chinese "HONG" and the Hebrew politicians of "Washington + Brussels" and Moscow - are justifying the conflict between Russia and West.- 

The Geostrategic Truth is that although indeed Russia is preparing for War, but NOT for "Defense in an outbreak of World War 3". Russia in reality is preparing for "invasion against the Baltic countries, Lithuania, Latonia, Estonia" under the pretext that "The combat forces of "NATO" which are gathered in the Baltic Countries, are way too much in defense of those countries against the "Russian Threat" and therefore are comprising an assault threat against Russia which should respond with "Preemptive War" of Russia against those Baltic Countries".-

In this context, the recent "Disappearance of Putin", is a tactic of "provocateur Bluff" of Kremlin, in order to give the impression to the "NATO + USA Pentagon" Generals that there is "a power VOID in Russia" and that there is a chance of deploying  ADDITIONAL EXCESSIVE FORCES OF "NATO" to the Baltic Countries", namely exactly what the  Kremlin awaits and CRAFTLY PROVOKES TO HAPPEN, in order to justify the "Preemptive Assault" of Russia against the Baltic Countries.-
The Generals of USA and of the "European Union", although they are hebrewsaxons, they are "not-initiated" to the above "provocateur Bluff" of Kremlin, that has been ordered to the hebrewsaxons politicians of London ("AOA"), Washington - and Brussels from "HONG" China, through "AOA" London and the Hebrew Lodge "Great Oak" of New York.
By "HONG" China and from "AOA" London,it  has been planned for the "Preemptive Assault" of Russia against the Baltic Countries, to not be the beginning of World War 3, but to simply be the cumulative cause of World War 3. The outbreak of World War 3 has been planned to take place after the year 2020 - with other cumulative causes: Ukraine, Georgia, Moldavia, Poland, etc.-
The unpremeditated act of treason of the above mentioned stupid neo-greeks pseudo-Geostrategic pseudo-analysts, is that through their fairy tales about the "Outbreak of World War 3 NOW",  they are disorienting the Greek Armed Forces from the Utmost Urgent need for  Defense against  the Assault of the B.A.S.T./R. axis (Bulgaria - Albania - Skopje - Turkey - Romania) against Greece, as an assault that has been masterplanned  by "HONG" China and "AOA" London , to realize before the outbreak of World War 3, with a time difference of "Seven+ years between the 2 Wars". - END .-

For G.H.REES: Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Yannis, G.H.REES Representative, General of National + Planet Security of G.H.REES

P.S.1: Americanhebrew and Saxons University Professors, members of "NSA" (NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY) .
[As true government of USA, persuaded from the G.H.REES documents which state that in World War 3 between "NATO + SEATO" (trilateral US.E.J. : USA - Europe - Japan) and "Shanghai Pact" or R.I.C. (Russia - Islam - China), with new timeline of World War 3 outbreak the years 2023 - 2024, the Hebrews and Saxons, as intermixed white-yellow Mongols, will be annihilated completely together with the armies of "NATO + SEATO" by the armies of China (888) and United Korea (777), with the criteria of "Yellow racial cleanness" in the Third Phase of World War 3, namely after the Second Phase of World War 3, with an annihilation program  from the Chinese and Korean Armies against the Russians and Islamists of White + Black Race allies of China inside the R.I.C. axis]
G.H.REES have been notified through Greek-American patriots that "The Russian mongol-hebrew president Putin or Pu(jas)tin or Pu(ja)nin, governs Russia, by obeying continuously till today, to the orders of the "Global King of the Jews", Archrabbi Varuh or Baruch of USA, having as its ultimate  purpose the -in collusion- preparation of World War 3 between the axis of US.E.J. and R.I.C., under the supreme commands of the Chinese "HONG", with intermediator of those commands the hebrewsaxonic lodge "AOA" (Adeptis Ordo Atlantis) of London.-
The Second submission of Russia to the Baruch of USA, began under Nikita Khrushchev, with the period of Stalin as an  interval between First and Second, who attempted to overthrow the Baruch of USA, and to become himself the "Global King of the Jews", namely "Caliph in place of the Caliph".

P.S.2: G.H.REES calls all the recipients of the present document to translate it into the Russian Language and to the rest European languages, and to send it in electronic and in paper form to the Russian military patriots, and to the USA military patriots and those  of the European Countries.

P.S.3: G.H.REES calls Greeks to send the present document to all the offices and to the parliament members of the "Independent Greeks" (Anexartitoi Ellines - political party) with enclosed instruction:
"To deliver it to the hands of the defense minister Mr. Kammenos, in order for him to order the peripheral fortification of Greece along the entire length of the Greek inland and marine borders, because Greece is about to receive Assault of the B.A.S.T./R. axis armies with inland invasions and aeronautical landing operations in the Aegean and Ionian seas, aiming at  the takeover of Greek territorial areas, west up to Mesologgi, and east up to Lamia (As G.H.REES was informed by the objectors of "NSA - USA"), with simultaneous coordinated armed revolt of the foreign immigrants inside Greece, and especially the Albanians and the Islamists, for the butchering of the unarmed Greek population in the rear of the Greek military front. Top urgent need of converting the unarmed Greek police to "Heavily armed Military-Police" according to the canons of Turkey, of French, of Israel, and of Swiss Military-Police. Top urgent need of organizing an armed Civil-Police from the 300.000 Greek hunters initially, and next from the rest Greeks (men and women) up to the age of 65. Top urgent need of 100% nationalizing and complete activating of the Greek Defense Industries, EAB, EBO, and ELBO, and of the Greek Shipyards for the construction of War Material of the three weapons. Top urgent need of food and drugs reassurance with enforced production programs towards the Greek farmers, stock breeders, and drugs industrialists".-

P.S.4: The final editor of the present document, G.H.REES representative, in Volos, is living in a ruined home, without electricity and without water, eating rubbish from trashcans and from snack bars food - remains, with result for his health to become bad. Continue these way neo-Greeks, to not support economically the G.H.REES office in Volos. One day you will scratch with your nails the graves of the G.H.REES men in order to receive "Survival Instructions" in the upcoming military hell against Greece from the B.A.S.T./R. and R.I.C. axles, but the souls of the G.H.REES men will be far-away anymore, and their dead bodies, murdered from your selfish apathy, will not be able to give other "Survival Instructions", - with end-result for you to die a horrible death, butchered by the B.A.S.T./R. and R.I.C. axies armies, because without Survival Guidance from G.H.REES, you are already dead "with small delay of death", oh!!! you goners Neo-Greeks, befooled by the Hebrew "Prime Minister" Chiprah (Tsipras),  the Hebrew "Economics Minister" Baruch - akis (Barufakis),  the Hebrew "Economics Vice-Minister" Mardochai (Mardas), and  the rest Hebrew leaders of the "components" of "SY.RIZ.A." (Government Party), agents of the Rothschilds, taking orders from the "Triads" of "HONG". See "Minister of Public Order" Anarchist-Communist Panousis, who banned the Greek Police from invading to the "Law School" of the Athens University in order to foil the destructions made by the Anarchists-Communists of "SY.RIZ.A." against the Greek Universities, with purpose the complete destruction of the Greek Education. Panousis tomorrow will ban the Greek Police from foiling the immigrants armed revolt.-

G.H.REES to the Greek Police: Overthrow the "Government" of "SY.RIZ.A." NOW !!!

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