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Immediate expulsion of the German embassy from Greece.

Immediate expulsion of all the Germans citizens from Greece.

Immediate Nationalization of all the German Companies in Greece.

Those three demands are anniversary and correlated to the National Holiday of 25th March 1821 (Liberation Revolution of Greeks against the Turks Ottoman Empire) , with established historical facts the capital offences, the murders, the imprisonments, and the social destruction which was forced upon Greece by the representative of the second Turkish (Mongol) occupation GermanHebrew King Otto Wittelsbach against the heroes of the Greek Revolution of 1821,.
It is an established historical fact that the Bavarian Mongols  are calling Turks a brother Nation, and that the Turks Mongols are calling the Bavarian Mongols  brother Nation as well.The Turkish historians are generally calling the Mongolians Huns of Germany,  "ex-Hittites" namely Goths  a "Brother Nation". This Mongolian German Nation was the primary adversary of Greece in World War 1, and in World War 2 provoked the death of 1.500.000 Greeks through executions, hunger, diseases and destroyed the industrial and economic infrastructure of Greece, by taking Greece back 100 years!!!!!.
The Mongolian Nation of Germans Huns- Hittites - Goths provoked damages to Greece estimated from Greek historians and economists at 576 billion Euros at least.
The German Huns Mongolians and Bavarians, not only deny to compensate Greece with the afore-mentioned amount , but cooperating deviously with the international Hebrew bankers loan sharks, namely ROTHSCHILD and ROCKEFELLER charged Greece with non-existent inflated loans in collusion with the Hebrew Prime-minister of Greece George Mineiko Papandreou who deviously and falsely doubled the Greek Public Debt through his party (PASOK) controlled Hellenic Statistics Company (HELSTAT).
The enmity of the Mongolian Hittites - Goths against the Greeks has as its prehistoric beginning the order enforcement of Goths - Hittites Mongolians towards Ancient Troy, to block the passage of Greek Merchant ships through Bosporus straits towards the Black Sea, and that was the true cause of the Greeks Achaeans campaign against the Greeks of Troy, in a civil war situation.
Today the Mongolians Huns - Hittites - Goths who govern Germany, are cooperating together with the Hebrew finance minister Barouchakis - Barouch - Baroufakis, with the Hebrew finance vice-minister Mardas - Mardochai, with the Hebrew Prime-Minister Tsipras -  Chiprah and are attempting to legalize the illegal former Memorandums with the 3/5 namely with up to 180 votes of the Greek Parliament, according to the Constitution article 28/2/3 in order that in this way and by provoking hunger and economical destruction to Greeks, to rob : the Greek Mineral Resources, the Greek Banks, the Public Greek enterprises DEKO, and the private Greek enterprises, and to destroy the Greek state by giving arms and defense technology to Turkey, in order to facilitate further the assault of the B.A.S.T./R. axis (Bulgaria - Albania - Skopje - Turkey / Romania) armies, against Greece.
G.H.REES as the natural leadership of Greeks, namely as the physiocratic leadership of Greece, orders the Greeks of all political parties to execute the present order of the general expulsion of the Germans - Huns - Goths - Hittites from Greece.
By writing it in the Karaiskakis (Greek Hero of the 1821 Revolution) harsh dialect, G.H.REES is stating that "Any Greek who does not act with every possible way, including arms way, for the execution of the present order, this Greek is a traitor submitted harlot's son", with  "harlot" referring to  the troika of the present World Dominion: China - Hebrew Bankers - Mongols Huns of Germany._

End. Over.

For G.H.REES, the representative of G.H.REES and General of Greek and Planet Security of G.H.REES Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Giannis, Elpidos 12, Nea Ionia, Volos, GREECE, ID No. D424419, Tel.: (+30) 698.36.579.54

P.S.: Parallel Order from G.H.REES to Greeks:
Because the Greek Treasonous Masonry, with orders from the hebrewsaxonic hyperlodge A.O.A. of London (Ordo Adeptis Atlantis) is accepting that the territory and the buildings of the Greek Masonic Lodges are England's territory, without this give-away of Greek territory to England having been  voted for in the Greek Parliament, according to the Constitution articles 27 & 28, G.H.REES orders Greeks to destroy the Greek Masonic Lodges in every possible way, beginning with the Grand Orient of Greece located in 2 Axarnon & Sourmeli str., Athens, in order to reinstate the territories of these Lodges  to the Greek Dominion. The crime of the Greek Masons which they have committed by giving-away Greek territory to England without the approval of the Greek Parliament, is a capital offence of Treason against the Country, and this capital offence is punishable with the death penalty according to the articles 138 & 151 of the Greek Penal Code, "for give-away of Greek territory to a foreign country", as death penalties enforced upon the Greek Masons for this treason, and as treason that the Greek heroes of the 1821 Revolution would never accept to happen.
In  this way G.H.REES is honoring those Heroes, without ostensible marches and shows which deceive the Greek people._

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