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                                          TO THE GREEKS

                                    ATHENS 28/11/2012

1.The G.H.REES,high command (Group of Hellenic Reestablishment) ,is looking for ,from among their non-members,300 about to die for their country Greek patriotic volunteers.

2.The names of the above mentioned volunteers will be uploaded on the internet as an example of manhood—bravery—patriotism ---self-sacrifice for their country.

3.The before mentioned volunteers will obey


Orders of executing mortally dangerous missions,ordered by G.H.REES.through their representative in Volos Giannis Karageorgioy.In case of assassination—injury—natural death –illness—any form of natural or mental disability—imprisonment---disappearance etc.of G.H.REES”S representative G.H.REES will no longer appoint another representative to transmit orders to the “Greek body of self-sacrifice”,rather the members volunteers of this body will determine on their own,based on self-judgment and in principle,the missions which will be their own personal choice:

----Death to all the members of all Greek parliaments following the fall of the state of dictatorship,along with their families.

-----Death to all the generals—brigadiers—colonels—vice colonels of the Greek police force after the fall of the state of dictatorship along with their families.

------Death to all the public prosecutors—proposers—judges and councilors of all first instance courts,all courts of appeal,and the four supreme courts of Greece that is:


----------of “Arios Pagos” as supreme court in Greece

----------of the Council of State as supreme administrative and constitutional courts.

----------of the Court of Auditors,as supreme economic court.

---------of “the supreme special court”as court responsible for the lifting of all disagreements between the first three supreme courts--,along with their families.

---------Death to all the generals—admirals---generals of the air force of all general high commands respectively,and of all regional units of the Greek Armed Forces following the fall of the dictatorship along with their families.

--------Death to all members of all perfectorial commissions,conventions and future members of parliament of all political parties,of the parliament,of all counties of the Greek territory,along with their families.
------Death to all governors of districts---prefects—mayors following the fall of the diactatorship along with their families.

------Death to all civil servants working for all tax offices in Greece,that is the revenue offices following the fall of the dictatorship.

------Death to all members of all administrative boards of the Greek “DEKO” companies after the fall of the dictatorship along with their families.

------Death to all board members of all major Greek banks,that is: “The bank of Greece” with the highest number of shares owned by the Hebrew-sionistic Rothschilds.,”National Bank”,”Commercial Bank”,”Post Bank”,”Peiraeus Bank”,”Credit Bank”,”Agricultural Bank”,and “Eurobank”and their families, due to their traitorous intentions to merge,with the intention to finally be sold to Chinese,Turkish and European banks in order to bring about the final economic demise of Greece.


--------Death to all board members of all security services due to theft of the pension money of the Greek citizens.

--------Death to all foreign occupation members of “Troika” .

--------Death to all member sof the foreign commissions imposed by the “Troika” and the ‘European Union”,on Greek public services,Dekos,banks,and other such organisations such as,provinces—municipalities—port tax offices—airports etc.

--------Death to all foreign military NATO officers occupying Greece,that is foreign military officers stationed at Larissa command unit,at the “A merican base “ at Souda in Crete,the former 3rd army unit at Thessaloniki, the NATO air base at Preveza and elsewhere across the Greek state where there are foreign NATO occupational forces.


--------Death to all foreign occupational police forces stationed in Greece such as the brigade of murderous “special forces”made up of Belgians-Germans-Dutch, quartered at the 110th army unit at Larissa, with the intention of massacring the Greeks in case of an uprising against the Hebrew-Chinese occupational Troika.See Chinese german vice-chancellor Ressler.

-------Death to all foreign diplomats in Greece, roaming around the Greek state and stirring up hatred among the various minority groups so that they will break out in an armed violent uprising against the people of Greece.

-------Death to all owners---chief editors----journalists of all Greek media which are covering up the treason of the greek traitors of the legislative—executive---judicial authorities.

-------Death to all Masons, as instruments of sionism working towards the demise of the Greek

State and nation, and  the rest of nations and for the global ruling by China ,code-named “Kingdom of Jehovah Sin—Sion—Sina—Sendai—Jedi—Jude—Judas”, while at the same time causing the genocide of all other nations of the black and white races.

4. The above mentioned Greek masons and Greek-Hebrew traitors have abolished the Greek political system  through a coup intervention, the Greek constitution and the territorial—economic—cultural integrity on the present Greek state, and have deliberately dismantled the Greek Armed Forces and the police force, so that the Greeks will be genocied by the armies of B.A.S.T.R. (BULGARIA-ALBANIA-SKOPJE-TURKEY-ROMANIA), and by the 450000 armed Albanians of “UCK”of “Tsamouria” within  the Greek territory, and the 600000 armed Asian Islamic immigrants within Greece.


5. The above mentioned masons and Greek-Hebrew traitors of the three authorities in Greece, having commited the previously mentioned acts of treason, have violated the articles 134-135 of the penal code referring to High Treason, 138-151 referring to treason of the country, with death sentences imposed by the Greek penal code.

6.These death sentences have already been imposed upon the above mentioned traitors by the judicial branch of G.H.REES in Thessaloniki.

7.The representative of G.H.REES Karageorgioy Cr.Cr.Giannis is the first volunteer for the “Body of Greek self-sacrifice”.

8.The members of the “body of Greek self-sacrifice” will function parallel to, but quite independently of and irrelevant to and not getting involved and taking action together with their “Body of Greek self-sacrifice” counterparts “B.G.S”/G.H.REES armed with Naser+Nasar concentrated energy weapons.

9.The “bodies of Greek self-sacrifice” , with the exception of non-G.H.REES members, will not be open to the editors and other collaborators of the “Ellhnkaichaos” website, because those are already scarce and irreplaceable in their patriotic mission, being constantly faced with arrest, and other kinds of danger.

10. In case this “Body of Greek self-sacrifice” of non-G.H.REES members is not formed by December 2012 due to a shortage of Greek patriots,then G.H.REES will abandon the Neo Greeks and as a result these will no longer possess a national security body except the traitorous Greek-Hebrew intelligence service agency, and to be genocied by the armies of B.A.S.T.R. and R.I.C (RUSSIA-ISLAM-CHINA)  from 2012 to 2020.-

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