Friday, December 14, 2012


G.H.REES  telegram to the internet.STOP.-
Disbanding of the American and rest of NATO fleet off the coast of Syria,and total dissolution of the American-Chinese Hebrew foreign policy in the Middle East for the outbreak of the 3rd World War In Syria and Iran,as a result of G.H.REES disclosures of the initial planning of the USA to bomb Syria using deadly poisonous SARIN gas.STOP.-

Following G.H.REES’S  disclosure of the above mentioned provocation of the USA to bomb Syria using SARIN neurotoxic gas,so that the government of Syria will be held responsible for this war crime,and so that NATO would  be able to invade Syria, the Islamic nations, with Kuwait being the first, are refusing to return the use of their territories to NATO so as to be used for the attack against Syria and Iran.STOP.-

Because of these developments, Lion Panetta,the Hebrew-American US minister of Defense, arrived urgently in Kuwait  yesterday 12/12/12 in an effort to persuade the government of Kuwait which is “hosting”a complete American regiment of 13.500 men,against Iran. STOP.-

Hebrew Panetta ,US minister of defense, assured the government of Kuwait that the attack against Syria has been postponed by two months, due to the fact that the aircraft carrier “USS NIMITZ “ is in need of …..two months maintenance service……all of a sudden, and while “USS NIMITZ” was fully ready for the attack against Syria. STOP.-

This means that the deployment of the Greek (Hellenic) Armed Forces  to Syria as “NATO army”, is postponed by two months, and therefore the provocation of a “ defense void” in Greece is also postponed by two months. STOP.-

This in turn means that the planned attack on and invasion of Greece of the armies of B.A.S.T.R is also postponed by two months, initially planned for November of 2012 and now having been moved to at least February of 2013. STOP.-

The conscientious objectors, Hebrew and Saxons of the NSA, through Greek-American services inform us that following the two-page handwritten article of G.H.REES , posted on “ELLHNKAICHAOS” on 7/12/12, the start/outbreak of the 3rd World War has been postponed by at least two months, because the attack of the NATO armies on Iran has also been postponed by two months. STOP.-

Lion Panetta in Kuwait declared that “the US are not only interested in the presence/deployment of the American army in the Middle East, but also in the Far East”, thereby disclosing , the objective of the Hebrew-Saxon gang of the American government , to invade Russian Siberia, and the Chinese territories of inner Mongolia , by way of the geostrategic route of Syria—Iracq—Iran—Afghanistan—Pakistan, so that according to plans of the Chinese “Hong” gang to start the 3rd World War, the armies of the “Shanghai Pact” or R.I.C axis (Russia-Islamic countries-China),counterattacking, will slaughter the armies of NATO and “Seato” and the armies of India as NATO allies, and to move on to the complete genocide of all unarmed innocent Indian civilians and all innocent civilians of “NATO” countries. STOP.-

According to information leaked out:

           A)     From chinese prostitutes in Shanghai and Hong Kong having as clients chinese generals and greekseamen and,

B) From drunk chinese officers during joint military operations of the countries of R.I.C. the Chinese have also planned the final genocide of their Russian and Islamic allies, and the black race, and of the Mongolian races (white yellow just like Hebrews and Saxons , and black yellow just like the Indonesians), so that only the “pure clean yellow” race of theChinese 888 and Korean 777 will survive. STOP.-

G.H.REES to American European patriot officers of the armed forces, police corps, and officers of the intelligence and national security services of the countries of the “European union” and of the “USA” :
Immediately cancel the 3rd World War by killing now all members of the governments of your countries, all generals, admirals, generals of the air force of your countries, all police corps generals of your countries, all judges and public prosecutors of the supreme courts of your countries, all international bankers of your countries, and all mass media owners of your countries, because all of the above “white collar” criminals are conspiring for the waging of the 3rd World War and your complete genocide.STOP.-

Kill now all members of religious staff of the planet, because through them the dark forces, through the politicians,they drive all the nations of the planet to slaughter and genocide by the chinese and Korean armies, -through the collusion of religious war ,666-777-888. STOP.-

Deport all chinese and Koreans from your countries immediately. STOP.-

General G.H.REES command through G.H.REES.representative  Giannis Karageorgioy. –

Kill now all members of parapsychological guidance , that is astrologers-magicians-exorcists-parapsychologists-mediums and such like, because through them the dark forces, drive and advise through prophecies, all political leaders of all nations, leading them into a trap of complete genocide of their peoples, by the armies of R.I.C. and especially China 888 and Korea 777.

Athens 12/12/12.

Signed: Karageorgiou Giannis.-

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