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The link to the original voice signal [in Greek]:

Karageorgiou Giannis,
G.H.REES. spokesperson

VOLOS – HELLAS, 19.06.2012

We got alerted reading the news which was broadcasted by DefenceNet (translators’s addition: the website address of DefenceNet is, or TurkNet according to G.H.REES. but eventually ChinaNet by all appearances. According to these news, DefenceNet broadcasted that from the end of June and during the upcoming July 2012 a big common drill will take place of the military forces of Russia, China, Iran/Persia and Syria in the Syrian territory and in the sea of Syria.

These news were uploaded on DefenceNet 24 hours ago []. Today afternoon, through the Greek TV channel ET3, we were informed about an official announcement of the Russian government that these news are FAKE and that no common drill will take place of Russian army and Chinese army and Syrian army and Iranian/Persian army in the Syrian territory and sea.

As DefenceNet was obliged to do vis-à-vis the truth and vis-à-vis the Greek and the planetary security, it should, just like the TV channel ET3 did, DefenceNet should immediately edit and upload these news as of today’s afternoon, that is, immediately after the denial announcement of the Russian government through the Russian news agencies.

Up until 12 o’ clock tonight, however, DefenceNet, in a insidious and deliberate way even thought it is aware of the disclaimer of the Russian government of this common drill of Russia, China, Iran and Syria, did not upload these denial news. And this proves that Hellene and Chaos website’s claim was right that it is rather TurkNet instead of DefenceNet and above all it is surely and absolutely ChinaNet after the common drills of Chinese and Turkish army in the Turkish territory.

What really happened is the following: The news were broadcasted by the Arabic channel Al Arabiya, whose Arab paid agents [incomprehenslible 4:39-4:40] that has bought out and deceives all the journalists of the planet and also is currently deceiving the whole planet with fake news, broadcasted the news that there is going to take place the common drill of Russian, Chinese, Iranian and Syrian army.

So that, on the part of China, which is behind the New York based chief-rabbis Barouch, who are the movers and shakers of the entire geostrategics of half of the planet, that is, of the West, i.e. of the axis UEJ/USA-Europe-Japan, in order to be created in the American and European military forces of NATO and also in the people of the West and of the NATO member-states, that it is allegedly justified the lurking attack of the intervention of the American army to Syria and Persia/Iran, because allegedly the Americans are against the Chinese, and because allegedly the USA is threatened by the presence of Chinese army in Syria, and because allegedly in order to prevent the entry of Chinese and Russian army for the common military drills in Syria, therefore NATO should accelerate its attack against Syria and Iran. These are the machinations of the evil Chinese Mandarins of the hyper-satanic hyper-lodge Hong, of those Satans on Earth, of the extra-terrestial Satan Jehovah Sin-Sion, son of a bitch, fake-God, leader and God of Christianity and of Islam and of Judaism, burglar-pirate (Space bandit), coming from the Draco constellation.

Admire this fucking asshole fake-God genocider of the humanity for 10,000 years consecutively. Admire this fucking being, son of a bitch, who with the other sons of a bitch on Earth, Hebrews, Chinese, Saxons and Mongolians, machinate a world war and justify the war outbreak from Syria and Iran with such HOAXES and FAKE news, which from China through fucking asshole scoundrel agents of Islam [incomprehenslible 08:04], bought out scambags.

We did not expect such a behaviour from Arab Muslims, because they had the characteristic of God-fearing, the assholes themselves too. And allegedly they never tell lies before Allah, so a fuck-off for Allah and for those who believe in him. They are all in the game of the 3rd World War outbreak. A fuck-off for Allah or Jehovah or Father of Christianity or Sin-Sion-Zion-Sina God of China.

We repeat: We ask the Greek to burn the offices of DefenceNet , because Greece put up enough from such traitors. They broadcasted these fake news, in order to infuriate us, to lose our night sleep, and for the Greek army to lose its temper and [incomprehenslible 09:12-9:13] fire in Syria and in Iran the Greek army [incomprehenslible 09:16-09:20] to participate against the army of China allegedly and against the Russian army allegedly and against the army of Iran allegedly in the common drills allegedly which will never take place.

Still, the climate was created by DefenceNet, as an agent of China and of Russia and the Hebrews that it is, and this climate is the psychological preparation of the Greek army against the army of Russia and of China.

On the other hand, the schizophrenic scambags and night thugs of the Golden Dawn (translator’s elaboration: Golden Dawn is the Nazist political party of Greece), have cheaped down and joked out the whole game and have made even worse the already bad game which [incomprehenslible 10:21-10:22] the chief-rabbis Barouch of New York had crossed out for Greece. They have been handed in the torch from the (political) dead now LA.O.S.’ Karatzaferis (translator’s elaboration: Karatzaferis is the president of LA.O.S., a Greek right wing political party whose alleged ideological underpinning is somewhere between the political parties of the New Democracy and the Golden Dawn), whom G.H.REES. annihilated ethically and politically by revealing truths about his anti-Greek agentive machinations for the provocation of the axis of the armies of BASTR/Bulgaria-Albania-Skopie-Turkey-Romania against Greece, in order for this scoundrel Karatzaferis to become the prime minister of the Constantinople Empire 666.

This moment, Greece is facing the worst scenario, because the role of the agent Karatzaferis has been undertaken by the psychotic Michaloliakos (translator’s elaboration: Michaloliakos is the president of ‘Golden Dawn’), this failed Hitler and failed Himler at the same time, both of them of Jewish origin.

So, we stand before the scenario which G.H.REES. has intercepted from masonic lodges, from secret services and from other sources which will not be named here for obvious reasons, and they confirm the programme of the 3rd World War outbreak.

A program that  is followed from the Barouch of New York the fabricated tensions through the masonic lodges to the Hebre-Saxons of the entire West, with the supreme directors of the West being the lodges AOA and OTO of London, as direct executive tools of the planetary Chinese hyper-lodge Hong of Shanghai.
We are taking the opportunity in this signal to express our congratulations to the Russian government, which disclaimed on time these fake news. And we believe that this disclaimer means that the Russian government has realised that, if it asks or accepts common drills with Chinese at the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, then, these Chinese military forces will never go away from the Mediterranean Sea but they will settle here for good in order for them to be ready to attack against Russia through Russia’s underbelly, that is, through Syria, the alleged [incomprehenslible 13:18-13:19].

For all these reasons, we ask the first recipient of the present voice signal, that is, Mr Apostolos Papanakos, of the official blog of G.H.REES., Hellene and Chaos, to broadcast the present voice signal to the Russian embassy of Athens with the subject ‘Ultra urgent matter of Russian security’. And we also ask the colleagues of the blog Hellene and Chaos to translate and type this voice signal into English and to send it to every direction in Russia, to the Russian military forces, to the police corps of Russia, to the judiciary of Russia, and to the universities of the Russian Federation, as well as of those of the countries of CIS/Commonwealth of Independent States of the Commonwealth of Russia [incomprehenslible 14:34] of the armies of the countries, that is, the countries of the former Soviet Union, always through their embassies in Athens, Greece.

These fake news of provocation of the 3rd World War outbreak G.H.REES. will not let it pass just like that. We warn the Barouch from now and we herewith ask the blog Hellene and Chaos to send the present voice mail to the criminals against humanity and potential criminals of the 3rd World War, the chief-rabbis Barouch of New York, as well as to send it to the military forces of Israel and to the embassy of Israel, with our warning that we will ask the entire population to assassinate the chief-rabbis Barouch of New York, the global Kings of the Hebrews. This is so, because they execute [incomprehenslible 15:56-15:59] provocation of the 3rd World War outbreak.

We ask the silly “greek” Admiral Stavridis, who is currently the director of the NATO, to go fuck himself for the last time in his masonic lodge and then resign from his position, in which he unworthingly is, because he is neither a soldier nor a Greek. He is a Greek-American fucking bastard big time with Chinese brain and Hebrew hypophysis, this fucker.

Because he is the one who will go against Persia and Syria as a leader of NATO. And it is destined, according to the plan of the Barouch, that Greece will be charged with, though General-in-Chief Stavridis, General-in-Chief my ass, the whole crime of the attack of the forces of NATO against Syria and Iran.

Greeks, assassinate the Admiral Stavridis [incomprehenslible 17:00], Chief of NATO nowadays. Assassinate the chief-rabbis Barouch, honourable American military officers, honorable American police officers and American officers of FBI and of the secret services of the USA.

We repeat: This provocation of the 3rd World War outbreak will not pass just like that.

Over and out.

Karageorgiou Giannis,
G.H.REES. spokesperson.

PS 1: The news about the Russian Government's disclaimer of the 'big war drill' can be found on the Greek website and on several other Greek websites too, apart from the website of the treasonous DefenceNet.

PS 2: We get very happy when you, our readers all over the world, send us your positive comments and when you spread the word regarding all these issues. This keeps us going even more and we need everyone in that effort, which touches upon everyone's life after all. Here's a link with a young guy endorsing and reading out the transcript on a youtube video that he uploaded: . Thank you!

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