Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The LUNA-tic paranoia of a nuclear or a general assault against Iran

Watch this video from the non-partisan Union of Concerned Scientists who explain why this is madness and will never work. Plus, the video explains the dangers of what would happen if the Americans/Israel launches a nuke against Iran. Millions possibly killed for nothing!
(Without calculating here the counter-assault of Iran allies: namely of Russia, of Islam and of China for the full ignition of Armageddon)

Why Nukes Are Madness In Iran. Watch This Now!

The U.S. wants to develop a new type of nuclear weapon. A nuclear earth penetrator or bunker buster. This nuclear bomb intended to destroy underground targets will be useless against many bunkers. At the same time it will produce massive amounts of radioactive fallout and potentially kill millions of civilians. The nuclear bomb dropped by an airplane would only penetrate a few meters to the ground, too shallow to contain the nuclear blast or the large cloud of radioactive fallout. The nuclear radiation could spread more than a thousand miles. If the United States use a single weapon with 1 Megaton yield against the Espahan nuclear facility in Iran for example, the deadly radioactive fallout would spread to Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. In this simulation based on a model developed by the Pentagon over 3 million people would be killed as a result of the attack, and 35 million people will be exposed to significant cancer causing radiation. To destroy buried targets, the seismic shockwave produced by the bomb would need to reach the bunker. However a 1 Megaton nuclear bomb with 60 times the power of the Hiroshima weapon could only destroy bunkers within about 1000 feet of the explosion. Very deep bunkers can be built with modern tunneling equipment and the United States is unlikely to know the exact location of bunkers even if it knows the entry points. A nuclear weapon will also be ineffective at sterilizing underground stockpiles of chemical or biological weapons unless it detonates very close to the target. This is because the heat and radiation from a nuclear explosion do not travel far underground. If the weapon doesn’t destroy the stockpile the explosion is likely to spread active chemical or biological agents into the environment in addition to the radiation. A more sensible way to deal with the military challenge posed by underground bunkers is to use precision conventional weapons to attack all entrances and exits to the bunker. This could keep chemical and biological stocks sealed underground and prevent enemy personnel from entering or exiting the facility

Here, we must point out that the …”logical” response of Iran to such a nuclear assault will be to launch a massive barrage counter-assault with ballistic missiles from its stockpile of thousands of missiles, against Israel and against neighboring countries which have American/NATO bases in their territories. In such a case the miniature state of Israel will be completely vanished out of the map from the hyper-replete rain and barrage of ballistic missiles which will receive and that they could not counter by any anti-ballistic defense whatsoever.

According to official sources of the Americans the same, Iran has ready and operational about 25 ballistic missiles “Shahab-3” with range of 900 km and a 1 ton warhead each but could be more than that in numbers. This particular missile even if they couldn’t make it yet to carry a nuclear warhead, the Iranians can easily -if they want- to fill it with some kind of “dirty” radioactive bomb … therefore more comments for the final result of such a lunatic conflict, are unnecessary… It is certain that the situation in some phase soon enough or even from nowadays will reach or has already reached the point of “Mutual Assured Destruction” or MAD, at least as concerns the -in collusion- conflict of Israel with the crypto-hebrew Shiite Iran. Let their secret services observe this situation and get their minds and reason straight, just for a change!!!

The appeasement and the bilateral peace talks of arms control from both sides (Israel + Iran) is the only reasonable solution …!

Because except from Iran … AND Israel also has analogue and worst ballistic missiles of the type “Jericho” and an additional stockpile of about 200-300 nuclear warheads (!!!) that already have at their disposal a long time ago in sub-terrain warehouses and they conceal this stockpile very carefully from inspections!!! So for which single nuclear bomb of Iran are we talking about? When the inspectors of the United Nations will go to Israel for analogue …visits …and …sanctions??

So we observe here once again the one law for the rich and another for the poor and that the great powers of the world the only thing that they respect is the “Law of the powerful one” and nothing else … all these that they say about alleged “International Law” and about “International Courts” are just for the eyes of the world and diplomatic bullshit for naive people..

So this lunatic madness of such a new “cold war era” drives nowhere and if collectedness and carefulness is lost, this could then cost the lives of million people: Iranians, Israelis, and other detached people of neighboring countries … truly and literally for … NOTHING (!!!), and for only the genocidal rabid and illness and sadism and delirium of the Lunar Dragonian pseudo-god Sin – Sion – Zion – Sedi – Jedi – YHWH – Allah – Elloh – etc…!!! (Read in “John’s Revelation” the dragonian genocidal program of “Armageddon” and the passage that describes the …vultures …and get horrored and troubled!!)

Finally we point out that already a long time ago are existing rumors about the development of improved version of the “Shahab-3” which reaches a range of 1500 km with warhead of 750 kilos. But also and of “Shahab – 4, 5, and 6” with ranges of 3000 km and even more, with help and know-how from North Korea 777 (Namely with help directly from the genocidal whore Dragonian China and the Hyper-Lodge HONG).

This will mean that the missiles of Iran could easily reach up to the American/NATO bases in Crete and other targets in Greece. Do you read that you Greek-American James Stavridis here in NATO that they appoint you Chief-General of NATO the arch-Masons and arch-Rabbis hebrewsaxons of “USA” and of London, as a puppet - alleged leader of the European NATO in order to allegedly appear Greeks as the …under the carpet instigators (GRAND LIE !!!), and in order for Greece to receive the blame and a counter-assault hit from Iran ??
RESIGN NOW (!!!) Stavridis or else do not lead from your own stupidity Greece and Greeks to such a destruction and to such a lunatic conflict for the sake of the annihilator pseudogod Sin – Sinai – Zion – Sedi – Jedi , Draco Overlord of the Moon.

P.S. See the barrage of a recent test launch of 14 ballistic missiles from Iran (Some of them from underground silos) for “defensive reasons” …and the last conclusions are yours …

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