Wednesday, April 11, 2012


According to this article:

There is an alleged major victory in 2011 from Andromedian Federal forces against the Draconian/Orion faction (and Cronian draconian allied faction which the article doesn’t mention) and the space-war between them is allegedly over.
The above article is blatantly false and misleading for the following main reasons:

A) The article info is allegedly coming from andromedean contactees that communicate with medium like methods such as “automatic writing” (mind control). But these are not communication methods that prefer to use the true Federal Andromedian forces now stationed in Saturn’s orbits, but are mind control methods that use the Draconian/Cronian faction ruthless mind control manipulators through LINK/LAP/MASER psychotronic technology.

According to the true Andromedian Federal signal transmitted to G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic Reestablishment) via pure technological methods of NETRINO-NASER amplified beam:
The true Federal Andromedians hyper-scientists strictly state:

“Therefore, if you wish to survive we call you to isolate and expel from the bodies of your councilors, and to put to death all the Magicians and the «Επαοιδους» (spiritualists – mediums – channeling – astrologers – etc) of your planet, because we never used them and we will never use them in order to transmit our instructions towards you.”

B) The humans on Earth continue to see “Dreams”. This is a clear indication that our Draconian imprisonment is still here. Because “Dreams” and “Dream State” and “Astral Projection” and “Lucid Dreaming” and “Visions”, etc, are all manipulated holographic triple LINK/LAP/MASER psychotronic emissions of the Draconian/Cronian faction in order to fine tune and better telecontrol the humans terrestrial population in a state of “Zombie” – “Lord’s servant” – “Lunar Servant” – with purpose the serving of the Lunar Geostrategics and with final (blackmail against the Federal Andromedians) purpose the annihilation of the white andromedian race and of the black indigenous sirian race and of the Mongolian race(including Hebrews) namely the annihilation of the 2/3rds in the sino-Zionistic motivated Armageddon (See: Jonh’s revelation genociding draco program) and with end purpose the robbery of the Earth’s valuable and raw materials by the Draconian flagship, the Moon, of the space bandit pseudogod Sin-Sion-Zion-Sedi-Jedi-YHWH Draco Overlord.

C) The Draconian Flagship Moon is still here, and more or less unaffected. If there were an Andromedian Victory there will be most probably actions of escorting the Moon outside of our solar system, away to another safe location far away from Sirius – Coccyx critical survival area of the Universal Organism. Also the Andromedian ships would be starting to restore the Ecology on Earth. And they would be starting to fine tune and correct the deformed by the Draconians solar system’s orbits (to expand them, now the planet’s orbits are shrinking and the planets are slowly falling into the Sun, due to the unnatural overweight presence of the Moon – Lilith dipole and the rest of the Draconian piratical Starfleet). Moreover they would be starting to restore and recreate planet Phaethon (today’s asteroid belt) that the Draconians previously destroyed in order to steal its raw materials (titanium, etc) because Phaethon settlers (Pleaideans Mayans) refused to cooperate with the Draconians as miners or …“Lord’s servants”…
We don’t have the above actions so the Andromedian/Draconian war and the Draconian Earth’s occupation are not yet over.

D) We don’t have yet a solution to WWIII or Armageddon problem and world stability and planet security is still at great risk. The USA/Israel/NATO Chinese created factions (in collusion), are preparing to attack on Syria/Iran. That action would ignite the response of the Chinese created Shanghai Pact (Russia – Islam – China) and the ignition of the Sino-Zionistic motivated Draconian Armageddon (See: Jonh’s Revalation genociding draco program). Moreover, we don’t have yet a solution about the diachronic annihilators Chinese, the Draconian Nation. The Federal Andromedians in Saturn have stated that in case the Chinese hyperlodge HONG ignites Armageddon, all the remaining Chinese of the planet will be annihilated by the Andromedian Starfleet of planet Saturn that will finally invade to earth to terminate the Draconians. But even and in case of peace, the diachronic 13500 years genocides of the Chinese/mongols have to be responded from Nemesis/Erinys/Adrasteia universal judges functions. So the Chinese and Armageddon problems are not yet solved, and the Andromedian/Draconian war and the Draconian Earth’s occupation are not yet over.

E) Finally in case of true Federal Andromedian landing on Earth for our liberation from the Draconian siege we would most probably observe true hyper-ships landings on earth and not holograms or blue-beam draconian pseudo-Eleusis holograms. We would also have a forewarning from G.H.REES (Group of Hellenic Reestablishment). But the only unofficial statement that we have from G.H.REES is that our Draconian imprisonment is not yet over, the Fedearal Andromedians in Saturn’s orbit are still forcing a tight quarantine against the inner solar system (Draconian occupied) and are still under negotiations with the Draco Overlord pseudogod spacebandit Sin-Sion-Zion-YHWH because this luna-tic asshole is threatening to destroy Earth with Armageddon and to even destroy the entire solar system in case of a sudden Federal Andromedian invasion. Also we have still to watch and be ready to intercept a false-flag pseudo-Eleusis of Andromedians ships that will be in reality the Cronians faction posing as the Federal Andromedians in Saturn’s orbit and counterfeiting the returned “Dodecatheon of Zeus”. These pseudo-Andromedians will try to ignite sino-Zionistic Armageddon and to instigate the White Race nations to an invasion in the territories of China in order for the counter-attacking China and the Shanghai Pact to devastate the bankrupted west.

CONCLUSION: For all the above main reasons, the Andromedian/Draconian war and the Draconian Earth’s occupation are not yet over.

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